November 01, 2014

4:56 AM | QOTW: Berman
People always ask me one question all the time: ‘How do I know that I won’t be found out as a supporter of what you’re doing?’ We run all of this stuff through nonprofit organizations that are insulated from having to disclose donors. There is total anonymity. People don’t know who supports us. [more]
4:52 AM | Excellent Interview with Michael Mann
An hour, and very much worth your time.

October 31, 2014

2:38 PM | Monty Python Was A Documentary
At least — those bits of mockumentary they’d sneak into the circus (think Kray brothers) may have to be reevaluated in light of the intro to this bit of (astonishing) rock history: Have to say — I never knew about Clapton’s secret past as a stained glass designer.  But that narrator intro is a thing of […]
10:11 AM | "Who am I? Why am I here?" My (ongoing) trip to West Point
At West Point yesterday & today, where I'm giving talks & today co-teaching a criminal law class. The military, it seems to me, is an institution that is ruthlessly self-evaluative & remarkably unambivalent -- to point of lacking any self-consciousness of the attitude it has adopted -- about use of empirical methods of self-assessment. The questions & discussions are great & there are tons of really smart people here thinking about how to teach critical thinking & […]

October 30, 2014

2:28 PM | Not Even Trying To Hide It
Via TPM – Lindsay Graham (R-Who Can We Bomb Today) tells the one true beating heart of the GOP exactly what it wants to hear.  Speaking to the all-male, seemingly all-pale Hibernian Society fo Charleston SC, the Senator forgot a fundamental truth of modern politics:  there is no such thing as a private speech anymore.  […]

October 29, 2014

5:54 PM | Annals of “If Anyone Was Offended” — Post-Racial America Edition
Via TPM I came across this repulsive story: Officials have confirmed that an offensive Halloween display at a Fort Campbell residence has been removed. A reader sent a photo of the display, which shows what appears to be a black family hanging from a tree in a yard on Litwin St. The child in the display […]
2:19 PM | More discussion of SPBMC ...
Chris Mooney has written an interesting story in the Washington Post about the SPBMC paper on climate-science literacy and cultural cognition of global warming.  There is also interesting discussion appearing in the comments section after my own post on the paper--including an important and informative response by S[evenson].   So today I'd rather see what others think about SPBMC & my response to it (including whether I'm missing something; wouldn't be first time!) than divert […]
1:58 PM | Republicans Are Bad For Your Health
This is just a drive-by sidelight on Richard Mayhew’s brief over at Balloon Juice — but its worth taking a look at this explainer from the Upshot. The good news:  Obamacare is doing what it set out to do.  Kevin Quealy and Margot Sanger-Katz write that The biggest winners from the law include people between the […]
4:19 AM | Climate, Chaos, Confusion
A common question is "doesn't chaos theory mean you can't predict the climate"? Or sometimes, just "isn't climate chaotic"? Here I have to get very careful with language, because a few things are getting confused. There is a way of thinking about these questions that makes sense, but not everybody who talks about them knows it. [more]

October 28, 2014

2:12 PM | What comes first--misinformation or the motivation to believe it? Some reflections on study design
 Unlike our myriad competitors, the CCP blog now & again gets genuine experts to come in & address complicated stuff that these commentators actually know something about. We've been criticized for this, but sometimes I'm too busy to write myself & have no choice.  Anyway, the following is an expert guest post from a commentator making his second "guest" appearance.  Kevin Arceneaux's last essay, Partisan Media Are Not Destroying America (while subsequently disproven […]
8:56 AM | Dealing with Ebola and Ebola-Related Fears in the Workplace
Now that the Ebola virus has landed on U.S. soil, employers here are grappling with how to address various workplace issues, ranging from addressing irrational fears among employees to dealing with employees who may have had actual or potential exposure to the virus. First, employers should learn the facts about the Ebola virus to help [...]
8:22 AM | Lights not Working, Truck Runs Over and Kills Worker: Is Company to Blame?
The overhead flood lights at a UPS facility’s entrance gate weren’t working. It was before sunrise, and a worker who had to open the gate for incoming trucks was run over by one and killed. Will OSHA violations against the company for lack of proper lighting and employee training stick? On Sept. 15, 2010, a [...]
7:44 AM | He did What to try to get Workers’ Comp?
Some employees will go to great lengths to fake an injury and claim workers’ comp. In this case, the worker even damaged company property in his effort. Glenn Jones of Cleveland has pleaded guilty to filing a false workers’ compensation claim, a first-degree misdemeanor. Security video shows Jones stomped on the floor to create a [...]
7:02 AM | No Escape: Dangers of Confined Spaces
Related Confined Spaces Training DVDs: Confined Space Entry Training Video Address the major areas of employee training required by the regulation. View Product Confined Space Entry A Retraining Program Video or DVD Gives employees the information they need to refresh their knowledge of OSHA’s Confined Space regulation. [...]

