April 09, 2014

12:15 AM | How a Young Sigmund Freud Researched & Got Addicted to Cocaine
As David Bowie had his cocaine period, so too did Sigmund Freud, beginning in 1894 and lasting at least two years. Unlike the rock star, the doctor was just at the beginning of his career, “a nervous fellow” of 28 [...]testThe post How a Young Sigmund Freud Researched & Got Addicted to Cocaine appeared first on Australian Science.

April 08, 2014

3:30 PM | Waseda University checking dissertations for plagiarism in wake of STAP stem cell misconduct finding
Waseda University in Japan says it will be vetting every doctoral dissertation it awards its graduate-level students for signs of plagiarism, according to a report in the Japan News, a site of the Yomiuri Shimbun. The paper reports that: Waseda University is investigating all the doctoral theses submitted to its graduate-level scientific departments, to determine […]
2:42 PM | Imagine not getting the PhD you’d been working towards… #datadramas
What would happen if you lost all of your research data? The loss of scientific data can have a devastating impact on careers. Imagine if you lost all of the research data you’d been diligently collecting for four years. Now imagine the knock-on effect; you wouldn’t get the PhD you’d been working towards and your future career would be impacted. This nightmare situation actually happened to Billy Hinchen. Hear his story.  Read more
1:30 PM | Double taxation: Journal retracts paper it published twice
International Studies Quarterly, a Wiley title, is retracting a paper because — oops! — it published the same article twice, unbeknownst to the authors. Here’s the notice: The publisher would like to draw the reader’s attention to an error by the journal editorial office and publisher that led to a second version of the following […]
1:03 PM | The System Actually Works
Once people start distrusting the government, it is difficult to get them to reconsider, but this might: PlasticsNews is reporting that the Environmental Portection Agency (EPA) has told a New Jersey company to stop selling food containers with nanoparticles of silver in it.The company had not registered the pesticide with the EPA as they were required to. "Part of the registration process is qualifying that a product does not put human health at risk when used as it is intended...".It's pretty […]
11:21 AM | Emily Anthes discusses how biotechnology is shaping the future of our furry and feathered friends
Emily Anthes is a science journalist and author. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Wired, Scientific American, Psychology Today, BBC Future, SEED, Discover, Popular Science, Slate, The Boston Globe, and elsewhere.  Read more
12:15 AM | New tool for galactic archaeology
Reconstructing the history of our Galaxy has just become a whole lot easier, thanks to a team of international astronomers led by Dr Luca Casagrande from the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics. By examining both the light and soundwaves [...]testThe post New tool for galactic archaeology appeared first on Australian Science.

April 07, 2014

11:59 PM | A re-SMARCable finding
On March 23, Nature Genetics published 3 related papers reporting the finding that SMARCA4 is frequently mutated in a rare ovarian cancer type, small cell carcinoma of the ovary, hypercalcemic type (SCCOHT) [Jelinic et al 2014, Ramos et al 2014, Witkowski et al 2014]  … Read more
5:45 PM | Talking “rubbish” with Egypt’s environment minister
Sitting down with Minister of Environment Laila Iskandar at Alexandria’s ongoing Biovision conference, she talked to Nature Middle East about going back to the basics in terms of solid waste sorting and recycling–a thing that was overdue, according to her.  Read more
3:00 PM | Pain study retracted for bogus data is second withdrawal for University of Calgary group
Back in January we wrote about the retraction of a paper in Diabetes that the authors had “submitted without knowledge of inherent errors or abnormalities that they recognized in retrospect after submission.” Now, Molecular Pain has retracted a paper by the same authors, this time for data manipulation. The article, “Comparison of central versus peripheral […]
2:25 PM | PNAS lifts embargo early on DNA damage-stressful childhood study after Quartz story breaks it
The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) lifted the embargo early today on a study linking of stressful childhood to DNA damage after a Quartz story ran on the paper Saturday. From a PNAS email that went out at 8:32 a.m. Eastern today, several hours before the scheduled 4 p.m. embargo: Due to […]
1:30 PM | Erratum appears for Ulrich Lichtenthaler, who has 13 retractions
Ulrich Lichtenthaler, the management professor who has had 13 papers retracted, has a correction in the Journal of Product Innovation Management. Here’s the text of the correction for “The Role of Champions in the External Commercialization of Knowledge, ” which is followed by the corrected tables: Originally published in Journal of Product Innovation Management, 26, […]
11:30 AM | How to break out of a scientific career rut, Part 3: Investigate internal barriers
 Contributor, Ben Thomas  … Read more
10:18 AM | Nature Futures Competition: The Winners Revealed
At the start of this year, Futures ran a competition challenging readers to write a science-fiction story in just 200 characters. After a difficult judging session, we’re pleased to award first prize to Catherine Rastovski, who wins a year’s subscription to Nature plus a gift voucher for the Futures 1 eBook. Five runners up — Adam Flanders, Arran Frood, Judith Reeves-Stevens, Anssi Sajama and Chaim Schramm— also receive gift vouchers for Futures 1.  Read more
1:00 AM | Co-author of retracted conspiracy ideation-climate skepticism paper addresses apparent contradictions
We — and others — have been scratching our heads about the real reasons for the formal retraction on March 21 of a Frontiers in Psychology paper since the journal issued a statement on the subject on Friday that seemed to contradict the retraction notice and that certainly differed from accounts on some blogs. Today, […]
12:15 AM | Beautiful Equations
Like many right-brained people, artist and critic Matt Collings finds higher math mystifying, a word that implies both bewilderment and wonder. Faced with the equations that make, for example, Stephen Hawking’s work possible, most of us are left similarly slack-jawed. [...]testThe post Beautiful Equations appeared first on Australian Science.

