March 02, 2015

9:23 PM | Another Quick Tip For Crediting Photos and Visual Art on Twitter
Symbiartic recently mentioned tagging science artists on Twitter as an easy way to give credit. Tagging the artist is a great idea, of course, but not everyone is on Twitter. Is there a more general... -- Read more on

February 28, 2015

10:13 PM | Then and Now: A Decade Later, A Decade Better
Every once and a while I stumble across a dusty forgotten folder on my hard drive, full of photos so old I don’t even remember taking them. Like this 2002 shot of an Azteca adrepens ant from... -- Read more on

February 24, 2015

10:25 PM | Build a World-Class Insect Imaging System for under $6,000
Compound Eye has been quiet of late. My silence is for a good cause, though! The past few months have been hectic as I transitioned from freelance photography in Illinois to a new job: Curator of... -- Read more on

February 16, 2015

3:32 PM | The Ethics of our Brave New Drone Photography World
It’s a marvelous time to be a photographer. The blossoming tech industry has made us all kids in a candy shop, suddenly realizing the whole street is candy shops, on a street with peppermint... -- Read more on
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