September 27, 2014

10:47 AM | Storia delle esposizioni universali al Museo Leonardo
Manca poco meno di un anno a Expo 2015 e il Museo della Scienza Leonardo da Vinci ha allestito una piccola esposizione dedicata alle... esposizioni universali: Esposizione universale (a volte detta anche mondiale) è il nome generico che indica le grandi esposizioni tenutesi fin dalla metà del XIX secolo. Lungo i decenni questo termine è stato associato indiscriminatamente a qualsiasi esposizione di carattere internazionale sebbene l'organismo internazionale che coordina gli […]
3:45 AM | Philosophy of Science and an analytic index for Feyerabend
Throughout my formal education, the history of science has been presented as a series of anecdotes and asides. The philosophy of science, encountered even less, was passed down not as a rich debate and on-going inquiry but as a set of rules that best be followed. To paraphrase Gregory Radick, this presentation is mere propaganda; […]
3:14 AM | Language Log on “specificity” and “sensitivity”
Language Log on “specificity” and “sensitivity” as (poorly chosen words for) properties of medical tests. Mark Liberman asks: why not just call them true positive rate and true negative rate. With the classic “what’s the probability that you got the disease, given that you tested positive?” problem thrown in; you’ve seen this if you ever […]

September 26, 2014

10:14 PM | all models are wrong
“Using ABC to evaluate competing models has various hazards and comes with recommended precautions (Robert et al. 2011), and unsurprisingly, many if not most researchers have a healthy scepticism as these tools continue to mature.” Michael Hickerson just published an open-access letter with the above title in Molecular Ecology. (As in several earlier papers, incl. […]
1:22 PM | MA206 Program Director’s Memorandum
A couple years ago I gave a talk at West Point. It was fun. The students are all undergraduates, and most of the instructors were just doing the job for two years or so between other assignments. The permanent faculty were focused on teaching and organizing the curriculum. As part of my visit I sat […] The post MA206 Program Director’s Memorandum appeared first on Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science.
12:18 PM | an der schöne blau Donau (#2)
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12:00 PM | Extrapolation Gone Wrong: the Case of the Fermat Primes
Samuel Arbesman recently wrote about incorrect mathematical conjectures. I wanted to add one of my favorites, which came up in my math history class a couple weeks ago. Unlike the disproven... -- Read more on
10:37 AM | Women not represented in clinical trials
This recent NYTimes article entitled Health Researchers Will Get $10.1 Million to Counter Gender Bias in Studies spelled out a huge problem that kind of blows me away as a statistician (and as a woman!). Namely, they have recently decided over at the NIH, which funds medical research in this country, that we should probably check to see […]
9:27 AM | La notte dei ricercatori 2014 a Milano
Come ormai saprete, oggi è la Notte Europea dei Ricercatori. Le iniziative si svolgono un po' in tutta Italia e qui vi segnalo solamente quelle per la città di Milano (anche se, come spiegherò più sotto, sono stato tentato di non farlo). Innanzitutto c'è l'open night al Museo delle Scienze, e in particolare ci sarà Marco Delmastro, che discorrerà di fisica delle particelle e, probabilmente, anche di Particelle familiari, il suo primo libro di […]
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