June 23, 2014

12:42 PM | Food ARt
After a week with music, I am going to the food week, I think. We were kids once, and we loved to play with food. What about doing some geometry using fruits such as apples or watermelons. I think that … Continue reading →
12:42 PM | 2, 4, 6, 8, What Does Not Associate?
Last month, I wrote about group theory via monkeys, and it got me thinking about the associative property. A mathematical group consists of a collection of stuff: integers, or rational numbers, or... -- Read more on
12:01 PM | Guest post: What is the goal of a college calculus course?
This is a guest post by Nathan, who recently finished graduate school in math, and will begin a post-doc in the fall. He loves teaching young kids, but is still figuring out how to motivate undergraduates. The question Like most mathematicians in academia, I’m teaching calculus in the fall. I taught in grad school, but the syllabus and assignments […]

June 22, 2014

10:14 PM | modern cosmology as a refutation of theism
While I thought the series run by The Stone on the philosophy [or lack thereof] of religions was over, it seems there are more entries.  This week, I read with great pleasure the piece written by Tim Maudlin on the role played by recent results in (scientific) cosmology in refuting theist arguments. “No one looking […]
9:09 PM | Ma conférence 11 h, lundi 23 juin à l’Université Paris Dauphine
Les coalitions, le pouvoir des électeurs, et l’instabilité politique: Coalitions are central to politics, at all levels. We discuss some mathematical results relating to the stability of coalitions and the probability of a decisive vote, with connections to the prisoner’s dilemma, agent-based modeling, and probability distributions on trees. Our empirical analysis suggests that the votes […] The post Ma conférence 11 h, lundi 23 juin à […]
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