November 25, 2014

11:00 PM | Apple’s Christmas Gift To Google…An End To The Patent Wars.
Apple seems to have decided to end the legal war against Google and Android phone makers.  This would bring an end to patent litigation that has cost the smartphone industry billions of dollars, without any clear results. According to court filings, the Apple led Rockstar consortium has asked a federal judge to stay a series … Continue reading →
5:00 PM | Earth’s Own Plasma Shield.
The Earth’s magnetic field, or magnetosphere, stretches from the planet’s core out into space, where it meets the solar wind, a stream of charged particles emitted by the sun. For the most part, the magnetosphere acts as a shield to protect the Earth from this high-energy solar activity. But when this field comes into contact … Continue reading →
5:21 AM | Read the full transcript here, and the one dated August 20th...
Read the full transcript here, and the one dated August 20th here
5:08 AM | "Former New York state Chief Judge Sol Wachtler famously remarked that a prosecutor could persuade a..."
“Former New York state Chief Judge Sol Wachtler famously remarked that a prosecutor could...

November 24, 2014

11:00 PM | To PCT Or Not To PCT…That Is The Question.
If you are considering filing a patent application in three or more countries (a European Patent Office [EPO] application counts as one), or if you would like to protect your invention in other countries but are not sure where right at the moment, or if you want to delay the expense of filing many applications, … Continue reading →
7:11 PM | pleasedontsqueezetheshaman: Police departments need to put down the human hole-punchers and start...
pleasedontsqueezetheshaman: Police departments need to put down the human hole-punchers and start...
4:00 PM | Who Will Be The Next Great Exo-Planet Hunter?
Gaia of TESS?  Who will it be?   Although Gaia’s main mission isn’t to find exo-planets, the 3D imaging of billions of stars will have the side affect of finding exo-planets…a lot of exo-planets. But the contender, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) spacecraft’s main mission is to the entire sky for exo-planets. The mission … Continue reading →

November 22, 2014

3:01 AM | So in one of my favorite cases, 1971 a Gerald Mayo filed a...
So in one of my favorite cases, 1971 a Gerald Mayo filed a lawsuit against Satan …and his staff  (is he hiring?) for civil rights violation in UNITED STATES ex rel. Gerald MAYO v. SATAN AND HIS STAFF, 54 F.R.D. 282. The judge, denies his action based on procedure. Brilliant. The judge writes: [Mayo] alleges that Satan has on numerous occasions caused plaintiff misery and unwarranted threats, against the will of plaintiff, that Satan has placed deliberate […]

November 21, 2014

11:00 PM | Canada Updates Trademark Laws.
After 50 years, the Canadian Parliament has overhauled the trademark rules for the country. Some of the reforms are: 1)  Canada is now a contracting state for the Madrid Protocol.2) Easier trademark registrations for foreign businesses. 3) Expanded definition of what a trademark covers. The most likely downside will be increased costs for registration and … Continue reading →
5:13 PM | humanrightswatch: Young people are held in solitary confinement...
humanrightswatch: Young people are held in solitary confinement in jails and prisons across the United States, often for weeks or months at a time. The isolation of solitary confinement causes anguish, provokes serious mental and physical health problems, and works against rehabilitation for teenagers. Human Rights Watch and the ACLU estimate that in 2011, more than 95,000 young people under age 18 were held in prisons and jails. A significant number of these facilities use solitary […]
5:00 PM | China Unveils Mars Rover Plans.
After landing the Jade Rabbit rover on the Moon, China has unveiled a design for a Mars rover mission. Perhaps egged on by the success of the Indian Space Agency’s Mars mission, Chinese aspirations have increased. The stated goal of the rover will be to search for life and water.  However, due to a limited … Continue reading →

November 20, 2014

11:39 PM | This is my wall art at the lab. It could be better.
This is my wall art at the lab. It could be better.
11:00 PM | A Sound Strategy Would Be To Have An Opinion Of Counsel Before Manufacturing Begins.
Ahhh, the sound of music wirelessly transmitted around the house for your enjoyment. Sonos, a manufacturer of wireless home speaker systems, has sued rival Denon for patent infringement over that companies Heos speakers.  Sonos claims that the Heos speakers are similar to Sonos’s speakers and infringe at least four Sonos patents. Sonos’s claims in its … Continue reading →
10:54 PM | The New Yorker has the tiniest blurb on “Russian Criminal...
The New Yorker has the tiniest blurb on “Russian Criminal Tattoo Police Files”, new book by a criminalistics expert at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Arkady Bronnikov: Throughout the Communist era, convicts in the Soviet prison system cultivated a visual language through tattoo art. Their markings, which were often applied by fellow inmates using an adapted electric shaver, were intended to communicate social standing, tastes, and interests to […]
5:44 PM | Go Inside A Brain In Times Square
Go Inside A Brain In Times Square
5:00 PM | Its A Dirty Universe.
Using the Hubble Space Telescope scientists have completed the largest and most sensitive visible-light imaging survey of dusty debris disks around other stars. Its a time machine to see the past events that happened in our solar system (and to some extent are still happening) during planet formation. The survey found that no two “disks” … Continue reading →

