September 16, 2014

12:48 PM | "Can Elephants Survive...Ivory Trade Ban?"
National Geographic offers another's very different opinion on "a continued ivory trade ban"."Already these restrictions have resulted in skyrocketing ivory prices, which along with other factors has spurred an elephant-killing spree. Sadly, as long as these factors remain in place, this will continue.""The NC Zoo is awaiting State clarification" to proceed with its plans to destroy elephant ivory and rhino horn to educate and model behavior regarding trade in both.  
12:13 PM | Polar Bear Breeding Plan: Step 1
Step 1: Bring an adult male and female together.Highland Wildlife Park, a Scottish zoo, will soon have an adult female polar bear to introduce to one of its adult males.A new enclosure is being built to hold the adult female. "Engineers from the British Army's 71 Engineer Regiment and a contingent from the South Dakota National Guard have started work on the building of the enclosure."[Note: I'd be interested in reading the story behind the South Dakota National Guard's involvement at the […]

September 15, 2014

10:25 PM | Look!
Post by North Carolina Zoo.
10:22 PM | The Big Zoo Gamble
Giant pandas - if they have a baby, the zoo wins; if they don't, the zoo director's toast.Pandas: #zoo equivalents of Premier League footballers. Cost a fortune to buy, maintain; guaranteed to draw crowds.— Barbara J King (@bjkingape) September 15, 2014
10:06 PM | Quartet of Cute Curious Cubs @ NC Zoo
Curious cubs, @NCZoo's 4 lion cubs explore the lion exhibit for the first time  They're not on exhibit full-time.— North Carolina Zoo (@NCZoo) September 15, 2014
9:00 PM | Latest Review of Evidence for Vitamin D & Calcium Supplements
I have reviewed the complex and inconsistent evidence concerning the potential risks and benefits of vitamin supplements here, and concluded that most of the common claims for health benefits are unjustified. I recently discussed an example of this sort of … Continue reading →
12:55 PM | Polar Bear Cubs Flown to Zoo was the Henry Vilas Zoo and it was 1988. But it is a chapter in the 50-year anniversary of a father's and son's service to the Madsion, Wisconsin zoo. It was Dad's first and last plane trip."One of the polar bear cubs Richard [Walter] retrieved from Alaska in 1988 — his name is Nanuq — is still owned by the Vilas Zoo. He is on loan to a zoo in Ohio, being mated to two females, and unlikely to return. At 26, Nanuq is near the end of the line."The NC Zoo is on the lookout […]
1:58 AM | Choosing Wisely-The Video
Here is some good advice about overdiagnosis and overtreatment–with a beat!!

September 14, 2014

11:09 PM | Snapshot: the worlds' saddest animal?
Arturo, the 'worlds' saddest polar bear' looking painfully miserable in his enclosure in an Argentinian zoo. © Copyright and Wow. He doesn’t look happy.Neither would you if you were a great big hairy arctic bear trapped in a concrete enclosure in sweltering 104 degree farenheit heat in an Argentinian zoo. Added to which, his companion Pelusa died two years ago, leaving Arturo isolated, lonely and allegedly depressed. He’s been […]
11:07 PM | Oh Yeah
"A goal without a plan is just a wish." - Antoine de Saint Exupery— Brenda Fin (@Brenda_Fin) September 14, 2014
10:21 PM | Love This Photo
And this story.
10:07 PM | "Not Only Long But Also Superior"
Talking about the elephant nose and sense of smell."...elephants’ sniffers are five times more powerful than people’s noses, twice that of dogs, and even stronger than the previous known record-holder in the animal kingdom: Rats."And elephants can also "hear" through their feet, as well as hear at a subsonic level compared to the lowly homo sapiens.
5:48 PM | Two new virology labs: Pirbright's Plowright and the CVR's Sir Michael Stoker
Walter Plowright and Sir Michael Stoker: two names inextricably linked with virology. Their names have now been given to two new buildings that have now been more or less completed. Tomorrow our lab moves to the new Sir Michael Stoker building in Glasgow. Ultimately, the building of this new lab will see the entirety of the Centre for Virus Research based on one site, which will make life much easier for people like me who, until now, use pieces of kit from both sites. It's gold. Very […]

September 12, 2014

12:27 PM | Projections of Climate Change Impacts on Birds...
...and North American bird watchers.More than half of the 650 North American bird species could be severly affected by climage change— NYT Science (@nytimesscience) September 10, 2014
9:24 AM | Manchester Dogs Home
You may have seen in the news that last night, Manchester Dogs Home suffered an enormous fire.   The Guardian reports that a 15 year old boy has been arrested on suspicion of arson. So far, 53 dogs have died and … Continue reading →
12:31 AM | Is There a Blood Test for Cancer in Dogs & Cats?
I am often asked by clients if there is a blood test that can tell if their apparently healthy pet has cancer. Obviously, “cancer” is a scary word, and many of the various diseases given that label are difficult to … Continue reading →
12:00 AM | What to do when veterinary patient's owner needs care
Researchers offer advice for ticklish condition

