April 15, 2014

7:18 PM | BacterioFiles Micro Edition 162 - Desert Dwellers Densify Dunes
This episode: Spraying cyanobacteria could turn deserts into useful land! Download Episode (9.3 MB, 10.13 minutes)Show notes:News item/Journal Paper Other interesting stories: How multicellular cyanobacteria communicates between cells (paper) Microscopic protozoa could be used instead of animals for cosmetic testing Slime molds are good like computers at finding best routes to different places Bacteria can divide into two distinct cells with different behaviors Students program bacteria to […]
5:07 PM | Ep. 342: Sunsetting Spacecraft
Everything dies, including our technology. But when we’ve hurtled a few thousands pounds of robotic instrumentation to another planet, it gets a little difficult to shut it down and clean up. What do we do when a mission has reached the end of its useful life? Ep. 342: Sunsetting Spacecraft Jump to Shownotes Jump to [...]
12:36 PM | April 15th: Chasing the Prize
Podcaster: Host: Dr Pamela Gay ; Guests: Andrew Barton

April 14, 2014

12:00 PM | April 14th: Lunar and Planetary Society Conference 2014
Podcaster: Fraser Cain, Dr Pamela Gay & Alessondra Springmann
5:00 AM | Science Weekly podcast: James Lovelock on the future of planet Earth
James Lovelock takes Guardian science correspondent Ian Sample on a tour of a new exhibition at London's Science Museum, documenting his inventions and theories, and delivers a grim prognosis for Gaia's future Continue reading...

April 13, 2014

12:00 PM | April 13th: Scientists for a Day Contest
Podcaster: Nicole Gugliucci and Rachel Zimmerman-Brachman

April 12, 2014

4:00 PM | Quirks & Quarks for April 12, 2014
This week, we find out about Saturn's watery moon; how geese fly higher than Everest; how poverty damages DNA; how stress superpowers a beetle; why bone bends before it breaks; and how deep a whale can go. ...
4:00 PM | Saturn's Watery Moon
Saturn's tiny moon Enceladus has an ocean of liquid water, the size of Lake Superior....
4:00 PM | Geese Put Their Heart Into Flying
Understanding how bar-headed geese can manage to fly as high as Mount Everest in oxygen-depleted thin air....
4:00 PM | Poverty Erodes DNA in Children
9-year-old children raised in disadvantaged circumstances show signs of damage to their DNA....
4:00 PM | As Strong as a ... Beetle?
Beetles can triple their strength and lift 300 times their own weight when stressed....
4:00 PM | What Puts the Bend in Bone
Bone's strength and resilience comes from a gel that cushions the mineral particles in bone....
4:00 PM | Whale Sets Deep Diving Record
Cuvier's Beaked Whale sets a mammalian record and dives to nearly 3000 meters below the surface....
12:50 PM | Urban Legendary Two – Interview With Joe Kleiman On “Blackfish”
The Second Urban Legendary Show! An interview with Joseph Kleiman, about the documentary “Blackfish“, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite and associated issues. Additional news: “Ruling was made on the 11th April 2014, in SeaWorld’s appeals case against OSHA. Ruling was not favorable to SeaWorld. The only option remaining is US Supreme Court. The OSHA decision affects only Orlando, not the Texas or California parks. Water work during performances at […]
12:00 PM | April 12th: Sakurai’s Object
Podcaster: Rob Sparks, Dr. Ken Hinkle & Dr. Dick Joyce
12:16 AM | Cosmic Queries: A Stellar Sampling
This week’s show is bursting with conspiracy theories and strange hypotheses, but that doesn’t stop your own personal astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson from dropping some serious science.

