April 04, 2014

1:32 PM | Sorting out NASA’s ban on non-ISS activities with Russia
More than a day after NASA announced its suspension of “the majority” of its cooperative activities with Russia, excluding the ISS, many in the space community were still not clear exactly what that ban covered, and also how it originated. Comments by NASA and other administration officials Thursday didn’t necessarily make things clearer. “What’s the [...]
10:34 AM | Let's keep discussing Ludwick!
Nothing to say today that would be as interesting as the points people are making in response to the"MAPKIA!" challenge in "yesterday's" post.  Join in the discussion -- & submit your entry! It's a little bit like doing presidential polls 2.5 yrs in advance of the next election, but @Jen is definitely the frontrunner at this stage.
3:23 AM | Bolden, Smith clash over Mars 2021 and ARM
The crisis in US-Russian space relations may be the current top story in space policy, but it’s not preventing debates about over topics, notably, where humans should go beyond Earth orbit. That debate flared up Thursday when NASA administrator Charles Bolden appeared before a joint meeting of the Space Studies Board (SSB) and Aeronautics and [...]

April 03, 2014

9:46 PM | End of WBC-Inco.Net leaves Western Balkan research stronger, but still weak
You wouldn’t guess from its obscure name, but in the past six years the WBC-Inco.net project has become a beacon for scientists in the Western Balkans. Prompted by the eastern expansion of the EU in 2004, the project was initiated to help create a spirit of research collaboration in the conflict-ridden region. It received €3 million from Framework 7 from 2008 to 2013 to run workshops and networking events, help scientists from the region access EU funds and promote Western... Read […]
6:02 PM | Georgia Tech cheerleaders talking citizen science and Project MERCCURI on FOX News
Learn more about the Science Cheerleaders on the Georgia Tech cheerleading team. Learn more about Project MERCCURI.
4:59 PM | New Themes: Dynamic News, Ubud, and Bridger
Our three newest themes, Dynamic News, Ubud, and Bridger, let you start an online magazine, showcase your photos, or build a portfolio for your personal or small-business website.
12:35 PM | NASA suspends non-ISS cooperation with Russia
In a decision that is more symbolic than substantive, NASA confirmed late Wednesday that it is suspending cooperation with the Russian government, with the very large exception of operations of the International Space Station (ISS). “Given Russia’s ongoing violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, NASA is suspending the majority of its ongoing engagements with [...]
9:55 AM | ‘Cultural approach’ needed in public health improvement
The Chief Medical Officer for England, Dame Sally Davies, writes together with CCHSR and RAND Europe researchers in The Lancet today, arguing that to address current and emerging population health challenges we need a new approach that builds on past experience and places creating a ‘culture for health’ at its core. The paper link is: ...read more
9:29 AM | Making patient experience surveys useful: Improving care by asking about what went wrong, as well as what went right
How can we make patient experience surveys more useful for improving care?   Should we ask about what went wrong (as well as what went right), in order to learn where improvements are most needed? Driving improvements in care: Making patient surveys useful Patient surveys are an important part of the quest to measure, manage, ...read more
8:33 AM | What do patient experience, genome-wide association studies and randomised controlled trials have in common? A blog about p-values
As far as I understand, genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have been a very successful approach to looking at huge numbers of possible associations of genes with different medical problems.  The approach is broadly “hypothesis free” without specific prior reasons to think that any single genetic change out of the millions considered might be associated.  This ...read more

April 02, 2014

6:22 PM | MAPKIA! Episode 49: Where is Ludwick?! Or what *type* of person is worried about climate change but not about nuclear power or GM foods?
Time for another episode of Macau's favorite game show...: "Make a prediction, know it all!," or "MAPKIA!"! By now all 14 billion regular readers of this blog can recite the rules of "MAPKIA!" by heart, but here they are for new subscribers (welcome, btw!): I, the host, will identify an empirical question -- or perhaps a set of related questions -- that can be answered with CCP data.  Then, you, the players, will make predictions and explain the basis for them. […]
3:00 PM | WordPress.com by the Numbers: The March Hot List
Another month is in the books! The WordPress.com community made March a month to remember with an avalanche of great achievements. Here's a look at some of the highlights.
12:00 PM | Early Theme Adopters: Motif
In our Early Theme Adopters series, we focus on users making the most of recent additions to the Theme Showcase. Today, join us as we take a look at sites using Motif, a free theme you can easily adapt for any need, from your business site to your personal blog.

