October 20, 2014

2:23 PM | Soda Consumption Tied to Shorter Telomeres, Cell Aging
Sugar-sweetened soda consumption might promote disease independently from its role […]
2:19 PM | Towards controlled dislocations
Scientists have used atomic-resolution Z-contrast imaging and X-ray spectroscopy in a scanning transmission electron microscope to explore dislocations in the binary II-VI semiconductor CdTe, commercially used in thin-film photovoltaics. The results may lead to eventual improvement in the conversion efficiency of CdTe solar cells. These novel insights into atomically resolved chemical structure of dislocations have potential for understanding many more defect-based phenomena.
2:13 PM | Facetless crystals that mimic starfish shells could advance 3D-printing pills (w/video)
In a design that mimics a hard-to-duplicate texture of starfish shells, engineers have made rounded crystals that have no facets.
2:00 PM | Can a Nitrate Transporter help to reduce the contamination associated to excessive fertilization in agriculture?
Nitrogen (N) is an essential nutrient for plant growth and most plants require 20-50 g of N taken up by their roots to produce […] Read more The post Can a Nitrate Transporter help to reduce the contamination associated to excessive fertilization in agriculture? appeared first on Mapping Ignorance. Related posts:Cellulose conversion to starch, a promising strategy for future global food demand Nomadic plastics Non-trivial biological quantum effects
1:59 PM | Aspirin shown to benefit schizophrenia treatment
A new study shows that some anti-inflammatory medicines, such as […]
1:57 PM | Heart rate may predict survival, brain function in comatose cardiac arrest survivors
Researchers may have developed a way to potentially assist prognostication […]
1:55 PM | Fairness is in the brain
Ever wondered how people figure out what is fair? Look […]
1:53 PM | 3D printed masks offer new hope for facial cancer patients
Researchers have developed a fast and inexpensive way to make […]
1:50 PM | Forget Goldilocks: Too hot and too cold is just right for particle assembly
Microscopic particles that bind under low temperatures will melt as […]
1:48 PM | Cold sore virus increases the risk of dementia
Infection with herpes simplex virus increases the risk of Alzheimer’s […]
1:42 PM | Novel solutions to fight the obesity gene
Potent inhibitors a potential new class of anti-obesity drugs that […]
1:38 PM | Sexual preference for masculine men and feminine women is an urban habit  
In a world of matinee idols and cover girls it’s […]
1:35 PM | Exercise Could Help Predict Susceptibility to Chronic Pain
Scientists know that exercise helps the body tolerate pain. But […]
12:14 PM | Paradosso cosmico
The Time Machine at the End of the World, di Les Edwardsvia ahiddenworld.tumblr.comCome tutti i generi, anche la fantascienza in ultima analisi è interessata a parlare dell'essere umano. In particolare, come ricorda Isaac Asimov, parla dell'essere umano contemporaneo, nascondendo il messaggio dietro una rappresentazione meravigliosa, dietro un sense of wonder dovuto a progressi scientifici inimmaginabili.I due progressi scientifici che muovono la maggior parte della fantascienza (non […]

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11:44 AM | Nano-Bio Manufacturing Consortium Selects Project to Optimize Human Performance Monitoring Techniques
The AzCIM project's goal is to assess different sweat collection methods and devices for their ability to collect different volumes of sweat under a variety of human-body conditions, the results of which will help determine the best method for integrating into a wearable sensor system.
11:40 AM | GLOBALFOUNDRIES To Acquire IBM's Microelectronics Business
IBM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES today announced that they have signed a Definitive Agreement under which GLOBALFOUNDRIES plans to acquire IBM's global commercial semiconductor technology business, including intellectual property, world-class technologists and technologies related to IBM Microelectronics, subject to completion of applicable regulatory reviews.
10:43 AM | Siding Spring...
It was yesterday. It's perhaps been traveling a million years to this date. The NASA brief:NASA: Comets: Siding Spring
9:06 AM | Manh(a)ttan Recap: Sacrificing the Few for the Many [SPOILERS]
Rejoice, my fellow fans of Manh(a)ttan (a.k.a. “Fanhattans”), for this critically acclaimed fledgling series on WGN America has been renewed for a second season, just in time for the... -- Read more on
6:27 AM | Nanomaterial boost for stone conservation
Castles and cathedrals, statues and spires - Europe's built environment would not be the same without these witnesses of centuries past. But, eventually, even the hardest stone will crumble. EU-funded researchers have developed innovative nano-materials to improve the preservation of our architectural heritage.
4:00 AM | Un segnale ‘misterioso’ dal Sole: evidenza di materia scura?
Alcuni scienziati dell’Università di Leicester hanno rilevato un segnale curioso nella banda dei raggi-X che potrebbe essere associato alla misteriosa materia scura. Secondo i ricercatori, si tratterrebbe, è l’obbligo il condizionale, di un segnale dovuto agli assioni, ipotetiche particelle elementari proposte, tra l’altro, per spiegare la materia scura. In uno studio in corso di pubblicazione proprio oggi 20 ottobre […]
4:00 AM | Atomic Trigger Shatters Mystery of How Glass Deforms
A new study at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has cracked one mystery of glass to shed light on the mechanism that triggers its deformation before shattering.
4:00 AM | DOE’s High-Speed Network to Boost Big Data Transfers by Extending 100G Connectivity Across Atlantic
New capabilities improve network speeds between European facilities and U.S. research sites, including Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.
3:15 AM | Weekend Diversion: Had NASA believed in merit
The terrible injustice of Jerrie Cobb, who deserved to be the first female astronaut, yet never made it to space at all.Continue reading on Medium »

October 19, 2014

7:31 PM | Alan Guth, eternal inflation and the multiverse about #AlanGuth #multiverse #CosmicInflation #icep2014 At the beggining of October, Alan Guth was at the workshop Fine-Tuning, Anthropics and the String Landscape at Madrid, and he concluded his talk with the following slide: The complete talk, without question time, follows:He presented the same talk also at ICEP 2014:
6:36 PM | LOG#157. Superstatistics (II).
Following the previous article, now I will discuss some interesting points in the paper: Generalized information entropies depending only on the probability distribution, by O.Obregón and A.Gil-Villegas. You can find the paper here The Boltzmann factor for a generalized … Continue reading → Tags:  effective entropy, equipartition principle, equipartition theorem, F-distribution function, fractal, gamma distribution function, […]
6:36 PM | LOG#156. Superstatistics (I).
This post is the first of three dedicated to some of my followers. Those readers from Mexico (a nice country, despite the issues and particularities it has, as the one I live in…), ;). Why? Well, …Firstly, they have proved … Continue reading → Tags:  Beck, Bekenstein-Hawking formula, Boltzmann, Boltzmann factor, classical statistical mechanics, Cohen, complex systems, corrections to newton gravity, entropic gravity, Entropy, equipartition principle, […]
5:56 PM | Pippo e l'arte moderna
da Topolino e il ladro di quadri, dall'edizione uscita per il Tascabilone #8
5:12 PM | Molecular magnets swirl together
Efficient transfer of information with organic molecules and skyrmions.
4:10 PM | Imaging electric charge propagating along microbial nanowires
Physicists have used a new imaging technique, electrostatic force microscopy, to resolve the biological debate with evidence from physics, showing that electric charges do indeed propagate along microbial nanowires just as they do in carbon nanotubes, a highly conductive man-made material.
4:04 PM | Crystallizing the DNA nanotechnology dream
Scientists have designed the first large DNA crystals with precisely prescribed depths and complex 3D features, which could create revolutionary nanodevices.
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