June 24, 2014

8:59 PM | Happy 5th Blogiversary to Me!
Though I’m a little late, I’m a forgiving sort, so I won’t be mad at myself for forgetting my blogiversary. June 4 marked five years of the SkeptVet Blog! The project has grown in so many ways. In the early … Continue reading →
4:47 PM | One More Time: Dogs are not Wolves!
Most everyone knows that dogs are descended from wolves. Anyone who has ever seen a dog and a wolf also knows that more than 10,000 years of active and passive selection by humans has had a dramatic transformative impact on … Continue reading →
12:12 PM | RVC opens new clinic for defective dogs
In today's most depressing dog news, the Royal Veterinary College announces it is to open a special clinic for brachycephalic dogs - like this Pug above who, despite being desperate to sleep, is standing in an effort to keep his head up and his airways open.This of course, is considered "cute" in Pugland (and beyond) where those that breed, buy, register  and purport to love brachycephalic dogs remain stubbornly impervious to the suffering.The RVC press release pulls no punches. "This type […]
11:54 AM | Jack Hanna Would Take Akron Zoo Job If...
Famous Zoo professional Jack Hanna and others expect many will apply to fill the Akron Zoo CEO role as Patricia Simmons heads for the North Carolina Zoo at the end of August.Hanna reports he would be an applicant if he had life to live over."Others agreed, saying Simmons helped transform a rundown zoo into a popular community asset and put the facility on the national map within the industry."
12:00 AM | Scope of practice at center of Supreme Court case
Authority of professional licensing boards in question

June 23, 2014

7:31 PM | YUM!
YUM! Live crickets! RT @VirginiaZoo: Ever order pizza at work? Our animals like to order-in, too!— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) June 23, 2014
5:26 PM | Curiosities in Maine
This is not unusual since Maine is full of curiosities generally, but this time, both are bird related. The first is the story of a Tufted Puffin turning up on Machias Seal Island last week. “Yes, yes,” say the uninitiated, “a puffin in Maine. This is <yawn> big news.” But those puffins we have up […]
3:57 PM | Hilarious Takedown of Dr. Oz & Big Supplement’s Lobbying Against Public Health Regulation
John Oliver of Last Week Tonight (formerly of The Daily Show) provides a thoughtful, informative, and very funny report on the recent grilling of Dr. Mehmet Oz by Senator Claire McCaskill ansd the shameful success of the supplement industry lobbying … Continue reading →
12:33 PM | Good Life
 Ann & I got a better look than this (stock photo) at a black bear and her three cubs (smaller than these) when they crossed the Blue Ridge Parkway in front of our car yesterday near Little Switzerland, NC. (A life well lived!)Mama Bear got a much better look than this at Ann when Ann aimed her camera at the cubs!
12:15 PM | So Smile
If These Goats Don’t Make You Smile, Nothing Ever Will— The Airspace (@TheAirspace) June 23, 2014
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