March 26, 2015

11:54 AM | Q: Why is the Dawkins Meme Idea so Popular?
A: Because it is daft. I believe there are two answers to that question. For most people it’s convenient. That requires one explanation, which I’ll run through first. For some people, however, memetics is more than convenient. Some, including Dawkins himself and his philosophical acolyte, Dan Dennett, use it as a way of explaining religion. […]
6:25 AM | Free Eye check up camp conducted for the Advance Hydrau-Tech Team on 23rd – 24th March, 2015
The employees of Advance Hydrau-Tech Pvt Ltd, Delhi, received free eye check up on 23-24 March, 2015. The camp was organized in the fond memory of Late Smt. Gyarsi Bai and Late Shri Lala Shyam Lal Gupta, grandparents of Mr. Sudhir Gupta, Director of Advance Hydrau-Tech. The first day was completed with a total of … Continue reading →

March 13, 2015

3:49 AM | In Praise of Verbs
"I am not told. I am the verb, sir, not the object," —Alan Bennett, The Madness of King George One of the regular frustrations of studying for this blog comes from the number of papers I read by people who...

March 11, 2015

7:04 PM | The End-of-Semester Effect Fallacy: Some Thoughts on Many Labs 3
The Many Labs enterprise is on a roll. This week, a manuscript reporting Many Labs 3 materialized on the already invaluable Open Science Framework. The manuscript reports a large-scale investigation, involving 20 American and Canadian research teams, into the “end-of-semester effect.”The lore among researchers is that subjects run at the end of the semester provide useless data. Effects that are found at the beginning of the semester somehow disappear or become smaller at the […]

March 08, 2015

6:59 PM | A Dialog on the Role of Trust
Ancient coin showing Fides, goddess of trust. The acceptance of coins depends on placing one's trust in their continued worth. Why do only people have language? Because only people trust one another with their secrets. What secrets do you mean?...

March 06, 2015

4:33 PM | A Note on Dennett’s Curious Comparison of Words and Apps
I continue to think about Dan Dennett’s inadequate account of words-as-memes in his paper, The Cultural Evolution of Words and Other Thinking Tools (PDF), Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology, Volume LXXIV, pp. 1-7, 2009. You find the same account in, for example, this video of a talk he gave in 2011: “A Human […]
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