November 19, 2014

1:58 AM | New Studies Show Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps Treat Concussion, but no more than Placebo Treatment
I’ve written previously about the evidence concerning hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). There are a few specific conditions for which there is reasonable evidence HBOT is a useful therapy. Unfortunately, it is becoming something of a fad treatment in veterinary medicine, … Continue reading →

November 18, 2014

6:46 PM | Carnage on the coast!
The title here may be somewhat hyperbolic, but the situation on Gil Grant’s North Carolina beach on November 10 was striking. Gil found 7 dead birds, all of which had been thoroughly dismembered and stripped of flesh. For the most part, all that remained were wings and the occasional flayed skull. Six of the birds […]
4:20 PM | Massachusetts veterinarians must report animal abuse
PAWS Act created after highly publicized case
12:10 AM | More Delusional Homeopaths-Homeopathy for Trauma and Shock in Dogs
Homeopaths, naturally, refuse to recognize that their entire profession is nothing more than the selling of placebos. The evidence against any true benefit for homeopathic therapy, beyond the psychological benefits of the therapeutic interaction, is overwhelming. Reviews by scientists and … Continue reading →

November 17, 2014

12:00 AM | First canine Ebola quarantine met with good luck
Texas veterinarians recount 16 days with Bentley

November 16, 2014

9:29 PM | Just for the Picture
RT @CuratorBirds 1 theory about the secretary bird’s name is it's derived from Arabic ‘saqr-et-tair’ or ‘hunter bird’— San Diego Zoo (@sandiegozoo) November 16, 2014
6:07 PM | Over 3 Million Pennies
Beginning in early 2009, Pennies for Polar Bears saw over 3 million pennies raised for the NC Zoo and Project: Polar Bears. The resultant exhibit opened in late October, featuring Patches and the Governor.
3:08 PM | "...the unavoidable crime of being..."
Why we shouldn't devalue "tiny, insignificant" lives: NY Times essay by Tim Kreider, "On Smashing Bugs." #animals— Barbara J King (@bjkingape) November 16, 2014

November 15, 2014

9:29 PM | National Pickle Day @NC Zoo
Post by North Carolina Zoo.
5:10 PM | Chronicles of Athena – 16 Weeks
Our little Athena is reaching the cusp of four months old, and is testing all of her boundaries as only preteens can do. This week she has been showing a distinct predilection for fussiness, eschewing all tuna and cod meals … Continue reading →
4:30 PM | "Outdated & Unsafe"
That's the finding in a probe of the San Francisco Zoo gorilla holding facilities in which a young gorilla was crushed to death. "The gorilla expert hired by the zoo found the employee who was operating the hydraulic door with an emergency stop button did not have a clear and unimpeded view of the doors, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Friday..." "The zoo employee's name and work history have not been released." "Zoo officials declined comment."
4:23 PM | Heads Up
.@NCZoo homepage still cycling pics of "#Bugs", #kidzone "Opens March 29", along w/ #Patches, & current chimp, orchid, waterbuck & giraffe.— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) November 15, 2014
3:47 PM | Managing Diabetic Dogs with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency
My problem patient is a 9-year old, female spayed Yorkie with concurrent exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) and diabetes mellitus. The stools, which had been very large and odoriferous, are smaller and not as smelly now that we have started the pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy.  However, the stools are still not completely normal. The dog remains very thin, but she has gained a pound over the past month. The diabetic control has been more problematic. Six weeks ago, the […]

November 14, 2014

6:54 PM | "Keep Your Hand on the Stop Button"
Would the young gorilla crushed to death at the San Francisco Zoo still be alive if sign/directions were followed? San Francisco Chronicle "obtained a photo of the sign through a public records request". "The zoo employee's name and work history have not been released."
6:45 PM | TGIF, Smile!
It's Friday, smile! #tgif— San Diego Zoo (@sandiegozoo) November 14, 2014
6:41 PM | "Autumn a Mosaic
"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all."-Stanley Horowitz— NC Aquarium on RI (@NCAquarium_RI) November 12, 2014
3:05 PM | World Diabetes Day: November 14 2014
Today, November 14th, is World Diabetes DayWorld Diabetes Day is the primary global awareness campaign of the diabetes mellitus world and is held on November 14 of each year (1). It was introduced in 1991 by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization in response to the alarming rise of human diabetes around the world.World Diabetes Day is a campaign that features a new theme chosen by the International Diabetes Federation each year to address issues facing the […]

