March 23, 2014

3:14 AM | Hi! So I live in England and I'm really interested in becoming a marine biologist, specifically working in conservation. I would really love to do some volunteering and gain experience, but unfortunately I live in the midlands (and am in no position to move away) and there is no sea for miles. I don't have a clue how I could go about finding places or organisations to volunteer with in such a remote area. Any advice?
Have a look into the Marine Conservation Society (MCS)  - they many have need of volunteers for...
3:10 AM | is there a specific name for a marine biologist that works with turtles?
Turtle biologist?  Any one with another answer chip in here.
3:08 AM | How would I go about becoming a marine veterinarian? Do I take classes for vet studies and then find a school that has programs for being a marine vet? I know I want to be a marine vet but I have no idea where to start to become one! Any advice or links would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
The marine vet I know now runs a marine vertebrate research and conservation NGO - but he started...
3:05 AM | • The Qualifications and previous experience required?• Personal Qualities required? How much money do you receive in a week?• How much money do you receive in a year?• How often do you write reports?• What type of experiments do you do?
• The manners required for me to answer your question • None of your business • None of your...
3:01 AM | Hey :) I'm studying marine biology at Newcastle Uni and am particularly interested in public attitudes towards conservation/management. I was wondering how positive your interactions with local stakeholders had been in your work? What would you say has been the biggest barrier to public involvement? Thanks :) love your blog!
Hi - thanks for this question! No one asks me about the conservation side!  I think I’d find...
2:50 AM | I'm currently studying to be a marine biologist as well as taking many other classes (junior in high school). I was wondering if, as a marine biologist, you could shed some light on this question: Would I be better off earning a low salary as a marine biologist? OR Earning a higher salary as an engineer or something more typical? I want to have a happy, comfortable life. I'd be happy as a marine biologist, but I don't think I would have enough money to be comfortable.
Ah, the eternal question of a marine biologist - this is one we all ask ourselves, but cannot answer...
2:43 AM | I'm a 3rd year marine biology major studying at UC Santa Cruz. I feel like everyone in my upper divs came into the major with already so much experience with diving and traveling, but I simply have not had the money to be on par. Do you know of any ways to gain these types of experiences without shelling out a ton of cash?
Travelling can be super cheap if you are willing to keep it cheap and leave all your creature...
2:18 AM | Hi, I'm 13 and really want to be a marine biologist any college recommendations?
Hi Anon,  Thanks for asking, I don’t know what country you live in - but try the list we put...
2:16 AM | I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way, but are you saying people SHOULDN'T want to work with whales or dolphins? I want to study the feeding behaviors of humpback whales and hearing that other marine biologists frown upon people that want to work with whales is kind of upsetting :/
NO absolutely not. That anon told me that they wanted “to swim with whales all day” and...

March 22, 2014

1:13 PM | Hi:) I am a junior in highschool and I was wondering what I should do now if I were to become a marine biologist.. I specifically want to work with Dolphins and Seals:)
Don’t take this the wrong way, but most marine biologists are really deterred by the attitude...
12:34 PM | hello! My name is Demy Melgar, I live in New York City. I'm currently in my first year of college, I want to study marine biology, anything and everything related to the ocean is my passion. My college does not have a marine biology program/major. I'm looking for advice, what would you recommend, transferring to a school with a marine bio program or finishing college with my b.s in Biology and then get my masters in marine bio? I'm very unsure about this, I really want to make the best choice
Check out this question on my FAQs.  I’m not sure one is better than the other. I was advised both...
1:11 AM | One Drop of Water on World Water Day
Hi, I am one drop of water. I am here today, World Water Day (March 22), to talk about the drought happening in California. California is in the midst of its worst drought in over 100 years, and the warmest and driest winter in recorded history. California is also in a 3 year dry spell. […]
12:00 AM | New Green Fins website: Making responsible diving accessible to everyone
New Green Fins website: Making responsible diving accessible to everyone: savephilippineseas: One...

March 21, 2014

1:56 PM | A week in the life of a marine scientist
This week I'm reposting a blog I wrote to describe the kind of day-to-day work...
8:00 AM | reginasworld: Worms by Alexander Semenov
reginasworld: Worms by Alexander Semenov
4:58 AM | Giant snakes have the ability to find their way home
Migrating animals have always impressed us with their ability to navigate between breeding and foraging grounds. Cetaceans make long journeys to the warm tropical waters to breed and then migrate back to the cold polar waters to feed, birds make … Continue reading →
12:00 AM | griseus: gud nait! 
griseus: gud nait! 

March 20, 2014

8:00 AM | rhamphotheca: Cone snail drug 100x more potent than...
rhamphotheca: Cone snail drug 100x more potent than morphine by  AG Staff A new drug from cone snail venom could offer hope to chronic pain sufferers AN EXPERIMENTAL DRUG made from cone snail venom has shown early signs of promise in numbing pain, raising hopes in the hunt for new, non-addictive medications, an Australian researcher says. The drug, which has not been tested yet on humans, is judged to be about 100 times more potent than morphine or gabapentin, which are currently […]
12:00 AM | realmonstrosities: libutron: Vomer Conch | ©Blogie A curious...
realmonstrosities: libutron: Vomer Conch | ©Blogie A curious Strombus vomer (Gastropoda - Strombidae) photographed at about 12m deep during a night dive in Davao del Norte, Philipphines. So adorable!
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