January 30, 2015

12:49 AM | Things I should not have to point out to people and yet, here we are.
Things that I actually have to say to some people. yes. it is bad news that there is yet another way for people to fuck themselves the hell up on stimulant drugs. yes.

January 29, 2015

7:35 PM | Occasionally, it doesn't go so well for Reviewer #3
BikeMonkey Post One inexorable rule of the jungle...err, savannah, is that the predatory carnivore that takes out the old, the slow and the weak members of the herd is actually doing a favor for Wildebeest kind. Somewhere in there is a lesson for the study section reviewer. Of course, sometimes this happens.

January 28, 2015

7:25 PM | Should a Newb PI Go Big or Run Long?
The latest version of the query was on the Twotts: Grant? If R00 holder, better to submit new R01 on diff topic early (before yr2) or just collect data & turn into R01 closer to end? — I-75 scientist (@jmcin9) January 28, 2015 My advice, of course, is to do both of these things. Start […]

January 27, 2015

5:00 PM | Nature publishes overwhelmingly proven "NEW AMAZING FINDING" ....because optogenetics!
The PR headlines are breathless and consistent: Researchers Identify Brain Circuit That Regulates Thirst Brain’s On-Off Thirst Switch Identified The paper is here. Yuki Oka, Mingyu Ye & Charles S. Zuker Thirst driving and suppressing signals encoded by distinct neural populations in the brain Nature (2015) doi:10.1038/nature14108 The takeaway punch message from the Abstract: These […]

January 26, 2015

11:36 PM | Data faker happily employed by the US Patent Office
via retraction watch we learn: A Bijan Ahvazi has been working at the USPTO since at least 2008, and today a source confirmed that it was the same person who was the subject of last October’s ORI report. Ahvazi was found to have faked five different images in three different papers, two of which have been […]
4:28 PM | Ideal Primary Data:Review Article Ratio
Odyssey is pondering review articles today. That led to a question from Dr. Becca about the ideal ratio of reviews and primary research articles. @drugmonkeyblog @Odysseyblog What should it be? 2:1 primary:review? — Dr Becca, PhD (@doc_becca) January 26, 2015 I am not a fan of authors publishing essentially the same review in multiple journals. […]

January 25, 2015

7:30 PM | Winter Brain vs GRCs
The winter "ski meeting" is about as junkety as it gets in science. It looks bad to spend the Federal grant dollars attending an academic meeting at a ski area. Especially when sessons are planned in a way to carve out plenty of daylight hours for skiing. And yet your standard GRC does the same […]

January 23, 2015

4:09 PM | Open Thread
Whatcha got today, folks?

January 22, 2015

7:20 PM | These ILAF types just can't help sounding selfishly elitist, can they?
Good Gravy. One David Korn of the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School has written a letter to Nature defending the indirect cost (IDC; "overhead") rates associated with NIH grants. It was submitted in response to a prior piece in Nature on IDC which was, to my eye, actually fairly good and tended to […]
3:46 PM | Thought of the Day
On the resetting of the date of original submission: One thing it does is keep a lid on people submitting a priority place holder before the study is even half done. I could see this as a positive step. Anything to undermine scooping culture in science is good by me.

January 21, 2015

9:49 PM | Are your journals permitting only one "major revision" round?
Skeptic noted the following on a prior post: First time submitted to JN. Submitted revision with additional experiments. The editor sent the paper to a new reviewer and he/she asks additional experiments. In the editor's word, "he has to reject the paper because this was the revision." This echoes something I have only recently heard […]
8:59 PM | Excellent observation on only funding the absolutely most amazing science
Over at Rock Talk, by a Joel MacAuslan: It isn’t about whether to fund only the “best” science: I really DON’T want only Isaac Newtons and Louis Pasteurs to be competitive, and to be able to spend their careers on this research. That’s because I don’t want to wait 200 years for all that “great” […]

January 20, 2015

7:56 PM | Is the J Neuro policy banning Supplemental Materials backfiring?
As you will recall, I was very happy when the Journal of Neuroscience decided to ban the inclusion of any Supplemental Materials in articles considered for publication. That move took place back in 2010. Dr. Becca, however, made the following observation on a recent post: I'm done submitting to J Neuro. The combination of endless […]
6:34 AM | List of Crowdfunding Platforms for Scientific Research
I’ve updated the Funded Science list of crowdfunding platforms for scientific research. Interestingly, health-related portals dominate the list, with over 50% of platforms focusing on drug and/or medical device development. Portals will be added to the list as they come online. Please let me k... The post List of Crowdfunding Platforms for Scientific Research appeared first on Funded Science.

