August 19, 2014

2:05 PM | Hangout with Canopy Researcher Margaret Lowman
Margaret Lowman, who also goes by the nickname “Canopy Meg,” is chief of science and sustainability at the California Academy of Sciences. Her research focuses on life and ecosystems at... -- Read more on
1:17 PM | The Death Ray returns to my backyard
Back in February I wrote about the Death Ray that I had in my back yard. This Death Ray is formed from sunlight reflecting off of the curved panes of glass on the south facing windows of the house. Back in February, the curvature concentrated the sunlight enough that it could melt snow, even though the sun was fairly low in the sky and the air temperature was only 10 oF.6 months later, the Death Ray has returned. Now that the weather here in Minnesota has gone from extremely wet (and cloudy) to […]
12:30 PM | Hmm: Authors retract paper rather than allow discussion of politics of organ donation in China
Organ donation in China, particularly the practice of using organs from executed prisoners, which the government pledged to stop by the middle of this year, has been a controversial subject. For a group of authors in that country and the U.S, a letter criticizing their work that introduced “the political situation of organ donation in […]
4:00 AM | Ha!: The Science of When We Laugh and Why
By Scott Weems Synopsis: Humor, like pornography, is famously difficult to define. We know it when we see it, but is there a way to figure out what we really find funny—and why? In this fascinating […]
12:15 AM | A Good Defence is about Understanding Cyber Threats
In the era of the Internet and emerging technologies, we are supposed to deal with different sorts of cyber threats, risks and attacks. This modern time brought a lot of advantages to the Human Kind, but also some fast-spreading and […]test The post A Good Defence is about Understanding Cyber Threats appeared first on Australian Science.
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