March 28, 2014

3:07 PM | How might we harness the power of patient experience to drive improvements in care?
Much more can be done to use patient experience as a driver for improving quality of care, so say Angela Coulter and colleagues in a thoughtful BMJ analysis. So, where do we start? Professor Coulter and colleagues advocate for a national institute of ‘user’ experience.  Indeed, this could provide a catalyst for bringing together different ...read more
3:00 PM | Spoil Your Appetite with Three Mouthwatering Food Blogs
Just in time for the weekend, a tasting menu of some of our very best food blogs, from the most decadent burgers ever created to macarons so beautiful you want to bite into your screen.
2:59 PM | I ♥ NCAR/UCAR--because they *genuinely* ♥ communicating science (plus lecture slides & video)
Spent a great couple of days at NCAR/UCAR last week, culminating in a lecture on "Communicating Climate Science in a Polluted Science Communication Environment." Slides here. Also, an amusing video of the talk here—one that consists almost entirely of forlorn-looking lectern. There are 10^6 great things about NCAR/UCAR, of course. But the one that really grabbed my attention on this visit is how much the scientists there are committed to the instrinsic value of communicating […]
11:09 AM | Bolden and House committee clash over NASA priorities
In a hearing about NASA’s fiscal year 2015 budget proposal by the House Science Committee’s space subcommittee on Thursday, many key members expressed concern about agency priorities, including funding levels for the Space Launch System (SLS) heavy-lift rocket and Orion spacecraft, while NASA administrator Charles Bolden argued that NASA’s commercial crew effort was its top [...]

March 27, 2014

3:00 PM | Embed It: Using Media Like a Pro
From images and animation clips to recipes, savvy bloggers know that adding media to posts makes them much more engaging. Get inspired today with three embed options that add pop to your site.
1:52 PM | The sources of evidence-free science communication practices--a fragment...
From something I'm working on... Problem statement. Our motivating premise is that advancement of enlightened conservation policymaking  depends on addressing the science communication problem. That problem consists in the failure of valid, compelling, and widely accessible scientific evidence to dispel persistent public conflict over policy-relevant facts to which that evidence directly speaks. As spectacular and admittedly consequential as instances of this problem are, states of […]

March 26, 2014

3:00 PM | Around the World in 10 Moments
With millions of users around the world, we're an international community of writers, photographers, and more. Enjoy these recent snapshots and soundbites, from Moscow to Cairo.
12:00 PM | Early Theme Adopters: Sorbet
We release beautiful new themes every week. In our Early Theme Adopters series, we focus on bloggers who are using the most recent additions to our Theme Showcase. Today, let’s visit some of the blogs that are already using Sorbet, a vibrant, inviting theme.
10:14 AM | Bolden uses Soyuz launch to press for commercial crew funding
Despite the current tensions between the United States and Russia, the two countries continued their cooperation in space late Tuesday with the launch of a Soyuz spacecraft carrying two Russian cosmonauts and one American astronaut to the International Space Station. (Their arrival, planned for Tuesday night, has been delayed because of a technical glitch with [...]
7:35 AM | Forget me. I’m there.
You don’t have to walk up to stand next to me, you don’t have to hug me. You don’t have to want to kiss me. You just have to look at me in the eye, Stranger, when you walk past. You needn’t smile either. You just have to acknowledge that I exist. That’s all I […]

March 25, 2014

9:52 PM | The Way We Live Now
Via friend/great science writer Steve Silberman, this very funny, hurts-too-much-to-laugh insight into the tools with which our corporate overlords wrest control of our brains: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YBtspm8j8M Oh brave new world that has such creativity in’t
9:46 PM | http://planet3.org/2014/03/25/9751/
Since the start of the industrial revolution, mankind has been burning fossil fuel (coal, oil, etc.) and adding its carbon to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. In 50 years or so this process, says Director Roger Revelle of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, may have a violent effect on the earth’s climate Dr. [more]
5:00 PM | Introducing Smoother Editing and New Playlists
Extra, extra, read all about it: we're thrilled to announce a whole batch of improvements to your blogs, from image editing in the body of your posts to better, sleeker audio playlists -- and more.
4:32 PM | http://planet3.org/2014/03/25/9745/
via pewresearch.org
4:07 PM | http://planet3.org/2014/03/25/9742/
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_AMEAnWyRk&w=560&h=315]
3:19 PM | Recursive Fury Update
Brian Angliss has an excellent summary at Scholars and Rogues. [more]
3:00 PM | Blogging Through Breast Cancer
Young women with high cancer risk and early-onset breast cancer blog their way through diagnosis and treatment with humor, strength, and grace.
11:16 AM | In its Aerospace Day proclamation, Colorado legislators demand accelerated space program
The letter from House members calling on the White House for a “vision and timeline” for space exploration looks positively mild compared to what they’re asking for in Colorado. In a resolution passed by the Colorado Legislature designating Monday as “Colorado Aerospace Day,” members criticized the federal government for ceding the lead in human spaceflight. [...]
10:52 AM | Bipartisan House letter calls for “vision and timeline” for space exploration
A letter to President Obama signed by 30 members of the House of Representatives calls on the White House to provide more details, and support, for human space exploration. The letter, dated March 21 and released Monday, expresses concern about “shifting priorities for NASA and the resulting mixed signals this sends relative to the United [...]
10:43 AM | Lord of the Rings Day
Today is Lord of the Rings Day. On this day, in the year 3018 of the Third Age, Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee reach the Sammath Naur and cast the One Ring into Orodruin, in whose fires the ring was first forged. Thus, the ring is destroyed and leads to the downfall of Sauron, the Dark Lord. […]
4:22 AM | Our universe, the poor man’s accelerator
Cosmic inflation need not have happened at 1016 GeV, as radio-astronomers from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics announced on March 17. It could have happened at a lesser energy and the fallout would have been similar, albeit that it would have been harder to detect evidence of it. But that it did happen at that […]
2:45 AM | Hit by car on street outside workplace: Can he get comp?
Did a worker’s choice between two employer parking lots on the day he was injured seal his eligibility for workers’ comp? Kenneth Acosta worked for Exide Technologies in Reading, PA. Exide owned two parking lots. Lot B was next to the plant. Lot A was across the street. Employees could park in either lot. On Nov. 12, 2010, [...]
2:22 AM | Respiratory problem due to chemical exposure or 30 years of smoking?
An employee’s doctor says his lung condition was caused by chemical exposure when he was power washing a roof. His employer’s doctor says it was infectious pneumonia and had more to do with the worker’s two-pack-a-day, 30-year smoking habit. Will the employee get workers’ comp? No doubt workers’ comp cases involving respiratory problems are tricky. But [...]
2:05 AM | How to Spot Risk and Stay Alive
A safety professional may read the title of this article and feel it’s child’s play. How could somebody not know how to look for risk? That same safety professional may even be tempted to use a phrase that I cannot stand: common sense. I once heard a speaker explain that common sense is a learned [...]
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