November 15, 2014

5:00 PM | Ant Queen Wins Sperm Battle
Inter-species ant mating produces sterile workers for the colony....
5:00 PM | Duck-Billed Dinosaur Was A Distance Runner
Herbivorous hadrosaurs might have been tortoises instead of hares....
5:00 PM | The Darkness is Full of Stars
As many as half the stars in the universe may be hiding in the dark....
5:00 PM | Birds & Music
A composer tries to determine scientifically if bird song is really music....
5:00 PM | Bats Jam Others' Echolocation
Bats competing for food jam each other's sonar....
1:20 PM | SoT 168: It's Not Milk It's Bean Juice
A team of bioengineers is trying to make artificial milk in a lab and without animals. They call it "Muufri".In order to study penguins up close, without disturbing them, researchers from Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique used small baby-penguin sized rovers. The rover - cleverly disguised as a penguin - was able to monitor penguins and even quick-tempered elephant seals without alarming the animals.A man who had brain surgery for a serious medical […]
4:50 AM | Episode 209 – Yeast from a Beast
00:00:00 – Patrick and Ryan are joined by Jasper Akerboom and Jason Osborne, who collaborated to make a beer with yeast harvested from fossils. The beer, Bone Dusters from Lost Rhino Brewing Company, involved diving into swamps for fossils, swabbing protocetids for cultures, and dealing with all the trials and tribulations of a yeast strain cultivated […]

November 14, 2014

9:58 PM | Doctors Without Borders Fight On Ebola's Front Lines
Scientific American health and medicine correspondent Dina Fine Maron talks with Armand Sprecher of Doctors Without Borders, who has fought Ebola in Guinea and Liberia. And Steve talks Ebola with... -- Read more on
3:01 PM | How Likely Is It That Birth Control Could Let You Down?
Which form of birth control a woman takes is far more complicated than simply how effective that form is. But effectiveness is certainly an important thing to consider. I love how this visualization shows all the options together in a really easy to read set of graphs. Roll over through time to see the number of women (for every 100) who will have an unplanned pregnancy using each method. » Rose
12:21 AM | TWiM #91: Rats, viruses, and bacteria
Vincent, Elio, and Michele review a study of the viruses and bacteria in commensal rats in New York City. Visit for complete show notes. Thanks for listening!

November 13, 2014

10:25 PM | Patient Zero - Updated
The greatest mysteries have a shadowy figure at the center, Patient Zero. We hunt for Patient Zeroes from all over the map.      
3:36 PM | Taming the Kitty-cat
The domestic cat is descended from a solitary, elusive, ferocious predator. So, how did we turn the wild-cat into that furry lump, purring in your lap? By studying the cat genome, scientists have discovered part of the answer, but they've also found that your cuddly house-cat is still pretty wild.

November 11, 2014

12:00 AM | Threshold responses of communities in coastal wetlands
Low levels of anthropogenic stress in a watershed impact wetland organisms

November 10, 2014

4:53 PM | BacterioFiles 190 - Bacteriophages Bust Biofilm Beacons
This episode: Engineered phages can both kill bacteria and disrupt their communications! Download Episode (14.8 MB, 16.2 minutes)Show notes:Journal Paper Other interesting stories: Tiny microbes affect temperature by how much sunlight is reflected off ice Bacteria could help clean uranium from aquifers Fungus can kill poison ivy Differences found in gut microbes between children with or without diabetes Using viruses to understand tiny physics better Post questions or comments here or […]
3:24 PM | Ep. 354: Comet Siding Spring vs. Mars
We were witness to a once in a million year event. A close approach of Comet Siding Spring to the Planet Mars. And fortunately, humanity had a fleet of spacecraft orbiting the Red Planet, ready to capture this monumental event in real time. What did we see? What will we learn? Ep. 354: Comet Siding […]

November 09, 2014

10:17 AM | Cosmic Queries: Gravity
The pull of gravity (the force, not the movie) is irresistible as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Leighann Lord grapple with weighty fan questions about matter and the curvature of spacetime. Read more and listen to the full episode at

