August 29, 2014

4:35 PM | Episode 204 – Parasite Preserves
00:00: 00 – People love to focus on gigantic and impressive fossils, but tiny fossils of tiny parasites can also teach us a lot about our history of living with those critters that would take advantage of us. We begin the show with some  Schistosomiasis eggs found around the stomach region of a fossil human from Mesopotamia. […]
2:01 PM | Media for Thinking the Unthinkable Today’s pick is a...
Media for Thinking the Unthinkable Today’s pick is a scannable collection of software demonstration videos, all designed as prototypes of “a new medium for science and engineering” that amplifies/extends intuition and the senses as much as analytical thinking. Demos start with a redesign of the traditional scientific journal article and head down the rabbit hole from there. Exploring natural systems and communicating discoveries about them (i.e., doing science) is a creative […]
12:19 PM | Aug 29th: The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd
Podcaster: Avivah Yamani Title: Folklore Series:  The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd Organization: Astrosphere New Media Link : ; Description:  A folklore from China & Korea about Milky Way according to Chinese and Korean tradition which inspired an annual festival to both country. Bio: Avivah Yamani is a Project Manager of 365 Days of Astronomy. […]

August 28, 2014

3:45 PM | Juneau Where I Am: <i>Scientific American</i> Alaska Cruise, Part 2
Scientific American Bright Horizons Cruise 22 arrives in Juneau, Alaska -- Read more on
2:01 PM | How Life on Earth Began Today’s pick is an animated...
How Life on Earth Began Today’s pick is an animated overview of the latest thinking on the biggest mystery in science. With paper cutouts. I love how this video wraps one concrete scientific question around a deeper, simpler, but more philosophical one: What is life, anyway? The notion that life on earth didn’t have a special “start” but probably cross-faded into existence as bags of inanimate reactive chemicals randomly mixed into more […]
12:07 PM | Aug 28th: Drivin’ a Spacecraft
Podcaster: Host: Pamela Gay. Guest: Tim Weise, Dan Moyers, Kristina Larson, Ken Starr, Mana Salami, Keri Bean

August 27, 2014

2:01 PM | Storm Chasing on Saturn This video is a short news video...
Storm Chasing on Saturn This video is a short news video showing/explaining a storm on the north pole of Saturn bigger than four Earths in the shape of a hexagon. A storm on the north pole of Saturn, bigger than four Earths, in the shape of a hexagon. Oh also, it has alien aurorae glowing over it. The word “awesome” should be reserved for sights like this. The video also boasts impeccable sound design, limpid graphics, and a slam-dunk visual proof of how such a strange […]
12:29 PM | Aug 27th: Toys from Trash
Podcaster: Nicole Gugliucci & Arvind Gupta

August 26, 2014

4:32 PM | Catch Me If You Ketchikan: <i>Scientific American</i> Alaska Cruise, Part 1
Scientific American Bright Horizons Cruise 22 arrives in Ketchikan, Alaska. -- Read more on
3:48 PM | StarTalk SoundBite: Mayim Bialik, Neuroscientist And Actress
Did you know Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler is a neuroscientist in real life? StarTalk Live host Neil deGrasse Tyson explores how Emmy-Nominated actress Mayim Bialik’s portrayal of a neuroscientist on "The Big Bang Theory" has been influenced by her own personal experience in the field. Along with the support of Dr. Heather Berlin and additional commentary from Eugene Mirman, they uncover some of the reality behind the social stereotypes characterized in"The Big Bang Theory" and scientific […]
2:02 PM | The Weight of Mountains Here’s a short film by a...
The Weight of Mountains Here’s a short film by a children’s book illustrator about “the processes by which mountains are created and eventually destroyed, based upon the work of British geographer L. Dudley Stamp.” It’s eye-meltingly gorgeous and starkly scientific. The tone is meditative and incantatory, turning geological terms into epic poetry. If you’ve ever wanted to read John McPhee’s “Annals of the Former World” but only have 11 […]
12:30 PM | Aug 26th: The K2 Mission: Kepler’s Second Act
Podcaster: Roz Brown & John Troeltzsch
1:54 AM | BacterioFiles 180 - Phage Functions Fight Fortifications
This episode: Some phages can fight back against bacterial defenses with recently discovered genes! Download Episode (8.3 MB, 9 minutes)Show notes:Journal Paper Other interesting stories: Antibiotic treatment of certain bacterial disease associated with weight gain Knowing what is a healthy microbiome is tricky Knowing how the microbiome is related to obesity is tricky Genes for antibiotics in fungi could have come from bacteria Antibiotics could disrupt newborns' adaptation to […]

