March 27, 2015

6:48 PM | This is who is leading the fight for your future in science
Tweep @MHendr1ck is killing it. The latest. if no one your age is invited to the grown up table, you're "young." @Namaste_Ish @drugmonkeyblog — Michael Hendricks (@MHendr1cks) March 27, 2015 The PI R01 age distribution looks like the 2010 one from this PPT file. The "Jedi Council" is, I believe, the participants in a […]

March 26, 2015

8:40 PM | Grants won vs grants awarded on your CV
Sometimes you have to turn down something that you sought competitively. Undergrad or graduate school admission offers. Job offers. Fellowships. Occasionally, research support grants. Do you list these things on your CV? I can see the temptation. If you view your CV as being about competitive accolades. But we don't do that. In academics your […]
6:39 PM | Do try to keep up
I hope you all have read through the Bridges to Independence (2005) report. Yes? It's freely downloadable and told us a lot about the state of NIH extramural funding, age cohorts and demographic disparities....a DECADE ago. So when Rockey posts abbreviated data sets.....yeah.

March 25, 2015

9:35 PM | More data to explain.....attitudes.
via:    Rockey had posted on the amount of grant money going to age groups, this Tweep divided by the number of PIs in each group.  I had two immediate thoughts. When the end of the doubling hit, if you were 50 or under you felt it immediately.  If you were 56 or older at that […]
3:10 PM | 420andme
I just had this genius idea. A public science service modeled on 23andme where you send in your pot sample for both genetic analysis ("You have new strain-relatives, want to connect and share experiences?") and content of various cannabinoids and what not. Add in some health survey stuff and away we go.

March 24, 2015

3:58 PM | Someday....
When do I get to that stage where my lab is operated entirely by oppressed trainees who are totally doing the PI job in all ways but name and I get to sit back, eat bonbons and watch my h-index rise? 

March 23, 2015

3:45 PM | FASEB J backs off their ill considered authorship policy
@betenoire1 @jeremymberg @MHendr1cks @michaelhoffman Thank you for your feedback. The policy has been reviewed internally and removed. — FASEB Public Affairs (@FASEBopa) March 23, 2015 The offending policy. Of course, unless they get to the bottom of who asserted that reviewers and AEs who suggest experiments should be added to the author line we have […]

March 22, 2015

6:37 PM | Question of the Day
Who ARE these people who imagine only one person thought up some good idea in bioscience? It's about execution not some random thought you happened to express in passing.

March 19, 2015

2:21 PM | NCI pilots a staff scientist award Wow. In July, 2007 I wrote: Create career awards (not fellowships because of the way institutions use this to screw fellows out of the usual employment benefits) for that category of doctoral research scientist who is happy to labor away in someone else’s lab without being a PI. These people already exist, in great […]
5:01 AM | Funded Science Q&A – Nick MacKinnon on eTreatMD’s mobile health app
  Nick MacKinnon is a founder and CEO of eTreatMD, a Vancouver-based mobile health startup. The company is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to support FDA and Health Canada approval of its first product: the eTreatMD myHand app. myHand is a mobile health app that lets arth... The post Funded Science Q&A – Nick MacKinnon on eTreatMD’s mobile health app appeared first on Funded Science.

March 17, 2015

9:21 PM | Your Grant in Review: Future Directions
One of the most perplexing thing I have learned about the review of 5 year R01 NIH grant proposals is a species of reviewer that is obsessed with Future Directions. It was a revelation to me in one of my first few study section meetings that some reviewers really want to see extensive comment on […]
4:25 AM | March Madness Donor's Choose Drive!
Folks, you know how I love the Donor's Choose. [Almost as much as I don't like March Madness, in a curious balance of the Force. ] Anyway, GertyZ and her co-conspirator Namaste-ish have cooked up another Basket Baller Bracket Bragger thingy. Join IN. The rules are simple. So here's the deal. If you wanna play, […]
2:29 AM | Dear Authors, Don't do this. Ever.
this has been bopping around on the Twitts lately.. Shit --- - F. Cesari / Nature — Sarah (@Drosophilista) March 10, 2015

March 13, 2015

7:22 PM | Why PMA if dealers don't want to kill their clients?
There's an interesting piece on Ecstasy in Mixmag that addresses something that is a side issue of the MDMA overdose issue that I've talked about on the blog. These issues bubble up to our conscious consideration every time there is a mysterious Ecstasy-related cluster of adverse events such as at Wesleyan University. Until there is […]