November 08, 2014

5:00 PM | Quirks & Quarks for Nov. 8, 2014
This week, we revisit the Rosetta mission's long trip; we find out how pigs sleep with the fishes; learn how fish created copulation; look into the growth of chickens; and stargaze with the world's biggest telescope. ...
5:00 PM | Rosetta's Long Trip
The Rosetta mission to a comet will attempt to put a lander on the surface to sample and study it....
5:00 PM | These Crime Solvers are Real Pigs
Forensic experiments on sunken pigs show how bodies change underwater....
5:00 PM | Ancient Fish Created Copulation
Hundreds of millions of years ago, a tiny fish seems to have invented internal fertilization....
5:00 PM | Chicken Big
Chickens raised for meat have quadrupled in weight since the 1950's - thanks to selective breeding....
5:00 PM | Big Science: Thirty Meter Telescopes
Ground has been broken for the world's largest telescope, but funding to complete the project is still in doubt....

November 07, 2014

9:01 PM | The Infinite Golden Record
We love Lily Bui’s work (we even had her on as a guest picker here recently!) and this most recent bit of magic is no exception. You might know that NASA’s Voyager is carrying two golden records with it, to show any alien civilizations what we humans sound like and care about. Now you can listen to those records, infinitely! Bui set up a site that plays the tracks from the records for you on a loop.  Bui explains a bit more about the background for the project here. […]
8:56 PM | Earth View from Google Maps
Okay, so, this is a weird one. But I think it’s really cool so hear me out. This is a Chrome extension. It’s called Earth View from Google Maps, which is pretty self explanatory. The premise is this: Every time you open up a new tab in Chrome, instead of seeing a blank white page, you see an image from Google Earth. This seems simple, and it really is, but it has made my internet usage incredibly more pleasurable.  Allow me to wax poetic about this for a moment longer. […]
4:26 PM | Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books - podcast
Which is the best popular science book of the year? Robin McKie and Nicky Clayton discuss the six shortlisted. Plus, Rosetta's moment in space and Cern gets its new leader Continue reading...
9:42 AM | This is how you do optimisation
Press Release: Kellyville Ridge Man scores a perfect 15 in OpalKellyville Ridge NSW. Local resident Tim Surendonk is celebrating today after scoring the coveted perfect 15 in Opal. As Tim explains it, a perfect 15 occurs when a user of the Opal card pays the absolute minimum amount for unrestricted travel for 6 days in a week (Tuesday-Sunday).The Opal rules allow unlimited travel after reaching 8 paid journeys, something which the average commuter will only attain after 4 days of […]

November 06, 2014

3:14 PM | Harpooning a Comet
After a 10-year voyage through space, the Rosetta spacecraft has finally caught the comet it was launched to chase. And next Wednesday, it will release a lander that will dock with the comet's icy surface by harpooning it.
1:38 AM | Ebola Expert Update
Scientific American health and medicine correspondent Dina Fine Maron talks about Ebola with tropical medicine and infectious disease expert Daniel Bausch of Tulane University at the annual meeting... -- Read more on

November 05, 2014

12:33 PM | SoT 167: Sticky Feet
Virologist Dr. Grant Hill-Cawthorne joins us to discuss Ebola. Everything you need to know about the current outbreak.Researchers in Florida have noticed than in just fifteen years a particular species of lizard has grown larger, stickier feet as an evolutionary response to an invading Cuban lizard.In the lead up to the attempted landing of Philae on a comet in a few weeks, the Rosetta probe has taken some readings. And now we know what a comet smells like, and it's not […]

November 04, 2014

9:23 PM | Matineh Eybpoosh: Being Good
Married young and used to giving up her own dreams, Iranian student Matineh Eybpoosh moves to the U.S. to study computer science—and a whole new world opens up. Matineh Eybpoosh was born in Oroumieh, a town that carries the scent of apples and the generosity of grapes, and shelters happy flamingos. She holds a masters in Construction Engineering and Management from the Middle East Technical University in Turkey, and a B.A. in civil engineering from Tabriz University in Iran. She is […]
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