November 01, 2014

4:00 PM | Andean Pioneers Were Up Early
Early South Americans moved high into the Andes, soon after arriving on the continent....
4:00 PM | The Fast Flip of the Earth's Magnetic Field
The Earth's magnetic field may flip soon and quicker than had been imagined....
4:00 PM | Return of a Virus
A plant virus frozen in northern ice for centuries has been reconstructed and shown to be infective....
4:00 PM | A Message from Martha
A new book looks at the fate of the passenger pigeon, a century after the extinction of the species....
10:55 AM | SoT 166: That's No Moon
Defence giant Lockheed Martin has announced it wants to build a truck-sized nuclear fusion power-plant in the next ten years. They just don't appear to have a plan.The microbes in our guts have their own body clocks, and they too get messed up when we get jetlagged.The giant kangaroos that used to roam the Australian continent were three times the size of their modern descendants. And new research shows they used to walk, rather than hop.NASA's Messenger spacecraft has provided […]

October 30, 2014

9:00 PM | Haunted
How a group of paranormal investigators made one man realize what it really means for a house, or a man, to be haunted.
5:06 PM | Passenger Pigeons Gone, but Giant Tortoises Come Back
This week, we have 2 stories about animals on the brink of extinction. In one case, the passenger pigeon went over that brink 100 years ago; in the other, a giant tortoise in the Galapagos has made a miraculous recovery.

October 29, 2014

10:46 PM | TWiM #90: Think globally, act locally
  Vincent meets up with Laurene and David at the Annual Meeting of the Southern California Branch of the American Society for Microbiology, where they discuss how the Los Angeles County Department of Health is preparing for an outbreak of Ebola virus infection, and Cepheid’s game-changing, modular PCR system for the diagnosis of infectious diseases.

October 27, 2014

7:16 PM | Jeffrey Schell: Caught In The Rip Current
Oceanographer Jeffrey Schell finds himself in a race against time when he encounters swimmers stuck in a dangerous rip current. Jeffrey M. Schell is an associate professor of oceanography with Sea Education Association, a renowned study abroad organization offering academic programs in marine environmental studies. Since 1994, Jeff has guided students through the challenges of oceanographic field research toward the thrill of discovery while teaching on more than 30 Sea Semester programs […]
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