November 19, 2014

5:28 PM | Physician Activism May be Bad for Healthcare
The growing trend of physician-backed legal challenges against patient and family health decisions is not good healthcare.
1:52 AM | Scientists’ Emotional Response to Environmental Decline
Original advice is appearing for people burned out on environmental degradation. [more]
1:09 AM | Science Cheerleaders take citizen science to Pop Warner regional cheer championship!
We had TWO SETS of twins lead Science Cheerleader activities at the Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc. Northeast Regional Cheerleading Championship in NJ on 11/8!! Angela, Beverly, Kim and Kelly, led 2063 spectators and 1800 cheerleaders and coaches in cheers to activate a citizen science project featured on SciStarter! For this event, we focused on NOISETUBE, a research project to study noise pollution. And with all those cheerleaders present, we measured A LOT of noise!! See you at the Pop...[ […]
12:42 AM | Pierrehumbert on the US-China Agreement
Ray thinks it's a good deal. [more]
12:37 AM | Promising New Renewable Solar -> Hydrogen Tech
Ensia reports: Ensia reports that Daniel Nocera ... at Harvard University, as well as scores of other researchers around the world, are on the verge of turning the promise of artificial photosynthesis into reality. This could be a gigantic win. But it still needs a regulatory push. [more]

November 18, 2014

9:40 PM | Computing research
There is nothing to do with computers that merits a PhD. Max Newman (1897-1984), as quoted in Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges  Filed under: Computer science, Research
11:16 AM | Brittany: I.T. Auditor and former cheerleader
Brittany holds a degree in Management Information Systems and she also cheered for most of her life. Why MIS, Brittany? When I was in high school, I had a teacher that encouraged me to pursue a computer science degree and suggested Management Information Systems (MIS). I was in her computer information systems class my junior year of high school and I excelled in the course and enjoyed it as well. She recognized that and helped to fuel my desire to...[ Read Full Story ]
7:52 AM | CEO Arrested in Worker’s Death
Authorities in California have arrested a business owner in connection with the death of a worker in a trench in January 2012. Richard Liu was arrested on a $1 million warrant at the San Francisco airport after flying in from China. Liu is charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Raul Zapata Mercado. Mercado, a carpenter, [...]
7:38 AM | Are Occupational Injuries Under-Reported by 86 Percent?
Researchers say the federal government may be seriously undercounting the number of occupational injuries that occur each year. Michigan State University’s Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine reports that in 2012, there were actually 86% more work-related skull fractures in Michigan than reported by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. BLS said in 2012, there were [...]
7:18 AM | Is it Enough to Provide Safety Gear, or Do You Have to Make ‘em Use It?
In a recent court case, a company argued that the law only required it to supply safety devices, not be the “watchdog of careless employees” and make sure they actually use them. Did the court buy that reasoning? While the provide-versus-use argument involving safety equipment has been argued previously by various courts, it usually involves [...]
7:08 AM | (VIDEO) Leading a Positive Safety Culture
Related Training DVDs: Safety and Health Advanced Training Video Covers more advanced guidelines and best practices for safety in a variety of industrial workplaces. View Product Workplace Safety 101 A Guide for New Employees Deliver effective and consistent safety orientation training, helping reduce costly incidents, & more. [...]
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