March 03, 2015

11:09 PM | Lessons For America: How German Higher Ed Controls Costs
The next time you pull out your checkbook to pay that hefty tuition bill or pay down your student loan, consider this: there are countries where students pay nothing to attend university. Denmark, Sweden and Germany, all have tuition-free college. WGBH Radio’s On Campus team wondered how these countries do it, and if there are things the U.S. can learn from their model. Their search to understand how German universities keep costs down and quality up began in the Rhineland. It […]
9:58 PM | How To Revamp No Child Left Behind for Dual Language Learners
Republicans in the House of Representatives spent a chunk of the end of last week trying to pass the Student Success Act, their party’s rewrite of No Child Left Behind (NCLB), the federal government’s core PreK–12 education law. But after hours of debate and a pile of amendments, well, things didn’t quite come together. At the last minute… BREAKING: House won’t vote on an update to No Child Left Behind today as originally planned. #NCLB #FixNCLB — […]
3:29 PM | The 101 Ways Black Fathers Can Teach All Men to Stay Engaged with Their Children
What behaviors make for an ideal father when the nuclear family has been blown up like the Cosby Show? Fathering as a practice has never been tethered to a household or marriage, especially for the sons of slavery and Jim Crow. Most black children - 72 percent - are born out of wedlock. And although approximately 54 percent of black children live with only their mothers, rising rates of cohabitation and mixed-status families among all races are increasingly reflecting the black family […]

March 02, 2015

5:23 PM | New Advocacy Group Pushes for Multilingualism in D.C. Schools
This Friday, Netflix’s smash hit series, House of Cards, kicks off its third season. It’s the sort of event that that sparks a special level of buzz within the Beltways’ borders. It’s a bit like being in New York City for Fashion Week: the show reflects something of D.C.’s self-image back upon residents in ways both flattering and discomfiting. It’s validating to see our world depicted dramatically—House of Cards finds ways to make the denseness of D.C. […]
5:10 PM | Gaming the Numbers? Conflicting College Admissions Messages Confound Parents and Kids
NEW YORK — A friend snapped photos of the colorful college brochures cramming his high school son’s mailbox and posted the pile on Facebook with a message that all but gushed, “Look which schools want us!” Colleges send out realms of encouraging mail to potential applicants every year in stepped-up-recruiting campaigns. Photo: Rob Urban As a higher-education journalist and the parent of a college applicant, I had a more cynical reaction: aren’t they being […]
5:03 PM | Location, Location, Location: Are Top Universities Too Far Away From Low-Income High School Graduates?
This graphic from “Optimal Spatial Distribution of Colleges,” shows that Illinois would produce more college educated adults if four-year institutions (the green circles) moved closer to where high school students live. Almost 80 percent of high school graduates go to college nowadays.  Almost half of them, mostly low-income students, start at a community college. And 80 percent of those say they hope to get a four-year bachelor’s degree. But in the end, less than […]

March 01, 2015

1:00 AM | Is it Time for a Student Debt Revolt?
The escalating problem of American education debt has concerned pundits in this country for many years. Politicians make minor policy changes periodically to avoid calamity but the long-term trends remain the same. College costs more every year, students and families borrow more and more every year, and graduate (or drop out) starting their working lives saddled with ever higher debt burdens. Some students are pushing back, by just refusing to pay their loans. According to an article in the […]
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