August 08, 2014

4:00 PM | A New Engine for Space Travel.
NASA has confirmed that a decades old idea for a microwave thruster, actually works. Once thought to be impossible because it would violate several laws of physics.  But NASA now believes that the emdrive is producing a force that interacts with the quantum vacuum virtual plasma.  Whew, that’s a mouthful.  Anyway, the engine works. So the thrust … Continue reading →

August 07, 2014

10:00 PM | How You Can Determine The Most Cost Effective IP Protection Plan.
This week I have been going over some of the more popular IP protections available to you.  The best protections available often may not be the most expensive.  From least expensive to most expensive: Copyright, Trademark, Patent. Copyright. While the least expensive option, currently $45 for an online filing, copyrights may be one of the … Continue reading →
4:00 PM | Touchdown! Well Almost.
The ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft is about 100km (62 miles) from comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko (thankfully reduced to Chury) Chury was discovered by Klim Ivanovych Churyumov and Svetlana Ivanovna Gerasimenko on 11 September 1969 at the Alma-Ata Astrophysical Institute.  Like all comets, the finders names are used to tag the comet (I just wonder why I have never … Continue reading →

August 06, 2014

10:00 PM | The Role Of IP In Startups.
Does IP have a place in your startup?  That depends.  Most startups have limited capital and IP can be expensive. However, for those of you that are fans of the TV show “Shark Tank ” know that invariably the first question asked by these potential investors is “do you have a patent?” Some people wonder … Continue reading →
4:00 PM | Look At How Much Weight I’ve Lost!
I have actually lost about 15 lbs.  The lack of stress at my new job has made the pounds melt away.  But I’m not the only one that has successfully dieted. Scientists now believe that the Milky Way galaxy weighs a lot less than previously thought. They also found that our closest neighbor, Andromeda, is … Continue reading →

August 05, 2014

10:00 PM | The Benefits of a Provisional Patent Application.
A provisional patent application (PPA) can be a life saver, or a least a date saver.  However, you must use caution when drafting them.  Most people think that these “quick and dirty” patent applications require less drafting and formality than a standard utility patent applications and are generally less expensive. To a certain extent,  this … Continue reading →
4:00 PM | I Wouldn’t Have Got a Lemon.
If the Moon hadn’t been spinning so fast in its infancy.  That is the latest theory as to why the Moon is shaped more like a lemon than a bulging beach ball. At least so says a US team lead by Ian Garrick-Bethell, from the University of California Santa Cruz.  When the team calculated the … Continue reading →
12:57 AM | Eagleman Lab outing We learned gun safety We tested out 4 types...
Eagleman Lab outing We learned gun safety We tested out 4 types of guns We learned I’m a terrible shot We talked rational gun policy in the US

August 04, 2014

10:00 PM | How The Alice Ruling Can Affect Your Patent Application.
Since the Supreme Court handed down their decision in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank case, the USPTO has made some changes to the way that patents are examined until they have enough input to make sense of the decision.   The new guidelines may spell trouble for some applications. In a memorandum to the examiners corps, … Continue reading →
4:00 PM | I’m Back, Part Deux – I See You Over There.
No, really I’m back.  Moving after a decade at the same law firm was FAR more time consuming that I thought it would be.  And I am still not completely finished.  But on to more fun and interesting astronomical things. If I had a child, they would be about the same age as the Hubble.  … Continue reading →

August 02, 2014

1:48 AM | People from Google and TED came by the lab, and I responded.
People from Google and TED came by the lab, and I responded.
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