October 16, 2014

1:39 PM | QOTW: Krugman
When the going gets tough, the people losing the argument start whining about civility.Paul Krugman (h/t Eli)

October 15, 2014

3:08 PM | A little Citizen Science at the Phillies Game (thanks to Drexel Cheerleaders!)
Thank you, Drexel University cheerleaders for participating in “Informing NASA’s Asteroid Initiative: A Citizen Forum” while at the Philadelphia Phillies game! We want YOU to participate! Sign up here: (Special thanks to wonder twins Beverly and Angela who are Science Cheerleaders and Drexel Cheerleaders!)
11:41 AM | Emily: Biomedical engineer, former Arizona Cardinals cheerleader
Former Arizona Cardinals  Cheerleader and Science Cheerleader Emily appeared at the STEM in Sports Expo in Phoenix on September 27 where she talked about her career, citizen science and more! Hi, Emily! Why did you pursue a degree in biomedical engineering from Arizona State University? In high school I shattered my foot in track (I was a sprinter) and during that time I did a lot of thinking about how I could have prevented it. I was in a boot...[ Read Full Story ]
8:47 AM | Pet-Food Manufacturer Shutting Down After Spending ‘Every Penny’ to Comply with OSHA Standards
Some say that OSHA’s bark is far worse than its bite. However, an Illinois pet-food manufacturer is finding that OSHA’s bite can be lethal. The owner of All-Feed Processing and Packaging Inc. told a local newspaper that the company is closing its doors because All-Feed can’t afford to pay the penalties that OSHA has levied for [...]
8:23 AM | Study: 1 in 10 employees have shown up for work high
Here’s a chilling stat: Almost 10% of workers have admitted to coming to work high. Before you chalk it up to relaxed medical marijuana laws in more than two dozen states or even legalized recreational weed, consider that almost 81% of the people who admitted to showing up to work stoned obtained the drugs illegally. This [...]
8:11 AM | Too injured to work, but not too injured to race BMX bikes
And now, another edition of “caught on Facebook.” Authorities say an injured grounds maintenance employee was racing BMX-style bicycles while collecting wage-replacement payments from workers’ comp. The Washington Attorney General’s Office has charged Tony Perry Sr. of Kent, WA, with first-degree theft, a felony charge which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison [...]
7:51 AM | Excellent Tips for Distracted Driving Prevention
Related Distracted Driving Training DVDs: Distracted Driving – DVD Training Aimed specifically at CMV drivers and others who drive as part of their profession. View Product Driven To Distraction II Training DVD Help raise awareness of this dangerous practice among your employees with this high-impact training DVD. View [...]

October 14, 2014

8:01 PM | 1: Pharmacare with Steve Morgan
Steve Morgan is Director of the Centre for Health Services and Policy Research at the University of British Columbia. He joined the show to talk about the arguments supporting a universal pharmacare program in Canada. Topics include the history of introducing a pharmacare program, the logistical considerations, the role of the federal government, the economic […]

October 13, 2014

8:36 PM | A rational animal
Man is a rational animal — so at least I have been told. Throughout a long life, I have looked diligently for evidence in favour of this statement, but so far I have not had the good fortune to come across it, though I have searched in many countries spread over three continents. Unpopular Essays […]
5:15 PM |
nullius in verba omnis in litigia (proposed modification to Royal Society motto)
11:04 AM | SpotOn London 2014 Draft Programme
We’re pleased to announce that the SpotOn London conference will take place at the Wellcome

October 10, 2014

5:32 PM | Sleep Deprivation: A Wake-Up Call
SourceIn the past month I successfully wrote and defended my general exam and moved virtually all of my possessions (and I have way too much stuff) with a Honda Civic to a new apartment. Needless to say, I was on a temporary blog vacation (but I’m back!) and I sleep wasn’t exactly one of my top priorities. […]

October 08, 2014

7:24 PM | Ebola Derangement Syndrome…Some Context
As of October 5  — the period covered by the World Health Organization’s latest Ebola Situation Report [PDF]  — there have been 8,033 cases of Ebola identified, with 3,879 deaths.  The one US Ebola death isn’t in that total yet — it will show up in next week’s report. Using 2011 numbers (I can’t dig up more recent […]
2:45 PM | Warehouse Worker Safety Training Requirements
Warehouse workers regularly incur a plethora of potential safety hazards from sources like forklifts, tall stacks of overhead objects, loud perpetual noise, and regular heavy lifting. As such, warehouse workers regularly make it into the top 10th percentile for worker injuries and fatalities.