November 19, 2014

11:00 PM | A Cautionary Tale About False Advertising Claims.
The US Supreme Court ruled a federal false advertising case is not limited to the advertiser’s competitors, the plaintiff only has to show commercial injury “flowing directly from the deception wrought by the defendant’s advertising.” This ruling came about when Lexmark International Inc., offered a “Prebate” program under which buyers could get certain print cartridges … Continue reading →
5:00 PM | Photograph Of Planet Formation.
The Alma array has captured the clearest picture of planets forming around a newly forming star system, HL Tau. Dark rings are visible in the disc of dust and gas. Located in the constelation Taurus, HL Tau is thought to be less than a million years old and is 450 light years away.  Using Alma’s new … Continue reading →

November 18, 2014

11:00 PM | Taiwan’s Patent Applications Fall For Sixth Straight Quarter.
The trend has officials worried that Taiwan may be loosing it’s competitive edge. The number of patent applications was down 4.28 percent from the same period last year, according to the data released. “The quarterly decline could possibly be related to a ‘quality-over-quantity’ trend,” said an official hopefully, while requesting anonymity. “The application volume has … Continue reading →
5:00 PM | More From Software Bisque Weekend At GMARS.
I didn’t have time to process all the photos I took of this weekends events (lots of people around).  So here are some images of the event. Banners were made to announce the event on the side of the GMARS west house.  Lunch/dinner were held on the patio with plenty of seating for everyone. A … Continue reading →

November 17, 2014

11:00 PM | Corporate Counsel Accused Of Stealing Trade Secrets.
Schlumberger Ltd., the world’s largest oilfield services company, has sued its former deputy general counsel, Charlotte Rutherford, claiming that she stole the company’s trade secrets before leaving the company to join Acacia Research Group. Acacia acquires and licenses patents and engages in patent litigation.  The firm has been called “the mother of all patent trolls” and … Continue reading →
5:00 PM | Software Bisque Workshop Weekend At GMARS.
This past weekend saw the largest gathering of Paramount users at a single location.  The Riverside Astronomical Society was glad to be a part of this special workshop weekend. Paramount owners were invited to come to our dark sky site, GMARS, in Landers, CA to take part in workshop to help owners of these wonderful … Continue reading →

November 14, 2014

11:00 PM | At What Age Can You Be Granted A Patent?
Actually, there are no age limits. The oldest person I can find that was granted a patent in the U.S. was USC Professor Simon Ramo, who received his patent at age 100.  I’m not sure I could invent something patentable now, let alone at 100. A minor(s) may need an adult to help with the … Continue reading →
5:00 PM | An Astronomical PSA.
I saw another post about this video and decided to check it out.  You should too. The PSA (public service announcement), titled “Reach”, is from NASA’s Exploration Systems Mission Directorate. Karen O. Lau and David E. Sanders created the original “Reach” PSA in 2003 as part of the NASA Means Business competition. The PSA has been … Continue reading →
2:00 AM | Telling wall art on the way to the fMRI scanner.
Telling wall art on the way to the fMRI scanner.

November 13, 2014

5:00 PM | After Further Review…Philae Has Scored A Touchdown.
After waiting for 10 years for this moment, Philae landed on the comet with the unpronouncable name (67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko). I must say that this was almost as good a landing as Curiosity on Mars (Curiosity wins on degree of difficulty and doing more gymnastics to reach the surface). Philae had a few points deducted from the … Continue reading →

November 12, 2014

5:00 PM | A Dainty Black Hole?
We now know that there is at least one supermassive black hole in the center of every galaxy.  Over years of observations, the one at the center of the Milkyway doesn’t “eat” that much. While the black hole, named Sagittarius A* (pronounced Sagittarius A-star), is 4 million times as massive as the sun, it is … Continue reading →

November 11, 2014

11:00 PM | Michelle Lee Nominated as New USPTO Director.
Lee, a former executive with Google, was nominated after serving as Deputy Director of the USPTO, and as the Director of the Silicon Valley Office. At Google , Lee was the Deputy General Counsel and Head of Patents and Patent Strategy.  She has been a outspoken critic of the U.S. patent system.  Google is well … Continue reading →
5:00 PM | Tomorrow’s The Big Day For Philae!
Tomorrow the first ever soft landing on a comet is scheduled.  Touchdown should be Wednesday, at 3:35 a.m. Eastern time. The Philae landing site covers about a third of a square mile.  Hopefully, the area is smooth and clear of obstructiongs.  However, because it is a comet, Philae will still be close to streams of dust … Continue reading →

November 07, 2014

11:00 PM | Qualcomm Avoids Patent Suit And Wins Fees.
The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals has affirmed dismissal of a $1 billion patent suit against Qualcomm brought by Gabriel Technologies Corp.   Pending before the court is the $12.4 million lower court award of fees and sanctions. Gabriel sued Qualcomm for infringment of Gabriel’s patents for  GPS technology in pagers and that Qualcomm used Gabriel … Continue reading →
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