March 04, 2015

2:44 PM | Early diagnosis of cancer: advances and new evidence
CCHSR researchers have been busy with a number of new analyses on the early diagnosis of cancer, including the potential impact of delayed diagnosis on survival. Gary Abel summarises our collection of five new papers here

March 03, 2015

11:32 AM | Science of Science Communication 2.0, Session 8.1: Emerging technologies part I
Wow--time flies, doesn't it? Especially when every other week of class is cancelled due to snow. But in any case-- it's that time again!  "Science of Science Communication 2.0" session 8 reading list here, & study/discussion questions below.   Have at it!

March 02, 2015

4:39 PM | Should Homeopaths Be Allowed to Self-Regulate?
Even if homeopathy is bunk, there may be benefits to bringing them under the umbrella of regulated health professionals.

March 01, 2015

3:58 PM | Weekend update: Science of Science Communication 2.0: on CRED "how to" manual & more on 97% messaging
Here are some contributions to class discussion.  The first is from Tamar Wilner, who offers reactions to session 7 readings.  I've posted just the beginning of her essay and the linked to her page for continuation. The second is from Kevin Tobia (by the way, I also recommend his great study on the quality of "lay" and "expert" moral intuitions), who addresses "97% messaging," a topic initially addressed in Session 6 but now brought into sharper focus with a […]

February 28, 2015

4:05 PM | You Know You’re Bugf**k When…
Bill O’Reilly is the sane one in the room. Ladles and Jellyspoons, I present you with the comic stylings [via TPM] of self-made son and purveyor of a gospel that is good news only  in his fevered brain… Put your hands together for our own, all American Franklin Graham! “One of the problems we have in […]
4:51 AM | A falling want of opportunity for life to grip Titan
There is a new possibility for life on Titan, and the find demonstrates the importance of hope and imagination in the search for alien life. A chemical engineer, a radiophysicist and a molecular dynamicist – affiliated with Cornell University – came together to make a blueprint for a cellular lifeform that wouldn’t need water to […]

February 26, 2015

2:41 AM | Do Safety Managers Protect Workers Like Professional Athletes?
If you had an asset that was worth millions of dollars, what would you do to protect it? Large investments are made in professional athletes. They are paid large contracts make their teams better and create more revenue opportunities to make an organization financially stronger (i.e., increase ticket sales, selling of team apparel, increase in [...]
2:31 AM | "...the strongest evidence to date" that "97% consensus" messaging is "consequential"
There's a new study out on effect of "97% consensus" messaging. Actually, it is a new analysis of data that were featured in an article published a few months ago in Climatic Change. The earlier paper reported that after being told that 97% of scientists accept human-caused climate change, study subjects increased their estimate of the percentage of scientists who accept human-caused climate change. The new paper reports results, not included in the earlier paper, about what the effect of […]
2:31 AM | "the strongest evidence to date" on effect of "97% consensus" messaging
There's a new study out on effect of "97% consensus" messaging. Actually, it is a new analysis of data that were featured in an article published a few months ago in Climatic Change. The earlier paper reported that after being told that 97% of scientists accept human-caused climate change, study subjects increased their estimate of the percentage of scientists who accept human-caused climate change. The new paper reports results, not included in the earlier paper, on the effect of the […]
2:12 AM | Top 4 rules on OSHA’s regulatory action list
A top OSHA official recently gave an overview of where the agency stands with creating new and updating existing regulations. OSHA deputy administrator Jordan Barab updated attendees at a U.S. Small Business Labor Safety Roundtable. An attendee gave an overview of Barab’s presentation in The National Law Review. Barab said these four rules pending final agency [...]
1:26 AM | We Need To Get Out of The Business Of Blame and Shame
Several weeks ago I began exploring safety as an outcome, as the product of well-managed business systems and not something that needs to be managed as its own element. The business systems I identified were: competency, process capability, hazard and risk management, accountability systems, and engagement. In subsequent articles I explored competency, process capability, hazard [...]
12:42 AM | (VIDEO) The Tragic Aftermath of a Fatal Arc Flash Accident
Related Arc Flash Safety Training DVDs: Arc Flash Live To Tell Training DVD Bring you and your workers up to speed on the 2009 version of NFPA70E. View Product Arc Flash Safety Training Video Introduces the dangers of arc flash and presents common methods for preventing and protecting against those dangers. View [...]

February 25, 2015

10:37 PM | Doh!
Had "comments disabled" for yesterday's post on  Session 7 of virtual "Science of Science Communication 2.0" Was wondering why there weren't the usual 7,000+ "student" comments! The sole purpose of this post is to announce that the comments feature for that one is now enabled.  Because that's the logical place for discussion, I'm disabling comments here.
2:55 PM | The neuroscience of how you enter your fantasy-realms
If you grew up reading Harry Potter (or Lord of the Rings, as the case may be), chances are you’d have liked to move to the world of Hogwarts (or Middle Earth), and spent time play-acting scenes in your head as if you were in them. This way of enjoying fiction isn’t uncommon. On the […]
4:49 AM | A conference’s peer-review was found to be sort of random, but whose fault is it?
It’s not a good time for peer-review. Sure, if you’ve been a regular reader of Retraction Watch, it’s never been a good time for peer-review. But aside from that, the process has increasingly been taking the brunt for not being able to stem the publishing of results that – after publication – have been found […]

