March 02, 2015

9:51 PM | $15 Ropes Course... new addition to Audubon Zoo.
8:43 PM | More trash talk
I am always on the lookout for topics to write about here, and when I get a request from a reader for a specific post, I am both happy to oblige and relieved not to have to cast about for a theme. Seanetter Warren Mumford is a Cape Cod resident but was unable to attend […]
6:43 PM | Now 63F @ 1:30!
55F & sunny @NCZoo opens 2morro!— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) March 2, 2015
2:45 AM | What You Know that Ain’t Necessarily So: Vaccination & Autoimmune Diseases
  I recently gave a lecture at the Western Veterinary Conference called “What You Know that Ain’t Necessarily So.” The purpose of this was to take some common or controversial beliefs and practices in veterinary medicine and discuss the scientific … Continue reading →
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