December 04, 2014

4:21 PM | ICMR Opens STS-2015 Applications: Research Opportunity for Undergraduate Medical Students in India
The Indian Council of Medical Research has a run a very prestigious and increasingly sought after summer research programme for MBBS students in India, called the Short Term Studentship (STS) Program since 11979. They have opened up the call for applications for the program for 2015. You can check out more about the program here.…
12:38 PM | New Things
I have decided to tell you shortly what is going to happen in the next period on this blog. Firstly, probably you have observed (or not ^_^ ) some small changes to it: the background photo, and the headline photo … Continue reading →

December 03, 2014

7:44 PM | PhD reflections: Sorcha
Between a Rock and a Hard Place began as an Earth Science PhD blog in February 2013, as a place to ramble on about PhD life and general science topics. Almost two years later, some of the contributors have finished, others have submitted, and the rest are nearing the end. Over the next few weeks, the BaR contributors will be sharing some reflections on their PhD experiences. Taken from an original post on the Bristol Doctoral College blog. First up, the newly crowned Dr Sorcha McMahon! PhD […]
5:24 PM | Influenza Vaccine Deaths in Italy: Association/Correlation versus Causation
There is a lot of interest being stirred up by the news of deaths following administration of the Fluad influenza vaccine in Italy. According to news sites, the premier medical agency in Italy, AIFA, has declared that there have been 13 deaths which have been associated with the administration of the vaccine. An investigation has been…
2:56 AM | Assess the Stress
This is it guys. Two more weeks and then FINALS! Wow, two sentences into a blog post and I’m already about to reach for the stress chocolate I have stashed in my desk right next to the stress tea. Admittedly, the rest of the semester is going to be non-stop GO, GO, GO, for me and a lot of y’all out there. We’ve all being kicking ass this year and nothing is stopping us now. Even that crippling fear of ending the semester in a horrific crash and burn finals extravaganza […]

December 02, 2014

10:45 PM | November Favorites
November just ended, and it feels like time is flying incredibly fast. Probably it is just my feeling because I am close to my exams, and I had tons of things to do for university. A huge change that you … Continue reading →
4:04 PM | To bid or not to bid: James Watson and the Noble Auction
James Watson, the celebrated scientist who unraveled the mystery of the structure of the DNA, is set to sell off his Nobel Prize at an auction. If he indeed does put it up for sale, he shall be the first living recipient to have done so. Understandably, the scientific world and interverse has been set…
12:27 PM | Volunteer for the Train of Hope: A Shout Out
I received an email last week from the organisers of an event which seems very interesting. A volunteerism opportunity abroad for US Medical students and professionals, this seems like a good way for the USMLE fighters to spend couple of weeks abroad after they have gone through the challenges of interviewing and matching. Please note that I…

December 01, 2014

12:09 PM | Winter Cuts Short Eastern Equine Encephalitis in New York
The Onondaga county of New York reported the second human case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis in September this year. EEE is caused by a virus belonging to the genus Alphavirus, of the family Togaviridae. It has been especially active this year in US, causing a number of equine cases as well as human cases (as evinced…
7:00 AM | PhD reflections: Sorcha
Between a Rock and a Hard Place began as an Earth Science PhD blog in February 2013, as a place to ramble on about PhD life and general science topics. Almost two years later, some of the contributors have finished, others have submitted, and the rest are nearing the end. Over the next few weeks, […]

November 30, 2014

4:31 PM | Christmas Gifts for children
Sometime it is extremely easy to buy gifts for children because in the end they tell you what they want, or you know what is their favorite movie or character or something. They tell you what they want in the … Continue reading →
8:38 AM | Bed Bugs: Potential Vectors for Chagas Disease?
In a recent article published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, it has been postulated that the common bedbug (Cimex lectularius) may have potential to act as a vector for the spread of Trypanosoma cruzi, which causes Chagas disease. In this study, the authors injected the causative agent into mice and then made…
7:02 AM | Update: overseas shenanigans and PhD... shenanigans
Just a quick update:There's been a bit of radio silence on this blog as of late, due to my being overseas and attending a couple of conferences (Digital Specimen 2014, and SVP 2014, both held in Berlin and hosted by the Museum für Naturkunde). I was also working on my PhD while overseas, and feeling guilty any time I wanted to work on something other than my PhD (e.g. this blog).Making time for the blog, guilt free time, to develop it into something more than a once per 3 months […]