February 24, 2015

6:40 PM | The case for sustainability just got easier—nature reserves are much more profitable than previously thought
“Can you have your cake and eat it to?” is a question environmentalists would like to answer positively. Now they can, at least in the case of the value generated by nature reserves. Tourist visits to protected areas around the world are worth $600 billion a year. Cut the costs and you are still left with […]
6:10 AM | Science of Science Communication 2.0, Session 7.1: communicating climate science part 2
It's that again! Another session -- # 7 --of virtual "Science of Science Communication 2.0" Reading list here.  Imagine you were President Obama about to make a speech to the Nation in support of your proposal for a carbon tax;    a zoning board member in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, preparing to give a presentation at an open meeting (at which members of the public would be briefed and then allowed to give comments) defending a proposed set of guidelines on climate-impact […]

February 23, 2015

6:48 PM | Some other places to to find discussion
Couple of posts elsewhere worth checkiout out today. 1st is Tamar Wilner's great "response paper" for Science of Science Communication course session 6. She asks whether the evidence for "97% consensus messaging" bears critical scrutingy 2d is a post by me on Washington Post Monkey Cage discussing our recently published paper on geoengineering and "two-channel science communication." One thing that bums me a bit about the post is that they edited out material at end explaining that the […]
3:35 PM | The global warming hiatus could last another five years. Its aftermath is the real problem.
The chances that a global-warming hiatus will happen for 10 consecutive years is about 10%. However, the chances that a hiatus will happen for 20 consecutive years is less than 1%. What does this mean for the hiatus we’ve been experiencing since 2000? If a warming hiatus has lasted for 15 years, then the chances it will last […]
12:52 PM | Curious Bends – big tobacco, internet blindness, spoilt dogs and more
1. Despite the deadly floods in Uttarakhand in 2013, the govt ignores grave environmental reports on the new dams to be built in the state “The Supreme Court asked the Union environment ministry to review six specific hydroelectric projects on the upper Ganga basin in Uttarakhand. On Wednesday, the ministry informed the apex court that its […]
9:43 AM | Is an intensive treatment regimen for newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients cost-effective? Economic evaluation of the 5-year results of the ADDITION study.
A new paper in Diabetic Medicine reports an economic evaluation of the ADDITION study, based on the five year follow-up data.  The Anglo-Danish-Dutch study of Intensive Treatment In peOple with screeN detected diabetes (ADDITION) is a prospective randomised controlled trial of screening and intensive treatment of newly diagnosed type-2 diabetes patients. The five-year outcomes, published more

February 22, 2015

4:32 PM | Weekend update: Hard questions, incomplete answers, on the "disentanglement principle"
In this blog, I have written of the “disentanglement principle”—that holds that science communicators & educators must refrain from “making free, reasoning people choose between knowing what’s known by science and being who they are.”  The Measurement Problem paper uses empirical evidence to show how science educators and communicators, using empirical evidence, have “disentangled” identity and knowledge, and […]

February 21, 2015

3:01 PM | Experiencing the modern city
Of all the things that have had a persistent tendency to surprise observers, cities have been among the most prolific. Then again, they’d better be for all their social and economic complexity, for their capacity to be the seed of so many perspectives on human development. We shape our cities, which then shape us, and we shape […]

February 20, 2015

4:45 PM | "Measurement Problem" published but still unsolved
Published version of this paper is now out....   But I don't expect the mystery of the Pakistani Dr. and the Kentucky Farmer to be solved anytime soon....    

February 18, 2015

10:56 PM | The Biofuel Controversy
Buses powered by soybeans. Agricultural waste transformed into car fuel . The...
5:41 PM | Oakland Raiders cheerleaders and Sacramento Kings dancers talk science!
We had a great time meeting hundreds of new friends (and future scientists and engineers??) at Family Science Days at the San Jose Convention Center! Click here to learn more about our appearance there. Here are a few pictures from the event. Special thanks to the Oakland Raiders and Sacramento Kings for making it possible for their awesome Science Cheerleaders to participate. They were a big hit, as this Tweet indicates! ###
3:21 PM | On becoming part of a polluted science communication environment while studying it....
From a correspondent, cc'ing me:  Dear National Geographic Forum,   I read with interest the cover story of the March 2015 issue "The War on Science".   I am an engineer who, in addition to engineering-related courses, also studied geology, geophysics and even a little astronomy at the undergraduate and graduate level. In short, a big fan of science and rational thought, especialy applied science like engineering.   I firmly believe in climate change but find that the […]
1:41 PM | Don’t incentivise withholding of antibiotics!
Don’t prescribe too many antibiotics. And just to make sure you behave, we’ll pay you not to. That’s the latest message GPs are being given by the government. I personally find this very irritating. GPs are well aware of the public health implications of prescribing too many antibiotics, and the consequent risks of antibiotic resistance. more
11:45 AM | The Younger Face of Workplace Safety
As times change, so too do the requirements of workers. While the majority of those in charge of businesses have been in the workforce for quite some time, a growing percentage of their employees are quite a bit younger. These workers are not only inexperienced, but also they also quite prone to being injured. Whether [...]
11:22 AM | Slipped and fell while walking to punch in: Will he get workers’ comp?
An employee is walking toward a time clock to punch in when he slips, falls and injures his back. He files for workers’ comp. Did a court award it? Ronnie Nabors was working for Continental Construction Co. which was helping to build a power plant near Blytheville, Arkansas. Continental was one of several subcontractors on [...]
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