October 07, 2014

1:39 PM | What I believe about teaching "belief in" evolution & climate change
I was corresponding with friend, someone who has done really great science education research, about the related challenges of teaching evolution & climate science to high school students.   Defending what I've called the "disentanglement principle"-- the obligation of those who are responsible for promoting comprehension of science to create an environment in which free, reasoning people don’t have to choose between knowing what’s known and being who they […]
12:39 PM | Can Employees Be Trained to Spot Potential Workplace Violence?
A new study takes a look at precursors to workplace violence and suggests employees can be educated to spot warning signs. Researchers at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit studied 214 incidents of workplace violence at a Midwestern hospital system that included seven hospitals. Employees at the hospitals were required to record these [...]
12:07 PM | Spills: Clean Them up or Call in the HazMat Team?
When oil drips from a hose fitting onto the floor in a production area or a pan that was placed under a leaky drum faucet gets knocked over, workers who have been taught how to safely clean up after themselves often don’t give a second thought to grabbing a handful of paper towels or an [...]
11:16 AM | (Infographic) What to Expect During a Surprise OSHA Inspection
Source: Related Training DVDs: Safety Audits Training DVD Reminds employees about the goals of a safety audit, and how all workers should become involved. View Product Workplace Safety 101 A Guide for New Employees Gives new hires the tools to develop solid safety habits and [...]
10:42 AM | Controversial New Safety Video Infuriates Safety Professionals
A safety video published to YouTube by AMEC Worldwide is getting scathing reviews from safety professionals at the SafetyRisk website. “This has to be the dumbest and most condescending safety initiative I’ve seen since Dumb Ways to Die and Hazardman.” – Dave Collins, SafetyRisk Editor “Where is the bucket, I need to throw up.” – Commenter Peter [...]

October 06, 2014

8:37 PM | How do people with diabetes describe their experiences in primary care?
Well, actually quite good news here. People with diabetes in England report primary care experiences that are at least as good as those without diabetes for most domains of care. This is one of our conclusions from our analysis of responses to the English national GP Patient Survey from 85,760 patients with self-reported diabetes. However, more
11:12 AM | Warehouse Worker Safety Training
Warehouses that store and distribute large amounts of materials can be excellent opportunities for employment, but the physical nature of the work and use of large, complex machinery means a higher risk of injury for workers. Material handlers and order pickers are confronted with hazardous materials and strenuous labor all day long. Below, you’ll find [...]

October 05, 2014

2:43 PM | Weekend update: New paper on why "affirmative consent" (in addition to being old news) does not mean "only 'yes' means yes"
As I explained in a recent post, the media/blogosphere shit storm over the "affirmative consent" standard Calif just mandated for campus behavioral codes displays massive unfamiliarity with existing law & with tons of evidence on how law & norms interact.   First, the "affirmative consent" standard isn't a radical "redefinition" of the offense of rape.  It's been around for three decades. Second, contrary to what the stock characters who are today reprising the roles from […]

October 02, 2014

8:48 PM | Girls Just Want To Have Fun — China “Red Princess” Edition
I’ve not commented at all about Hong Kong and the umbrella protests because I don’t know enough to add anything to what much more informed people have saying.  As noted in Anne Laurie’s post this morning, old China hand Jim Fallows has been tracking the story closely, and has been writing himself and keeping tabs on other smart takes […]
3:48 PM | What happens to Pat's perceptions of climate change risks as his/her science literacy score goes up?
A curious and thoughtful correspondent asks: A while ago, I had read your chart with two lines in red and blue, showing the association between scientific literacy and opinion on climate change separately for liberals and conservatives. [A colleague] gave it favorable mention again in her excellent presentation at the * * * seminar today.  The subsequent conversation reminded me that I had always wanted to see in addition the simple line chart showing the association between […]
3:38 PM | I Like To Think Of This As The Universe Expressing An Opinion About Today’s Incarnation Of The Party Of Lincoln
I mean, this picture sure seems to make a cosmic viewpoint clear: Ah well.  It’s back to work for your humble bloghost. Image:  NASA, The Hubble Heritage Team (AURA/STScI) – Space Telescope Science Institute, Keyhole Nebula, crop of the feature known as “God’s Birdie,” 1999.
2:50 PM | How to get a ticket for this year’s SpotOn London
With a month to go, we’ve been busy behind the scenes planning for this year’s
6:03 AM | Cambs CCG gives £800m contract to NHS bidder. Should we all be cheering?
There seems to be general relief that the huge £800m contract which Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG have given for integrated care of the elderly hasn’t gone to the private sector. Two of the three final bidders were commercial organisations, but the contract has gone to an alliance between the local teaching hospital, Addenbrooke’s, and the more

October 01, 2014

9:42 PM | And I’ll Take Racist Media for $200, Alex
Alex:  What is the question that evokes the answer:  “A cartoon with a watermelon punchline referencing the President of the United States.” We reply in chorus: “What was the racist garbage in the Boston Herald today?” Again, this has been picked up in the comments, but it’s been making me crazy for a couple of reasons. […]
7:39 PM | Come and do a funded PhD with me
Fancy doing a PhD with me at Cardiff Metropolitan University? I have a fully-funded studentship (for UK/EU students) starting in January, in collaboration with HP in Bristol: The Department of Computing & Information Systems, Cardiff Metropolitan University, is pleased to offer a fully funded PhD Studentship in Provably Optimal Code Generation. This research project (Scaling […]
4:48 PM | Greenland Ice Sheet Failure May Be More Rapid Than Previous Estimates
New research suggests that the sub-glacial surface in much of Greenland is more muddy than rocky in structure, which would imply that he Greenland ice sheet may fail more quickly than heretofore expected. [more]
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