March 24, 2015

12:00 PM | First (Contraband) Corned Beef Sandwich in Space
The corned beef sandwich taste test lasted about 10 seconds out of the 4 hours and 52 minutes that Gemini 3 was in flight.

March 23, 2015

8:12 PM | Bidding Farewell to Richard III: Photos
Follow the procession of one of the most unusual royal funerals in Britain's history.
7:36 PM | A History of Geological Maps: I. From Outcrop to the first Map
March 23, 1769 marks the birthday of pioneering stratigrapher William Smith, who is also credited as author of the first modern geological map, however like many other great accomplishments also Smith’s idea of depicting the distribution of rocks on a topographic map didn’t materialize out of nowhere.The German mining engineer Georgius Agricola (1494-1555) dedicated in his “De re metallica” (1556) -  an early  textbook on mining technologies – an entire […]
3:51 PM | Explainer: How Powerful is Singapore?
This year, Singapore was voted the most expensive city in the world for the second year running. How powerful is this island city-state?
3:31 PM | Mammoth is Mopey, a paleoart alphabet book
I am excited to announce that the children's book Mammoth is Mopey, written by my wife Jennie and me and featuring 26 of my original illustrations, is close to publication! It has been a labor of love for the last few years, and I'm on pins and needles as we work on the crucial last step. What's the book about? This Venn diagram is a good place to start. At its heart, Mammoth is Mopey is simply a fun celebration of prehistoric life. Written as an alphabet book, it features 26 animals spanning […]
2:02 PM | Départementales 2015 : les résultats bruts en un graphique
Les résultats du premier tour des élections départementales en France sont rendus difficilement lisibles par le flot de commentaires politiques de tout bords qui les accompagnent (entre ceux qui ont “gagné” ou “pas trop perdu”, etc.). Cette subjectivité est en partie la conséquence du système d’étiquetage qui ne permet pas au non-initié de calculer précisément le score d’un parti […]
1:25 PM | 500,000-Year-Old Tools Show Humans Butchered Elephants
Stone tools that are half a million years old have been unearthed in Israel — and they still have traces of elephant fat clinging to them.
9:55 AM | Seeker Daily: The First Female Cab Driver in New York
It wasn't until 1942 that the first woman got a license to drive a cab in New York. Meet Gertrude Hadley Jeannette.
9:44 AM | The Legacy of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew
Today, Singaporeans are saddened by the departure of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Singapore, who died on March 23, at the age of 91. Despite his controversial policies, he is respected as a leader with great foresight, who has led Singapore from a third world country to a first world country. Today, […] The post The Legacy of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew appeared first on Wiley Asia Blog.

March 22, 2015

10:17 PM | King Richard III's Reburial: Live at the Scene
King Richard III will finally be given a proper burial, 530 years after his death in battle. Continue reading →

March 21, 2015

9:57 AM | Physics Week in Review: March 21, 2015
That deafening sound you heard over Wednesday and Thursday was the sound of millions of science-minded folks collectively banging their heads against their computer screens in frustration. The... -- Read more on
6:49 AM | Ciclo 'Encuentros con la ciencia' [Conferencia]
Dentro del ciclo 'Encuentros con la ciencia', el próximo jueves 26 a las 18:00 tendré el honor de hablar sobre los venenos a través de la historia en el Salón de Grados de la Facultad de Comunicación y Documentación de la Universidad de Murcia. Allí os espero ;-)Nota de prensa en el diario La Verdad
12:21 AM | On January 12, 2015, police officers escorted Hal and Michelle...
On January 12, 2015, police officers escorted Hal and Michelle Stanley out of their Arkansas home. For five hours they searched the house. Eventually officers found a dietary supplement that was bought over the Internet: MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution, also known as Master Mineral Solution). The police took the Stanley’s seven children into state custody for, among other alleged abuses, the presence of a poisonous substance in their home.MMS is a solution of sodium chlorite and water. When […]

March 20, 2015

3:18 PM | Calendrical confusion or just when did Newton die?
Today there is general agreement throughout the world that for commercial and international political purposes everybody uses the Gregorian calendar, first introduced into the Catholic countries of Europe in 1582. However Europeans should never forget that for other purposes other … Continue reading →

