February 27, 2015

11:15 PM | Ubuntu issues
It may be that weekends are the wrong time to tamper with computer OS… Last Sunday, I noticed my Bluetooth icon had a “turn off” option and since I only use Bluetooth for my remote keyboard and mouse when in Warwick, I turned it off, thinking I would turn it on again next week. This […]
10:48 PM | Calcoli cinesi
Mentre alla lavagna un loro compagno sta svolgendo un'espressione polinomiale, quei tre, seduti uno accanto all'altro, sono tutti presi a vedere il cellulare, discutendo tra loro fitti e attenti a quello che c'è sullo schermo. Il professore, quatto quatto, si avvicina, aspettandosi di vedere l'ennesimo mmorg, e invece ecco che i tre stanno lì, incantati, a guardare un video di matematica!
6:35 PM | land O links
Here are a few links for your weekend reading: I’ve used the Monty Hall Problem in class. I didn’t realize agreeing on the correct solution was so controversial. Leonard Nimoy’s portrayal of Spock “in many ways co-created, helped define geek/nerd personality and interests for millions of future geeks” So true. Sports analytics is great and all that, but […]
5:00 PM | William Shakespeare (1) vs. Karl Marx
For yesterday‘s winner, I’ll follow the reasoning of Manuel in comments: Popper. We would learn more from falsifying the hypothesis that Popper’s talk is boring than what we would learn from falsifying the hypothesis that Richard Pryor’s talk is uninteresting. And today we have the consensus choice for greatest writer vs. the notorious political philosopher. […] The post William Shakespeare (1) vs. Karl Marx appeared first on Statistical Modeling, Causal […]
5:00 PM | Erotische Flugblaetter
I was working in Memorial Library yesterday. Whenever I’m over there, I like to pull a book off the shelf and look at it.  (E.G.) I feel I have some kind of duty to the books — there are so many which will never be taken off the shelf again! Anyway, there has never been […]
4:57 PM | Diversity and extinction of tongues and species
Some years ago, at a rather posh function in a swanky London venue, I got talking to a peer of the realm. By this point I had been drinking my endless glass of wine for some time (they have stealthy waiters at these kinds of dos), and didn’t quite catch his name, but he had been, apparently, head of a large supermarket chain. And his response to me mentioning the word ‘biodiversity’ has stuck with me. “When I took over... Read more
2:18 PM | je suis Avijit Roy
আমরা শোকাহত কিন্তু আমরা অপরাজিত [“We mourn but we are not out”]Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: atheism, Bangladesh, blogging, Mukto-Mona
2:01 PM | “The harm done by tests of significance” (article from 1994 in the journal, “Accident Analysis and Prevention”)
Ezra Hauer writes: In your January 2013 Commentary (Epidemiology) you say that “…misunderstanding persists even in high-stakes settings.” Attached is an older paper illustrating some such. “It is like trying to sink a battleship by firing lead shot at it for a long time”—well put! The post “The harm done by tests of significance” (article from 1994 in the journal, “Accident Analysis and Prevention”) appeared first on Statistical […]
11:22 AM | For Profit Colleges Are The Real Villain
Scott Walker has recently made waves in Wisconsin by surreptitiously attempting to change the mission of the University of Wisconsin, and by threatening to remove $300 million of federal aid to the University of Wisconsin, citing the “laziness of professors” as a problem in need of a solution. On the one hand, he’s right to […]
10:21 AM | Concepts of Sameness (Part 4)
Three approaches to defining equality.
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