March 25, 2014

4:57 PM | From the Fact Checker: Whales in Space
By Jacob Roberts Sometimes the research and fact checking behind a story is just as interesting as the end result. This story is about whales (or bits of them) in space. Michal Meyer, editor of Chemical Heritage gave me the idea for Whales in Space . Some time ago, she met a representative of Nye Lubricants at a social gathering. Nye is a company that used to process whale oil for use in everything from car transmissions to watch gears, but switched to synthetic lubricants after whale hunting […]
2:43 PM | Curves… in… spaaaace! (1890)
One of the tragedies of STEM education is the seemingly eternal perception by the general public that mathematics is boring and repetitive.  Most people, of course, end their math education with algebra at most, though some work their way through … Continue reading →
5:10 AM | So you want to be an industrial glassblower
So, you’re interested in a job as a glassblower. That’s no surprise. For 50 years glassblowing has been a good way for a skilled industrial laborer to earn a comfortable living, and today as we enter the 1920s, demand for these workmen shows no signs of lessening. But what are the risks? Since there are […]
4:14 AM | Episode 2: Bonus Clip One (Dennis Gabor)
In 1973, two of the most iconic and unconventional figures in the artistic world met at the St. Regis hotel in New York to discuss a potential collaboration. One was the aging Surrealist artist Salvador Dali, and the other was the … Continue reading →

March 24, 2014

9:31 PM | Vintage Dinosaur Art: All About Dinosaurs
While it's exciting enough to get my mits on a book as genuinely vintage as All About Dinosaurs (1953), that this book was written by the legendary Roy Chapman Andrews is an extra special treat. This is a book that's part palaeontology lesson, part autobiography, with Andrews unable to resist relaying a few tales of derring-do. Illustrations are provided by Thomas W Voter, and essentially live up to expectation - these are the tail-dragging, slothful, reptilian flesh-barges of old, the 'great […]
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