December 17, 2014

11:36 PM | The proof is in the budgeting
When we last discussed Representative Andy Harris it was in the wake of an editorial he published in the NYT. It consisted of a call to put hard targets on the NIH for reducing the average age of the first R01, standard Golden Fleece style carping about frivolous research projects and a $700M "tap" of […]
5:05 PM | Writing
The paper I am working on. The paper I should be working on as my top priority. The paper I can't wait to work on once the last bit of data we are waiting for arrive. The paper I shouldn't bother working on until one of the manuscripts under review comes back with comments. Only […]
4:58 PM | Thought of the Day
This blog is as much about succeeding in the world as we find it as it is about complaining about the bad things.

December 16, 2014

8:33 PM | On the credibility of a Ferguson witness
In case you need to argue with some dumbass on the internet or family member at holiday dinner about Ferguson, you should really review the saga of Witness 40. The DA in the case let this dumpsterfire lying ass racist psycho go up before the Grand Jury and perjure herself. This is, apparently, where the […]

December 15, 2014

11:17 PM | Blog networks
Blog networks appear to have a life cycle. Today it is Scientific American that is blowing up its blog network. Dave Winer, one of the medium’s pioneers, once defined a blog as, “the unedited voice of a person.” sure. It’s an honorable notion of what a blog should be, which suits independent bloggers just fine. […]
8:32 PM | Health report from Colorado: Recreational marijuana harms
a Reader put me onto a new Viewpoint in JAMA: Monte AA, Zane RD, Heard KJ. The Implications of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado.JAMA. 2014 Dec 8. doi: 10.1001/jama.2014.17057. [Epub ahead of print][JAMA; PubMed] The authors are from the Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center. They set […]

December 12, 2014

7:35 PM | Authorship decisions
Deciding who should and should not be on the author line of a science publication is not as simple as it seems. As we know, citations matter, publications matter and there are all sorts of implications for authorship of a science publication. A question about this arose on the Twitts: Question for the Twitterati regarding […]

December 11, 2014

5:46 PM | Supplementary Materials practices rob authors of citation credit
This is all the fault of qaz. And long time reader Nat had a blog post on this ages ago. First, I shouldn't have to remind you all that much about a simple fact of nature in the academic crediting system. Citations matter. Our quality and status as academic scientists will be judged, in small […]
2:21 AM | The "whole point" of Supplementary Data
Our good blog friend DJMH offered up the following on a post by Odyssey: Because the whole point of supplemental material is that the publisher doesn't want to spend a dime supporting it This is nonsense. This is not "the whole point". This is peripheral to the real point. In point of fact, the real […]

December 09, 2014

4:07 PM | Thought of the Day
People selected to pontificate at an audience on the basis of prior accomplishments in a related context are invariably less interesting than people selected because they have interesting things to say.

December 08, 2014

11:15 PM | Repost: Should I hire a postdoc or a technician?
This repost is via special request from some n00b Assistant Professor who has apparently lost access to Google. It was originally posted 25 Aug, 2008. The comments following a recent post touched on the newly independent investigator dilemma of who to hire first: A postdoctoral fellow or a technician? We'll leave aside the best answer […]
8:37 PM | Will Wealthy Donors Rescue Underfunded Science?
  When the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral this summer, the ALS Association raised $100 million from more than 3 million donors in only one month. More than $20 million of this windfall has already been allocated to fund medical research into new treatments for ALS. The jaw-dropping success of ... The post Will Wealthy Donors Rescue Underfunded Science? appeared first on Funded Science.

