November 10, 2014

9:31 AM | Demolitions Expert Safety Training
Along with construction workers and the operators of heavy machinery, demolitions experts put themselves at risk for serious injury and exposure to dangerous materials every day. Demolitions experts are responsible for one of the most dangerous aspects of construction. Below, you’ll find a list of training topics that are required for most Demolitions Experts. OSHA Required [...]
8:51 AM | Customer Service Rep Safety Training
Many customer service representatives work in an office all day long. This often leads them to the false conclusion that they are protected from potentially dangerous situations, but an emergency situation is possible anytime anywhere. Below, you’ll find a list of training topics that are required for most Customer Service Representatives. OSHA Required Training [...]
8:35 AM | Cheering on Vets, including Science Cheerleaders who served our country
In honor of Veterans’ Day, we want to take this opportunity recognize all of our troops including a few who are also Science Cheerleaders: Jeannie, Rachel, and Sandra.  In addition, we received a  great note from the Miami Dolphins’ front office to inform us that Dolphins Cheerleaders participated in a salute to our military during a 15-day tour of Afghanistan, Kuwait and Africa! This was arranged by the Department of Defense’s Armed […]
7:58 AM | Custodian Safety Training
Custodial work may seem very simple, but it’s a demanding job that requires exposure to health and safety hazards on a daily basis. Custodians have to be prepared to deal with all sorts of messes and problems, and so they must be prepared for anything. Below, you’ll find a list of training topics that are [...]
7:06 AM | Crane & Equipment Operator Safety Training
Heavy equipment is used in a variety of areas and for many different reasons. Cranes especially can vary in size and function, mostly used for construction of buildings from one to hundreds of stories tall. Below, you’ll find a list of training topics that are required for most Crane & Equipment Operators. OSHA Required Training [...]
5:45 AM | Correctional Officer Safety Training
The duties of a correctional officer are demanding both physically and emotionally.There are many, many reasons a person might have ended up in a correctional facility, and the officers who patrol them have to be ready to deal with them all. Below, you’ll find a list of training topics that are required for most Correctional [...]
3:27 AM | Carpenter Safety Training
Below, you’ll find a list of training topics that are required for most Carpenters. OSHA Required Training Electrical [...]

November 09, 2014

2:15 PM | Weekend update: cognitive illiberalism--what is it? & what does it have to do with the Constitution?
Now & again people ask me what I mean by the term "cognitive illiberalism." That's reasonable; I often use that term w/o stopping to spell it out. That's because I & my collaborators have already done so in various places. But of course people join conversations in progress all the time, & their participation is impeded by unfamiliar, specialized terms that those who've been participating for a longer period have constructed to condense information of recurring significance. […]
2:01 PM | Recent Readings on Capitalism in Crisis h/t Tokyo Tom for the previous two related: the big splash from Matt Taibbi last week: That’s even without the core […]

November 08, 2014

7:35 PM | On Who Is Not A Scientist
9:42 AM | Construction Worker Safety Training
A construction site is one of the most dangerous work areas possible. Construction requires the constant use of tools, heavy machinery, and hazardous materials. Below, you’ll find a list of training topics that are required for most Construction Workers. OSHA Required Training [...]

November 07, 2014

2:59 PM | SpotOn London Is Now Free To Attend! Join us on the 14th & 15th November
We are thrilled to announce that we have decided to make tickets to this year’s
8:22 AM | Car Mechanic Safety Training
When working as a mechanic, the number of cars that pass through your shop bay doors every day makes it easy to forget that cars are big, dangerous objects, even when stationary. As with any profession, you might find yourself overlooking some of the most basic steps to protect yourself and your coworkers. Below, you’ll [...]
6:32 AM | Assembly Worker Safety Training
Working on an assembly line is a job that is both repetitive and fast-paced. As an assembly line worker, you might be expected to execute the same task over and over with precision and accuracy. Below, you’ll find a list of training topics that are required for most Assembly Workers. OSHA Required Training [...]

November 06, 2014

10:46 PM | La Lucha Continua…With A Sideways Reason To Keep Fighting From The (A) Good Doctor
Serendipity works sometimes.  My friend David Dobbs publishes a near-daily newsletter of three or four fascinating essays or articles to read.  (You can sign up here.) Today he took me to a writer I’ve only occasionally glanced at in the past, Sadie Stein, (may have to change that)  for a piece that comes to a climax with a vision […]
4:15 PM | "Religion, not political predispositions or political elite discourse, generates conflict over science" Seriously?!!!
Okay, I'll get to this but not for a bit.  Maybe one or more of our 14 billion readers can read it in meantime and report in comments field? As you can see from the abstract, the basic claim is that neither political predispositions nor the positions of political elites contribute much to conflicts over science relative to the contribuiton that religion makes. I'll admit that I have priors very strongly opposed to this thesis.  But I'll do my best not to let those infect my likelihood […]
1:44 PM | SpotOn London 2014 Final Programme
This year’s SpotOn London conference will take place at the Wellcome Trust on Friday, 14 November and
11:22 AM | When incentives go wrong – £55 for dementia diagnosis is a dead cert.
People argue a lot about whether it’s a good idea to give financial incentives to doctors to provide good care. There’s an argument that you should when it costs more to provide that care. Then there’s the more contentious issue of whether a cash incentive is a useful addition. The evidence is that incentives do more