April 11, 2014

10:26 PM | TWiM #76: Genetic biopixels and a pathogenic sweet tooth
Vincent, Elio, Michael, and Michelle discuss the use of bacteria to build a genetic sensor for heavy metals, and how host sugars help enteric pathogens to expand after antibiotic treatment.  
12:06 PM | April 11th: Space Politics, Skydiving Meteor, and Enceladus Ocean
Podcaster: Host: Nicole Gugliucci ; Guests: Morgan Rehnberg, Scott Lewis, Nancy Atkinson, Dave Dickinson
11:34 AM | Ep. 341: 45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference
Pamela has a day job, remember? As an astronomer? Recently the 45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference occurred in the The Woodlands, Texas. Pamela and guest astronomer Sondy Springmann will let us know about the big announcements made at this year’s conference. Ep 341: 45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference Jump to Shownotes Jump to [...]
1:49 AM | Episode 195 – Astronomy… sort of
00:00:00 – This week we’re featuring a 2-part interview with host of the new Brachiolope Media Network show Astrarium James Silvester! Ryan and James being there conversation with James’ early astronomical and radio origins. 00:21:38 – Back in the here and now (aka evening) drinks are had. Kelly continues being pregnant with some coconut water. […]

April 10, 2014

12:12 PM | April 10th: Awesome Astronomy April 2014
Podcaster: Ralph & Paul

April 09, 2014

3:24 PM | April 12: The Solar System Gets Wetter
Astronomers have discovered that Enceladus, a tiny moon of Saturn, has an ocean the size of Lake Superior under its icy surface. This means there's another place in our Solar System where life might exist.
12:00 PM | April 9th: April Fooled? The Deficit Model and Science Education
Podcaster: Nicole Gugliucci, Emily Finke & Liz Neeley
2:33 AM | Episode One Hundred And Eighty Three – On The Atheist Alphabet And Trollhunter – Interview With Catherine Deveny
For this episode, I talk to Catherine Deveny (right) – about her crowdsourced video, The Atheist Alphabet and the Melbourne Comedy festival show, The Trollhunter. The Trollhunter is currently playing until April 20th at the Trades Hall – Old Council Chambers, Cnr Lygon & Victoria Sts, Carlton. “Acid-tongued, potty-mouthed” Catherine Deveny and “Too ugly to be raped” Van Badham join forces in an hilarious battleaxe-wielding comic assault through […]
2:10 AM | Nick Hudd: The Origin Of Life
For years, chemist Nick Hud struggles to share his work with his Catholic mother, until he finds help from a surprising source. Nicholas Hud was born in Los Angeles, California. He received his B.S. from Loyola Marymount University, his Ph.D. from UC Davis, and postdoctoral training at UCLA. Prof. Hud has studied the structure and function of DNA in various cells and viruses for over twenty-five years. Since joining the faculty of Georgia Tech in 1999, his laboratory has become increasingly […]

April 08, 2014

12:00 PM | April 8th: Hello, World!
Podcaster: Host: Dr Pamela Gay ; Guests: Robert Boehme, Karsten Becker & John Thornton
7:07 AM | The geology of Game of Thrones
This is Westeros as it exists in the days of tumult, in the days following the death of King Robert Baratheon, in the shortening days that warn that winter is coming.  But this is also the geologic history of Westeros, … Continue reading →
7:07 AM | Building the geologic history of Game of Thrones
Ever wonder what Westeros looked like long before the Starks, Baratheons, Lannisters, or Targaryens roamed its surface?  How far back can we really imagine the history of the Game of Thrones planet?  According to Generation Anthropocene producer Miles Traer, we … Continue reading →
7:06 AM | Westeros today, and the size of the Game of Thrones planet
From the texts, we know that the kingdoms have persisted for thousands of years, with many kings rising and falling as the tides (though we won’t concern ourselves with kings or kingdoms here).  From the same texts and carefully surveyed … Continue reading →
7:06 AM | The Earth split Westeros from Essos – 25 Mya
Twenty-five million years ago (Mya), a line of fire and molten rock cut through the planet’s crust – like Wildfire cut through the ships at Blackwater Bay – and separated the previously joined continents of Westeros and Essos.  This spreading … Continue reading →
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