October 27, 2014

5:23 PM | Marijuana and Teenage Brains: Can Pot Make Kids Dumber?
Ever wondered why the legal age to consume marijuana is 21 (in Colorado and Washington)? My first publication in The Stranger (A Seattle newspaper founded by Tim Keck, who also  co-founded The Onion) takes a look at the scientific research behind how toking up at a young age might do permanent brain damage. Read it HERE! Fair warning, although my article is safe for work, a lot of content in The Stranger is somewhat outspoken and contains NSFW language.SourceThanks […]
5:00 PM | SpotOn London 2014 – Fringe Events
To accompany this year’s SpotOn London conference, at the Wellcome Trust on Friday, 14 November
1:41 PM | Unconfounding knowledge from cultural identity--as big a challenging for measuring the climate-science literacy of middle schoolers as grown ups
A friend (of the best sort—one who has “got your back” to protect you from entropy’s diabolical plan to deprive you of the benefits of advances in collective knowledge) sent me a very interesting new study: Stevenson, K. T., Peterson, M. N., Bondell, H. D., Moore, S. E., & Carrier, S. J., Overcoming skepticism with education: interacting influences of worldview and climate change knowledge on perceived climate change risk among adolescents, Climatic Change, […]

October 26, 2014

7:00 PM | New paper: "Laws of cognition, cognition of law"
This teeny weeny paper is for a special issue of the journal Cognition. The little diagrams illustrating how one or another cognitive dynamic can be understood in relation to a simple Bayesian information-processing model are best part, I think; I am almost as obsessed with constructing these as I am with generating the multi-colored "Industrial Strength Risk Perception Measure" scatterplots.
6:15 PM | I Hear There’s A Sporting Contest Today…
That would be, of course, the fifth game of the World Series.  So, in advance of the stirring triumph by the Sons of Willie Mays,* here’s a nice bit of baseball reporting and writing, one that captures something of the difference of the game fans watch and that which the players play. Even a Boston-fan-in-adulthood […]

October 25, 2014

6:21 PM | Fables Of The Reconstruction: Cue The World’s Tiniest Violin Edition — Plus: Bonus For A Good Time On The Cape!
Attention conservation notice (term stolen from Cosma): What follows is mostly purely Levenson-domicile maundering.  The good stuff is at the end; great art by someone I love.  Now you know. I’ve gone silent on our kitchen renovation farrago, for the obvious and very good reason:  it’s the eternal return of the same, and thus boring. Everyone […]

October 24, 2014

4:59 AM | Animal Caretaker Safety Training
There are a wide variety of businesses and institutions that hire animal caretakers to help with bathing, grooming, and feeding nonfarm animals. Zoos, Veterinarian offices, groomers, and shelters often need the services of animal caretakers, and this can be a dream job for anyone who loves spending time with animals. Below, you’ll find a list [...]

October 23, 2014

3:32 PM | Upcoming and Recent Science Cheerleader Events
We’ve been busy! Here’s a brief rundown of upcoming ad recent events! Upcoming Events November 1 Discovery Days at AT&T Park San Francisco, CA Science Cheerleader and our sister site, SciStarter, will have a booth at this culminating event for the Bay Area Science Festival to talk about women in STEM, citizen science and NASA’s Asteroid Initiative. November 4 Tech-Ed Day Garden City, NY Science Cheerleader Christine will be talking with visitors at the Cradle of Aviation […]
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