November 05, 2014

7:11 PM | Science Cheerleaders, SciStarter and Citizen Science featured in current American Airlines magazine
We love this article in the current issue of American Airlines magazine, “American Way” (the one with Carson Daly on the cover). Highlights include: “Still, stereotypes that suggest female scientists are the dour antithesis of personable cheerleaders do have an impact on keeping women from pursuing science careers. Jenna Carpenter, associate dean in the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech University, says when those stereotypes are combined with the ways that […]
4:32 PM | Still more on the concept/value of a "science of science journalism"
From correspondence with a friend: You mentioned you were eager to learn what I had in mind for the study of science journalism.  I'm sure you can guess what I'd say: you tell me -- & I'll measure!   We talked about this philosophy, of course.  I think all the professions that traffic in the dissimulation of what's known by science can benefit from the use of science's signature methods to improve their craft.  Not b/c those methods furnish a […]
4:13 PM | Challenges of acting on patient experience surveys: quality assurance or quality improvement?
Patient experience surveys are a central feature of primary care evaluation. For years we have had the national GP Patient Survey; we also recently had the Patient Participation DES, part of which required practices to conduct a local patient survey; and there is the requirement for every GP to have patient feedback as part of more

November 04, 2014

6:17 PM | No. Those Clothes Don’t Make You Look Thin
I’ve been saving this for a day when we need some comic relief.  Seems like this might be one. About a month ago, the FTC cracked down on a product I had no hint could possibly exist. (Get offa my lawn!) That would be caffeinated underpants. No.  Really. “The revolutionary new anti-cellulite iPant from Wacoal. …embedded microcapsules […]
4:04 PM | How *cognitive* adaptation relates to mitigating a polluted science communication environment
I've been corresponding with a friend whom I -- & many others -- regard as an extraordinary climate-science communicator (& whose skills in this regard are matched by the depth of her civic virtue). In addition to how she manages to communicate so successfully, we have been discussing my view of  how big an impact her efforts, if they could be enlarged in scale, could be expected to have in reducing public conflict over climate change.  My position is complicated; and I'm not […]
1:23 AM | How Procter & Gamble Cools the Safety vs. Engineering War
“Do Engineering and EHS compete?” Mark Lewandowski asked the health and safety experts crammed into the technology track at EHS Today’s Safety Leadership Conference. “Does it ever feel like you’re in a boxing match?” has asked. “Does it seem like a tug-of-war for time, money and resources?” The crowd offered enthusiastic agreement, fervent nods across the room [...]
12:49 AM | If you Think Safety is Expensive, Try an Accident: Paralyzed Worker Awarded $21.7M
The combination of working at heights and failure to de-energize equipment proved tragic for a 28-year-old construction worker. The company responsible must now pay him $21.7 million as the result of a jury verdict. A Maryland jury awarded the sum to Hugo Hernandez Palomino, who was paralyzed from the neck down after receiving an electric [...]
12:18 AM | Baked: Dealing with the Growing Problem of Workplace Drug Use
Continuing my series of blog coverage of the EH&S Today’s Leadership Conference I wanted to point out another great session that I attended. In High Society: Substance Abuse Challenges in Today’s Workplace. This is a keen area of interest to me, since many of my clients are high-consequence industries, that is to say, one screw [...]
12:01 AM | Utah Woman Nearly Dies After Drinking Chemical-Laced Iced Tea at Restaurant
Related Training DVDs: Food Safety & Sanitation Training Video Teaches your workers the proper procedures and laws to follow to ensure food is handled safely. View Product Chemical Handling Safety Basic Principles Training DVD Teaches employees how to identify, handle, and store dangerous chemicals safely and properly. [...]

November 03, 2014

6:15 PM | November Open Thread
More thread
1:33 PM | "A science of science journalism & filmmaking" vs. "Throw strikes & keep 'em off the bases" (lecture synopsis & slides)
I haven't been faithfully reporting on recent talks, workshops etc.  But fortunately, James Bell, who attended one recently, did a great writeup!   The event was a panel at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.  The two other panelists were Naomi Oreskes and Carl Zimmer. Katie Carpenter's award-winning documentary! It's soooo good!In addition, the moderator for the panel was Katie Carpenter, my collaborator in the CCP's ongoing project to supply evidence-based science […]

November 02, 2014

5:09 PM | Firefighter Safety Training
Being a firefighter is much more than a profession, it means being a hero each and every day. Firefighters help people with problems big and small, all while saving lives and improving communities. Below, you’ll find a list of training topics that are required for most firefighter. OSHA Required Training [...]
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