March 11, 2015

12:00 AM | Agricultural Microbials Market by Type (bacteria, fungi, virus, and protozoa), Crop Type (Cereals & grains, oilseeds, & pulses, fruit & vegetable) & Region - Global Trends & Forecast to 2019..., Market Research Report: MarketsandMarkets
The market for agricultural microbials has a significant impact on agriculture production. Agricultural microbials are gaining better response compared to other pest control agents. The market for agricultural microbials is estimated to worth $2,182.78 million in 2014, and is projected to reach $4,556.37 million by 2019, at a CAGR of 15.3%. In 2013, North America was the largest market; this market is projected to grow to $1,759.84 million by 2019, at a CAGR of 15.1%, as studied from 2014. […]
12:00 AM | Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR / IOR) Market by Origin (Petro-based & Bio-based), by Type (Surfactants, Water soluble polymers, Polymer gels, Biopolymers, Alkaline chemicals), by Technique (Polymer flooding, Surfactant-polymer flooding, Alkaline surfactant polymer flooding), by Application (Onshore, & Offshore) - Regional Trends & Forecast to 2019..., Market Research Report: MarketsandMarkets
EOR chemicals are used for enhancing the recovery of hydrocarbons from the well. Various types of EOR chemicals include surfactants, water soluble polymers, polymer gels, biopolymers, alkaline chemicals, and others. These chemicals are used in EOR applications to achieve the optimum performance and enhance the effectiveness of the oil recovery. The EOR chemicals market is projected to reach $150.35 million by 2019...

March 10, 2015

4:00 PM | K-Cups
I have to honestly admit that I've never really thought about K-Cups much. Don't be surprised, as after all, I don't drink coffee. (I prefer my caffeine like my salads - cold and green - i.e, Mountain Dew.) But a recent interview and article in The Atlantic with John Sylvan, the inventor of the K-Cup has me taking a closer look.Sylvan is denouncing his invention and admits to not even owning a Keurig machine. Besides the expense compared to a normal drip coffee-maker, he is also concerned about […]
3:30 PM | Biofuels paper burned by “improper citation methods” – ie, plagiarism
Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology (CREST) has retracted a paper on biofuels for “improper citation methods.” Given the journal’s track record, we’re guessing this is just another euphemism for plagiarism. (Also because the retraction notice flags a “breach of warranties made by the authors with respect to originality.”) In 2013, CREST retracted two papers […]The post Biofuels paper burned by “improper citation […]
1:30 PM | Misconduct dissolves paper on possible clot-busters
Drug researchers in India have lost their 2013 paper in ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters because the first author fabricated findings. The article, by a group from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara, in Gujarat, was attempting to synthesize and screen novel clot-busting drugs; one compound exhibited the same activity as aspirin or warfarin, but […]The post Misconduct dissolves paper on possible clot-busters appeared first on Retraction Watch.
3:00 AM | Drugged: The Science and Culture Behind Psychotropic Drugs
By Richard J Miller Synopsis: “Morphine,” writes Richard J. Miller, “is the most significant chemical substance mankind has ever encountered.” So ancient that remains of poppies have been found in Neolithic tombs, it is the […]
12:00 AM | Plastic Additives Market by Type (Plasticizers, Stabilizers, Flame Retardants, Impact Modifiers), Plastic (Commodity, Engineering, and High Performance Plastic), and by Application (Packaging, Construction, Consumer Goods, Automotive) - Global Trends & Forecasts to 2019..., Market Research Report: MarketsandMarkets
Global demand for plastic additives is projected to reach $45.5 billion by 2019. The growth will be driven by the increasing disposable income and rapid urbanization. The Asia-Pacific region remains the largest market for plastic additives, followed by North America. The Asia-Pacific market is estimated to be the key growth area due to increasing consumption of plastics by the growing middle-class and upper middle-class population in the region....
12:00 AM | Mechanized Irrigation Systems Market by Type (Center Pivot, Lateral Move, Solid Set, & Others), Application (Agricultural Crops, Nursery Crops, and Lawns & Gardens), & by Region - Global Trends & Forecast to 2019..., Market Research Report: MarketsandMarkets
The global market for mechanized irrigation systems has grown exponentially in the last few years. Water-scarce regions and agriculture-based countries are the primary targets of the industry. The market, in terms of value, is projected to reach $4,840.80 million by 2019, at a CAGR of around 15.3% from 2014. Factors such as high cost benefits, increasing use of technology, rising population, and increasing food requirements are the major drivers of the mechanized irrigation systems market. The […]
12:00 AM | Blood Screening Market by Technology (Nucleic Acid Amplification Test, ELISA, Rapid Test, Chemiluminescence Immunoassay, Next Generation Sequencing, Western Blotting), Product (Instrument, Reagent) & End User (Blood Bank, Hospital) - Forecasts to 2019..., Market Research Report: MarketsandMarkets
The blood screening market is expected to reach $2.54 billion by 2019 from $1.55 billion in 2014, at a CAGR of 10.4%. High growth in this market can be attributed to the increasing number of blood donations and blood donors, rising awareness regarding safety of donated blood, increasing affordability to pay for NAT-tested blood, increasing adoption rate for NAT testing, growing demand for donated blood, and increasing prevalence/incidence of infectious diseases....

