October 25, 2014

4:00 PM | Quirks Question Period: Space Magnets
Magnets ... in ...Space ... !...

October 24, 2014

7:19 PM | Ebola: Questions and Answers Episode 67 by Cris Felipe-Alves...
Ebola: Questions and Answers Episode 67 by Cris Felipe-Alves (Click here to directly access the MP3) The current Ebola outbreak has claimed the lives of thousands of people in West Africa since February 2014. Just recently, the UN declared the disease as a “threat to international piece and security”. This week, Experimental hit the streets to answer some of the questions the public have about Ebola. Listen to this latest Experimental podcast to learn more about this terrible […]
11:06 AM | Should the creation of novel viruses be banned? podcast
Do the benefits of creating enhanced viruses to study transmissibility and virulence outweigh the risks? Virologist Wendy Barclay and epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch debate this controversial question Continue reading...
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