November 19, 2014

3:06 PM | Geometric Paper Animals
Some time ago I have written about how geometry has become an inspiration to art (Geometry & Art). I still believe the same thing, and I also wanted to make a small confession: I realized how interesting, beautiful and how … Continue reading →
12:00 PM | Some handy tips towards stress-free PhD completion…
Laura and I both submitted our theses at the end of September after four years of intense work. We felt there’d be some value (nostalgic to ourselves, hopefully useful to others) in putting together some tips of our own now that we can look back on our achievements. There are loads of brilliantly-written and extremely […]

November 17, 2014

5:54 PM | Christmas Presents
The Internet is full with Christmas present ideas and I believe that the lists that you can find on other people’s blog posts are extremely useful. I always take some time to look at some before I go shopping. Moreover, … Continue reading →

November 16, 2014

12:56 AM | Collective noun for a group of electrophysiologists?
My husband and I have had an ongoing discussion for quite a while now about what the collective noun for a group of electrophysiologists should be. This discussion came up again a few nights ago, where he firmly believes that the collective noun should be a ‘superstition‘. I, on the other hand, think it should be a […]

November 15, 2014

10:10 PM | Cosmic Geometry
I know that I have never talked about an editing photo app before, but this one made me a little curious. It is Pixrl. Everything because they made a set of new interesting effects that made me incredibly impressed. It’s … Continue reading →

November 13, 2014

7:35 PM | Parametric Equations
In my last couple of months I have been fascinated by parametric curves. They are incredibly beautiful. So, I decided to show you some of my favorite ones and also a small introduction about them. Firstly, a parametric equation of a … Continue reading →
6:00 AM | Science Snap (#34) – Kick ‘em Jenny
Kick ’em Jenny is a submarine volcano located 8km to the north of the Caribbean island of Grenada. It lies close to the small, uninhabited volcanic islands of Ronde, Diamond, Ill Caille and Les Tantes, though no physical evidence of the volcano is evident from land. At least twelve recorded eruptions have occurred since Kick […]

November 12, 2014

11:24 PM | It’s a simple question – isn’t it?
“So, is this the sickest list you’ve ever had?” the resident asked me at 2 AM, after I finally finished checking off all my boxes for the night. I nodded. I agreed. I was also shaking. I had been... -- Read more on

November 11, 2014

11:00 PM | Making the Most of MCMC
Sometimes in grad school you need to write about topics that you yourself have little to no clue about. Part of this learning process is figuring out how to teach yourself some of these very difficult concepts. This blog post comes from a blog post I co-wrote with my cohort chum, Justin, By: Justin and MeridithMarkov Chains, and particularly Markov Chains Monte Carlo, are a difficult concept to explain. In fact, Dr. Hanks has stated that they are “Easier done than said.” At the […]
10:04 PM | Minimal Math Concepts
I have been following this blog on Tumblr (Minimal Math Concepts) for a long time and I’ve just realized I haven’t told you about it, yet. Obviously, this is about to change exactly NOW. The blog presents extremely used and … Continue reading →

November 10, 2014

3:38 PM | Join the Twitter Chorus
This piece has a history as long and varied as it is. It took me a long time to ...

November 09, 2014

3:42 PM | Writing to You
At the end of August I discovered an app that changed my Sundays. This app is called Lettrs, and I have shared some of my letters with you on the post: World Post Day. Since that post I have written letters every Sunday, … Continue reading →

November 08, 2014

11:05 PM | How antidepressants work: the good parts version
[Author’s note: Please consider my last post, How do antidepressants work (in dogs and the rest of us)?, to be the director’s cut of this topic: fairly long and juicy, with some bits in which I indulge my inner geek and perhaps go into more detail than is truly necessary. This, then, is the good parts version: the same material, but presented as an overview from a higher altitude, with fewer details and assuming less scientific knowledge. These posts are both intended as material […]

November 07, 2014

6:43 PM | Geometry + Snow = Wonderful
Simon Beck has been decorating the Alps with this stunning mathematical art, by running in snowshoes across freshly laid snow.  Beck, 56, went to Millfield School and studied engineering at Oxford university. In 1974 he won the British Orienteering Championships. … Continue reading →

November 06, 2014

7:10 AM | Take the Bus! Good for the Environment, Your Wallet, and Your Wanderlust
And now for something a bit different!We’ve been writing a lot in the past few weeks about life as a graduate student or some of the things we are learning while on our respective doctoral journeys.  However, if you will recall, we also love to go on journeys in general.  Meridith and I have always been avid travelers.  We have visited numerous other countries together (South Africa, Costa Rica, Panama, England, Aruba…) and separately (Kenya, Argentina, Ireland, […]