November 29, 2014

8:46 PM | Strange bedfellows
“You wanna talk? Let’s talk.” The 42-year-old man sits up straighter in the hospital bed and grins a toothless grin. “Those other doctors, they don’t understand. They... -- Read more on
4:33 PM | BDS+MBBS Trained Doctors for Rural India: Second Class Care or Disruptive Innovation?
Just saw this news piece on The Hindu: Frankly, I am not sure whether I should be outraged or applaud the Dental Council of India. On one hand this would mean more trained doctors for providing proper care to the rural Indian population, but on the other it would be morally repugnant to both the…
5:28 AM | Anthrax Outbreak in Cattle in Croatia
Croatia has reported an outbreak of anthrax in a herd of cattle. Out of 40 heads of cattle two have come down with the disease and eventually succumbed to it, bringing the case fatality rate to 100%! The diagnosis was made at necropsy of the dead cattle and following confirmation, a first report has been…

November 28, 2014

8:07 PM | Mathematics in ‘Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning’
This couple of weeks I have been reading a lot of manga. I have liked some anime for a long time, but never had the courage to read manga. But for some reason I have downloaded an app on my … Continue reading →
7:46 PM | 500 Sea Lion Carcasses Wash up on Peruvian Beaches
Last January, animal lovers the world over were shocked to learn that over 400 dolphin carcasses had washed ashore in Peru. There was extensive news coverage, mainly because this was reminiscent of another massive die-off a couple of years ago. In 2012, eventually, amidst somewhat questionable situations, it seems to have been declared that the die…
6:59 PM | Lassa Fever Outbreak in Benin
A few days ago, I wrote about how an outbreak of plague was threatening to rake up high numbers (and still is!) in Madagascar and yet it seemed to have been overshadowed by the big news in the medical world: the ebola outbreak. Now, closer home to the Ebola outbreak, in the West African nation…
6:17 PM | Sexual Transmission of Ebola: Fact or Fear-Mongering?
The WHO has come out with a message regarding the potential of sexual transmission of the Ebola Virus. In its statement, titled: “Ebola virus in semen of men who have recovered from Ebola virus disease“, the WHO has categorically stated that though sexual transmission has not been noted, certain precautions need to be adopted by…
3:59 PM | “Open Medicine” Closes Down Raising Questions on Sustainability of Open Access Journals
One of the first open access, online journals I started reading was Open Medicine, not because I was a crusader for open science of anything, but simply because I had Googled “open access medicine journal” and had happened to land on that particular site! Subsequently, as I got familiarised with the terrain of open access…
3:08 PM | World AIDS Day 2014 Theme
December 1 is celebrated as the World AIDS Day and the theme this year is: Focus, Partner, Achieve: An AIDS-Free Generation Arguably one of the most effective plans for global health awareness and Information, Education and Communication activities, the World AIDS Day is generally aimed at getting to zero: zero new infections, zero AIDS related…

November 26, 2014

4:23 PM | Monkeys Mar Malaysia’s March Against Malaria
Plasmodium knowlesi, a simian malariogenic parasite, has crossed the species borders and is rapidly emerging as a major public health problem in Malaysia, threatening to derail the achievements of a century-old malaria control program.
3:13 PM | Combing Food and Formulas
A long time ago, I had this idea in mind: if I could be a better cooker I could make people around me understand more about geometry (2D, 3D shapes or higher dimensions). I believe that food has a way … Continue reading →
2:59 PM | Is the British Government Deserting Volunteers in the Battle Against Ebola?
If this “The Telegraph” news article is to be believed, then the 1500 or so British volunteers that the NHS is despatching to Sierra Leone as a part of a massive 125 million pounds assistance program may get into some soup if they end up contracting Ebola during their stay in the country. The arrangement…

November 23, 2014

6:52 PM | The Plague Hits Madagascar: In the shadows of the Ebola crisis
While the whole world has been in panic mode about the “Ebola Crisis” that has been evolving in western Africa in the past few months, a new problem has started to raise its head now. As we seem to have achieved some sort of control over the epidemic of panic and ebola, the media has dished…
1:16 PM | Christmas Presents for Herrrr…
I believe that after my last post about ideas for Christmas gifts, you would expect this post immediately. With no further introduction, here are some of my favorite gift ideas for HeRRrrr: 1. Jewelry - I personally always like a good … Continue reading →

November 22, 2014

6:05 PM | Testing behavioral assessment
My Bark article, Testing the Tests, is now available on the web for free. I did a lot of background reading for this story and I learned a lot of interesting stuff about shelter behavioral assessments: how they're designed, how to evaluate whether they work, and new work that's going into improving them. Check it out!

November 21, 2014

2:50 PM | Incredible Floor ^_^
The internet is a great way to find incredible things if you want to look for them. Just yesterday I was looking for inspiration and ideas and I found this: A huge video game shop in Paris (Fnac at La Defense). … Continue reading →
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