April 21, 2014

5:33 AM | Getting High or Getting Fixed?
One of the most fascinating advancements in science thus far must be the rise and proliferation of widespread effective drug use. One has simply to look at the history of medicine to know that only in the past one and a half centuries has medicine saved more lives than it has taken. Before the development […]
4:01 AM | The Benefits of Being a Matchmaker
Have you ever tried playing matchmaker by setting two people up in the hopes that they form a relationship? Playing matchmaker allows us to use our insight into others’ lives to help others find love. And really, why not? If we’re wrong, the mismatched partners go their separate ways and are likely no worse off than they were before. But, if we’re right about the match, the potential reward for the couple is great…they find love, start an amazing relationship, and live […]
12:31 AM | An Easter Family Letter about Guardian Angels, Theory of Science, and Our Mother
Dear family and friends,Today is Easter. It's the day we gave flowers to Mom. I begin this letter talking about some philosophy of science and then some philosophy of religion, which help me conclude something about her afterlife. I hope it's understandable to anyone who can take an undergraduate course in philosophy. If not, it is written in error. Philosophy of ScienceKarl Popper, a much-read philosopher of science from the twentieth century, advanced the notion of falsifiability. A theory is […]

April 20, 2014

11:18 PM | The Unhappiness Project
“Your search for happiness is prolonging your unhappiness,” said U. G. Krishnamurti. Indeed, search is suffering. And suffering is search. Put differently, the happiness project is the unhappiness project. - pattern break by mindstream Related Posts Privilege of Existence Happy New Now to You! Ontologically Alive Flash In the Pan A Nowless Now Waste Away […]
9:33 PM | How the immune system works: Contrasting perspectives from science and alternative medicine
Originally posted on Violent metaphors:One of the biggest issues I’ve seen again and again in the comments sections of every vaccination article is a fundamental lack of understanding of how the immune system works. Many people talk vaguely of…
6:15 PM | Is This Mindfulness Thing Working?
I haven’t been mindful at all lately. I chewed up my daughter’s Elmo fork in the garbage disposal. I keep making trips to the basement for things I forgot to get the last time I was down there. I drove off with my lunch bag containing my phone, wallet, and lunch sitting on the roof […]
4:53 PM | That's not quite right... The seductive allure of neuroscience scans
An article by Farah & Hook (2013) examined the much discussed idea that attaching fMRI scans to an article (even if they are unrelated or totally meaningless) makes said article appear more "scientific" and that they "overwhelm critical consideration" (Uttal, 2011). This is obviously not a good thing, as it could lend undue credibility to "bad science". The evidence to support these claims about the unstoppable power of fMRI scans comes from two articles: McCabe & Castel […]
2:51 PM | No, I don't think "cultural cognition is a bad thing"; I think a *polluted science communication environment* is & we should be using genuine evidence-based field communication to address the problem
Stenton Benjamin Danielson has a characteristically thoughtful post, 95% of which I agree with, on cultural cognition, "public opinion," and promoting constructive public engagement with climate science.  But of course the 5%-- which has to do with whether I think "cultural cognition" is a "bad thing" that is to be overcome rather than a dynamic to be deployed to promote such engagement -- sticks in my craw!  Maybe this response will get us closer to 100% agreement--if not by moving […]
2:07 PM | Neuroscience is not ready for schools
I don’t believe that children’s education should be experimented with. This is a personal concern of mine. I am dyslexic and entered school in a short period when a drastic change in curriculum had banished all phonetics from learning to read/write. That may work for some students but it certainly did not work for me […]
2:06 PM | Birthplace of the domesticated chili pepper identified in Mexico
Central-east Mexico gave birth to the domesticated chili pepper — […]
12:00 PM | When Summer Wouldn't Come (Part 2 of 3)
Continued from Part One The mood at the beginning of 1816 was actully quite positive despite the harsh winiter that most of Europe experienced. In the United States, the end of the War of 1812 seemed like a good sign...            Related StoriesExploring the Hollow EarthThe Power of the Placebo (Part 2 of 2)When Summer Wouldn't Come (Part One of Three) 
10:45 AM | Ambush Firing: Is it Illegal?
Large corporations have a strategy to get you fired once you’ve been bullied in the workplace. It’s transparent to anyone who cares to look, but the company would rather keep it a secret. It’s called “ambush firing.” What happens first is the target gets bullied. It usually takes several months for him to notice he […]
2:32 AM | Rituals,Traditions and Customs: Creating Meaning
After 26 years together (we met April 15, 1988 and fell for each other instantly), I've grown to embrace Rick's refusal to accept traditions just because they exist or to celebrate holidays because they are on a calendar. It took some time to get used to, since my mom loves holidays and traditions and I grew up under that mindset, but over time I've gotten to like what's replaced it: our own traditions and rituals.We don't do anything about the New Year, because, well, we're usually asleep or […]

April 19, 2014

9:30 PM | The nose knows: How to pick your friends
We all have that friend. Let's call her Jane. Jane is bubbly and gregarious. Jane doesn't attend a party, she manifests it. She seeks out social gatherings and is enlivened by human presence. Jane is a good listener and has many trusted friends. What can explain Jane's extroversion? The answer, astonishingly, is her attraction to human body odor. 

