March 25, 2015

9:10 PM | Vintage Dinosaur Art: I Can Read About Dinosaurs
Late update: David covered this one before! Be sure to read his take. I try not to go over the same ground, but mistakes happen. The 1970s are a particularly rich source of popular/children's dinosaur books, fuelled no doubt by the Dinosaur Renaissance, the fantastically cheesy B-movies of the time (the seminal example When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth appeared in 1970), or some combination thereupon. I Can Read About Dinosaurs (1972, illustrated by Judith Fringuello) is very typical of kids' […]
4:12 PM | LA Zoo
Following a recent trip to LA and the surrounding areas I’ve got a stack of photos and local reviews to get through. In addition to the local Museum of Natural History, I made it to the zoo, aquarium, the La Brea tarpits and across to the Raymond Alf Museum, home of palaeoblogger Andy Farke. Typically […]
3:26 PM | Solite Excavation: Day 20
We had a very small crew today: Ray, Joe, and I from VMNH and science journalist Peter Brannen. Shortly after arriving to the quarry, Joe found a very nice coelacanth. The rest of the day was dry in regards to … Continue reading →
2:57 PM | Paleontologists Uncover “Super Salamander” Boneyard
Finding fossils takes a combination of skill on luck. You have to be looking in the right place …
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