April 20, 2014

12:24 PM | Where's Rich?
Rarest #gorillas lose half their habitat in 20 years http://t.co/it7PrnxvjK #wildlife #Africa pic.twitter.com/SmQsz7wXxU— Alexander Verbeek (@Alex_Verbeek) April 20, 2014When I saw this report on this sad finding re: "rarest gorillas", I expected to find the NC Zoo's Dr. Rich Bergl's name among the 46 co-authors, as the Cross River gorilla is the focus of his conservation field work.
8:16 AM | New dog journal now online
A new journal dedicated to dog genetics and epidemiology, announced last year, is now online.The great news is that Canine Genetics and Epidemiology is free and promises to interpret the reports for dog breeders and others without a science background.Thus, in the first issue in a very useful article on The Genetics of Eye Disorders in the Dog by Cathryn Mellersh, we have this abstract:And then the journal helpfully offers this lay summary.:-)Actually, the journal is a […]
7:11 AM | RSPCA blasts Channel 4 over Crufts claim
The RSPCA has accused Channel 4 of misleading viewers who wrote in to raise welfare concerns about this year's coverage of "the world's biggest dog show".In its response to complaints, the broadcaster claimed that it "worked with" the RSPCA in putting together this year's broadcasts. Not true, says the RSPCA.Here's the response one viewer received from Channel 4 (my bolding):"Our coverage this year, as in the past, will not only cover the show itself, but will also reflect the on-going […]

April 19, 2014

12:00 PM | Re-landscape to Save Water
.@LongBeachWater & @santamonicacity giving $ to residents who rip out their grass. http://t.co/a3mXRYrH3e #CAdrought #SaxStory— Sarah Sax (@smsax) April 19, 2014
1:37 AM | Norway's Unsavory "Human Zoo" Re-enacted
"an attempt to challenge notions of postmodern racism and the treatment of minorities today through historical reenactment."

April 18, 2014

8:45 PM | Ironwood Is the Choice
#UgandanIronwood MT @NautilusMag: Chimpanzees are just as picky as humans when it comes to the perfect mattress. http://t.co/ufpKY2T6J5— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) April 18, 2014"An analysis of 1,844 chimpanzee nests at the Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve, Uganda, found that 73.6% of nests were built of Ugandan Ironwood, even though it only accounted for 9.6% of the trees in the sample area."
1:55 PM | "Life in the Freezer"
Wildlife cameraman Doug Allen is cold weather specialist."... he did not expect an easy assignment – it is usually -32°C in April, the wind is vicious and hauling cameras in the deep snow is a nightmare. After walking five or more hours a day and watching polar bear dens in the snow slopes for 23 days, however, Allan had seen just one mother bear and her cub."
1:13 PM | Fluffy Friday – Keep a Pen Handy
At the end of 2007, I was sitting on a high plastic stool in the feed prep area, scribbling with a biro on the corner of the admittance card of C390. The radio in the corner played inoffensive, slightly out … Continue reading →
12:53 PM | Recycle!
Charles Darwin’s cross-writing, a technique for saving writing paper, ca. 1828. pic.twitter.com/RvYTbOwxBD— Historical Pics (@HistoricalPics) April 16, 2014
12:00 AM | Map tracks veterinary infectious disease cases in real time
Veterinarians encouraged to report illness in dogs, cats, horses

April 17, 2014

12:32 PM | 90-Minute Drive?
& take'm to @NCZoo! MT"@Forbes: The best cities for raising a family: 1. Raleigh, NC 2. Grand Rapids, MI Full list: http://t.co/1ZCa7nk1GV"— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) April 17, 2014
12:21 PM | "Losing?"...I Was Annihilated!
The Ultimate Animal Experience? Losing A Memory Quiz To A Chimp http://t.co/32WcJ3ZB3d— Marianna Limas (@mnlimas) April 17, 2014
11:37 AM | Wrinkle worship - from Peru to Alfreton
This is what passes for a beautiful Shar-pei in Peru.Horrified?I hope so.Think it couldn't happen here?Think again.This dog won Best of Breed at The Neapolitan Mastiff Club UK's Breed Open Show last weekend in Alfreton, DerbyshireAh, but one's a Shar-pei that isn't supposed to look like that, and one's a Neapolitan Mastiff that is!You think that makes any difference to the dog?The depressingly-named Vallini Reverend Wrinkle is owned by a nice chap called Sean Platt (above with his dog). Platt […]

April 16, 2014

6:00 PM | The Black Dog
In the last twelve months one of my little sisters has struggled with depression. I think she’s coping remarkably well with it and I’m really very proud of her. Recently she got some bad news and in one of my … Continue reading →
12:30 PM | Does Animal-Assisted Therapy Help At-Risk Boys?
If existing behavioural programs aren’t working, can therapeutic sessions with a dog help boys who have problems at school?Photo: criben / ShutterstockA new paper by Abbey Schneider et al (2014) investigates the success of a program designed to help boys who are considered ‘at-risk’ – by matching them up with a specially trained dog and handler.In Colorado, a group of elementary schools take part in a program called the Human Animal Bond in Colorado (HABIC). It is […]

Schneider, A.A.,, Rosenberg, J., Baker, M., Melia, N., Granger, B. & Biringen, Z. (2014). Becoming relationally effective: High-risk boys in animal-assisted therapy, Human-Animal Interaction Bulletin, 2 (1) 1-18. Other: Link

