December 21, 2014

8:12 PM | What’s so healthy about skepticism?
He was known to the hospital as someone who would try to manipulate his caregivers. And I fell for it anyway. Frequently admitted for pain crises associated with a chronic illness, he spent most of... -- Read more on
1:38 AM | Gift DIY
I have given you a lot of gift ideas for Christmas (Christmas Presents, for her, for him, for children), but I thought that it would be a good idea to do a DIY. Also, this is not a really maths … Continue reading →

December 20, 2014

12:52 AM | Math Teachers at Play (MTaP) Blog Carnival #81
Welcome to the 81st edition of Math Teachers at Play (MTaP) Blog Carnival. I am extremely exited to host this post in my favorite month of the year, December. In case you don’t know much about this carnival I encourage … Continue reading →

December 18, 2014

11:55 PM | The City before Christmas
We are very close to Christmas and I thought that it would be nice to share with you some of the photos I have made around the city. As you already know (About me) I am living in Aberdeen, Scotland … Continue reading →
6:30 AM | Science Snap (#35): Twinning
Twinning is a phenomenon in mineralogy whereby a single crystal of a mineral has two or more parts in which the crystal lattice is differently orientated. The shared surface between two twins is called the composition or twin plane, and the orientation to either other is determined by symmetry through rotation or reflection; this relationship is described by a twin law. Twinning most commonly occurs when there is a change in conditions during the growth of the crystal, for example a variation […]
1:53 AM | Wassily Kandinsky
These days, more exactly on 15th December, I saw the new doodle at Google and I thought that it is incredibly wonderful. It just showed me a lot of geometric constructions in just a small image and I thought that … Continue reading →

December 17, 2014

10:43 PM | Science Book Club: Ice Whale
It's time again for an installment of the STS Book Club! This time, it's a novel of the young adult variety. Perhaps a perfect stocking stuffer for the 11-year-old, nature-lover in your life? Or, you know, your story-loving 20-something PhD student. My co-conspirators, then and now.  Notice that I have grown in myappreciation of pants-wearing. I grew up on a farm in south central Kentucky with a small expanse of second growth forest rimming the yard and cultivated fields.  My […]

December 16, 2014

9:47 PM | Christmas Decorations
So we entered the week before Christmas. So we have less then 10 days, which is extremely exciting for me because Christmas is my favorite event from the year. And as promised in the post New Things there will be a … Continue reading →

December 15, 2014

9:48 PM | Astrochemistry in Action: The Rosetta Observation
Last Wednesday, the European Space Agency (ESA) released the results of measurements conducted by the Rosetta space probe, currently in orbit of a 2.5-mile wide comet designated as 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The measurements are the newest development in the quest to determine the origins of Earth's water - specifically, whether it was delivered by impacts from comets or asteroids. The findings revealed that the chemical composition of the water on the comet 67P was significantly different than […]
6:00 AM | PhD reflections: KT
Between a Rock and a Hard Place began as an Earth Science PhD blog in February 2013, as a place to ramble on about PhD life and general science topics. Almost two years later, some of the contributors have finished, others have submitted, and the rest are nearing the end. Over the next few weeks, the BaR contributors will be sharing some reflections on their PhD experiences. Taken from an original post on the Bristol Doctoral College blog. Next in the series, KT Cooper. PhD highlight: OOne of […]

December 14, 2014

11:15 PM | Can microbes incline people to religion? My comment on the hypothesis
Our body harbors hundreds of microbial species and contains many more bacterial than human cells. These microbes are not passive riders but rather a vital component of the organism. The human microbiota affects our health in multiple ways, both positively and negatively. One of the new attractive directions in microbiome biology is the “microbiome-brain axis”. […]
4:43 PM | Tips and Tricks for Exam Revision
As probably you already know from the post New Things I am in full stressful exam period. I always get extremely stressed in this period, like something magical happens to me and I transform into a crazy stressed monster. I believe … Continue reading →
2:04 PM | Memories of Narendrapur: Remembering Arun-da and Ram Kumar-da
A few words trying to honor the memories of Shri Ram Kumar Upadhyay and Shri Arun Kumar Das, two of my high school teachers.

December 12, 2014

4:07 PM | Tutoring & Multiplication Table
It took a while to decide to make a post about my tutoring session, but here it is. So I have stared working in late September, beginning of October as a consultant for a company that does private tutoring. It … Continue reading →
11:00 AM | Outreach on the slopes.
One of the beauties of living in Munich is that the Alps are, practically, on your door step. As I mentioned in one of our more recent posts, now that I am here, I’m looking forward to exploring the city, its surroundings and further afield! Making it to the top That is exactly what I did a few weekends ago. After a little research, I chose to visit the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, at the foothills of the Alps. I’d discovered it offered some good hiking and that the town itself […]

