October 02, 2014

4:16 PM | Helping Disadvantaged People Succeed in College Doesn't Have a Damn Thing to Do with Admissions
What can we do to help more disadvantaged students attend and succeed in college? This has been a question behind many education policy reforms of the last half century. This is why we have affirmative action in admissions. This is why we have community colleges, the work-study program, and federally-backed student loans and grants. This is even, arguably, why we have online and for-profit colleges. But, according to a new piece from the New America Foundation, we’re doing it wrong. […]
Editor's Pick
2:49 AM | Pharmacy School is the New Law School
For many years that I worked at the Monthly I rather enjoyed covering the demise of the law school. Law school was the go-to professional option for reasonably ambitious but ill-focused college graduates. It offered the promise of making good money to think. And then the economy collapsed. In the aftermath of the great recession all of these highly indebted law school graduates floundered in the job market. No longer were there lots of law firms interested in hiring them for lucrative careers. […]

September 26, 2014

9:00 PM | Sometimes a Community College Degree Is Actually Worthless
This perhaps shouldn’t come as much of a surprise at this point, but now it’s official: there are some college degrees that don’t improve earnings whatsoever. At least as far as community colleges go, some degrees just really aren’t worth it. According to an article at the Hechinger Report: The research, conducted under the aegis of the Center for Analysis of Postsecondary Education and Employment and focused on community colleges, confirms the widely accepted belief […]
4:00 PM | It's Time to Reform Work-Study Programs
The Federal Work Study program, which provides money to American colleges to hire students to do campus jobs, has long been a source of crucial spending money for students. It provides them with a reasonably convenient way to earn money while taking classes. Often they can even integrate the jobs with their studies, particular by working for professors or in academic departments where they also major. But the program isn’t really working very well, according to a new paper by Rory […]
3:08 PM | Yes, Some Colleges Are Hurt by College Rankings. That's How It's Supposed to Work.
For the last year or so we’ve heard a great deal about President Barack Obama’s proposed college rating system, the basic outlines of which are, according to a 2013 piece in the New York Times: A plan to rate colleges…based on measures like tuition, graduation rates, debt and earnings of graduates, and the percentage of lower-income students who attend. The ratings would compare colleges against their peer institutions. If the plan can win Congressional approval, the idea is […]
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