September 15, 2014

8:01 PM | Montenegro’s science minister accused of plagiarism
From my post on Retraction Watch: Sanja Vlahovic, science minister of Montenegro, copied two-thirds of a 2010 paper on tourism from previously published work by other academics, according to the national daily newspaper Vijesti. The newspaper compared her paper, “Destinations’ Competitiveness in Modern Tourism,” presented at the Tourism & Hospitality Management 2010 conference in Opatija, Croatia, to three previously published papers and found much of the content to […]
10:17 AM | Medication errors in primary care in the developing world
Global spending on pharmaceuticals is roughly a $1 trillion, dominated by the US, Japan and major EU economies. Yet emerging markets and the developing world still account for around a third of expenditure. That’s a lot of medicines and it’s growing. With this substantial use of medications comes a significant risk of harm, compounded by more
12:13 AM | Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that Tesla in your hand?
Some notable environmentalists have been ‘against’ Hydrogen as a possible energy solution for a remarkably long time – Joe Romm’s ‘The Hype About Hydrogen’ goes back ten years now, to 2004. The RMI (Rocky Mountain Institute) isn’t keen. In the meantime, other energy solutions have made progress, in particular, as Romm points out in his recent series on ClimateProgress, in the field of personal transportation. But recent developments such as ones at […]

September 14, 2014

11:39 AM | Corruption - the greatest obstacle to elephant conservation?
When it comes to charismatic megafauna the African elephant is one of our best...

September 13, 2014

7:17 PM | Is Climate Progress Illegal?
An international climate agreement appears to be effectively impossible in the near term. But, as Naomi Klein explains, most local legislation is illegal in the absence of an international agreement, according the the WTO. This is a problem. [more]
1:35 PM | Weekend update: geoengineering and the expanding confabulation frontier of the "climate communication" debate
Despite its astonishingly long run in grounding just-so story telling about public risk perceptions and science communication (e.g., the Rasputin "bounded rationality" account of public apathy), the "climate debate" at some point has to get the benefit of an infusion of new material or else the players will ultimately die out from terminal boredom.  That's the real potential, of course, of geoengineering. Critics took the early lead in the "science communication confabulation game" by […]
12:36 PM | Today in Atlanta: Girl Scouts + Citizen Science + Science Cheerleaders!
The Girl Scouts of America hosts their annual Super STEM Expo at the North Atlanta Trade Center today. The Science Cheerleaders will join organizers from the  Atlanta Science Festival  to engage scouts and their leaders in citizen science, including NASA’s Asteroid Initiative!    
12:34 PM | Zenobia: former 49ers cheerleader, Stanford grad, and Women in Tech mentor
Zenobia is a former San Francisco 49ers cheerleader with an economics degree from Stanford University! You have a degree in economics from Stanford with minors in industrial engineering and psychology. What got you interested in those subjects? I have to say, in every case, it was the professors. They were so passionate about the subjects, that they drew you in and got you hooked. Economics is nicknamed ‘the dismal science’, but that’s really not true! My first semester at […]

September 12, 2014

3:30 PM | How should science museums communicate climate science? (lecture summary & slides)
I had the great privilege of participating in a conference, held at the amazing Museum of Science in Boston, on how museums can engage the public in climate science.  Below are my remarks--as best as I can remember them a week later.  Slides here. You are experts on the design of science-museum exhibits. I am not. Like Dietram, I study the science of science communication with empirical methods.  I share his view that there are things he and I and others have learned that are of […]

September 11, 2014

9:00 AM | Science Cheerleader Jessica (chemist) leads citizen science project with Pop Warner cheerleaders
Jessica, a chemist and former Dallas Vigilantes cheerleader, joined youth cheerleaders, their coaches, and parents, to lead a citizen science project to help get people involved in NASA’s Asteroid Initiative! Special thanks to the North Texas Pop Warner Region and to the Oak Cliff Titans, Oak Cliff Redskins, and Fair Park Cardinals! Learn more about Jessica’s interest in science and cheerleading, here! What turned you on to science and when? I have always been curious […]

September 10, 2014

10:18 PM | Vanishing Louisiana
Brett Anderson recommends updating the iconic shape of the Louisiana cutout map. [more]
5:34 PM | Science Cheerleaders lead citizen science at Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum: Informing NASA’s Asteroid Initiative
This Saturday, meet the Science Cheerleaders at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum and learn from them about NASA’s Asteroid Initiative  in celebration of “Women in Aviation and Space Heritage Family Days” 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Lauren: Financial Analyst with Northrop Grumman and former Washington Wizards and Washington Redskins Cheerleader
8:11 AM | Asking the right questions
One of the great things about Twitter is that you get to read other peoples’ takes on things. Matthew Hankins, for example, posts people’s interpretations of p-values (under the hashtag #stillnotsignificant), which are more entertaining than you might think. A few weeks ago he posted the conclusion from a paper which read: “we were quite more

