July 02, 2014

8:28 PM | The Urvogel’s Old, New Clothes
On May 5th, 1877, the German paleontologist Karl Zittel first laid eyes on one of the most stunning …
5:00 PM | First Birds Valued Fashion Over Flight
Good looks mattered to iconic early bird Archaeopteryx, which showed off colorful feathered 'trousers' 150 million years ago.
2:52 PM | Of Stress and Blogging
It’s July. The summer has only just begun for my son (who starts 5th grade next fall), but I feel like my summer ‘vacation’ is already over. Summers are hard when you’re an academic in a science that involves field … Continue reading →

July 01, 2014

9:22 PM | More belostomatids
I mentioned in my last post that water bugs from the family Belostomatidae are among the most common insects at the Solite Quarry. Christina was recently photographing a rather nondescript piece of the insect bed that demonstrates this quite well. At … Continue reading →
9:19 PM | Vintage Dinosaur Art: The Mighty Giants
Welcome back to the wonderful world of old-school dinosaur books - hey, it's been a while. The Mighty Giants - part of the Dinosaur World Pop-Up Books series (which ran to at least two books, apparently) - was published in 1988, but for all its scientific infidelity, it might as well have been published in 1978...or 1968. Yes, it's one of those. Hold on to your pear-shaped tyrannosaurs and oddly uniform teeth, everyone!Long-term readers of the blog - who are so committed that we should probably […]
4:59 PM | Tetragraptus Graptolite Fossils from Australia
These pictures show a Tetragraptus fruticosus fossil specimen housed in a display case at the Geologia building located on the campus of Sapienza University of Rome. The case can be found on the second floor of the building. The fossil was found in Australia and lived during the Ordovician Period. The paleontology museum is on the 3rd floor of this building and has about 1000 fossils on display.The university was founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII. In 1870, it became a public university […]
4:09 PM | TetZooCon Approaches!
Darren Naish and John Conway will be hosting the first TetZooCon in eleven short days, at the London Wetland Centre. I have been drooling over the announced speaking lineup since I learned of it, but with an ocean between us, it's just not in the cards for me. The deadline for booking your place at the event is this Friday, July 4. At £40, the price is very reasonable (if only airfare and lodging didn't cost anything). John opens the conference with his welcome, followed by Darren on […]
12:59 PM | Wooster Geologist en route to China
DETROIT AIRPORT, MICHIGAN — My long anticipated trip to China has started. I have a bit of a wait in Detroit before boarding a 14-hour flight to Beijing, followed by a connection on to Shenyang. I am visiting China by invitation from geologists at Northeastern University in Shenyang. My host is Yongli Zhang, an invertebrate […]
12:54 AM | The Dining Habits of a Jurassic Sea Dragon
When I was a fossil-crazed tyke, I used to spend hours flipping through a set of LIFE Young …
12:00 AM | Episode 30: Palaeoart
The celebrate the launch of ‘The Paleoart of Julius Csotonyi’ from Titan Books we take a look at the field of palaeoart. In this episode, we’re joined by Julius himself and ask how his images are produced, why they’re produced and to discuss the value of palaeoart. We also run our first competition, details of [&hellip

June 30, 2014

10:49 PM | Thaumatorsaurus Marine Reptile Stamp
Here is a picture of the Thaumatosaurus victor marine reptile stamp. It was issued in 1965 by the small republic of San Marino (located on the Italian peninsula). The stamp was part of collection of nine issued that year.The Thaumatosaurus victor was named in 1841 by the German palaeontologist Hermann von Meyer. His specimen was found in the Posidonia Shale of Holzmaden, Germany. The genus Thaumatosaurus ("wonder reptile") has been renamed Meyerasaurus in honor of Hermann von Meyer. The […]
10:00 PM | ¿qué fue de...?
Para todos aquellos que lleváis casi dos años esperando esta nueva entrega de cómo les va a los excolaboradores del EIIGPBS aqui la tenéis. En este caso para relatar brevemente que están haciendo los integrantes de la segunda y tercera promoción del EIIGPBS. Hay que decir que los de la primera promoción habían dejado el listón muy alto, pero los integrantes de estas nuevas promociones no se quedaron atrás y realizaron […]
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