January 14, 2015

5:23 PM | NIGMS will now consider PIs' "substantial unrestricted research support"
According to the policy on this webpage, the NIGMS will now restrict award of its grants when the applicant PI has substantial other research support. It is effective as of new grants submitted on or after 2 Jan, 2015. The clear statement of purpose: Investigators with substantial, long-term, unrestricted research support may generally hold no […]
4:55 PM | Chapeau
Occasionally you notice one of your colleagues pulling off something you hope for within your own group. When your manuscript gets rejected from one journal you would typically submit it to an approximately equal* journal next, hoping to get a more favorable mix of AE and reviewers. If you've worked up more data that could […]

January 13, 2015

8:46 PM | "Well, I don't know if I believe anyone is 100% a dick..."
I rescued a comment from the spam filter which addressed an older post on Scott Kern. As a reminder he's the researcher that published a long commentary wondering why kids these days weren't devoting insane hours in the lab anymore. He intimated that if you weren't spending your every working minute trying to cure childhood […]

January 12, 2015

7:39 PM | Funded Science Roundup #1
Science Philanthropy News At ALS Association, Fundraising Success Begets Fundraising Success – Fundraising momentum from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge persists. What a Great Myeloma Initiative – Crowdfunding to Find the CURE! – Interesting new crowdfunding initiative to support myel... The post Funded Science Roundup #1 appeared first on Funded Science.

January 10, 2015

1:15 AM | Day in the life
soooooo much analysis of data points today. got kind of fired up by something that occurred on the way in so I ended up pulling data threads. and another. and another. By the time I looked up it was time to go get the kids. FTW but man are my eyes tired.

January 07, 2015

6:55 PM | More on NIGMS's call for "shared responsibility"
The post from NIGMS Director Lorsch on "shared responsibility" (my blog post) has been racking up the comments, which you should go read. As a spoiler, it is mostly a lot of the usual, i.e., Do it to Julia! But two of the comments are fantastic. This one from anonymous really nails it down to […]
5:03 PM | Your Grant In Review: Thought of the Day
I've said it repeatedly on this blog and it is true, true, true people. In NIH grant review, the worm turns very rapidly. The pool of individual PIs who are appropriate to apply for, and review, NIH grants in a narrow subfield is a lot smaller than most people seem to think. Or maybe this […]

January 06, 2015

5:26 PM | I really need to start one of these citation cartels....
From Odyssey: It's become apparent to me that there is a group of reviewers who all display the same phenotype when it comes to their reviews. They all i) are quick to agree to review manuscripts in our common sub-sub-field, ii) submit their reviews on time, and iii) will recommend acceptance or minor revisions for all […]
1:13 AM | The new normal
An interesting comment from Anonymous : A friend of mine is getting his PhD this year. His mentor was awarded tenure last year. She had an RO1 and an R21 and enough pubs, reputation, etc., so that she was a "slam dunk," according to some of her colleagues in the field, at least. When my […]
12:27 AM | NIGMS blog post on "shared responsibility"
This is a fascinating read. Jon Lorsch, current NIGMS Director, spreads around so much total nonsense that I just can't even deal. And journals, professional societies and private funding organizations should examine the roles they can play in helping to rewire the unproductive incentive systems that encourage researchers to focus on getting more funding than […]

January 04, 2015

4:48 PM | Tenure qualifications
From this OSU document: Publication expectations*. 25-50 in journals with average impact factors of 3-6 or an H-index of 22 or above. As a general guideline 25 or more peer reviewed publications since appointment as an assistant professor at OSU. I can see how some people in roughly my fields of interest could hit this. […]

January 02, 2015

4:44 PM | What to do about a sociopath "mentor"
By Comrade PhysioProf

January 01, 2015

4:47 PM | Happy New Year
Here's to wishing all of my Readers a fantastic 2015. May your grants be funded, your papers accepted and your promotions obtained. I am looking forward to a year in which my work needle is shifted from the grant writing side to the paper publishing side...I do appreciate those moments. We had a bit of […]
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