June 30, 2014

4:51 PM | Dutch KC introduces tough new rules for Bulldogs
No sex please... I'm DutchCongratulations to the Dutch Kennel Club which has just introduced tough new breeding rules for Bulldogs that cover conformation, fitness and inbreeding.Most notably, Bulldogs have to pass a fitness test before they are bred - and if the pups have to be delivered by C-section, the Dutch KC won't register 'em. Even if the bitch delivers naturally another time - tough. One C-section and they're out. Forever.This is in stark contrast to the Kennel Club in […]
1:40 PM | Juxtaposition
So  very pleased to see "butterfly garden" and "wicked cool" in one young adult's tweet!#WickedCool #ButterflyGarden MT @Micropterus: butterfly garden is wicked cool. (@ Minnesota Zoo - @mnzoo w/ 4 others)— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) June 30, 2014Micropterus is Rich Bailey and a genus of sunfish.

June 29, 2014

9:20 AM | French Bulldogs - from nose to... er...
Yep, no tail.. it's a clear risk for spinal/anal issues and yet Frenchies with no tails continue to be rewarded in the show-ring.And so do those with no noses.. just look at this:A dog with such stenotic nostrils should be penalised.  But what did this judge do at Windsor Championship Dog Show this weekend?Breed specialist Mr J PeachWhy, he gave the dog the Dog CC - and Best of Breed. Meet Ch Renuar New War Bonnet, one of the UK's current top Frenchies. Like many of the Frenchies at […]

June 28, 2014

2:47 PM | "Semi-Viral" Elephant Shrew Video - 2009
A video on giant elephant shrew babies at the National Zoo went "semi-viral" (75,000 views) in early 2009:
2:20 PM | Calm Down, Reuters
Read the first sentence of this new Reuters article: "A new mammal discovered in the remote desert of western Africa resembles a long-nosed mouse in appearance but is more closely related genetically to elephants, a California scientist who helped identify the tiny creature said on Thursday."Well, experts have known about elephant shrews and have been fine-tuning their understanding of this "little elephant" since 1838! (See "Family" under "Scientific Classification" at upper left at the […]
1:47 PM | Big Bad Wolf!!
But where is the drool and look of evil intent?! "@sandiegozoo: The #Wolf of Front Street by Ion Moe" #BigBadWolf— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) June 28, 2014
1:34 PM | "Just When You Thought It Was Safe... Go Back Onto the Pitch":"@SciencePorn: FACT: You have a higher chance of being bitten by Uruguay's Luis Suarez than by a shark. (Via @Know)"— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) June 28, 2014
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