March 19, 2015

3:38 PM | The many ways to view a solar eclipse
This RSS feed from the Royal Society has moved. Please resubscribe to the RSS feed here: Thank you for continuing to subscribe to our updates. If you have any queries please contact us.
3:35 PM | Explainer: India, Pakistan and the Kashmir Conflict
The conflict between India and Pakistan over Kashmir is the oldest unresolved conflict on the UN's agenda. The territorial dispute has led to invasions and wars, but what is it really about?
2:00 PM | Rare Old Testament Reunited with 'Twin' in Israel
A rare, 338-year-old copy of the Old Testament has been reunited with its twin, a copy of the same edition that was printed in Frankfurt, Germany, in the 1600s.
12:58 PM | The continuing saga of io9’s history of science inanities.
I made a sort of deal with myself to, if possible, avoid io9 and above all the inane utterances of Esther Inglis-Arkell. Unfortunately I fell for a bit of history of science click bait on Twitter and stumbled into her … Continue reading →
1:30 AM | Research on Indigenous Australia
        Wiley, along with many of its publishing partners, is proud to present this collection of recent papers on the theme of ‘Research on Indigenous Australia’. As a leading publisher of Australian academic and scientific journals, including a large number of journals owned by Australian research and practitioner organisations, Wiley is in an […] The post Research on Indigenous Australia appeared first on Wiley Asia Blog.

March 18, 2015

10:26 PM | CSI: Picasso: X-Rays Reveal the Master’s Materials
Every field has its raging debates among impassioned experts, and the art world is no exception. Case in point: some art historians long suspected that master painter Pablo Picasso used common house... -- Read more on
3:00 PM | Apparent Remains of Don Quixote Writer Cervantes Found
Researchers said they were convinced that they had found Cervantes, hailed by academics as the father of the modern novel.

March 17, 2015

9:56 PM | Richard III's Remains Sealed Inside Coffin
King Richard III's twisted skeleton was sealed Sunday inside a lead-lined coffin ahead of the king’s reburial next week. Continue reading →
7:18 PM | P value ban: small step for a journal, giant leap for science
Peer-reviewed journals have largely insisted on P values as a standard of worthiness. But now the editors of one journal have banned the statistical tool.
7:12 PM | Celebrating the Irish-Geological Heritage
According to a popular myth, long time ago lived a giant named Finn McCool on the shores of the county of Antrim in Ireland. On the opposite shores lived the Scottish giant Benandonner. One day Benandonner challenged McCool to a battle. McCool started to build a bridge, made of large columns of black rocks, to cross over the Irish Sea. Soon the bridge was completed and seeing his furious opponent approaching, Benandonner became afraid of the battle. So he asked advice to his wife. The […]
5:34 PM | 'For Allah' Inscription Found on Viking Era Ring
A ring with a rose-colored stone constitutes evidence for direct interactions between the Vikings and the Islamic world. Continue reading →
5:06 PM | DNews: How Different Cultures Made Their Mummies
If you think the ancient Egyptians cornered the market on mummy making, think again. History is chock-full of cultures that preserved their dead. Julia runs down some of the more prominent examples.
3:08 PM | P value ban: small step for a journal, giant leap for science
Editors reject flawed system of null hypothesis testing ContextNumbers by Tom Siegfried 3:18pm, March 17, 2015 Imagine, if you dare, a world without P values.Perhaps you’re already among the lucky participants in the human race who don’t know what a P value is. Trust me, you don’t want to. P stands for pernicious, and P values are at the root of all (well, […]
10:14 AM | Seeker Daily: The War Memes in Afghan Rugs
In this episode of Seeker Daily, we tell a story of how the country's turmoil has influenced one of it's most iconic art forms: the Afghan Rug.

March 16, 2015

3:41 PM | Forensic Geology and the Murder-case of Aldo Moro
Rome, March 16, 1678 a car of the type Fiat 128 suddenly braked midst of the street, prompting the following cars to crash onto it. A series of shots from a machine-gun followed, killing all of the five bodyguards of Italian prime minister Aldo Moro. The prime minister was kidnapped, days later the first messages from the Brigate-Rosse, a terrorist-association active at the time in Italy, arrived, causing a severe political crisis as the government was insecure how to deal with the terrorists […]
3:07 PM | Social network analysis and visualization: Moreno’s Sociograms revisited
Moreno’s sociograms are frequently considered as the first examples of social network analysis and visualization. Mapping the social affinities of a group of individuals, Moreno’s first sociograms visualize the relationships between pupils in a classroom: who wants to be sitting next to whom? Each child can choose two others, for results that suggest that sociabilities are changing over time: the proportion of attractions between boys and girls decrease, community […]
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