September 24, 2014

9:53 PM | Ask the DM Blog Braintrust: Advice on First Study Section?
A query came it that is best answered by the commentariat before I start stamping around scaring the fish. I'm a "newbie" heading to study section as an ESR quite soon... I'd really, really appreciated it if you could do a post on a) your advice on what to expect and how to ... not […]
9:28 PM | Poll of the day
If some throwaway sentence in the Aims page draft I'm looking over for PhysioProffe stimulates my curiosity about a cool model then he is obligated to throw a least a postdoc year at the topic, correct?
8:07 PM | Federal RePORTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is soooo friggin cool. There is now a tool to search all Federal research grants, i.e. across the various funding agencies. Federal RePORTER awaits!
3:50 PM | On Twitter/blog handles and the inferiority complex of Penn
APS has a News bit on a new paper. People and institutions who are marginal members of a high-status or well-esteemed group tend to emphasize their group membership more than those who are squarely entrenched members of the group, according to new research published in Psychological Science, The full cite: Rozin P, Scott SE, Zickgraf […]
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