September 11, 2014

11:05 PM | A brief guide to... the Animal Health Act 1981
A government notice on the 2001 UK foot and mouth disease outbreak in April 2001. The Animal Health Act was introduced in 1981 to control the spread of Foot and Mouth Disease and other specified infectious diseases. The Act granted government ministers to make orders that would prevent the spread of disease as well as:Granting local authorities power to enter premises for the purpose of veterinary enquiry, seize and control affected carcases and slaughter affected, suspected or […]
10:43 PM | Vet checks - has complacency bred contempt?
These timed photographs show what the photographer who took them alleges was the sum of the vet check of the Best of Breed Neapolitan Mastiff at Richmond Championship Show last Saturday.The photographer maintains that vet Erik D'Arcy-Donnelly never got up from his desk and that the vet check took less than two minutes, including writing the form which gave the dog a Pass.14:15:41: Sean Platts enters the vet's office with Best of Breed Ch Too Hot To Handle.Vet Erik D'Arcy-Donnelly is seated at […]
9:53 PM | Zoo Promotion
#Promotion MT @NationalZoo: new Zoo video a month, subscribe 2 "Wild Inside the National Zoo" 4 free in iTunes store!— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) September 11, 2014
9:47 PM | Poor Little Bat...All Those Scary Humans
Bat causes sheer pandemonium during local TV newscast— The Dodo (@dodo) September 11, 2014
9:17 PM | "...a strange obsession...'
Humans seem to need to feel unique.How 'unspecial' are you? What other animals have taught us about human uniqueness my first piece at @EarthTouch!— Jason G. Goldman (@jgold85) September 11, 2014
4:42 PM | State of the Birds report is out!
The North American Bird Conservation Initiative is out with their annual “State of the Birds” report, and I know it will be of interest to you, my dear readers. The report covers birds ranging across all sorts of habitats, not just the seabirds we know and love (and seek dead on the beaches of the […]
1:03 PM | A Teaching Opportunity
Sedgwick County Commissioners are told why zoos need breeding groups of elephants."Zoo director Mark Reed said that African elephants are dying at the rate of 96 a day because of poaching and loss of habitat."NC Zoo Director David M. Jones wants to teach about this loss through destruction of ivory and rhino horn valued at $1 million here. "We must all act now!", he said, a month ago, but that August educational event was postponed pending "clarification" from the State of North Carolina.As […]
12:15 PM | Breathlessness: not wagging but drowning
New report suggests that for Pugs, Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and other brachycpephalicbreeds, fighting for breath can be as unpleasant as drowningStruggling to breathe can cause animals significant suffering, says a new paper from researchers at Massey University in New Zealand.This might seem obvious, but breathlessness and its specific welfare impact on animals has not been well-articulated in the veterinary literature before. "Breathlessness, in its various manifestations, has been […]

September 10, 2014

5:43 PM | Sad @HuffPostScience
Greenhouse gas levels grew at the fastest rate ever, report finds— HuffPost Science (@HuffPostScience) September 10, 2014
5:05 PM | Who’s a Pretty Boy Then?
Working in the world of international animal welfare as I have been doing in the last couple of months, you are confronted by your own innate biases. These are little (or big!) ideas you have about animal welfare that influence … Continue reading →
3:49 PM | Are Deaf Dogs and Blind Dogs just like other Dogs?
Do dogs that are deaf and/or blind have specific behavioural traits? New research sets out to investigate – and finds they are very similar to dogs with normal hearing and vision.Photo: Amy Rene / ShutterstockNo one knows exactly how many dogs have hearing or vision problems. Congenital deafness and/or blindness occur in several breeds. In some cases this is related to coat colours – for example the double merle gene in Australian Shepherds is linked to deafness and […]

Farmer-Dougan, V., Quick, A., Harper, K., Schmidt, K. & Campbell, D. (2014). Behavior of Hearing or Vision Impaired and Normal Hearing and Vision Dogs (Canis lupus familiaris): Not the same but not that different , Journal of Veterinary Behavior,

12:30 PM | Sad @NBC News
Veterinarian who cared for retired circus elephants was crushed to death in accident— NBC News (@NBCNews) September 10, 2014
12:23 PM | University of Arizona eyes 2015 opening for veterinary program
Inaugural classes begin at Lincoln Memorial, Midwestern
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