September 26, 2014

4:15 PM | Chemistry Literature Feature Vol. VI
Have you seen a good paper lately? Written one? Send it in and have it featured here! treetownchem@gmail.comIn this episode of the Chemistry Literature Feature, we'll take a look at some new developments in molecular wires, track individual atoms through a catalyst that cleans your gasoline for you, meet some protein labels with interesting and useful functionalities, and more. But first, a quote from an education research seminar that recently happened in the department:Overheard at […]
2:13 PM | Just obeying orders? Rethinking obedience and atrocity
IF YOU only know about one research programme in psychology, chances are it is Stanley...

September 24, 2014

7:22 PM | TechFest
As I said in a previous post (this one: Lucy (2014) ) I did a week as a Festival Assistant at the beginning of September at TechFest in Aberdeen.  Firstly, you need to know that TechFest is Aberdeen and the North-East Scotland’s annual … Continue reading →

September 23, 2014

7:58 PM | Joining the Ranks of Tourists and Fangirls in Yellowstone
Obligatory "NP Sign" PhotoDay 13Yellowstone National ParkTotal Miles Hiked: 3.5ish (70.7 overall)After the rainNearing the completion of their Master’s theses, two young, wild women struck out on the adventure of a lifetime. Meridith and Rachel’s 2012 Besties National Park Roadtrip was a transformative journey around the Western US National Parks. 10 states. 9 National Parks and 1 National Monument. One summer of fun!Yellowstone, the Disney of U.S. National Parks. America’s […]
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