July 25, 2014

1:03 PM | Economía de panal de abejas
Framework: Collaborative Economy Honeycomb.Algo en este espíritu escribi en mi post anterior: Anti-distopía.

July 21, 2014

2:42 PM | Anti-distopía
El otro día voy a una librería. El librero me pregunta qué estoy leyendo. Le digo que “Makers” de Cory Doctorow, cuya ficción se sitúa en un futuro próximo. “Ah, ¿una distopía?”, me responde.No, no toda la CF futurista es una distopía y de hecho todas las distopías, hasta la fecha (las más famosas, no las he leído todas), están equivocadas. Al menos en un aspecto fundamental: la […]

July 08, 2014

1:24 PM | Google bullsh
<rant>Google is forever tweaking its algorithm and yes that is a euphemism. They penalise sites they consider to be spamming their SERPs with practices that supposedly break their self-created internet rules. They do all this purportedly to make search a better experience for users. The real reason, of course, is so they can sell ad […]Related Posts:Try a more relevant social GoogleGoogle privacy policy: the actual changesGoogle collates 50 search tips & tricksGoogle Page […]

July 06, 2014

7:32 PM | What does the latest research say on religion decreasing the risk of suicide?
And so to this thorny topic again! This time with a batch of new studies - but what light do they shed on this complicated topic?First up is a straightforward analysis of data from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III) in the USA (Evan Kleiman and Richard Liu at George Mason University, USA - all the refs are at the foot of this post). This survey asked people about their religious service attendance, and then followed them for up to 20 years, to see what […]
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