April 25, 2015

11:00 PM | Imps or Felons?
"Impish" felons MRT"@mikamckinnon: impish student taught colleague a Little Penguin fits in backpack, results in embarrassing call 2 zoo."— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) April 25, 2015
10:57 PM | Silly Penguins
Penguins can’t swim or fish during their annual catastrophic molt, and look ridiculous. Photo: Su Yin Khoo— Mika McKinnon (@mikamckinnon) April 25, 2015
10:12 AM | Chronicles of Athena – 39 Weeks
After what’s been a rough few weeks, we’re in need of some family time. So I’ve packed Athena up and brought her to mum’s. The rest of my family is distinctly more theatrical than me so I’ll be spending tonight … Continue reading →
7:44 AM | Old English Dinosaur Club - update
A couple weeks ago, I reported on the Old English Mastiff Club's decision at its recent AGM to never-ever, not-in-their-lifetime-or-anyone-else's decision to refuse to recognise pied mastiffs - the piebald dogs that are occasionally born in purebred Mastiff litters. (See here)The Club didn't give a reason - it stated simply:"At the O.E.M Club AGM, it was unanimously decided that the deviant colour known as pied, would not be accepted for inclusion in the colour description of the breed […]

April 24, 2015

9:52 PM | WAZA Has Now Responded to Public Outcry
The World Association of Zoos & Aquariums (WAZA) has dropped the Japanese Association of Zoos & Aquariums (JAZA) after being sued for not following its own code of ethics in allowing JAZA membership in WAZA while JAZA aquariums were taking dolphins from dolphin drives, including those involving infamous "The Cove". Perhaps public outcry has convinced WAZA to take a more proactive approach to dolphin taking from drives and to stop trying to separate the actions of JAZA members from JAZA […]

April 23, 2015

9:48 PM | It Would Be Our Pleasure
"We have been asked by the NC Wildlife Commission to pilot a program to rehabilitate orphaned black bears. That will probably take place next year." - NC Zoo Senior Staff Meeting Notes
9:38 PM | Dr. Mike's Back!
"Dr. Loomis has recently returned from our elephant study areas in Cameroon. To date (over about 17 years) we have recorded 22,000 elephant locations on 10,000 days of monitoring from 36 collared elephants." - David M. Jones, NC Zoo Senior Staff Meeting Notes, 4/22/15. [Watching for specifics of this most-recent study trip on Field Trip Earth; nothing up yet.]
9:25 PM | He's Here!
"A new breeding male elk has been purchased and will be here within the next week." - NC Zoo Senior Staff Meeting Notes
9:19 PM | They're Here!
"Three new gorillas have arrived from Omaha and are in quarantine. They will begin being introduced to our residents shortly." - NC Zoo Senior Staff Meeting Notes
3:55 PM | Should dog training be 100% positive?
This dog is clearly enjoying being trained.There's been an interesting discussion recently on a mailing list for animal behavior consultants and hangers-on like myself. (The group is the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, IAABC.) These highly-skilled behavior consultants are knowledgeable in how to deal with behavior problems in dogs and other species, rather than focusing on basic obedience or competition skills like agility. As you may already know, the modern dog […]
12:51 PM | "Mothers, Muffins, Macaws (and Mimosas)"
Mother's Day at the Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha, Nebraska.
2:07 AM | I.O.U.
RT @WellWeds Dear Mother Earth, I Owe you Big Time #Environmental #Wellness ~K…— EarthMatter (@EarthDefendah) April 22, 2015
2:02 AM | "Rocket Owl"
Rocket Owl— nona noni (@spiritnoni) March 15, 2015

April 22, 2015

5:00 PM | Learning Objects and Politics
I’m a big fan of learning objects, as I’m sure we can probably all agree on. They’re a great way to teach, giving the user a lot of flexibility and the ones that give a result you can share online … Continue reading →
12:50 PM | Zoo Collaboration
"​If anyone is in need of perching/ deadfall Please let me know, Arbor will be removing a lot of trees at the Red Wolf Prop next week for the expansion of the holding area. E-Mail me your requests with diameter size, length, and details of what you would like. Thank You." Robert McCrory Arbor Supervisor North Carolina Zoological Park. Many NC Zoo exhibits use dead trees and their parts to make them more natural and interesting to occupants and visitors.
12:30 PM | Does Animal-Assisted Therapy Help Adolescents with Psychiatric Problems?
A new study finds that a dog might be just what the doctor ordered.Can animal-assisted therapy can help adolescents who are in hospital because of an acute psychiatric crisis? A new randomized controlled trial investigates. The study, conducted by M.C. Stefanini et al (University of Florence) randomly allocated patients to either an animal-assisted therapy intervention or no intervention. Both groups continued to receive psychiatric treatment as usual, and those treating them did not know […]

