April 23, 2014

12:00 PM | “T” is for Taron
“T” is for the Taron PR, a camera marketed under both the brand names Taron and Nippon Kosokki. The Taron cameras were a very successful line of rangefinder cameras. Nippon Kosokki Seisakusho was the original name of the manufacturer of … Continue reading →
9:51 AM | Cetiosaurus oxoniensis is — finally! — the type species of Cetiosaurus
We all remember Upchurch and Martin’s (2002) description of the Rutland Cetiosaurus, which remains by some distance the best British sauropod specimen in the literature; and the same authors’ (2003) survey of the genus Cetiosaurus. They concluded that nearly all of its many named species are either nomen dubia or misassigned, and that only C. oxoniensis […]
9:28 AM | Every time you publish behind a paywall, a kitten dies.
“Every day, people are denied access to something they have a right to.” That’s the opening line from a new appeal from students Joe McArthur and David Carroll. Open Access describes a form of publication of research where articles are made instantly available for free, and with unlimited reusability rights, as long as the source […]
2:12 AM | Packable, stackable, wearable dinosaurs
Ever wished you could be a dinosaur?Your wish has been granted in the form of: wearable dinosaur costumes! I've seen these sorts of costumes in live performances of Walking with Dinosaurs, and in various other street-art shenanigans, but it had never occurred to me that you could just buy one for yourself! These magnificent beasts are available via&nbsp [...]

April 22, 2014

12:00 PM | “S” is for Steky
“S” is for Steky, a tiny camera for 16mm film made by Riken. Riken also makes the Ricoh series of cameras. thingy more thingy   Reference: McKeown’s Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras, 12th edition, ISBN 0-931838-40-1 The other … Continue reading →
8:29 AM | Five conversations
5. Brian Kraatz, 2004 In the spring of 2004, I was killing time over in Tony Barnosky’s lab at Berekeley, talking to Brian Kraatz about something–mammals, probably. Brian told me that I should consider going to the International Congress of Zoology that was happening in Beijing that fall. He’d actually told me about it several […]

April 21, 2014

9:01 PM | Boonshoft’s beaver almost finished
As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we’ve been reconstructing a second copy of the Joseph Moore Museum’s giant beaver skeleton, this time for display at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. As you can see above, we’re almost finished. This … Continue reading →
5:12 PM | Where sedimentology meets structural geology
MITZPE RAMON, ISRAEL–”Like a hot dog in a bun.” Late this afternoon, while exploring the Eocene (Lutetian) Horsha Formation near the Nabatean/Roman/Byzantine city of Avdat, Yoav Avni and I ran across these odd features in a limestone layer within the chalks (near N 30.79119°, E 34.75494°). They consist of an elongate core of coarse, bioclastic […]
12:00 PM | “R” is for Retina: The Kodak Retina Cameras
“R” is for Retina. Kodak has a series of cameras with the Retina name. Most are rangefinder cameras for 35mm film, but there is at least one Retina SLR (the Retina Reflex). The pre-war Retina was very much a tiny … Continue reading →

April 20, 2014

2:27 PM | A 10K run into the Eocene of the Negev
MITZPE RAMON, ISRAEL–Yoav and I had a long hike today into the Eocene succession of rock units in the northern Negev. We wanted to look especially at the Horsha Formation (Eocene, Lutetian) because it has some cool trace fossils and massively large oysters. Along the way there are also interesting features like submarine debris flows, […]
5:21 AM | Wooster’s Fossils of the Week: A scleractinian coral and its tube-dwelling symbionts (Middle Jurassic of Israel)
I have a weakness for the beautiful scleractinian corals of the Matmor Formation (Middle Jurassic, Callovian-Oxfordian) of southern Israel. This particular specimen is Microsolena aff. M. sadeki from locality C/W-367 in Hamakhtesh Hagadol, southern Israel. (The “aff.” in the name means “affinities with”. It is a way of saying this looks like a particular species, […]

April 19, 2014

3:27 PM | Stratigraphy day at Makhtesh Ramon
MITZPE RAMON, ISRAEL–Usually on Saturdays Yoav Avni and I do something “touristic”, like visit an archaeological site or museum. Since it is the Passover holiday, though, and we are both averse to crowds, we decided to do a little stratigraphy outside Mitzpe Ramon instead. Our challenge from Amihai Sneh was to sort out the lower […]
2:56 PM | Geological Legacies of the Paris Basin: Part I – Plaster of Paris, the Windmills of Montmartre, the Park of Buttes-Chaumont and a new Artistic Creativity
In March, I escaped from the frigid grip of the Polar Vortex that enveloped New England and found climatic, cultural and culinary refuge in Paris and London. Not expecting to encounter any geological discoveries worthy of a post, I found precisely the opposite. Herein is the first of two posts on the Geological Legacies of the Paris Basin, and later, a few worthy geo-gems I found in London. WHAT'S IN A NAME?The Romans called their settlement on the south bank of […]
12:06 PM | “Q” is for Quickmatic
“Q” is for the Olympus Quickmatic, a camera for 126 cartridge film. While Kodak had the Instamatic, Olympus responded with the Quickmatic. We have two Quickmatics in our collection. Both Quickmatic here were manufactured in 1967. The EES has a … Continue reading →

