September 22, 2014

9:45 PM | Open Post-Pub Peer Review of Cheaters
There is an interesting story over at retraction watch. Last month, PubPeer announced that a scientist had threatened to sue the site for defamation. At the time, all PubPeer would say was that the “prospective plaintiff” is a US researcher” who was “aggrieved at the treatment his papers are getting on our site.” Today, PubPeer […]
9:30 PM | Faculty Recruitment by Trolling K99 Awards
Remember back in high school (for USians) how you received a deluge of college recruitment literature just after your PSAT and SAT scores hit the streets? Maybe I'm misremembering but it seemed as though colleges (and the Armed Forces) had access to the databases somehow and could target their recruiting. I have heard rumour of […]
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