February 07, 2015

3:00 AM | “Maybe the Higgs boson is fictitious!”
That’s an intriguing and, as he remarks, plausible speculation by the noted condensed-matter physicist Philip Warren Anderson. It appears in a short article penned by him in Nature Physics on January 26, in which he discusses how the Higgs mechanism as in particle physics was inspired by a similar phenomenon observed in superconductors. According to the Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer […]

February 06, 2015

8:38 PM | Brrrraaaaaiiiiiiinnnnssss…
Or rather… MMMMMorrrrrronnnnns: The reanimated corpse of Dr. Jonas Salk, the medical researcher who developed the first polio vaccine, rose from the grave Friday morning on what authorities believe is a mission to hunt down idiots. The usual suspects beware. Another drive-by post, but go read the whole of Andy Borowitz’s update to his eponymous […]
5:03 PM | Science Cheerleaders featured on NBC Nightly News
We really love this segment! Special thanks to the Patriots cheerleaders, Arizona State University, the Arizona Science Center and Pop Warner for making this appearance a super special event! Other recent news clips: ABC News: Super Bowl 2015: Meet the New England Patriots’ Cheerleader Pursuing a Ph.D. in Neuroscience Daily Mail: Will a cheerleader be the smartest person at the Super Bowl? Meet the Harvard educated neuroscientist cheering her way to a PhD Cosmopolitan: This Super Bowl […]
4:34 PM | NHS reforms: plus ça change
The King’s Fund today released the first half of its verdict on how well the coalition has done on the NHS.  The second half – looking at NHS performance since 2010 – will be released in March, but today’s report focuses on the Lansley reforms.  Their verdict?  To put it bluntly, damning.  ‘Distracting and damaging’ were more

February 05, 2015

8:15 PM | Christie Agonistes
Drive-by post here, as I grapple with a deadline alas already in my rear view mirror, but I couldn’t resist offering up a taste of David Sirota’s latest for the commentariat’s mastication: Federal law enforcement officials have launched a criminal investigation of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and members of his administration, pursuing allegations the governor […]
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