March 03, 2015

4:00 PM | The Journal of Neuroscience needs to explain the author ban
I agree with the following Twitter comment @drugmonkeyblog @virginiahughes @TomAvril1 JNeuro is scientifically irresponsible & undermines own actions by not disclosing reasons. — Michael Hendricks (@MHendr1cks) March 3, 2015 Insofar as it calls for the Editorial Board of the Journal of Neuroscience to explain why it banned three authors from future submissions. As I said […]
12:37 AM | For anyone sick of all the jackclammery of their profession today. You know who you are.
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March 02, 2015

6:55 PM | The Journal Ban Hammer: Nastier implications
There is one thing that concerns me about the Journal of Neuroscience banning three authors from future submission in the wake of a paper retraction. One reason you might seek to get harsh with some authors is if they have a track record of corrigenda and errata supplied to correct mistakes in their papers. This […]
6:15 PM | Banning authors once a paper is retracted from the journal?
A post at Retraction Watch alerts us to to a paper retraction at the Journal of Neuroscience. The J Neuro notice on this paper reads: The Journal of Neuroscience has received notification of an investigation by the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, which supports the journal's findings of data misrepresentation in […]
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