April 24, 2015

2:47 PM | That study of peer review perplexes me
I just can't understand what is valuable about showing that a 1%ile difference in voted score leads to 2% difference in total citations of papers attributed to that grant award. All discussions of whether NIH peer review is working or broken center on the supposed failure to fund meritorious grants and the alleged funding of […]

April 23, 2015

3:37 PM | Scientific Publishers 
Scientific publishers being told they can't keep fleecing the taxpayer so badly are basically Cliven Bundy. Discuss. @drugmonkeyblog @DrGriff34 that's such a tired perspective. Pos is we add value, and deserve what we get. If we don't authors go elsewhere. — Tom Reller, Elsevier (@TomReller) April 23, 2015
2:46 PM | New plan for angry authors
Two years after your paper is published in Journal of SocietyB send the citation report showing that it quadrupled the JIF of the JournalA that rejected it to the rejecting Editor.  Let's make this a thing, people. 

April 22, 2015

3:10 PM | Thought of the Day
You know those clickbait links on the bottom of some dubious "news" website articles, including HuffPo? Usually about the latest celebrity pictures or "hottest NFL wives" or something? There is a trend for "white celebrity you didn't know was married to a black spouse!"  Now it's "...and aren't their biracial kids  kyooooot?" This feels like […]
1:01 PM | Newt Gingrich to the rescue! (Again)
Newt has called for substantial increases in the NIH allocation. 

April 21, 2015

4:58 PM | The Daily Show is just plain wrong on pot being non-addictive
In the 420 bit from this week, Jessica Williams asserts that marijuana is "a non-addictive proven medical treatment". Marijuana is most certainly addictive. In 2012, 17.5% of all substance abuse treatment admissions had marijuana as their primary abused drug. Alcohol alone was 21.5%, heroin 16.3% and cocaine 6.9%. Daily marijuana smokers use 3 times a […]

April 20, 2015

5:51 PM | FLAKKA! (and other failures of the alleged profession of journalism)
Flakka is just the latest in a long line of stimulant drugs that can, in some very rare cases, result in astonishing public behavior. Such as running nude through the streets to escape "unknown people trying to kill him". Such as trying to kick in the door of a police station to get IN so […]

April 17, 2015

3:11 PM | Question of the Day
Do you keep track of your manuscript rejections in any systematic way? If so, how? 

April 16, 2015

11:23 PM | Ted’s an [Censored] and Other Lessons on Lab Closures
The following is a guest post from Namaste. Ish. Previously known as the bluebird of happiness, My T. Chondria. Stuff happened. The kitten walked away. Deal with it. For those who have never had the unique experience of visiting a high security prison and the opportunity to meet @drugmonkeyblog in real life….he’s an asshole. Earlier […]

April 14, 2015

2:58 PM | Review your own CV. Frequently.
Yesterday's review of the research publications of a person who had written about closing down his lab due to lack of funding in this "unfair" grant award environment touched a nerve on at least one Reader. I assume it was uncomfortable for many of you to read. It was uncomfortable for me to write. You […]

April 13, 2015

5:41 PM | On productivity and the "unfair" grant funding game
There is an article up on ASBMB Today by Andrew D. Hollenbach that laments the shut-down of his research program. In The reality that dare not speak its name we learn: It was the day after my lab manager left, forced to find a new job by a vicious funding environment that took a trusted […]

April 11, 2015

7:45 PM | A new Stock Criticism for NIH Grants
I have decided to deploy a brand new Stock Criticism.  "No effort for a staff scientist is described, which may limit progress." Feel free to borrow it.

April 08, 2015

4:26 PM | U Maryland faculty want to decrease postdoc benefits to stay competitive
from Andrew Dunn, staffwriter at The Diamondback: A group of life sciences professors and administrative chairs appeared before the Faculty Affairs Committee yesterday to discuss adding a second title for postdoctoral students and professionals in temporary positions. The only employee title currently available for postdoctoral students at this university is “postdoctorate research assistant,” which classifies […]
3:16 PM | McKnight posts an analysis of NIH peer review
Sortof. In his latest column at ASBMB Today, Steve McKnight attempts to further his assertion that peer review of NIH grants needs to be revamped so that more qualified reviewers are doing the deciding about what gets funded. He starts off with a comment that further reveals his naivete and noobitude when it comes to […]

April 07, 2015

4:15 PM | Another GlamourMag Data Faker is Busted by ORI
In the Federal Register: Ryousuke Fujita, Ph.D., Columbia University: Based on the report of an investigation conducted by Columbia University (CU) and additional analysis conducted by ORI in its oversight review, ORI found that Dr. Ryousuke Fujita, former Postdoctoral Scientist, Taub Institute for the Aging Brain, Departments of Pathology and Cell Biology and Neurology, CU […]

April 04, 2015

1:49 PM | The golden rule of peer review
Review as you would wish to be reviewed.

April 02, 2015

6:13 PM | Critique writing: Manuscript review
challdreams wrote on rejection.  These things may or may not be part of your personal life, where rejection rears its head at times and you are left to deal with the fall out. And that type of rejection is seldom based on "your writing" but rather on "you as a person" or "things you did", […]

March 27, 2015

6:48 PM | This is who is leading the fight for your future in science
Tweep @MHendr1ck is killing it. The latest. if no one your age is invited to the grown up table, you're "young." @Namaste_Ish @drugmonkeyblog — Michael Hendricks (@MHendr1cks) March 27, 2015 The PI R01 age distribution looks like the 2010 one from this PPT file. The "Jedi Council" is, I believe, the participants in a […]

March 26, 2015

8:40 PM | Grants won vs grants awarded on your CV
Sometimes you have to turn down something that you sought competitively. Undergrad or graduate school admission offers. Job offers. Fellowships. Occasionally, research support grants. Do you list these things on your CV? I can see the temptation. If you view your CV as being about competitive accolades. But we don't do that. In academics your […]
6:39 PM | Do try to keep up
I hope you all have read through the Bridges to Independence (2005) report. Yes? It's freely downloadable and told us a lot about the state of NIH extramural funding, age cohorts and demographic disparities....a DECADE ago. So when Rockey posts abbreviated data sets.....yeah.
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