April 01, 2014

10:00 PM | Only Took A Decade
This: The Pentagon says there were no U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan in March — the first zero-fatality month there since January 2007. To put that into further context: this is the first month without U.S. combat deaths since March, 2003 – almost eleven full years. [via] I won’t repeat the line that’s echoing in my head […]
3:00 PM | Four Features to Publish Your Poems
A roundup of tools in your Post Editor to help with formatting, spacing, and publishing your poems, just in time to begin National Poetry Writing Month.
2:15 PM | Does OSHA Make It More Difficult to Discipline Workers?
Companies have to enforce their safety rules, and that includes disciplining workers. But OSHA says you can’t retaliate against an employee for reporting an injury – one that might have occurred because the worker violated a safety rule. With OSHA’s growing emphasis on whistleblowers, how do you balance this? The answer: carefully. That’s the message in a [...]
2:13 PM | The undersea cables wiring the Earth
US telecoms research firm TeleGeography has published its annual Submarine Cable Map, giving an excellent overview of international connectivity. Over 99% of international communications are delivered by undersea cables; while satellites are used for broadcasting, and are useful for rural communities and very remote places, satellite capacity is limited and expensive. As you can see […]
2:02 PM | OSHA Publishes New GHS/HazCom Guide for Small Businesses
OSHA has just published a 40-page PDF that describes the necessary steps for GHS compliance. It’s targeted specifically to small businesses and includes a sample written HazCom program. The PDF is available for free download at OSHAs website. Related GHS Training DVDs: HazCom (GHS) in Industrial Facilities Training DVD Assists industrial facilities of all types [...]
1:43 PM | Fears of loss of access to the ISS fade despite ongoing crisis
A month ago, as the crisis over the Crimea ramped up, many people worried about the ramifications of Russia’s actions on operations of the International Space Station (ISS), particularly since NASA and the other partners rely on Russia for transporting crews to and from the outpost. However, those concerns have started to fade, in part [...]
12:00 PM | Celebrate Poetry, All Month Long
April is National Poetry Writing Month! To participate in NaPoWriMo 2014, write a poem each day this month. Read on for details.
3:14 AM | April 2014 Open Thread
More thread.
2:39 AM | High-performing Companies Invest More in Training
A client of ours recently asked how many hours of safety training employees should receive each year. The answer, much like other things in life, is “it depends.” Training requirements are influenced by a number of factors including industry type, the regulatory environment, employee tenure and senior management commitment. For example, new employees tend to have [...]
2:15 AM | Renegade Union Official Leaks Censored OSHA Video
Related Training DVDs: Workplace Safety 101 A Guide for New Employees Gives new hires the tools to develop solid safety habits and hazard perception skills from the start. View Product Safety and Health Advanced Training Video Covers more advanced guidelines and best practices for safety in a variety of industrial workplaces. [...]

March 31, 2014

3:00 PM | Profile: Long Awkward Pause Is Anything But
Group blogs like Long Awkward Pause shine on WordPress.com -- and now you can say you knew the comedic confab before they hit the big time.
12:00 PM | Monday Morning Edition
In case you missed it, a quick recap of the past week on WordPress.com, from new features to great blogs to discover.
11:30 AM | Wasted research effort
In 2009, Chalmers and Glasziou published a study claiming that up to 80% of research is wasted.  They further identified various points in the research process at which the waste occurs, including failures to ask the ‘right’ questions, use of inappropriate study designs and methods, selective publication of the results and failure to adequately report ...read more

March 30, 2014

11:53 PM | Flop Sweat, GOP edition
At least some Republicans have grasped what it means — maybe for 2014, certainly later — if/when Obamacare is and is seen to be a success: “I don’t think it means anything,” [Sen. John]Barrasso said on “Fox News Sunday” about the news that 6 million people had signed up for health care plans. “I think […]
9:09 PM | The Idea Formerly Known As Wisconsin
The Walker administration continues its program of reducing Wisconsin to the squalid and inequitable status of a typical red state. Dan Kaufman explains a particularly alarming environmental development in an opinion piece in the New York Times. [more]
8:46 PM | http://planet3.org/2014/03/30/9759/
We are plagued by grumpy nostalgists — mystics on both wings who preach hostility to science & technology and yearn for the past. Our only route is forward.  David Brin
8:41 PM | My Little World – And Yours
Imagine, as a thought experiment, that everyone on the planet had the same share of the world’s resources. It turns out your share is about six acres (2.5 hectares) of dry land. Now imagine if that were your whole world. How would you treat it? [more]
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