June 27, 2014

4:00 PM | Molekularbiolyrik VI
Next Generation Sequencing Jetzt gibt es eine neue Art zu lesen, sang(er)los doch klangvoll: Sequenzieren der nächsten Generation: erst kopieren, dann lesen (parallel!), dann alignieren. Die Säurenbücher aller Lebewesen tun sich uns auf, auch der, die längst gewichen (wer weiß, ob man sie dereinst neu erweckt?): und folgt man den uralten Federstrichen, die uns die…

June 26, 2014

7:00 PM | Die Hände des Teufelsgeigers
„Besonders auffällig ist die Dehnbarkeit der Bänder der Schulterkapsel und die Laxheit der Bänder, die die Hand mit dem Unterarm verbinden, sowie die Handwurzel- und Mittelhandknochen und die Fingerglieder miteinander. Die Hand ist zwar nicht länger als normal, kann aber ihre Reichweite durch die Flexibilität all ihrer Gelenke verdoppeln. Dies verleiht zum Beispiel den vordersten…
1:38 PM | Depends on what you mean by “know”
Chris Mooney is galloping around on his anti-science education hobby-horse again. That’s a harsh way to put it, but that’s what I see when he goes off on these crusades for changing everything by modifying the tone of the discussion. It’s all ideology and politics, don’t you know — if we could just frame our…
11:34 AM | So that’s what chemistry is good for…
Stinky stuff! This fits perfectly with my biased preconceptions. So here are two examples of chemistry used to analyze things you’d normally run away from. The oldest traces of human poop have been dug out of a cave in Spain — and it’s Neandertal poop. It’s about 50,000 years old, and it’s been reduced to…
5:00 AM | URCall: Impossible Spirals
The ICR makes the "spiral galaxies should wind up" claim, and even their fans think their videos are too short.
1:53 AM | Oops
Clicked on the wrong button. First time that’s happened in a while… I’ll take this moment to note that I’ve had to take most of the URCall videos down and replace them with youtube versions, as they have pulled their vimeo copies for some reason.Filed under: Updates, URCall

June 25, 2014

11:49 PM | Fluoridation: what about reports it is ineffective?
Anti-fluoridation activists are always making claims that fluoridation is not effective. Even sometimes claiming that children in non-fluoridated areas have less tooth decay than those in fluoridated areas. And they will sometimes cite, or link to, scientific papers they believe support … Continue reading →
3:21 PM | Opiniones, mentiras y debates
Por Martín Bonfil OliveraDirección General de Divulgación de la Ciencia, UNAMPublicado en Milenio Diario, 25 de junio  de 2014La convivencia humana implica discusión. Y la discusión –entendida en su sentido legítimo de “intercambio de argumentos sobre un tema”, no el de “pelea”, como muchos tendemos a entenderla– es también una forma de razonamiento. Pero para que sea fructífera y no […]
6:41 AM | Tomkins’ 70%
Why Jeff Tomkins can't be trusted to write about human-chimp genetic differences.
2:38 AM | Approaching scientific literature sensibly
We all suffer more or less from confirmation bias – it is just human.  So it’s natural for people to be selective, and to indulge in some cherry-picking and biased interpretation, when quoting scientific literature to support an idea they promote. In the … Continue reading →
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