August 25, 2014

9:49 PM | A Spacecraft for All
This week’s guest picker is John Pavlus, and here is his first pick: A Spacecraft for All  This is a thrillingly well-designed interactive film/visualization about ISEE-3, a probe launched in 1978 to study the Sun, control of which was then lost, and recently regained by a citizen-science crowdfunding campaign, and then lost again. The filmmaking, the design (graphic, sound, interaction, user experience, typography, 3D), the narrative, the technological wizardry (of the project […]
11:30 AM | Aug 25th: Carina Constellations
Podcaster: Fraser Cain & Dr Pamela Gay

August 23, 2014

11:34 PM | A Conversation With Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers is hosting the Emmy® Awards Monday night, but you can listen to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s interview with the host of “Late Night” this Sunday. Read more and listen to the entire episode:
11:44 AM | Aug 23rd: Astronomers Clear Up a Dusty Mystery
Podcaster: Richard Drumm

August 22, 2014

7:53 PM | Erika Engelhaupt: The Science Of Speeding
Erika Engelhaupt is on a road trip out to DC when suddenly they're pulled over and her boyfriend is arrested. She'll need science to vindicate her man. Erika Engelhaupt is a science writer and editor. At the time of this show, she is about to start a new job as the online science editor at National Geographic. She was most recently a deputy managing editor at Science News magazine, where she started her blog, Gory Details. Gory Details covers all that is creepy, bizarre, or otherwise strangely […]
2:01 PM | And here we have Lily Bui’s last pick. What if the solar...
And here we have Lily Bui’s last pick. What if the solar system was a musical instrument? Find out here. (This does have auto-playing audio, just as an FYI friends). 
11:30 AM | Aug 22nd: Science on the Halfsphere
Podcaster: Pamela Gay, Nicole Gugliucci
3:52 AM | SoT 157: The Cephalopod Happy Ending
The Rosetta space probe has finally arrived and is currently in orbit around the comet 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko! Rosetta is now officially the first spacecraft to rendezvous with a comet.A previously unknown tribe of humans has emerged from the rainforest in Brazil and made contact with a settled indigenous community. They are believed to have fled illegal loggers and drug traffickers, but some have already contracted influenza.Newly discovered crAssphage could be the […]

August 21, 2014

11:07 PM | Another from our guest picker from last week, Lily Bui.  To...
Another from our guest picker from last week, Lily Bui.  To navigate, you must be brave, and you must remember. Learn the ancient Polynesian art of wayfinding. (This does have auto-playing audio, just as an FYI friends).  Lily Bui is a STEM Story Project associate the Public Radio Exchange (PRX), a citizen science editor at SciStarter & Discover Magazine, and an M.S. candidate in MIT’s Comparative Media Studies program. You will likely find her playing the ukulele, tinkering […]
9:05 PM | Hello
It's tough to make small talk with a stranger—especially when that stranger doesn't speak your language. (And he has a blowhole.)
2:37 PM | Cosmic Minute: Black Holes, Other Universes, and the Mystery of Dark Matter
Did you know dark matter accounts for 85 percent of our gravity? Neil deGrasse Tyson, host of StarTalk Radio, illuminates us on black holes that may lead to other universes, and the common mysteries of dark matter and energy that have a huge hand to play in the way our own universe works. If you like this track (and want more of an explanation and context for Neil’s use of the word “Rebecca”), be sure to check out the whole “Through the Wormhole” episode where […]
11:30 AM | Aug 21st: The Minus-Third Anniversary of the 2017 US-Crossing Total Solar Eclipse
Podcaster: Jay Pasachoff
3:28 AM | TWiM #85: Oscillation in the ocean and a Verona integron
Vincent, Elio, Michael, and Michele discuss the diel transcriptional rythmns of bacterioplankton communities in the ocean, and extensively drug resistant Pseudomonas in Ohio.

August 20, 2014

10:38 PM | Episode 203 – Condor or Condon’t
00:00:00 – This week is dedicated to an interview Ryan did with PhD student Zeka Kuspa, who studies environmental toxicology as it affects California condor restoration. The first part of the interview covers the basics of California condors, their conservation history, and the problems they face due to lead poisoning. 00:39:01 – It take us […]
11:30 AM | Aug20th: News From the 126th Meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Podcaster: Nicole Gugliucci & Georgia Bracey

August 19, 2014

7:17 PM | Shakespeare and Science Part 2
Dan Falk discusses his latest book, The Science of Shakespeare: A New Look at the Playwright's Universe.     -- Read more on
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