March 09, 2015

3:30 PM | Do fraudsters deserve a second chance?
In January, we were accused of bullying. We were writing about a researcher who had 16 papers retracted for fake peer reviews; when we found out he was trying to find a new job in academia, we posted a follow-up that linked to his CV. Some commenters called the post “bullying,” “unethical,” and “over the […]The post Do fraudsters deserve a second chance? appeared first on Retraction Watch.
1:30 PM | Chinese heavy metal contamination paper purged for data theft
An environmental journal has retracted a paper about pollution in China after it discovered the authors lifted the dataset from another group. The authors of the study — which chronicled the degree of heavy metal pollution on the banks of the Pearl River Delta — didn’t have permission to use the data. Environmental Monitoring and […]The post Chinese heavy metal contamination paper purged for data theft appeared first on Retraction Watch.
3:00 AM | Haeckel’s Embryos: Images, Evolution, and Fraud
By Nick Hopwood Synopsis: Pictures from the past powerfully shape current views of the world. In books, television programs, and websites, new images appear alongside others that have survived from decades ago. Among the most […]

March 08, 2015

1:00 PM | Gender inequality in science varies among disciplines
Certain disciplines have a lower percentage of women than others. A study published in Science puts forward the hypothesis that there are proportionately fewer women in fields where it is believed that brilliance and innate talent are required rather than hard work and dedication. The study, which looked at 1,820 researchers in institutions of higher education in the United States, showed an inverse relationship between the fields that value innate talent and the number of women represented in […]
1:00 PM | Inequidade de gêneros na ciência varia entre disciplinas
Certas disciplinas científicas têm menor percentagem de mulheres do que outras. Estudo publicado na Science apresenta a hipótese de que mulheres estão presentes em menor proporção em áreas em que se acredita que requeiram brilhantismo e talento inatos, e não trabalho árduo e dedicação. Pesquisa realizada com 1.820 pesquisadores em instituições de ensino superior nos Estados Unidos mostrou […]
1:00 PM | Inequidad de género en ciencia varía entre disciplinas
Ciertas disciplinas científicas tienen menor porcentaje de mujeres que otras. Un estudio publicado en Science presenta la hipótesis de que las mujeres están presentes en menor proporción en áreas en que se cree que requieren brillantez y talentos innatos, y no trabajo arduo e dedicación. La investigación realizada con 1.820 investigadoras en instituciones de enseñanza superior en los Estados Unidos mostró una correlación […]
3:15 AM | The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments
By George Johnson Synopsis: A dazzling, irresistible collection of the ten most ground-breaking and beautiful experiments in scientific history. With the attention to detail of a historian and the story-telling ability of a novelist, New […]

March 07, 2015

2:11 PM | Weekend reads: Reviewer comments unmasked, the problem with top journal editors, originality an illusion?
The week at Retraction Watch featured a number of legal cases by scientists trying to suppress criticism news about their work. Here’s what was happening elsewhere: “We note that you may well have completed an interesting study with an appropriate research design and methods but the manuscript in its current form does not convey that.” […]The post Weekend reads: Reviewer comments unmasked, the problem with top journal editors, originality an illusion? appeared first on […]
3:00 AM | Frogs!: Strange and Wonderful
By Laurence Pringle (author) and Meryl Henderson (Illustrator) Synopsis: Are kids going to love this book? Is a frog waterproof? The latest title in the popular Strange and Wonderful series delivers the awe-inspiring variety of […]