Kamioka, H., Okada, S., Tsutani, K., Park, H., Okuizumi, H., Handa, S., Oshio, T., Park, S., Kitayuguchi, J., Abe, T. & Honda, T. (2014). Effectiveness of animal-assisted therapy: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials, Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 22 (2) 371-390. DOI: 10.1016/j.ctim.2013.12.016

Stefanini, M., Martino, A., Allori, P., Galeotti, F. & Tani, F. (2015). The use of Animal-Assisted Therapy in adolescents with acute mental disorders: A randomized controlled study, Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 21 (1) 42-46. DOI: 10.1016/j.ctcp.2015.01.001

11:57 AM | Methimazole Treatment of Canine Hyperthyroidism
My patient is a 13-year old spayed female Golden retriever that presented with history of progressive polydispia, polyuria, panting, and weight loss despite a good appetite. On my physical examination, I palpated a freely-movable right cervical mass (2-3 inch in diameter) in the area of the thyroid gland. I aspirated the mass, and the results of thyroid cytology were consistent with carcinoma of thyroid origin.Chest radiographs were clear, with no metastasis detected. Routine blood testing (CBC […]
12:00 AM | Sea lions need greater medical attention this season
Veterinary care in demand for stranded, starving young

April 21, 2015

1:11 PM | Holy fatness! Labs, flab and the delusional Fancy
The posting of this pic has prompted a humdinger of a scrap on the Purina Pro for Professionals Facebook page."Holy fatness!" says one camp."You haters!" says the other.His breeder claims: "I can assure you that he is solid muscle and great coat! A Labrador should not have a visible tuckup (per the standard) and there should not be ribs seen but only felt. He's a gorgeous boy and I'm proud of him and his accomplishments in the care of his wonderful owners and handlers!"Have a look at the […]
12:52 PM | Canine influenza expert calls for better border protection
Zoetis: H3N2 vaccine in the pipeline
12:49 AM | Possum Humor
[ER] DR: Call it. Nothing more we can do. NURSE: Are you sure? He’s done this before. DR: Nope, definitely dead. POSSUM: *starts smiling*— Kalvin (@KalvinMacleod) April 15, 2015

April 19, 2015

3:22 PM | Piano Man Raises Voice for Elephants
Billy Joel is proud to use plastic (not ivory) piano keys to help spare elephants. Posted Joel's supporting tweet on this 10 months back.
2:54 PM | Anatomy of a Break – Part Two
This is a post I have tried to put off writing. A few weeks ago, I wrote about Bobo, who had badly broken a leg. This was missed by a vet, and so poor Bobo had spent time in pain, and … Continue reading →
2:50 PM | They Say Jaguar Cub's Doing Crunches
Today just got better. #JaguarCub #cuteness (pic: Penny Hyde)— San Diego Zoo (@sandiegozoo) April 17, 2015
12:02 AM | Educational Zoo Humor
Why am I just seeing this now?Difference btwn poisonous & venomous by @RosemaryMosco. Even includes..well, just look.— David Steen, Ph.D. (@AlongsideWild) April 18, 2015

April 17, 2015

2:50 PM | Hypothyroidism Associated with Acromegaly and Insulin-resistant Diabetes Mellitus in a Samoyed
PAPER REVIEWHypothyroidism Associated with Acromegaly and Insulin-resistant Diabetes Mellitus in a Samoyedby T. Johnstone, E. Terzo, and C. MooneyAustralian Veterinary Journal 2014; 92:437-442.BackgroundAlthough both hypothyroidism and diabetes mellitus are common disorders of dogs, it is relatively uncommon for a dog to develop both diseases concurrently. Insulin-resistant diabetes has been reported in a few dogs with underlying hypothyroidism (1-3), but the mechanisms underlying the insulin […]
1:01 AM | Rents Baby, Smuggles Ivory
Woman rents baby as cover to smuggle 6kg of #ivory into Hong Kong. Yeah, that happened.— Earth Touch (@EarthTouch) April 16, 2015

April 16, 2015

1:51 PM | The DBQ that just won’t die
After posting the photo of the headless carcass with dusky reddish legs, it appears we now have a consensus on Bird B. The underwing of the headless carcass bears the classic pattern of an American Black Duck–white overall, with several distinct dark brown feathers at the wrist joint. With that in mind, looking back at […]
1:32 AM | SB277- Eliminating Personal Belief Vaccine Exemption in California
I’m stepping outside of my usual territory as a veterinarian to raise a human healthcare issue– vaccination exemptions. In my state of California, it is very easy for misinformed parents with unfounded concerns about the safety and efficacy of vaccinations … Continue reading →

April 15, 2015

5:16 PM | FluffyScience at the Zoo
Hey everyone, FluffySciences will be at Edinburgh Zoo on Sunday talking about animal personality for Living Links‘ public engagement initiatives. If you fancy coming to the zoo, I’ll be at the lion enclosure at 10. Athena will not be. She’ll … Continue reading →
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