August 19, 2014

12:00 PM | Rubber Made From DANDELIONS! Episode 65 by Meredith Hanel (Click...
Rubber Made From DANDELIONS! Episode 65 by Meredith Hanel (Click here to directly access the MP3) (Access the full text transcript) In suburban North America, dandelions are nothing but an annoying weed to be extracted from lawns. The dandelion may soon rise from its lowly status, because of something valuable in its roots – rubber. We use natural rubber from the rubber tree for many things from tires to birthday balloons. Dandelion rubber car tires and dandelion latex products may be in […]
11:30 AM | Aug 19th: Asteroid Mining Part 2
Podcaster: Steve Nerlich

August 18, 2014

9:47 PM | StarTalk SoundBite: Paul Rudd's Plan To Terraform Mars
Cows on Mars? StarTalk Live host, Neil deGrasse Tyson gets to the meat of Paul Rudd’s questions surrounding cows, terraforming, and the human race’s future on Mars with some help from The Big Bang Theory's Dr. Amy Farra Fowler (Mayim Bialik) and co-host Eugene Mirman. If you enjoyed this StarTalk SoundBite, be sure to check out the full episode, recorded live, here:
11:30 AM | Aug 18th: Solutions to the Fermi Paradox
Podcaster: Fraser Cain & Dr Pamela Gay
5:00 AM | The science of the invisible - podcast
The prolific British science writer Philip Ball discusses his latest book Invisible: The Dangerous Allure of the Unseen Continue reading...

August 17, 2014

5:54 PM | A COSMOS Conversation with Ann Druyan
Go behind the scenes of the Emmy® Award-winning science show COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey when Neil deGrasse Tyson interviews its creator, writer and executive producer Ann Druyan. Read more and listen to the full podcast at
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