November 05, 2014

12:16 AM | Celebrate Mathematicians part 5
As promised in my last post (link here) here are the other mathematicians we have celebrated in October. Thank you for your support during this event! It means a lot to me. 1. Pierre François Verhulst born on 28th October 1804 … Continue reading →

November 03, 2014

6:00 AM | Facing up to the big V
The nights are drawing in, the air is getting colder and here in Bristol it seems like viva season is in full swing. Enough time has elapsed since my own viva that I thought I would share my thoughts about what to expect on the big day. Whilst everybody’s experience is different, from talking to […]

November 02, 2014

4:24 PM | How do antidepressants work (in dogs and the rest of us)?
There are plenty of humans and dogs on antidepressants, and we believe that the mechanisms of these medications are much the same in both human and dog brains. But despite the fact that these are widely used medications, we aren’t completely clear how they work. Yes, this is going to be another post in which I ask a question and then don’t really tell you the answer. But I’ll tell you what we do know.You can buy your very own Prozac bone sticker!What is depression? There are […]
12:57 AM | Celebrate Mathematicians Part 4
I am posting this later than normal, but as you already know there were a lot of mathematicians in the last 10 days and it was a little harder for me to keep up with everything. In my last posts … Continue reading →
12:07 AM | October Favorites
October has finished, yesterday Halloween went quite chill for me, I did not do something specific for it (dressed a little with a friend and a good anime, and the day finished). Also yesterday was the last day for Celebrate Mathematicians … Continue reading →

October 30, 2014

9:02 PM | Scary Mathematics
I thought that because Halloween is tomorrow (for me) a post about some Halloween related mathematics will be fun. 1. Carving Pumpkins. This is one of the traditions for Halloween that I enjoy the most. I was never used to Halloween … Continue reading →
6:00 AM | Building Stones of Clifton – A Walking Trail
In my opinion, there aren’t many finer ways to spend an autumnal afternoon than ambling round the historical suburb of Clifton in Bristol. Bounded to the west by the dramatic limestone cliffs of the Avon Gorge and the bucolic open downs of Clifton and Durdham, Clifton Village is a Bristol rarity, in only having been […]

October 29, 2014

12:57 AM | Tricks of the Trade: LaTeX
Ok, guys. I’ve been studying as a baby statistician (scienctician? statscientist? ecologitician?)  for a little while now and I’m here to share some of their secrets. Before I started here at Penn State I had a couple ideas about what other grad students in my department would be like. First, everyone would be computer masters of any and all statistical programs: R, SAS, others that I hadn’t even heard of yet. Second, they’d all be completely on top of everything in […]

October 28, 2014

8:42 AM | Impact of Open Data Movement on Data Management and Publishing
“If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” The open access movement predates the Internet (to about the 1950's), and various models were proposed to increase access to academic research. Self-archiving (the act of depositing a free copy of an electronic document on the Internet in order to provide open access to it) has been common for computer scientists since at least the 1980s. In physics, it has become the norm and some sub-areas like […]
2:46 AM | Can prenatal stress be reversed?
I was scanning the titles of new journal articles a while back, and came across one that made me think, hey, that may be about rats, but it is totally relevant to dogs. And then I thought, why don’t I teach a class on it? Read and interpret this really interesting journal article with a group of dog trainers and dog lovers?I will be teaching the class Prenatal Stress and Anti-Depressants for APDT the week of November 18 (and you are invited to take it). This post will be used as reading […]

October 27, 2014

11:57 PM | Math is Invented or Discovered?
Sometime ago I made this poll after reading Einstein’s remark “How can it be that mathematics, being after all a product of human thought which is independent of experience, is so admirably appropriate to the objects of reality?” I was … Continue reading →

October 26, 2014

7:46 PM | Evariste Galois
As you have observed I omitted Evariste Galois born on 25th October 1811 from my daily posts and this is because he is the one that influenced me to start the event ‘Celebrate Mathematicians in October‘ and so I decided … Continue reading →
11:59 AM | After a busy summer, we have returned to the blogosphere…
Well, it has been a while since either of us has produced a GeologyJenga post, so first of all apologies on this front. We both have the same excuse – finishing our PhD theses! Our mutual deadline was 30 September 2014, and thankfully we both made it. The last few months were challenging at times […]

October 24, 2014

4:25 PM | Pokemon Fractals
If you are following my Facebook page, you probably already know my love for Fractals. The math behind these is not as easy as expected, but the result is extremely beautiful. In case you don’t know what a fractal is … Continue reading →

October 23, 2014

3:34 PM | 4 Ways to Reliably Reproduce Research
Copyright Recent studies indicate that at least 70% of certain types of research (particularly around life sciences) is not reproducible. Funders, reviewers, and researchers are increasingly demanding improved processes to improve reproducibility rates. Rather than just talking about the problem, we'd like to share some practical effective tips for improving your lab's research reproducibility.Register to attend our free […]
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