April 03, 2015

2:16 AM | SwanCon 2015 – “How To Be More Skeptical” Talk
If you’re reading this, most likely you were at the SwanCon40 2015 talk I gave – and here are my notes! Powerpoint slides! Here’s what I chatted about. Brains Books Both – suggested books for you to check out!  

April 02, 2015

9:32 PM | March 2015: Shaun Killen, animal personality, and guppy food preferences
This month, I discover that a preference for a particular colour of food can be heritable, and I also have a chat with Niels Dingemanse from the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology about how you test animal personality. In the Scientific spark, I talk to Shaun Killen, from the University of Glasgow, who tells me about his inspiration to become a scientist. Download the MP3Testing Great tit personality. Image from Great tits: birds […]
5:38 PM | VIDEO: Radiolab Presents: Radio Ambulante
As a follow-up to our story Los Frikis, we're bringing you a translated version of Radio Ambulante's story on the same subject.
1:23 PM | How to find a nuclear bomb - podcast
This week world powers attempted to reach a deal to prevent Iran producing nuclear weapons. What is the potential global fallout from the talks? And how do you detect secret nuclear tests? Continue reading...

April 01, 2015

10:56 PM | TWiM #101: The MRSA in your home
Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Michael Schmidt, Elio Schaechter and Michele Swanson.  The TWiMers discuss how aroma helps disperse yeast cells on insect vectors, and evidence that MRSA is transmitted within households. Subscribe to TWiM (free) on iTunes, via RSS feed, by email or listen on your mobile device with the Microbeworld app. Links for this episode Aroma promotes yeast dispersal on flies (Cell Rep) MRSA is transmitted […]

March 31, 2015

3:16 PM | Feb 2015: Damien Farine, penguins who can't taste, and shiny tree swallows
This month, I find out that penguins can’t tell the difference between savoury and sweet. I also chat with Sonia Van Wijk from The Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada, about what makes a male tree swallow attractive to a female who's on the look-out for more than one partner. And in the Scientific spark, I talk to social network whizz Damien Farine, from the University of Oxford, about his path into science. Download the MP3Adelie penguins […]

March 30, 2015

6:13 PM | Episode 217 – Go With The Flow
00:00:00 – This week Abe and Ryan  joined by Dr. Dave McGarvie to get an update on what’s going on with those pesky Icelandic volcanoes that seem to keep threatening air travel. What’s the deal there, Dave? 00:24:10 – One way to stay cool around hot lava is a drink. Sure, maybe not a flammable one, […]
4:03 PM | BacterioFiles 208 - Discovering Dietary Dwellers
This episode: Dr. Angela Zivkovic discusses the microbes present in our food! Download Episode (21.6 MB, 23.6 minutes)Show notes:Journal Paper Other interesting stories: Archaea seem to be producing vitamin B12 in oceans Tree microbiomes differ between species like animals' Some bacteria can help plants form root nodules better (paper) Biofilms can be useful materials for different things, like sticking to steel Electricity from microbe metabolism could power waste treatment Post questions […]

March 29, 2015

11:53 PM | I know there are approximately eight zillion videos that explain...
I know there are approximately eight zillion videos that explain how solar and lunar eclipses work, but bear with me here. I really like this one. Plus, it’s one of the first videos in Vox’s science series. The animation is nice and clear, and maybe I will finally remember how to explain eclipses this time! Bonus points for answering viewer questions in the comments, too. » Rose

March 28, 2015

7:12 PM | Cosmic Queries: Bill Nye Edition
The Science Guy takes the mic to answer your questions for him about evolution, technology, the human exploration of space, and even Leonard Nimoy, chosen from Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus by co-host Chuck Nice.

March 27, 2015

11:18 AM | The science behind our sense of touch - podcast
Neuroscientist David J. Linden on why touch is the sense that most defines us as humans Continue reading...
1:45 AM | Bianca Jones Marlin: It's Because She's Black
On the first day of grad school for her PhD, a fellow student tells Bianca Jones Marlin that she doesn't really belong there. Bianca Jones Marlin is a neuroscientist and doctoral candidate at New York University, School of Medicine. She received dual bachelor degrees in biology and adolescent education from St. John's University. Her time as a high school biology teacher led her to the laboratory, where she now studies the neurochemicals that govern communication and dictate social memories. […]

March 26, 2015

7:09 PM | The Ebola Outbreak: Past, Present and Future
Scientific American’s Dina Maron talks with Keiji Fukuda, assistant director-general for health security at the World Health Organization, about the current Ebola outbreak, the threat of sexual... -- Read more on
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