August 05, 2014

3:03 PM | StarTalk SoundBite: The Day The Earth Smiled
Did you smile for Cassini? StarTalk Radio host Neil deGrasse Tyson and Carolyn Porco, leader of the Cassini Imaging Team, explore the significance of the images of Saturn and Earth taken by the Cassini spacecraft. Discover why she considers these photos the greatest thing she has ever done, and her inspiration behind the legendary scene. If you enjoyed this StarTalk SoundBite, be sure to hear the full interview here: […]
12:00 PM | The Meaning of Life Episode 63 by Cris Felipe-Alves (Click here...
The Meaning of Life Episode 63 by Cris Felipe-Alves (Click here to directly access the MP3) What’s alive? What does it take to be alive? It’s easy to point at a big thing like a giraffe or a human and say “That’s definitely alive.” But what about cells? Bacteria? And Viruses? The question of what is “alive” has been debated and explored by scientists for generations - Listen to our podcast to learn more! Cris Felipe-Alves has worked as a […]
11:36 AM | Aug 5th: What’s Up Tonight! August Southern Skies Edition
Podcaster: Alice Enevoldsen aka Alice’s AstroInfo

August 04, 2014

10:41 PM | BacterioFiles 177 - Phages Fight Food Filth
This episode: Phages could be used to reduce infection with dangerous bacteria from meat and vegetables! Download Episode (13 MB, 14.2 minutes)Show notes:News item/Journal PaperAgriculture Science Today podcast discussion of this paper Other interesting stories: Slime mold computers get more complex Certain microbes on the body may protect against HIV infection Designing more bacteria-friendly sewer concrete Fungal compounds may help with Alzheimer's Scientists make a whole yeast […]
11:28 AM | Aug 4th: Observing With Webb in August 2014
Podcaster: Rob Webb
10:38 AM | How super AI could end the age of humans podcast
Professor Nick Bostrom discusses the existential threats posed by a superintelligent computer and why we will only get one chance to control such a powerful machine Continue reading...

August 03, 2014

8:45 PM | Furious New Science Fiction from Mark Alpert
Scientific American editor-turned-scifi-writer Mark Alpert, author of Final Theory and Extinction, talks about his latest book The Furies.     -- Read more on
11:13 AM | Aug 3rd: Relics of the Early Universe are Dustier Than Expected
Podcaster: Richard Drumm

August 02, 2014

7:11 PM | StarTalk Live: Big Brains at BAM (Part 3)
Our exploration of the human mind concludes with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Eugene Mirman, neuroscientists Mayim Bialik and Dr. Heather Berlin, and guests Michael Ian Black, Paul Rudd and Bill Nye. Read more and listen to the full show:
12:05 PM | Aug 2nd: Space History
Podcaster: Pamela Gay, Nicole Gugliucci, Amy Shira Teitel

August 01, 2014

1:47 PM | Daniel Engber: Distracting Mark Cuban
Daniel Engber risks derailing his PhD by constant daydreaming, until his neuroscience research gives him a idea that will revolutionize the NBA. Daniel Engber is a columnist for and Popular Science, and a regular contributor to the New York Times Magazine. He has appeared on Radiolab, All Things Considered and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and received the National Academies of Science Communication Award in 2012 and the Sex-Positive Journalism Award in 2008. His work has been […]
12:04 PM | Aug 1st: Awesome Astronomy’s August Sky Guide
Podcaster: Ralph & Paul

July 31, 2014

11:46 AM | SoT 156: Rubber Duckie Comet
Steve Nerlich from the Cheap Astronomy podcast gives us an update on the roller-coaster life of the ISEE-3 space probe. It was alive, then it died, then it was resurrected then it seemed dead but now it may be still alive again! Paleontologists have discovered the fossilised remains of one of the world's first known predators that lived in the sea around 520 million years ago. The fossils were detailed enough to show some of the brain structures. Researchers at UCLA have found eight […]
11:30 AM | July 31st: Monthly News Roundup – The Laugh
Podcaster: Morgan Rehnberg

July 30, 2014

11:30 AM | July 30th: Science Outreach from University to Community
Podcaster: Nicole Gugliucci, Georgia Bracey and Michelle Prysby

July 29, 2014

10:14 PM | Cosmic Minute: All Yeast is Not Created Equal
How does yeast help create wine’s complexity? There are different kinds of yeast everywhere! Jedi Wine Master Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan enlightens host Neil deGrasse Tyson as to how millions of different species of yeast help generate many different types and flavors of wine. If you like this track, be sure to check out the whole “Wit and Wisdom about Wine” episode at
7:05 PM | StarTalk SoundBite: Madame Saturn Meets Star Trek
Whose call was it to hide the Enterprise behind Saturn, Captain Kirk or Carolyn Porco? Find out when StarTalk Radio host Neil deGrasse Tyson explores the surprising pop culture influence of Carolyn Porco’s work, from TED Talks to J.J. Abrams. Discover how Carolyn came to work with Abrams and the influence she had on the 2009 Sci-Fi hit, Star Trek. If you enjoyed this StarTalk SoundBite, be sure to hear the full interview here: […]
11:30 AM | July 29th: The Evryscope Sky Survey System
Podcaster: Cosmic

July 28, 2014

11:09 PM | BacterioFiles 176 - Bacteria Bust Biodiesel Builders
This episode: Algae-killing bacteria could help improve biofuel recovery processes! Download Episode (11 MB, 12 minutes)Show notes:Journal Paper Other interesting stories: Soil microbes could be useful for weed control About how bacteria are beautiful Making biofuel bacteria more resistant to harsh process chemicals New ways of producing high-energy biofuels Understanding how fungus-like bacteria help plants grow (paper) Post questions or comments here or email to bacteriofiles at […]
2:13 PM | Getting across a visceral sense of climate change is one of the...
Getting across a visceral sense of climate change is one of the hardest problems in science writing. Daniel Crawford, an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota decided to use a tool that’s inherently visceral — music. He wrote “Song of a Warming Planet.” It’s a small thing, but with the incredible complexity of climate change it’s going to take a lot of very different ideas to help people understand the big picture. Read more at Ensia. » Ben
11:30 AM | July 28th: Exploring Apollo Now
Podcaster: Host: Dr Pamela Gay Guests: Robert Brand & Derek Webber
5:00 AM | Smashing Physics: how we discovered the Higgs boson - podcast
The British physicist Jon Butterworth discusses his new book Smashing Physics, an insider's account of the discovery of the Higgs boson. Plus, the origins of life Continue reading...
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