August 21, 2014

8:26 PM | A Handsome Female
Anana, a 15-year old, female polar bear is relocating to @NCZoo— North Carolina Zoo (@NCZoo) August 21, 2014
7:52 PM | Nate the Great still transmitting!
Exciting news from the Rescue Team! One of our satellite-tagged turtles released a year ago is still transmitting! How many of you remember turtle #156, also known as Nate the Great? Nate the Great stranded in early December 2012. He was dangerously cold, at only 49 degrees Fahrenheit, and extremely underweight. This turtle had kidney function abnormalities for many months. He also took
5:40 PM | Is Enough Ever Enough? Wasting Resources on Clinical Trials for Magic and Pseudoscience
A recent editorial from Trends in Molecular Medicine does an excellent job explaining why clinical trials testing the effects of highly implausible therapies, like homeopathy and energy medicine, are not an example of evidence-based medicine but of science tricked into … Continue reading →
4:25 PM | Hello, Anana, Hello Fall
2:11 PM | Jason Says Watch for Four Lion Cubs in Fall
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