April 18, 2014

8:44 PM | Sauroposeidon in 3D
I was in Oklahoma and Texas last week, seeing Sauroposeidon, Paluxysaurus, Astrophocaudia, and Alamosaurus, at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, the Shuler Museum of Paleontology at SMU, and the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, respectively. I have a ton of interesting things from that trip that […]
5:35 PM | Friday Headlines: 4-18-14
Friday Headlines, April 18, 2014 THE LATEST IN THE GEOSCIENCES   Today’s round-up: Earthquake near Acapulco! Fossil embryos?!   M7.2 – 36km NNW of Tecpan de Galeana, Mexico This earthquake occurred where the Cocos plate is subducting (sliding beneath) the … Continue reading →
1:32 PM | Our camel friends in the Negev
MITZPE RAMON, ISRAEL–It is a problematic relationship between camels and me. My first experience with a camel out here was watching one eat my lunch, bag and all, when I foolishly left it in the shade of the vehicle while I measured a section. My students and I have been dissuaded more than once from […]
12:00 PM | “P” is for Perfex
“P” is for Perfex, by the Camera Corporation of America. The Camera Corporation of America existed for a little over ten years, from 1938 to 1949. It’s known primarily for it’s Perfex line of cameras. The Forty-Four frequently is missing … Continue reading →
5:30 AM | Dolatocrinus triangulatus? Crinoid Calyx Fossil
This appears to be a Dolatocrinus triangulatus? crinoid calyx fossil. It was found in the Thunder Bay Formation of Alpena Michigan, USA. It dates to the Middle Devonian Period (Erian).Learn more at the michiganbasinfossils.org web site.Thanks to Mary Ann for letting me take some pictures of this fine specimen.

April 17, 2014

2:37 PM | “I know a tree”
MITZPE RAMON, ISRAEL–I met this particular tree in 2003 when searching for a good place to have lunch. Yoav said, “I know a tree”, and then we drove a half-hour to get to it. As you can tell, trees are not particularly common in Makhtesh Gadol. Now this acacia has served as a resting place […]
2:23 PM | Bony body tube for a bizarre marine reptile
Prehistoric marine reptiles were a weird lot, especially in light of their lizard-like ancestors on land. You take something that roughly looks like an iguana, and evolve it into the shape of a dolphin (icthyosaurs), or evolve it …The post Bony body tube for a bizarre marine reptile appeared first on The Integrative Paleontologists.
1:00 PM | Thirsty Thursday: Porter Ahoy!
OK. I actually started this brew more than a week ago. But then suddenly… time passed, and I didn’t blog about it. What’s up with that? So I started a porter two Sundays ago. A honey porter. This weekend, it’s … Continue reading →
12:00 PM | “O” is for Optima
“O” is for the Agfa Optima. The Optima series of cameras by Agfa were among the first ‘automatic’ 35mm cameras. That is, by pressing the certain buttons, it would select the correct shutter speed and aperture for getting the correct … Continue reading →
4:57 AM | Orthospirifer Lophophore Brachiopod Fossil
This fossil is a great example of the brachiopod lophophore feeding tubes preserved in a white quartz form. This brachiopod appears to be some sort of Orthospirifer. It was found in the Sellersburg Limestone that formed in the Middle Devonian Period (Eifelian).Thanks to Mary Ann for letting me take some pictures of it.
2:18 AM | What is that? Wednesday: Realistic Dinosaurs
I’m a paleontologist. I’m a little selective about dinosaur toys… understandably. So when I saw this toy set at the drug store yesterday, I had to buy it – if only to protect unsuspecting children from buying it and thinking … Continue reading →

April 16, 2014

7:56 PM | Vintage Dinosaur Art: About Dinosaurs
It might have one of the most generic titles going, but About Dinosaurs (1972) distinguishes itself with Michael Spink's highly distinctive illustrations. Ditching the normal quasi-realistic style that illustrators attempt in educational books like this, Spink instead opts for monochrome, crosshatched beasties against simple backgrounds with bold washes. It's a delightfully unusual approach.The book is presented as the story of a time-travelling...male in a safari outfit named, for no […]
4:01 PM | The Negev wildflower post
MITZPE RAMON, ISRAEL–Today I worked in the Jurassic of Makhtesh Gadol and the Triassic of Makhtesh Ramon. A highlight was that I was joined by Yael Leshno, an Israeli master’s student on her way to a paleontology career. She was very good at finding crinoid parts in the Matmor Formation. Otherwise it was a dusty, […]
12:00 PM | “N” is for Nikomat
“N” is for Nikomat, one of Nikon’s early SLRs. The Nikkormat (or Nikomat in Japan) cameras were cheap alternative SLRs to the Nikon F cameras.   Reference: McKeown’s Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras, 12th edition, ISBN 0-931838-40-1 The … Continue reading →

April 15, 2014

3:27 PM | Return to the Jurassic Paradise of Makhtesh Gadol
MITZPE RAMON, ISRAEL–This week I’m back in Makhtesh Gadol, that great bowl of Jurassic delights. This is the most extensive exposure of marine Jurassic rocks in southern Israel, and it is highly fossiliferous. This is just a brief report. I’ll summarize the latest finds and ideas later. Today I spent most my time sitting on […]
12:00 PM | “M” is for Mercury
“M” is for the Univex Mercury CC, a fantastic little 35mm camera that took half-frame shots (that is, it got 48 exposures on a typical 24-exposure roll of film). The Mercury has got to be my favorite camera. Ever. It … Continue reading →
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