December 25, 2014

2:05 AM | TWiM #94: Nitrochondria
Vincent, Elio, and Michael discuss a symbiosis between a nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria and a single-celled eukaryotic alga.   Links for this episode:   Unicellular cyanobacterium and alga symbiosis (Science) Diversity of nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterium and its host (Environ Micro) Talmudic Question #4 (answer) Talmudic Question #2 Coccolithophore (Wikipedia) Visit to view the complete shownotes and entire back catalog.

December 23, 2014

12:04 PM | SoT 172: It's Really Far
Rosetta has analysed the water found on comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko and found significant differences compared to water on Earth. This may weaken the theory that comets brought water to an early Earth.One of the most common minerals on our planet finally has a name. We've known Brigmanite exists for a long time, but it was a surprising source that gave scientists the opportunity to study it up close.The New Horizons spacecraft has just been successfully woken up, […]
5:00 AM | Worth
We’ve gathered a handful of stories that show how every time we think we’ve settled on a price for something, it slips out of our grasp. 

December 22, 2014

9:19 PM | Nov 2014: The Wiltschkos and the magnetic compass
A sensory ecology bonanza! Professor Wolfgang and Roswita Wiltschko, the husband and wife team who were the first to show that birds have a magnetic sense and use the earth’s magnetic field to orientate, talk about their Scientific Spark. Tanya Kleinhappel tells me how fish sniff out friends from foe. I discover how bats jam their competitor’s sonar. Download the MP3Bats jam each others echolocation calls when competing for preyQuicklinks: Tanja Kleinhappel's paper on Diet-mediated […]
3:49 PM | BacterioFiles 196 - Flagellin Facilitates Flu-shot Function
This episode: Bacteria are important for a good immune response to unadjuvanted influenza vaccines! Download Episode (14.6 MB, 16 minutes)Show notes:News item 1/News item 2/Journal Paper Other interesting stories: Supermarket makes its own electricity from food waste Including oncolytic virus in treatment could save limbs threatened by cancer Engineered gut bacteria inhibit obesity in mice Microbes in soil instead of chemicals could improve agriculture Finding phages to treat Pseudomonas […]
11:20 AM | Scientists far from home at Christmas - podcast
We speak to researchers working in the Arctic, Antarctic, Greenland, Sudan, South Africa and the Indian Ocean to find out what they will do on Christmas Day far away from home. Plus, Ian Sample, Nicola Davis and Robin McKie review the year's best science stories Continue reading...

December 21, 2014

4:49 PM | Extended Classic: Cosmic Queries: Pseudoscience, now with Elise Andrew of IFLS and Bill Nye
Put on your thinking caps as Neil Tyson and Leighann Lord answer fan questions about pseudoscience, from crystals to creationism and ancient aliens to alternative medicine. Plus, a new interview with Elise Andrew, Bill Nye, and Chuck Nice.

December 20, 2014

12:00 AM | New featured article in the latest FWS!
Unexpected stoichiometric relationships observed between consumption and nutrient release of stream invertebrate fauna.

December 19, 2014

2:30 PM | Parable of the Polygons
Part math, part sociology, all masterfully done, Parable of the Polygons is an interactive lesson in unintended consequences. Created by Vi Hart and Nicky Case, it alternates text and interactive blocks that let you get a visceral sense of the mathematics that drives segregation even in societies that want to be integrated. Well worth going through in detail. » Ben
2:01 PM | The Wellcome Trust has a really cool online exhibit right now...
The Wellcome Trust has a really cool online exhibit right now that explores “a century of madness, murder and mental healing, from the arrival in Paris of Franz Anton Mesmer with his theories of ‘animal magnetism’ to the therapeutic power of hypnotism used by Freud.” As you move through Mindcraft the stories and sections, the design does a great job of highlighting facts, and really immersing you in the story. And that story is weird, eerie and ultimately […]

December 18, 2014

12:00 AM | SFS leaders in the seat of science power
SFS at the Council of Scientific Society Presidents meeting

December 17, 2014

9:41 PM | The Quirks Holiday Book Show: Math, Volcanoes, and Stuff
It's our annual book show this week, where we feature interviews with the authors of 3 new popular science books - dealing with a powerful, but little known volcano; why stuff matters, and the joys of mathematics.

