April 18, 2014

8:21 PM | Turning to God for reassurance in the face of wonder
‘Agency detection’ – seeing purposeful minds at work behind seemingly random events – is a powerful human instinct that is thought to play an important role in the generation of religious beliefs. There’s quite a body of research that shows that a persons ‘agency detection’ can be turned up in circumstances where they are made to feel uncertain or confused. Piercarlo Valdesolo (Claremont McKenna College, USA ) and Jesse Graham (University of Southern […]

April 14, 2014

8:53 AM | LastPass saves you from HeartBleed
If you sensibly use a password manager, whether an online (LastPass) or offline (KeyPass) tool you will probably have heard of the security bug that was uncovered in OpenSSL, the encryption system that underpins security on countless websites. The bug, which goes by the catchy name of HeartBleed, has now been demonstrated as problematic for […]Related Posts:LastPass leads on security optionsAnother look at LastPassLastpass pronounceable passwordsLastPass 2.0 now secures docs and […]

April 05, 2014

8:04 PM | Why do religious people have more friends?
It’s a fairly well-attested fact that religious people tend to be happier, to be more socially engaged, and to have more social support. Well, there are nuances depending on the country you look at, but that’s the general picture.But is it cause or effect? Is it that religion helps people to be socially engaged (by encouraging them to take part in community events, perhaps, or by making them feel part of a group), or is it that religion attracts a certain kind of person? […]

March 31, 2014

11:52 AM | Dutch Men are not Nordic Men
There are reasons to appreciate Hanna Rosin’s ‘The End of Men’: it was pleasantly written, contains various entertaining anecdotes, and holds an attractive promise of increased gender equality – although, to trumpet the demise of men (to paraphrase page 285) might be somewhat less desirable. It would have made for a relevant book, were it… Continue Reading

Philip Cohen (2013). The “End of Men” Is Not True: What Is Not and What Might Be on the Road Toward Gender Equality, BOSTON UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW, 1159-1184. Other: Link


March 29, 2014

8:13 AM | Can prayer improve your self-control?
Self control is a depletable resource. Struggle to maintain your self control in one task, and you’ll find it hard to resist temptation in the next one.There are things that you can do to blunt this effect, so that you and maintain your self control for longer. Get yourself motivated, do some meditation, or simply knock back some glucose.But what about prayer?Malte Friese (Saarland University, Germany) and Michaela Wänke (University of Mannheim, also Germany) recruited 79 students to […]
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