November 13, 2014

5:08 PM | Jon Stewart Tries to Shame N.R.A.
Mission Impossible. For anyone who missed this last night, Jon Stewart spoke out about the threat to free-ranging elephants from...— Elephant Lovers (@elephantlovers) November 13, 2014
4:44 PM | :( :(
.@NCZoo #IceCave closed again; new #polarbear exhibit w/out #Patches. Caught glimpses of #Anana thru doorway, but she stayed off exhibit.— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) November 13, 2014
3:21 PM | Rhinos & Elephants Win This One!
Auction house won't sell horns and ivory estimated to be "worth" about $100,000. (Truly "priceless".) "Simon Hill, general manager of Lawsons, said management had listened to the concerns of "clients, individuals and conservation bodies" and decided the sales of the horns were not in anyone's interest."

November 12, 2014

9:39 PM | :(
Two of these, not-looking-very-temporary signs are up @NCZoo #polarbear #IceCave. :(— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) November 12, 2014
8:18 PM | "Later."
Martha Quillan's News & Observer story on the then upcoming, October 23 opening of the NC Zoo's "first major addition in years" came out as I prepared to leave on a two-week Utah hiking vacation with wife (and very good sport) Ann. "It may even have a new bear to introduce to the public", Quillan wrote. "At one time, it looked as though the completed exhibit might have no polar bears at all. "When the park began work on the project in 2011, it hoped to one day have as many as six polar […]
7:41 PM | "We're Jammin'...
...I wanna jam it wid you." BBC: #Bats jam rivals' senses in food race— Cristián Samper (@CristianSamper) November 10, 2014 "Bats were "jammed" the moment they were about to home in on their insect prey, making them miss their target. "The rival that emitted the call was then able to capture and eat the insect for itself. "This is the first time scientists have witnessed this behaviour in one species - the Mexican free-tailed bat..."
7:03 PM | Two Largest Carbon Polluters
USA and China to partner against global climate change: THE 2 largest #carbon #polluters in the world! MRT @kottke: #China and #US agree to "landmark" #climatechange plan— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) November 12, 2014
6:30 PM | Beyond Toolmaking?
Beyond #toolmaking! MRT @OmahaZoo: #orangutans possess complex knowledge of mechanical design & material properties..— russwilliamsiii (@russwilliamsiii) November 12, 2014
5:30 PM | Value
I like when current events in the media combine to illustrate animal welfare in our society. This week’s blog post was impossible to resist. Recently there was a bit of hubbub over a group of scientists discovering what they described … Continue reading →
3:34 PM | SF Zoo Hires Expert
An expert has been hired by the San Francisco Zoo to study what went wrong when a young gorilla was crushed to death in its night quarters. [Note: among Dr. Terry Maple's credentials is his service as past director of Zoo Atlanta; he was also San Francisco Zoo's first "Professor in Residence".] "A security guard was posted at the entrance to the zoo, preventing all media from going inside with TV cameras. So we bought a ticket and walked in with our smartphones." [ABC7]
3:14 PM | Not a Speck!
"Brilliantly blue things in nature- eg. peacock feathers - don't contain a speck of blue pigment" #animals #evolution— Barbara J King (@bjkingape) November 12, 2014
2:56 PM | Indeed!!!
Wow, indeed! RT @WowEarthPics: Elephant standing in water. Photo by Cesare Naldi.— 96 Elephants (@96Elephants) November 12, 2014
2:05 PM | Veterinarians voicing opinions on accreditation are not 'elitists'
Cushing's blog posts driven by undisclosed conflicts of interest
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