December 16, 2014

3:06 AM | Ed Yong: Questioning A Hero
Ed Yong is ecstatic to get an interview with his hero, Sir David Attenborough, but he's not prepared for a lesson in what having a science hero really means. Ed Yong is an award-winning science writer. His blog Not Exactly Rocket Science is hosted by National Geographic, and his work has also appeared in Wired, Nature, the BBC, New Scientist and more. His first book I CONTAIN MULTITUDES--about how microbes influence the lives of every animal, from humans to squid to wasps--will be published in […]

December 15, 2014

5:44 PM | Ep. 359: Modern Women: Margaret Geller
Margaret Geller is best known for her work on the large scale structure of the Universe, helping us understand the large clusters, super clusters and cosmic filaments that matter clumps into. Ep. 359: Modern Women: Margaret Geller Jump to Shownotes Jump to Transcript Show Notes Sponsors: 8th Light and Swinburne Astronomy Online Astronomy Cast on […]
1:53 PM | BacterioFiles 195 - CRISPR/Cas Cuts Cancer Causers
This episode: Bacterial antivirus system could treat chronic herpes virus infections! Download Episode (10.9 MB, 11.9 minutes)Show notes:Journal Paper Other interesting stories: Studying bacteria that consume and produce electricity Fungus living in rice seems like it evolved from rice pathogen (paper) Bacteria growing with plants could help clean air in buildings (paper) Understanding how Caulobacter tolerates high levels of uranium (paper) Report about how viruses are more than […]
12:37 PM | SoT 171: No Unicorn Farts
Is HIV evolving in to a milder, less deadly virus? A new study suggests it's taking longer for HIV infections to cause AIDS and that this is the result of mutations in the virus.NASA's test launch and flight of the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle was a success. This was an important step in an ambitious plan to send astronauts to an asteroid and then perhaps send astronauts to Mars.Biologists at Santa Fe College in Florida have found that our desire to drink alcohol, and […]
6:00 AM | Chris Hadfield on the future of manned space exploration - podcast
Former astronaut Chris Hadfield describes the thrill of rocket launches and spacewalks, and explains why he thinks it's too soon to send people to Mars Continue reading...

December 13, 2014

5:00 PM | Quirks & Quarks for Dec. 13, 2014
This week, we have a drink with the apes; get a 4500-year-old diagnosis; meet triceratops' tiny grandfather; explore the polar bear's foot fetish; face the electric eel's taser; and climb the Avian family tree. ...
5:00 PM | Alcohol the Key to our Descent from the Trees
When our ape ancestors came down from the trees, fermenting fruit on the ground turned out to be impossible to resist....
5:00 PM | 4,500-Year-Old Cancer in Human Fossils
An ancient Siberian man died with bones riddled with cancerous lesions....
5:00 PM | Oldest Horned Dinosaur in North America
A tiny ancestor of mighty Triceratops has been discovered in Montana....
5:00 PM | Polar Bear's Foot Fetish
Scent deposited on snow and ice by their feet help male and female polar bears find each other....
5:00 PM | Electric Eels "Tase" Their Prey
Eels deliver carefully modulated high voltage shocks that paralyze the muscles of the fish they hunt....
5:00 PM | The Avian Tree of Life
A new family tree for birds reveals details of an evolutionary "big bang" after the dinosaur extinction....
5:29 AM | Extended Classic: MythBusters (Part 2)
Since they didn’t blow up Neil’s office in Part 1, the MythBusters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are back to finish the job. Now extended with 10 minutes of Cosmic Queries with Neil and Chuck!

December 12, 2014

8:07 PM | Buttons Not Buttons
A quartet of buttons that may just leave you stuck, rich, ugly, or dead. Confused? Push the button marked “Play”.

December 11, 2014

8:10 AM | TWiM #93: Worming in on bacteria
  Vincent, Elio, and Michael reveal that a soil-dwelling nematode can recognize and respond to a bacterial quorum sensing molecule through a sensory neuron.
4:13 AM | Annalee Newitz: Honoring The Dead
Annalee Newitz comes to terms with grief while exploring the remains of a mysterious ancient city. Annalee Newitz is the editor of io9, and author most recently of Scatter, Adapt, and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction

December 10, 2014

9:42 PM | Episode 211 – Giving Thanks V, Vini, Vidi, Gratias
It’s time again for our annual Thanksgiving show! That means all feedback this week, all from PaleoPosse who have been kind enough to give us a bit of their hard-earned cash to help us keep producing this podcast for y’all. 00:00:00 – Our first PaleoPOW of the week comes from Joshua W., who is worried […]
6:59 PM | Why Great Apes Like Great Grapes
About 10 million years ago, a genetic mutation occurred in our ape ancestors, which apparently gave us the ability to imbibe alcohol. Thanks to that mutation, we were able to come out of the trees to eat fermenting fruit, and that first step led to many a stumble.
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