March 21, 2014

1:00 PM | April’s Blogging from A to Z Theme Reveal
April is among my favorite months for blogging, because of the Blogging from A to Z challenge. The idea is that or each day of the month, exluding weekends, one writes a blog post related to a specific letter of … Continue reading →
9:31 AM | Behold, the SV-POW! mole!
When Fiona checked her email this morning, she found this note from our next-door neighbour Jenny: Hi I seem to remember Mike wanting a mole – I do hope so because I’ve left you a body on your patio in a cereal box! Cheers Jen x What a delightful surprise! And here it is: And […]

March 20, 2014

7:43 PM | A new German ‘Darwinopterid’ pterosaur
Regular readers of the Pterosaur.net blog will have already seen this post and might well have put two and two together and realised that this is ‘Darwinopterus’-like pterosaur from the Solnhofen. We are still waiting some kind of proper description on this (and it’ll need a name too) but it has had a mention in […]
6:57 PM | #VisThnk – #Autism and Thinking Visually – Join the Conversation
Among the things I find most fascinating about the minds of those with Autism (in particular, I’m thinking of my experiences with my own son) is how thinking actually takes place. Some people think in words, in complete sentences. Their … Continue reading →
3:00 PM | Thirsty Thursday – Merry Mead
A week ago last Monday, I bottled up my very first batch of beer. I’ll be tasting it for the first time in less that an week. A week ago last Tuesday, I awoke to clean brewing equipment and a … Continue reading →
2:44 PM | Photography and illustration talk, Part 11: Maps and territories
That last one really hurts. Here’s the original image, which should have gone in the paper with the interpretive trace next to it rather than on top of it: The rest of the series. Papers referenced in these slides: Taylor, M.P., and Wedel, M.J. 2013b. The effect of intervertebral cartilage on neutral posture and range of motion […]
1:59 PM | A “nuanced” position isn’t always correct
In discussion of Samuel Gershman’s rather good piece The Exploitative Economics Of Academic Publishing, I got into this discusson on Twitter with David Mainwaring (who is usually one of the more interesting legacy-publisher representatives on these issues) and Daniel Allingon (who I don’t know at all). I’ll need to give a bit of background before I reach […]

March 19, 2014

9:00 PM | 'Chicken From Hell' Was a Fowl-Looking Dinosaur
The Dakotas were once home to "Chicken from Hell," a newly identified dinosaur that lived alongside T. rex. Continue reading →
8:41 PM | A new website
Longtime readers will know that the Musings is in not so much hibernation as torpor, roused occasionally with some small titbits, but mostly sitting around with relatively little action. I still have posts on pterosaurs over at Pterosaur.net blog and most of my output now is via the Lost Worlds, and continue to put things […]
6:45 PM | Australia’s Giant, Venomous Lizard Gets Downsized
From time to  time, I’ve been accused of being a fossil killjoy. I pulverize childhood dreams like Diatryma …
4:00 PM | Wordless Wednesday Writing Challenge – Hot Chicks
The RocNaNo Blog offers Wordless Wednesday writing prompts. This is my response to this week’s challenge, based upon this photo: Hot Chicks Bruno pondered the computer screen. His beak tapped on the keys. Needed: hen feathers. “No, no-no,” he chirruped, … Continue reading →
2:00 PM | Wordless Wednesday – Sacked Out in a Quiet Corner
No summary available for this post.
9:22 AM | Steampunk takes evolution to the next level
Sharing this purely because it’s amazing. Hat-tip to John Hutchinson for sharing!    
9:07 AM | Greatest. Video. Ever. Starring sauropod-on-theropod violence!
Inspired by Bob Nicholl’s brilliant sketch Failed Ambush, my son Matthew reinterpreted it in this video — also titled Failed Ambush. NOTE: this video is officially endorsed by Dr. Mathew J. Wedel, who testifies as follows: “it’s awesome”.
1:28 AM | How Saberkittens Got Their Fangs
Smilodon fatalis – one of the last great sabercats – was a ferocious carnivore. Gaping museum mounts are …

March 18, 2014

3:00 PM | Leafy Tuesday – Starting Seeds
It’s mid-March. The official start of spring is but a few days away. (Though I’ll believe it when I see it.) I want it to be spring – and summer – pretty badly. I don’t think there’s enough lotion in … Continue reading →

March 17, 2014

11:23 PM | Why is February So Miserable?
March is half over. Spring is (nominally) in the near future (though with the chilly temperatures, it’s hard to imagine). I have no memory of January. I don’t know where February went. I know I’ve been doing things, because the … Continue reading →
8:49 PM | Down on the farm
What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare at huge, grotesque models of extinct animals? When people ask me why I am willing to wade through hordes of screaming rugrats in order to gaze upon such eyesores, I only have to point them to the famous poem that Wordsworth didn't write. And with that in mind, Niroot and I recently took a trip down to Godstone Farm in Surrey (that's in the south east of England, for all you forrins) to check out their newly-purchased […]
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