October 25, 2014

12:41 PM | John Lawler on Generative Grammar
From a Facebook conversation with Dan Everett (about slide rules, aka slipsticks, no less) and others: The constant revision and consequent redefining and renaming of concepts – some imaginary and some very obvious – has led to a multi-dimensional spectrum of heresy in generative grammar, so complex that one practically needs chromatography to distinguish variants. […]

October 24, 2014

5:22 PM | ROCing the Boat: When Replication Hurts
Though failure to replicate presents a serious problem, even highly-replicable results may be consistently and dramatically misinterpreted if dependent measures are not carefully chosen. This sentence comes from a new paper by Caren Rotello,Evan Heit, and Chad Dubé to be published in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review. Replication hurts in such cases because it reinforces artifactual results. Rotello and colleagues marshal support for this claim from four disparate domains: […]
12:04 PM | The Diablog on Replication with Dan Simons
Dan SimonsLast year, I had a very informative and enjoyable blog dialogue, or diablog, with Dan Simons about the reliability and validity of replication attempts. Unfortunately, there was never an easy way for anyone to access this diablog. It has only occurred to me today (!) that I could remedy this situation by creating a meta-post. Here it is.In my first post on the topic, I argued that it is important to consider to consider not only the reliability but also the validity of replication […]

October 23, 2014

The next event in the ways to (proto)language conference series has been announced and is being held in Rome! Call for Papers below: 24-26 SEPTEMBER 2015 Roma Tre University SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 1 FEBRUARY 2015 WEBSITE: CONTACT: INVITED SPEAKERS: Michael C. Corballis (University of Auckland) Dan Dediu (Max Plank Institute for Psycholinguistics) Francesco D’Errico (University […]
8:57 AM | African ideophones and their contribution to linguistics — workshop at WOCAL8 in Kyoto, Aug 2015
Organisers Dr. Mark Dingemanse (Max Planck Institute, Nijmegen) Prof. Sharon Rose (University of California, San Diego) Description Africa’s linguistic diversity has impacted the study of language in many ways. The articulatory phonetics of the Khoi and San languages prompted methodological innovations in … Continue reading →

October 22, 2014

3:28 PM | Why I Abandoned Chomskian Linguistics, with Links to 2 FB Discussions with Dan Everett
It wasn’t a matter of deep and well-thought princple. It was simpler than that. Chomsky’s approach to linguistics didn’t have the tools I was looking for. Let me explain. * * * * * Dan Everett’s kicked off two discussions on Facebook about Chomksy. This one takes Christina Behme’s recent review article, A ‘Galilean’ science […]
12:51 PM | Universal Social Rules Underlie Languages
© James Yang The September/October issue of Scientific American MIND features an article written by me and N.J. Enfield entitled “Universal Social Rules Underlie Languages”. We review recent research on conversation across cultures, including work on turn-taking, timing, and other-initiated repair. Scientific American … Continue reading →

October 21, 2014

3:13 PM | The Theory of Cultural Ranks at 3QD
Posted at 3 Quarks Daily: Evolving to the Future, the Web of Culture Europeans had been trading with Asian peoples since ancient times. But things began to change in the 15th Century when the Spanish and Portuguese sent ships across the oceans, followed by Northern Europeans in the 17th Century. By the late 19th Century […]
9:59 AM | Workshop on Causality in the Language Sciences
The MPI for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig is hosting a workshop on Causality in the Language Sciences on April 13 – 15, 2015. There is a call for talks and posters here (deadline January 10th, 2015). Invited speakers include Balthasar Bickel, Claire Bowern, Morten Christiansen, Dan Dediu, Michael Dunn, T. Florian Jaeger, Gerhard Jaeger, […]

October 12, 2014

7:59 PM | Bickerton: Round Two
A few years back Derek Bickerton published a book called Adam's Tongue which I reviewed in three posts (here, here and here). That book was disappointingly breezy, a lively account that made bold assertions and brushed objections aside with the...

October 10, 2014

7:02 AM | Language as a multimodal phenomenon
The issue of multimodality has become a widely discussed topic in several branches of linguistics and especially in research on the evolution of language. Now, a special issue of the “Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B” has been dedicated to “Language as a multimodal phenomenon”. The issue, edited by Gabriella Vigliocco, Pamela Perniss, and […]

October 06, 2014

11:00 AM | Abercrombie on ‘paralanguage’
There is an urgent need for the comparative study, over as much of the world as possible, of the full range of paralinguistic phenomena — the kind of thing for which the linguistic field-worker is best fitted. Fact-finding, not theorising, … Continue reading →
1:49 AM | The End of Orthodoxy?
Rejecting Aristotle is always a sign of a break with scientific orthodoxy. The past month has been bad for orthodox linguists. First came the Surprise Meeting at the Summit which showed that instead of searching for new empirical data or...

October 03, 2014

9:06 AM | Media als middel
Afgelopen woensdag sprak ik op de Vakconferentie Wetenschapscommunicatie over wat we geleerd hebben in de mediastorm rond ons werk vorig jaar. Hier zijn mijn slides: Veel wetenschappers onderhouden een haat-liefde verhouding met de media. Media-aandacht is moeilijk te krijgen en als … Continue reading →
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