December 11, 2014

4:15 PM | Salmonella enteritidis Outbreak in US
A few thoughts on the outbreak of (possibly) bean sprout-associated Salmonella enteritidis infections in multiple states of USA.
3:31 PM | Severe Flu Season in the US: Too early to call for antivirals?
The CDC came out with a press release last week which expressed the fear that the US was destined to face a severe season of influenza in the upcoming few months. It is still early on in the influenza season and the disease activity is low in the US at this point of time, but…

December 10, 2014

7:47 PM | The Imitation Game
I have seen this movie on 28th, but waited a little to talk about it so that more of you have the opportunity to see it. This post will have some spoilers, just to let you know. I am not a … Continue reading →
6:51 PM | Microbes You Can Eat Vol. 1: Kombucha and Jun Tea
If you’ve browsed the refrigerated section of your local natural foods store lately, you probably noticed a big case full of kombucha where the bottled water used to be.  Kombucha is a fermented sweetened black tea that comes in lots … Continue reading →
3:33 PM | sciencenote: Chaoscope is a visualization toy. It draws...
sciencenote: Chaoscope is a visualization toy. It draws beautiful pictures of strange attractors, which are a bizarre fractal-like mathematical construct from the field of chaos theory. Whatever, they look really nice Chaos Theory : In a scientific context, the word chaos has a slightly different meaning than it does in its general usage as a state of confusion, lacking any order. Chaos, with reference to chaos theory, refers to an apparent lack of order in a system that nevertheless […]
2:41 PM | Chaoscope is a visualization toy. It draws beautiful pictures of...
Chaoscope is a visualization toy. It draws beautiful pictures of strange attractors, which are a bizarre fractal-like mathematical construct from the field of chaos theory. Whatever, they look really nice Chaos Theory : In a scientific context, the word chaos has a slightly different meaning than it does in its general usage as a state of confusion, lacking any order. Chaos, with reference to chaos theory, refers to an apparent lack of order in a system that nevertheless obeys particular […]

December 09, 2014

3:58 PM | The history of dog breeds: Victorians, genetics, and the importance of diversity
Dog breeds are amazing creations. I can own a series of Golden Retrievers and predict with fair accuracy how each of them will look and act. (Look more than act, but the incredible variety of dog personalities is a story for another day.) Unfortunately, I can also predict with fair accuracy what diseases each of those dogs will have, because with the Golden looks and personality come the Golden genetic disorders. As a new dog owner years ago, I thought of these genetic problems as part of the […]
3:36 PM | Guest Post: Be Smart: Healthy Living Is In
This is a guest post by Darrell J. Hunt. Hope you enjoy it. Living a healthy lifestyle can add years to your life and increase happiness. Make these six healthy lifestyle choices habits that will benefit you for a lifetime. Eat More Fruits, Vegetables, and Whole Grains A healthy diet should include a wide range…

December 07, 2014

5:44 PM | Anthrax in Odisha: Time for One Health in India?
An outbreak of anthrax in Koraput, Odisha, and the lack of public health information around it prompts advocacy on the adoption of the One Health framework in India as well.
5:02 PM | Christmas Gifts for Him ^_^
I hope you liked the last posts about Christmas gifts: Christmas Presents , Christmas Presents for Her  and Christmas Gifts for Children ; to close this series of posts I have a small list of things that He might find them really interesting … Continue reading →
4:58 PM | Trichinella Outbreak in Belgium: How Infections Cross International Borders
Pork, infected with larvae of Trichinella, imported from Spain, has led to an outbreak of Trichinellosis in parts of Belgium. Though the outbreak focus has been identified and preventative measures adopted, this goes to show we have very poor control over how infections spread.
4:08 PM | Novel Psittacine Adenovirus Responsible for Potentiating Zoonotic Psittacosis Outbreak: Emerging Co-Infections
A novel adenovirus potentiates the species jump of Chlamydophila psittaci from birds to man, causing atypical pneumonia (psittacosis). Viruses, in addition to jumping the species barrier themselves, now are helping other bacteria to do the same: is this the beginning of the age of microbes?

December 06, 2014

4:34 PM | The importance of being specific when discussing the therapeutic potential of cannabis and cannabinoids
When it comes to discussing the therapeutic potential of cannabis, it’s really important to differentiate between the artisanal preparations that are not regulated, the pharmaceutical-grade botanical drug substances that are regulated and the isolated cannabinoids that have been purified (ie. not synthetic). Being able to easily understand and differentiate between all three (and assume that others can too) […]
2:35 PM | #beggaraccess: Nature, Dark Social, Free to View and the Open Access Debate
Nature has recently opened up its vast treasure trove to all those who know someone with access to them. Here I wonder at the irony of the fact that they are raising more barriers in the name of access!

December 04, 2014

5:10 PM | Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea in Hawaii: An Epidemiological Puzzle
The Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv) first struck the US coasts in April 2013, leaving public health and veterinary doctors puzzled because they could not figure out how it arrived across the ocean despite stringent measures on animal import. This virus has now made its way across to Oahu, the most populous island of Hawaii. The…
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