March 12, 2015

5:45 PM | The saddest thing I have read on the internet in quite some time
I've never read a single fantasy novel or sci fi novel — Genome F. Daddy (@GenomeDaddy) March 12, 2015
1:18 PM | Should PI or trainee submit the manuscript?
@drugmonkeyblog trying to figure out why some PIs submit manuscripts instead of having trainees do that. Pros/cons — A- List Scientist (@DListScientist) March 12, 2015 I imagine the answers are any of: Speed. Control. It was the project of a trainee now departed. Trainee not competent* in eyes of PI. It is actually the PI […]

March 11, 2015

11:28 PM | Thought of the Day
It is a crying shame that the science blogosphere' favorite Wankees fan, Comradde Physioproffe, does not coach tee ball, Farm or Pinto. 
8:44 PM | Your Grant in Review: Effort and systems designed for amateur scientists
Since we're discussing the amount of PI salary that should be rightfully paid by the NIH versus a local University lately, I have a grant review scenario to mention. It is not uncommon to see R01 proposals come in from PIs who say that they will charge the grant for "three months summer salary". As […]

March 10, 2015

7:34 PM | 3 Direct Benefits of Using Social Media for Scientists
In my latest post on Signals, “How Online Outreach Adds Value to Scientific Research“, I start by tackling the question of why more than 50% of scientists don’t engage in online outreach at all. I then outline the benefits of using social media for scientists, focusing in particula... The post 3 Direct Benefits of Using Social Media for Scientists appeared first on Funded Science.
5:43 PM | Another puff-piece on supposed "indie science"
Science Careers has returned to the Perlstein situation in a recent bit by Rachel Bernstein titled "Into the wild". They lead with "indie science" which as it turns out is a bit misleading. The bit has nothing to do with indie science save as a sort of testimonial that indie science is a bankrupt, unworkable […]
4:59 PM | Paranoid Collaborators
Something on the Twitts drew my eye. I am (nominal) lead, PD is co-PI (true lead) on successful proposal. I want to share it w/ a close colleague writing a grant to same agency. — Beatrix Kiddo (@tehbride) March 10, 2015 Topic is related. We are funded. We are not competing for funding. PD says […]

March 09, 2015

7:32 PM | Boys will be boys. (NSFW)

March 08, 2015

6:31 PM | Sunday Sermon: Obama has something to say to GenX scientists
No summary available for this post.

March 06, 2015

9:11 PM | A hint about staff scientist awards from Varmus
One ray of possible sunshine. Jocelyn Kaiser noted something that I had originally missed in Varmus' letter to the NCI community. In his resignation letter, Varmus introduces a new award for staff scientists. He says the idea is to offer salary support and independence to scientists who hold less high-profile but essential jobs, such as […]
8:36 PM | Poll: Fixing the NIH Action Items
Long time commenter Neuro-conservative offered up some specific action items for fixing the NIH. Which of these is of highest priority to you?

March 05, 2015

5:31 PM | Thought of the Day
This is about the cognitive dissonance involved with realizing your part in a collective action. It is about the result of a slowly evolving cultural hegemony. It is about the tragedy of the commons and the emergent properties of systems that depend on the decisions of individual self-interested actors. It is not all about Snidely […]

March 04, 2015

11:49 PM | Harold Varmus is stepping down from the NCI Director position
His letter to the NCI community is here. Finally, when I return to New York City full time on April 1st, I will establish a modestly sized research laboratory in the Meyer Cancer Center at the Weill-Cornell Medical College... Harold Varmus is 75 years old. I will be very fascinated to see if his idea […]
9:06 PM | Gen X will never live up to its scientific potential
The NIH Director, Francis Collins, was speaking to Congress this week and was widely quoted as lamenting the fate of junior scientists. As per this Sam Stein bit in HuffPo: “This is the issue that wakes me up at night when I try to contemplate the future of where biomedical research can go in the […]

March 03, 2015

5:52 PM | The plot thickens...
for those of you poor souls who do not understand Twitter. like PP. @joe_hill the plot thickens... — Liz Shattler (@LizShattler) March 3, 2015
5:37 PM | Neuroscientists: Start Electing Advocates
The following is a guest post from Namaste. Ish. Previously known as the bluebird of happiness, My T. Chondria. Stuff happened. The kitten walked away. Deal with it. WANTED: Outspoken advocates for neuroscience research who is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers, call Congress Critters out on the current implosion of science funding and […]
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