March 06, 2015

4:23 PM | Researcher loses second bid to quash Diabetes expressions of concern
It hasn’t been a good week for scientists going to court to silence criticism of their work. Yesterday, PubPeer won a near-complete victory in a case seeking the identities of their commenters. And also yesterday, a Massachusetts judge struck down — for the second time — a request by Mario Saad to remove expressions of […]The post Researcher loses second bid to quash Diabetes expressions of concern appeared first on Retraction Watch.
2:44 PM | Commenting
If anyone reading this blog wants to comment on any post at any time, feel free. You can do it anonymously, no registration is required, and the CAPTCHA option is simply to click on a box. I can't make it any easier than that.So go for it. Opine away. I only ask that you be civil. If you wouldn't be comfortable saying it to your mother, then it probably shouldn't be written down either.
2:30 PM | Sun sets on Sun Yat-sen University cell bio paper
Researchers at Sun Yat-sen University in China have lost a paper in the Journal of Cell Science for “inappropriate figure manipulations,” which they blame entirely on the first author. According to the notice, three figures were “inappropriately modified” — cells or nuclei were moved, and the edges of cell images were trimmed. The researchers place the […]The post Sun sets on Sun Yat-sen University cell bio paper appeared first on Retraction Watch.
3:00 AM | The Copernicus Complex: Our Cosmic Significance in a Universe of Planets and Probabilities
By Caleb Scharf Synopsis: In the sixteenth century, Nicolaus Copernicus dared to go against the establishment by proposing that Earth rotates around the Sun. Having demoted Earth from its unique position in the cosmos to one […]
12:00 AM | Science Book a Day Interviews David Smallwood
Special thanks to David Smallwood for answering 5 questions about his recently featured book – Who Says I’m an Addict?: A Book for Anyone Who is Partial to Food, Sex, Booze or Drugs I have been a therapist […]
12:00 AM | Wind Turbine Composites Material Market by Fiber Type (Glass Fiber Composite, Carbon Fiber), Resin Type (Epoxy, Polyester, Polyurethane, Vinyl Ester, Etc.), Application (Blade, Nacelle, Etc), and by Region - Global Trends & Forecast to 2020..., Market Research Report: MarketsandMarkets
12:00 AM | Color Cosmetics Market by Target Market (Prestige Products and Mass Products), by Application (Nail Products, Lip Products, Eye Make-up, Facial Make-up, Hair Color Products, Special Effect Products Others) and by Geography - Forecasts and Trends to 2019..., Market Research Report: MarketsandMarkets
Color cosmetics have wide applications in nail products, lip products, eye make-up, facial make-up, and other. Color cosmetics refer to the colorants and cosmetics ingredients that help to enhance the appearance of the human body. The color cosmetics include products such as eye shadows, foundations, nail paints, lipsticks, powers, and others. The color cosmetics are segmented on the basis of target markets such as prestige products and mass products. The prestige products are projected to […]
12:00 AM | Farm Management Solutions for Precision Agriculture Market by Components (Software, Sensors, GPS, Guidance, Display), by Application (Crop Management, Demand Forecasting, Farm Inventory, Personnel, Weather) and Geography – Global Forecast to 2020..., Market Research Report: MarketsandMarkets
The Report Also Includes Company Profiles Of Leading Players In This Industry With Their Recent Developments And Other Strategic Business Activities. The Competitive Landscape Section Of The Report Entails Key Growth Strategies And Detailed Market Analysis Of Key Industry Players. Some Of The Major Players In The Farm Management Solution Market Are AGRI-DATA Solution (Canada), Deere & Company (U.S.), Trimble Navigation System (U.S.), Raven Industries Inc. (U.S.), SST Development Group, Inc. […]

March 05, 2015

11:00 PM | #flashbackfriday: Boneshaker (#1 Clockwork Century Series)
#flashbackfriday this week was featured on November 7, 2013. Boneshaker (#1 Clockwork Century Series) by Cherie Priest. This steampunk novel starts off the Clockwork Century Series, set in the early days of the American Civil War. Make sure […]
9:44 PM | Judge rules most of PubPeer’s commenters can remain anonymous
PubPeer won a near-complete victory in a Michigan court today. A judge has agreed to allow the site to protect the identities of all but one of its anonymous commenters, after a cancer researcher demanded the site release the names of those who have critiqued his papers. For one of the comments on the site, […]The post Judge rules most of PubPeer’s commenters can remain anonymous appeared first on Retraction Watch.
8:11 PM | 350 anos de publicação científica: desde o “Journal des Sçavans” e “Philosophical Transactions” até o SciELO
Faz 350 anos que foram publicados os primeiros números dos primeiros periódicos de caráter científico - Journal des Sçavans e Philosophical Transactions. Com o apoio da nova tecnologia de impressão foram substituídas as cartas escritas a mão na comunicação entre os pesquisadores e sábios. Há muito para celebrar nestes 350 anos em que os periódicos científicos contribuíram para o registro e […]
8:11 PM | 350 years of scientific publication: from the “Journal des Sçavans” and Philosophical Transactions to SciELO
Is has been 350 years since the first numbers of the first journals of scientific nature were published - Journal des Sçavans and Philosophical Transactions. With the support of the new printing technology handwritten letters used in the communication between researchers and scholars have been replaced. There is much to celebrate in these 350 years in which scientific journals contributed to the record and memory of the advancement of science. Online Web publishing is the most important […]
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