12:04 PM | Top Endocrine Publications of 2013: Canine & Feline Parathyroid & Calcium Disorders
In my third compilation of the canine and feline endocrine publications of 2013, I’m moving on to disorders of the parathyroid gland, including the clinical problems of hypercalcemia and hypocalcemia.Listed below are 21 research papers written in 2013 that deal with a variety of topics and issues related to calcium, parathyroid or vitamin D metabolism.These range from the interactions of calcitriol, calcidiol, parathyroid hormone, and fibroblast growth factor-23 in the pathogenesis […]

April 15, 2014

6:17 PM | Pox Parties for Dogs: Brought to You by Veterinary Homeopaths
When I first heard of Pox Parties, I found it amazing, and frightening, that people actually fear vaccines so much that they will deliberately expose their children to infectious disease to avoid them. Such parents take their children to play … Continue reading →

April 14, 2014

5:43 PM | Dead Bird Quiz answers
I’m never quite certain whether I favor the DBQs that result in lively debate as to species, or the ones that end quickly in a clear and general consensus. This particular DBQ falls into that latter category, which means I feel much more confident about the accuracy of the i.d. Both Wouter and Mary Wright […]
1:22 PM | $32 Million in Upgrades Underway...
...at Riverbanks Zoo.
12:32 PM | Local Gov Support of Zoo
The highly regarded Columbus (Ohio) Zoo gets just 15 percent of its annual budget from Franklin County, ["The rest comes from admissions, rentals and other sources of income."] but the Zoo therefore really depends on government for capital improvements (up to 90 percent).So, County voters in May will decide if they will provide $975 million over the next 30 years, including $612.5 million for elements of a capital master plan which would much change the already successful Columbus Zoo. […]

April 13, 2014

12:25 PM | Endangered Specialist
The elephant louse is only found on elephants (African or Asian) and only moves on one elephant or by transferring from one elephant to another when two come into contact.So...since elephants are endangered, it goes without saying...[The post is "inspired" by my 2010 post on the same theme; lot fewer elephants four years on, I'm sorry to say.]

April 12, 2014

6:05 PM | This, You Can Count On, Scott Simon!
"Don't eat fruit bat & monkey meat." Promise @nprscottsimon! #ebola #Guinea— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) April 12, 2014

April 11, 2014

7:02 PM | World Famous Pizza?
Also heard on the #AT: "going to have some good pizza!" Met here. pic.twitter.com/OfQDSgskY3— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) April 11, 2014This was from a young woman also through hiking the AT from south to north. Pretty sure she was referring to this place, where I also planned to have my lunch, after I'd turned around.  Found her, her companion and my "fella" from the prior post already enjoying their pizza. (It must be a "must do" on the AT itinerary!) Ann and I love the […]
6:51 PM | He Looked Like One Who Should Know
"#RoanHighlands is best of the #AppalachianTrail." - Fella on #AT well below top of #RoanMt. pic.twitter.com/zguX0k39wh— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) April 11, 2014His curly beard and large pack told me he probably had experienced much with which to compare. Ran into him later, at lunch, and he is through hiking the AT from south to north. I was going the opposite way when we passed.This is near that spot. My little backpack and poles are to the left of "the trail".
1:51 PM | Chimps Return for Malted Milk Balls
7 smart #chimpanzees escape #zoo enclosure via tree ladder-but what I love most is role of malted milk balls in story http://t.co/XRBTFRr6fe— Barbara J King (@bjkingape) April 11, 2014Wouldn't you?BTW, chimpanzees are great apes not "monkeys", KMBC-TV.
12:56 PM | "Notice Something New"?
Don't agree that there is anything new, as this HuffPost opinion piece suggests, about the better zoos and aquariums utilizing their "traffic" to educate about conservation needs. (The first American Zoo & Aquarium session I ever attended, just under 29 years ago, featured, for me, a talk by Bill Conway of the Bronx Zoo (et al) about conservation education vs. zoos' abilities to preserve species through captive breeding; it was conservation education and the preservation of endangered […]
12:30 PM | Fluffy Friday – Office Romances
“And they’ll try to mount you.” Jenny, an affectionate Irish woman, a guru at my new work place, nodded vehemently as I stared at her. “Oh yeah. Especially at certain times of the month. You just feel this big head … Continue reading →

April 10, 2014

5:52 PM | Escalating Costs of Insulin Glargine (Lantus): Can We Switch to Another Insulin?
My patient is a 14-year-old male Toy Poodle (weighing only 5 kg) that has been maintained on insulin glargine (Lantus; Sanofi-Aventis) for several years. Currently, the dog is receiving an insulin dose of 6 units twice daily and is doing well (i.e., no obvious polyuria, normal appetite with stable body weight). However, over the last few months, the price of Lantus has skyrocketed to over $250 for a 10-ml vial. The owner would like to switch to a more affordable insulin, if possible. At 12 […]
5:31 PM | Cougar Update +
"The trio of young Cougars are on exhibit as well as the Otter pup." - NC Zoo Senior Staff Meeting notes, Mary Joan Pugh
2:23 PM | Bye, Bye Biscuits
Biscuits gets hefted out of her tank in preparation for her transport. Caring for a 200-poung loggerhead turtle wasn't easy. Every time the Aquarium's Marine Animal Rescue Team staff had to do an exam or procedure on Biscuits, they needed five or six people to lift her out of her tank and move her to the clinic. Getting Biscuits on her way back to the ocean was a team effort, too: Rescue
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