November 17, 2014

9:15 PM | Rolex Awards for Enterprise 2014: tra i premiati anche un italiano (video sponsorizzato)
Dal 1976 il programma Rolex Awards for Enterprise ha sostenuto 130 progetti che, grazie all’intraprendenza dei propri ideatori, hanno migliorato la vita nelle comunità di appartenenza e del mondo intero. I premi sono assegnati in cinque aree: scienza e salute, tecnologia applicata,…Read more →

November 14, 2014

1:00 PM | Around the Apocalyptic Web: Against productivity, How to escape the age of mediocrity and more
Against Productivity How to Escape The Age of Mediocrity Re-imagining the McGill University Library and Archives – Feasibility Study (scope report here, planning page here) Surprising Gadgets, Not Just Books, Are Ready for Checkout at College Libraries Commodification of the information profession: A critique of Higher Education under neoliberalism Understanding Facebook’s lost generation of teens…

November 13, 2014

6:47 PM | Preserving scholarly information: LOCKSS, CLOCKKS, and portico
While the switch from print to digital publishing has been embraced by younger researchers and students, older faculty are a little more nervous about the impact of this (nearly complete) transition.... -- Read more on
5:57 PM | Broader Impacts and Data Management Plans
By Andrew Creamer, Scientific Data Management Specialist, Brown University The National Science Foundation (NSF) explains that Data Management Plans are to be “reviewed as an integral part of the proposal, coming under Intellectual Merit or Broader Impacts or both, as …read more

November 12, 2014

4:39 PM | November 2014: recent job postings
From around the web (mostly from the ALA job list): here’s a list of recent job openings that may be of interest to the e-Science Community: California State University, East Bay Library:  Health Sciences and Scholarly Communications Librarian California State …read more

November 11, 2014

3:28 PM | How to Share Your Research Data
With so many new policies from funding agencies and journals requiring data sharing, it’s growing more likely that you will encounter a data sharing mandate at some point in time. However, it can be difficult to know how to comply … Continue reading →

November 10, 2014

11:21 PM | Music Mondays: Gaga, Bennett, Bowie & Blue: The jazz conversation continues
The fallout of the Great Sonny Rollins Jazz Satire Blowup of 2014 is still reverberating through the jazz community, prompting new uproars and bouncing off a surprising number of new jazz eruptions in the wider culture. Definitely interesting times to be a jazz fan, if not always for the right reasons. Some cool stuff going…
4:33 PM | Librarians: Perfectly Aligned to be Opportunity Makers
I subscribe to a couple of TED Talks feeds and thanks to that, I found a link in my email this morning to a talk by Kare Anderson, a columnist for Forbes who writes about how and why people make connections with one another. I took the 10 minutes required to watch the talk and […]

November 07, 2014

9:45 PM | Upcoming workshops: Addressing the Emerging Needs of the Research Ecosystem: Tufts University
The following announcement has been posted on behalf of the Boston Library Consortium and Digital Science. For information about the workshop or to register, please contact Susan Stearns at Addressing the Emerging Needs of the Research Ecosystem: An Invitation …read more
9:45 PM | Upcoming Digital Science workshops at Tufts and UMass Medical School
The following announcement has been posted on behalf of the Boston Library Consortium and Digital Science. For information about the workshop or to register, please contact Susan Stearns at Addressing the Emerging Needs of the Research Ecosystem: An Invitation …read more
5:37 PM | Learning About Git
Submitted by guest contributor Daina Bouquin, Data & Metadata Services Librarian, Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University, The role of the data librarian extends far beyond helping researchers write data management plans. Rather, librarians working where data-intensive science …read more

November 05, 2014

1:18 PM | Cool linky stuff for science undergrads (13): The rise of astrostatistics
I have a son who’s currently a third year physics undergrad and another son who’s in first year philosophy. As you can imagine, I may occasionally pass along a link or two to them pointing to stuff on the web I think they might find particularly interesting or useful. Thinking on that fact, I surmised…

November 03, 2014

3:58 PM | Announcing The Dash Tool: Data Sharing Made Easy
We are pleased to announce the launch of Dash – a new self-service tool from the UC Curation Center (UC3) and partners that allows researchers to describe, upload, and share their research data. Dash helps researchers perform the following tasks: Prepare data for curation by reviewing best practice guidance for the creation or acquisition of […]