Lübke, K., Croy, I., Hoenen, M., Gerber, J., Pause, B. & Hummel, T. (2014). Does Human Body Odor Represent a Significant and Rewarding Social Signal to Individuals High in Social Openness?, PLoS ONE, 9 (4) DOI:

7:15 PM | The Pathological Potential of the Prep Pad
New York Times health columnist Catherine Saint Louis recently covered the many upsides of a spanking new food analyzing device called the Prep Pad. In addition to weighing just how much food you’re about to consume, this unassuming 9-inch-by-6.25 gadget syncs easily with an iPad (generation 3 or higher) to tabulate the grams of carbohydrates, […]
2:56 PM | 7 Tips to Help Adults with ADHD Stay Organized
Often the hardest part of organization for adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) isn’t getting organized, it’s staying organized, write Abigail Levrini, Ph.D, and Frances Prevatt, Ph.D, in their book Succeeding with Adult ADHD: Daily Strategies to Help You Achieve Your Goals and Manage Your Life. Staying organized requires daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. […]
2:20 PM | Why Are Babies So Cute?
No summary available for this post.
1:52 PM | Wonks create thinnest feasible membrane
Researchers have produced a stable porous membrane that is thinner […]
9:07 AM | Spike activity 18-04-2014
Quick links from the past week in mind and brain news: Wired has a fascinating interview with psychopath researcher Kent Kiehl. He of the mobile brain scanner. Scanning brain energy could help predict who will wake from vegetative state. Interesting piece on preliminary research covered by The Conversation Contrary to news stories, a recent study […]
3:43 AM | Alcohol
As a college student I often hear stories from friends and classmates that involve lots and lots of alcohol. Not one to drink, I didn’t really know much about alcohol and its effects, other than what kids are told in grade school. After doing some searching I found out that, not only was there a […]

April 18, 2014

10:33 PM | New Blog…
As you probably noticed I stopped updating this blog. If you’re still interesting in reading my new posts, you can find me at medium. Thanks for all the support/comments so far.  
10:08 PM | 10 Ways to Be Kinder to Yourself This Weekend
Yesterday I talked about experimenting with self-compassion — despite the disapproving whispers and roars of our inner critic. Because the negative thoughts — whatever they are — don’t matter. They don’t have to drive or dictate our actions. They don’t have to rule our worlds. We can act with kindness, no matter what we hear […]
10:00 PM | The Cost & Solutions to Stress and Mental Illness in the Workplace: An Interview with Graeme Cowan
The direct cost of depression to the United States in terms of lost time at work is estimated at 172 million days yearly. According to the World Health Organization, mental disorders are the leading cause of disability in the U.S. and Canada. Australian Graeme Cowan, who experienced a horrific five-year mental breakdown, published a report […]
7:18 PM | Myelin finding turns neuroanatomy on its head
Harvard neuroscientists have made a discovery that turns 160 years […]
7:15 PM | Religious Music Brings Benefit to Seniors’ Mental Health
A new article published online in The Gerontologist reports that among older […]
6:14 PM | Sleep Deprived?
As a graduating college student one has time to look back and reflect on many things. Although the intended goal of college is to nurture one’s thirst for knowledge, gain critical thinking skills, and to improve one’s connection to society, it inadvertently harms its students. Most college students at Colby College, are not just students, […]
5:14 PM | Data analysis: ten tips I wish I'd known sooner
I enjoy analysing data and I've been doing it for years, but I still do things inefficiently. All the same, I have learned some things along the way. As I work through another complex dataset, I thought it worth sharing some of the most useful tips I've picked up to make life simpler and smoother.  Some are very elementary and they will mostly be of relevance to psychologists who use Excel and SPSS to do fairly straightforward analyses, though some points are more generic. A lot of […]
4:40 PM | Are Your “Peeps” Eye Candy?
——————————————————— IPeeps Candy ‏@IPeepsCandy Where are all my peeps! #BFF @peepjoe, @peepkaboo, @mypeeps IDK waz up? I have not heard from U all day! What gives?   https://twitter.com/IPeepsCandy/status/457186254225174529 ———————————————————   IPeeps […]
4:17 PM | Is the fish an effective treatment against Alzheimer’s?
Current therapies look for how to stop the progression of Alzheimer's disease, a recent study appears to have succeeded thanks to the omega-3 along with alpha lipoic acid.
3:51 PM | Development problems associated with children with hyperactivity
According to the theory of the cognitive complexity and Control, children with ADHD have less development in theory of mind and cognitive flexibility
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