April 06, 2014

12:15 AM | Weekly Science Picks
We have come to the end of one more week and it’s time to summarise what has happened during this week. As usual, the task was quite challenging, but we made it. Here is the review of the most exiting [...]testThe post Weekly Science Picks appeared first on Australian Science.

April 05, 2014

1:50 PM | Weekend reads: Former ORI director speaks out; Is peer review broken?
Another busy week at Retraction Watch. Here’s what was happening elsewhere on the web in scientific publishing and related issues: “It was the accumulation of frustrations with the bureaucracy and trying to operate a regulatory office which requires precision, transparency, procedural rigor in an organization that values none of those things.” Former Office of Research […]
12:15 AM | Whatever You Are, Be a Good One
From Tolstoy to Tumblr, a compendium of timeless wisdom on life. In March of 1884, Leo Tolstoy resolved in his diary to create a “circle of reading” for himself, probing “the great philosophers of all time and all people” for [...]testThe post Whatever You Are, Be a Good One appeared first on Australian Science.

April 04, 2014

7:37 PM | Why I don’t buy print reference books
Last week, I was asked by an acquisitions editor at a publishing company to review a 2 page proposal for a new reference work that would be available in print and electronically. It was a specialized... -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com
7:34 PM | Journal that retracted conspiracy ideation-climate skepticism paper says it did not “cave into threats”
Frontiers in Psychology, which last month formally retracted a controversial paper linking climate skepticism to conspiracy ideation, says it did not cave in to threats from skeptics, contrary to what a lot of news reports and commentary implied or claimed. For example, summarizing a number of those reports this morning, before Frontiers had issued its […]
3:23 PM | The Big 6 Plastics
Compared to the chemical industry, the polymer industrial is pretty undiversified. Just 6 polymers, high density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) dominate the industry. Those six polymers combined make up 76% of all polymers produced. 76%! While the exact number of commercial polymers isn't real well established (the number 60,000 seems to keep popping up), the industry is as […]
3:00 PM | Do you see what I see? Heart imaging journal yanks cardiac study for plagiarism
The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging has retracted a 2013 paper by a group of researchers from Italy. The reason: plagiarism. The paper was titled “Diagnostic accuracy of 320-row computed tomography as compared with invasive coronary angiography in unselected, consecutive patients with suspected coronary artery disease,” and it came from scientists in Rome led by […]
1:59 PM | Chief Scientific Adviser to the European Commission discusses evidence-based policy and nurturing and supporting a European scientific culture
Professor Anne Glover joined the European Commission as Chief Scientific Adviser to the President in January 2012, and is the first person to hold this position.  Read more
1:41 PM | Lunar dust mission still chasing mystery of ‘horizon glow’
NASA is preparing one last blast for its expired Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft — a controlled crash into the Moon’s surface, probably on 21 April. But before it goes, LADEE will take a final shot at unraveling one of the top mysteries it went to the Moon to uncover.  Read more
1:21 PM | European Commission report urges legal reform to help scientists text-mine research papers
European copyright law should change to help researchers use computer programs to extract facts and data from published research papers, legal experts have urged in a report [pdf] for the European Commission published today.  Read more
12:00 PM | MS paper second to fall following University of Queensland investigation
Two former University of Queensland researchers have lost another paper following an investigation into their work. In September, the university announced that a paper in the European Journal of Neurology by Bruce Murdoch and Caroline Barwood would be retracted because no primary data can be located, and no evidence has been found that the study […]
12:15 AM | Peak Data – coming to a network near you
CSIRO has released a report on “spectrum crunch” and the role of ubiquitous connectivity in future wireless applications. The threat of ‘peak data’ and what that could mean for the way we connect and access essential services in the future, [...]testThe post Peak Data – coming to a network near you appeared first on Australian Science.

April 03, 2014

3:30 PM | Does publicly questioning papers lead to more corrections and retractions?
As Retraction Watch readers will likely recall, Paul Brookes ran Science-Fraud.org anonymously until early 2013, when he was outed and faced legal threats that forced him to shut down the site. There are a lot of lessons to be drawn from the experience, some of which Brookes discussed with Science last month. Today, PeerJ published Brookes’ […]
2:00 PM | Late resveratrol researcher Dipak Das manages to revise and publish paper from the grave
Follow this timeline, if you would: August 14, 2013: Former UConn researcher Dipak Das, who was found to have committed misconduct, submits a paper to Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity. September 19, 2013: Das dies. October 17, 2013: Das submits revisions to his paper in Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity. October 18, 2013: Paper accepted. […]
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