October 31, 2014

5:52 PM | My talk: Evidence vs. Ideology: The Canadian Conservative Government’s War on Science
This past Tuesday I gave a talk as part of the York University Department of Science & Technology Studies‘ STS Seminar Series. Not surprisingly, my talk was centred on the work I’ve done as a chronicler of Canadian science policy issues. The title and abstract of my talk are: Evidence vs. Ideology: The Canadian Conservative…
5:50 PM | My personal information management strategies
I have systems set up to help me keep track of most of my personal information (files, images, etc.). Sometimes, these systems break down, especially when I get busy or overwhelmed. I spent 30... -- Read more on
2:50 PM | Data: Do You Care? The DLM Survey
We all know that data is important for research. So how can we quantify that? How can you get credit for the data you produce? What do you want to know about how your data is used? If you are a researcher or data manager, we want to hear from you. Take this 5-10 minute […]

October 28, 2014

2:48 PM | GSE: ecco le tabelle per il calcolo dei nuovi incentivi rimodulati dal 2015
Il GSE, ente erogatore degli incentivi per il fotovoltaico, ha pubblicato le tabelle per il calcolo della rimodulazione dei contributi per i grandi impianti fotovoltaici esistenti, ai sensi del Decreto del Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico del 17 ottobre 2014, in…Read more →
2:25 PM | Where to Start with Data Management
Managing your research data well feels like a big task. There are so many practices that make up good data management that there are whole classes (Oregon State, University of Minnesota) and curricula (NECDMC, MANTRA) on the topic. There’s even … Continue reading →

October 27, 2014

9:12 PM | Where the Buffalo Roam: Adventures in Health Sciences Librarianship in North Dakota
I’ve been on the road a LOT this month, traveling to North Dakota and Maine and, later this week, Virginia. It’s been a full schedule and I’ve missed catching up with my blog post each week. Here’s an attempt to begin filling in the holes. Last year, I was invited by members of the Program […]

October 24, 2014

9:57 PM | Dr. Bruce Alberts: Science and the World’s Future
Science and the World’s Future Lecture given by Bruce Alberts, Professor of Science and Education, UCSF Part of the Sanger Series at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA Bruce  Alberts lecture was a review of his career that focused on the …read more
7:43 PM | Dash Project Receives Funding!
We are happy to announce the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has funded our project to improve the user interface and functionality of our Dash tool! You can read the full grant text at More about Dash Dash is a University of California project to create a platform that allows researchers to easily describe, deposit and […]
2:57 PM | The Canadian War on Science: More updates to the chronology of the Conservative government’s anti-science actions
It has been a year since I last updated my chronological listing of the Harper Conservative government’s war on science. The newly updated master list is here, where you can also read more about this project in general. The previous update from October 2013 is here. Some preliminary metrics about the impact of that original…
9:06 AM | Attestati di prestazione energetica: software validi dal 2 ottobre 2014
Aggiornamento del 24/10/2014 A seguito delle integrazioni introdotte dalla Legge 90/13 e della pubblicazione delle revisioni delle norme UNI/TS 11300 parte 1 e 2 (2 ottobre 2014), la verifica di conformità viene effettuata sulla base delle norme UNI TS 11300-1:2014;…Read more →
8:06 AM | Fotonica e micro/nanoelettronica – Tecnologie chiave per la crescita europea
Torino, 22 ottobre 2014 – Lettori CD, laser, led e microprocessori sono alcuni esempi di oggetti di uso comune con tecnologia fotonica, vale a dire che sfrutta le proprietà della luce e le sue interazioni con la materia, o prodotti…Read more →
8:02 AM | Giovani: come investire su un nuovo progetto?
  L’essere giovani ai tempi d’oggi significa vivere con la mente piena di sogni e progetti, le tasche vuote e trovarsi di fronte ad un mondo del lavoro che, soprattutto in Italia, si mostra da subito ostile nei propri confronti.…Read more →
7:59 AM | L’elettronica del futuro a base di materiali bidimensionali. Pisa tra i protagonisti nella corsa per la realizzazione di nuovi nanotransistori a basso consumo
La studio condotto da un team internazionale di ricercatori è stato pubblicato sulla rivista Nature NanotechnologyRead more →

October 23, 2014

3:43 PM | New Project: Citing Physical Spaces
A few months ago, the UC3 group was contacted by some individuals interested in solving a problem: how should we reference field stations? Rob Plowes from University of Texas/Brackenridge Field Lab emailed us: I am on a [National Academy of Sciences] panel reviewing aspects of field stations, and we have been discussing a need for data archiving. One idea […]

October 22, 2014

6:30 PM | e-Science Portal Users–we need you!
The e-Science Portal design team has been conducting a series of online Optimal Workshop user studies of the portal over the past few months. In May the team had issued a Call for Participation for Usability Testing of the e-Science …read more
3:05 PM | Around the Apocalyptic Web: The sharing economy and getting paid for your work
I find the whole idea of a “sharing economy” where people barter and exchange and free up excess capacity in their own lives and situations to make others’ lives a little easier and cheaper an interesting notion. And worthwhile. After all broadly speaking the open access and open source movements do partake of this same…
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