July 02, 2014

2:24 PM | Wasps Are Our Friends: Part IV
When most people think of wasps, they imagine a stereotypically striped stinging insect. Such wasps are part of the family Vespidae, but they are, in fact, a minority of species and unrepresentative... -- Read more on

July 01, 2014

12:15 AM | How To Manipulate a Firefly Photograph The Old-Fashioned Way, Through Focus
In the previous post, I listed a couple ways in which photographers digitally alter firefly photographs. How nefarious of them! I admit, however,  the post was a wee bit facetious. Photoshop can be... -- Read more on

June 28, 2014

8:51 PM | How To Pick A Photoshopped Firefly
Now that firefly season is sparking up our eastern and midwestern summer evenings, I am starting to see not just the insects themselves but the attendant media buzz. That nature gets some public... -- Read more on

June 26, 2014

4:58 PM | Selling the Public Domain
Teachers Pay Teachers is a freewheeling online market where entrepreneurial educators sell lesson plans, powerpoints, and other didactic materials to each other. The site is a massive resource, with... -- Read more on
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