September 09, 2014

10:47 PM | Slovenian to head European Commission’s digital and innovation portfolio?
Slovenia’s Alenka Bratusek may become one of the six key commissioners in president-elect Jean-Claude Juncker’s team, heading the new portfolio on digital and innovation issues, according to an article in Bratusek was the first female prime minister in Slovenia (2013-2014) and holds a masters in social sciences from the University of Ljubljana. The new team would also include Latvia’s Valdis Dombrovkis for the Energy Union portofolio. Research and innovation may […]
7:37 PM | Friends Don’t Let Friends Vote Republican: Economic Stewardship edition
From Forbes (sic!) this analysis of President Obama’s economic record as compared with Saint Ronaldus of Reagan: Economically, President Obama’s administration has outperformed President Reagan’s in all commonly watched categories. Simultaneously the current administration has reduced the deficit, which skyrocketed under Reagan.  Additionally, Obama has reduced federal employment, which grew under Reagan (especially when including military […]
7:32 AM | Worker says safety manager followed him to hospital to avoid lost-time injury record
No doubt part of your job as a safety manager is to avoid lost-time injuries. But the object is to do that before an injury occurs. This company landed in court because of what a safety manager is alleged to have done after an employee was injured. On Aug. 6, 2012, Lonnie Harper was working [...]
6:25 AM | The Worst Places For Safety Managers to Work
Over my 40-plus safety career I have worked for and with hundreds of manufacturing companies. Generally speaking, the worst place for a safety professional to work is a small to medium-sized “private” company. “Public” companies (those owned by stock holders and traded on an exchange) on the other hand are professionally managed by well-qualified executives. [...]
5:34 AM | Firefighters Seriously Injured in Ice Bucket Challenge
Talk about unintended consequences. Four firefighters suffered electrical shocks while trying to help out with a fundraising event. The firefighters from the Campbellsville Fire Dept. in Kentucky were on board a fire truck when its ladder got too close to a power line. Even though the truck never touched the line, it became energized. Capt. Tony Grider [...]
4:46 AM | Safety Rap Video Goes Viral
Dennis McDade doesn’t care what you do – as long as you and your crew stay safe. That’s the refrain of McDade’s “Safety Rap,” which has garnered more than 300,000 views on YouTube since he made the safety-focused rap video in 2008. Read Full Article At Related Training DVDs: Electrical Safety Training Video Reminds [...]

September 08, 2014

2:18 PM | Start The Week With The Lord God Bird
A nice start to what might be a tolerable week* comes in the form of a message from Harvard’s rare books collection, the Houghton Library.  Its collection of 114 early J.J. Audubon drawings is now online in high resolution.  Among the treats, a depiction of two Ivory Billed Woodpeckers, the “lord god bird,” having their […]

September 07, 2014

2:04 PM | Weekend update: Another helping of evidence on what "believers" & "disbelievers" do & don't "know" about climate science
Data collected in ongoing work to probe, refine, extend, make sense of, demolish the "ordinary climate science intelligence" assessment featured in The Measurement Problem paper. You tell me what it means ...

September 06, 2014

3:45 PM | Conversation About What Peer Review Is
A thoughtful article by Rebecca Schumann about peer review by appears in Slate. [more]
2:59 PM | Weekend update: Some research on climate literacy to check out
I have a bunch of critical administrative tasks that are due/overdue.  Fortunately, I discovered this special "climate literacy" issue of the Journal of Geoscience Education.  It'll make for a weekend's worth of great reading. Thinking that others might be in need of the same benefit, I decided to post notice of the issue forthwith. Reader reports on one or another of the articles are certainly welcome.

September 05, 2014

10:51 PM | Oooh Baby, You Are So Talented!…
…And they are so dumb. “They” in this case refers to the mouthpiece for he whom Charles Pierce indelibly dubbed the C-plus Augustus, one Dana Perino, who complained that in some photographs of President Obama’s visit to Stonehenge, ” he’s standing alone.” Why is  this a problem for the former White House Press Secretary, who, in […]
6:57 PM | He Could Have Been A Contender
Well, no, he couldn’t, not really. I’m talking about Bobbie Jindal, and I’m of the opinion that there never was any there, there.  But up until his never-to-be-forgotten impression of Kenneth the Page the usual suspects spent a lot of bytes talking up this New Republican™ epitome of competence, intelligence and non-old-white-maleness. Not anymore, of course, for an […]
3:54 PM | Login Widget Busted
For some reason the usual login thingy isn’t working. Investigating. Meanwhile, members can login via this link.
4:05 AM | Teaching how to teach Bayes's Theorem (& covariance recognition) -- in less than 2 blog posts!
Adam Molnar, in front of graphic heuristic he developed to teach (delighted) elementary school children how to solve Riemann hypothesisThe 14.7 billion regular readers of this blog know that one of my surefire tricks for securing genuine edification for them is for me to hold myself forward as actually knowing something of importance in order lure/provoke an actual expert into stepping forward to set the record straight.  It worked again!  After reading my […]
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September 04, 2014

11:02 PM | Nice Interview with Kevin Trenberth
here [more]
10:46 PM | Chomsky Jeremiad
Noam Chomsky invokes the Owl of Minerva, climate change, and middle eastern politics, and doesn't see a good outcome. [more]
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