August 21, 2014

7:36 AM | Blue Screen of Death BSOD with MS14-045 Windows Patch
If you normally allow your Windows computer to automatically update itself, then the patch from 12th August may be causing you problems. Namely, the dreaded BSOD, Blue Screen of Death, or as Microsoft more euphemistically but less sensationally refers to it it a crash with a 0×50 Stop error message (bugcheck). There are various bits […]Related Posts:What your Windows files reveal about youSaving your contacts with no monkey businessAccelerating SnapSeed in ChromeJavaRa removes, […]

August 15, 2014

10:30 PM | El mundo según Manuel Castells
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8:20 PM | Children with a religious upbringing have difficulty telling fantasy from reality
There’s a long-standing debate over whether we humans are naturally predisposed to believe in the supernatural, or whether it’s learned. Well, here’s a study that shows the importance of young children’s environment in determining credulity.The basic set-up was simple. Kathleen Corriveau (Boston University) and colleagues recruited 33 kindergarten kids in the USA (that’s 5-6 year olds). Half went to state-run schools, which are mostly religion free, while the […]

August 13, 2014

12:12 PM | Interfaz
Interface: people, machines, designPowerhouse Museum15 Aug 2014 - 11 Oct 2015interfaz.(Del ingl. interface, superficie de contacto).1. f. Inform. Conexión física y funcional entre dos aparatos o sistemas independientes. en Sidney el año pasado. Este año no creo que pueda irme hasta allá. Lástima. Tiene pinta de ser una exposición interesante.

August 12, 2014

11:02 PM | Stanley Kubricks Boxes
Stanley Kubricks Boxes from JAVARING on Vimeo.
7:51 PM | David
El libro que tiene bajo su mano es Dune de Frank Herbert.
7:35 AM | Who cares about Wi-Fi security?
Very few people according to a recent UK survey apparently. But, you should says AV company Sophos. Here are their top tips on staying safe when operating wirelessly outside your home or office: Get out of the habit of remembering Wi-Fi networks. If your computer automatically joins networks based only on their names, you may […]Related Posts:ZenMate – Virtual Private Networking extension for…E-Mili smartphone battery boostHomeland Security in your FacebookYour phone is […]

August 09, 2014

11:01 PM | Precursores de Alien
Originalmente publicado en La Mancha Voraz de Diaspar 8 (2013).El cine y la literatura sobre el horror a lo desconocido, a la enfermedad, a lo extraño, es rica y de ella se han nutrido, más o menos conscientemente, los guionistas - los que metieron mano en el guión fueron varios - de Alien (Alien, Ridley Scott, 1979). Entre estos supuestos precursores vamos a centrarnos en los que pudieran haber aportado elementos argumentales, terrores, arquetipos y hasta […]

August 06, 2014

10:38 AM | Accelerating SnapSeed in Chrome
If you’re trying to edit your Google+ photos in “SnapSeed” in the Google Chrome browser and you get a message that tells you “the photo editor cannot be loaded”, then go into Chrome settings –> Show Advanced Settings (scroll to the bottom) –> Check the box in the System Settings for “use hardware acceleration when […]Related Posts:One-click to Google Chrome privacyRemove your name from Facebook social adsBoxCryptor for Chrome […]

August 03, 2014

8:25 PM | What are the religious disgusted by?
Religious people often seem to have strong taboos. Think of any religion, and there is usually some proscribed activities or objects, and an emphasis on purity. Maybe religion is connected to a heightened sense of disgust?Uri Berger and David Anaki, at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, were looking to see how one questionnaire often used to measure disgust, the Revised Disgust Scale (DS-R) functioned across a diverse group of Israeli citizens. Most studies in the past have used students (and […]
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