September 16, 2014

8:17 PM | The Story of Stuff Project
The Story of Stuff Project.
3:06 PM | Simple modern-day timesaver
I have discovered a simple trick that is so easy to implement it will leave you short of breath but raring to go and wondering why nobody has told you about it before. The trick costs nothing, will take mere seconds to implement and could change your life. Seriously, it will save you many hours […]Related Posts:Mobile phones send number to websiteOn digital embarrassmentSix serious signs you are tech-addictedYour phone is smart, but is it safe?Your online life is real life tooPost from: […]

September 11, 2014

3:50 PM | JCVI: Sustainable Lab / Overview
JCVI: Sustainable Lab / Overview

September 07, 2014

1:12 PM | Rafael Araujo
Architectural Renderings of Life Drawn with Pencil and Pen by Rafael Araujo.

September 05, 2014

10:26 AM | 5 reasons not to unsubscribe from spam
Naked Security has a nice roundup of reasons not to click any unsubscribe links in spam emails: The first is that by clicking the link you have confirmed to the spammer that the emai address they spammed is valid, which means they can spam you again or sell it on to other spammers as a […]Related Posts:Sciencetext email newsletterHiding your email from spammersA simple 1, 2, 3 to an empty email inboxNoPassword15 useful email addresses to knowPost from: David Bradley's Dave Bradley's Tech […]

September 02, 2014

8:39 PM | Supernatural believers see minds at work behind random patterns
“Theory of Mind” is the term used to describe the mental ability to put yourself inside the mind of someone else – to imagine what it is that they are thinking. Recently, there’s been some evidence that people who do not have a strong theory of mind are more likely to be atheists.For example, studies have found that autistic-spectrum people are more likely to be non-believers, and maybe also atheists' preferences for video games could be connected. The basic suggestion […]

August 31, 2014

5:44 PM | Las dunas y yo
Hace unos días leí: La influencia de la arena. Comentario de Ramiro Sanchíz en Kundra #13 sobre Jodorowsky´s Dune. Además de los comentarios y elucubraciones sobre las películas involucradas, Ramiro hace un raconto personal sobre su relación con estas obras. Yo había hecho algo similar con Blade Runner (se puede leer aquí) y El Eternauta (no publicado) y estaba con ganas de escribir algo sobre el documental Jodorowsky´s Dune. […]

August 21, 2014

7:36 AM | Blue Screen of Death BSOD with MS14-045 Windows Patch
If you normally allow your Windows computer to automatically update itself, then the patch from 12th August may be causing you problems. Namely, the dreaded BSOD, Blue Screen of Death, or as Microsoft more euphemistically but less sensationally refers to it it a crash with a 0×50 Stop error message (bugcheck). There are various bits […]Related Posts:What your Windows files reveal about youSaving your contacts with no monkey businessAccelerating SnapSeed in ChromeJavaRa removes, […]
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