December 05, 2014

10:58 PM | McKnight: "Wait whut? There are data? Really? Maybe I'd better cool it..."
The sidebar to McKight's column at ASBMB Today this month is hilarious. Author's Note I’ve decided it’s prudent to take a break from the debate about the quality of reviewers on National Institutes of Health study sections. The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology governing council met in mid-November with Richard Nakamura, director of […]
10:24 PM | Thought of the day
One thing that always cracks me up about manuscript review is the pose struck* by some reviewers that we cannot possibly interpret data or studies that are not perfect. There is a certain type of reviewer that takes the stance* that we cannot in any way compare treatment conditions if there is anything about the […]
9:00 PM | More in "NIH responds to a non-problem by creating a problem"
I can't even imagine what they are thinking. This Notice informs the applicant community of a modification for how NIH would like applicants to mark changes in their Resubmission applications. NIH has removed the requirement to identify 'substantial scientific changes' in the text of a Resubmission application by 'bracketing, indenting, or change of typography'. Effective […]
5:19 PM | Wait...the new Biosketch is supposed to be an antiGlamour measure? HAHAHHAHHA!!!!!
A tweet from @babs_mph sent me back to an older thread where Rockey introduced the new Biosketch concept. One "Senior investigator" commented: For those who wonder where this idea came from, please see the commentary by Deputy Director Tabak and Director Collins (Nature 505, 612–613, January 2014) on the issue of the reproducibility of results. […]
4:56 PM | Snowflakes falling
We've finally found out, thanks to Nature News, that the paltry academic salary on which poor Jim Watson has been forced to rely is $375,000 per year as "chancellor emeritus" at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. The current NIH salary limitation is $181,500, this is the maximum amount that can be charged to Federal grants. I'm […]

December 03, 2014

4:18 PM | George Carlin theory of peer review
Everyone who is more approving or lenient than you are is an incompetent moron. Everyone that is harsher or less enthusiastic is a total jackhole.

December 02, 2014

7:41 PM | Twelve Months of Drug Monkey (2014)
Apparently I missed this meme last year. huh. The rules for this blog meme are quite simple. -Post the link and first sentence from the first blog entry for each month of the past year. I originally did this meme, after seeing similar posted by Janet Stemwedel and John Lynch. Prior editions include 2012, 2011, […]
7:19 PM | The new NIH Biosketch is here
The NIH has notified us (NOT-OD-15-024) that as of Jan 25, 2015 all grant applications will have to use the new Biosketch format (sample word doc). The key change is Section C: Contribution to Science, which replaces the previous list of 15 publications. C. Contribution to Science Briefly describe up to five of your most […]

November 27, 2014

3:13 PM | Thanks
Today in the USA we think of all the things we are thankful for. I am thankful for another year of awesome from you, Dear Readers. Thanks for reading, for commenting, for writing your Congress Critters, for challenging the bad in academic careers, for donating to school classrooms and for generally giving a care about […]

November 25, 2014

4:15 AM | Think of the children of Ferguson, Missouri UPDATED
UPDATE: All six project fully funded as of Nov 25. Thanks everyone! I am not surprised but I am disappointed. The grand jury convened to consider the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, by Darrin Wilson has decided there are no grounds for a trial. There is one tiny, but undeniably tangible, thing that […]

November 24, 2014

3:01 PM | Expertise versus consistency
In NIH grant review the standing study section approach to peer review sacrifices specific expertise for the sake of consistency of review. When each person has 10 R01s to review, the odds are that he or she is not the most specifically qualified person for all 10 are high. The process often brings in additional […]

November 20, 2014

12:28 PM | SFN 2014 Is Over
I woke up two hours early today with brain obsessing over our next research priorities, thanks to the meeting. Working as intended then. For some reason I didn't get around to visiting a single exhibitor other than NIH. First time for everything, right? It is really great to see so many of the online people […]

November 19, 2014

5:00 PM | List of University-Affiliated Crowdfunding Portals
I’ve previously outlined why universities might want to encourage their faculty to use crowdfunding to fund early-stage research projects. I also provided an initial overview of which universities have started to use crowdfunding as part of their fundraising efforts, and recently presented som...

November 18, 2014

3:10 PM | Thought of the Day
It turns out that trolling someone else's lab from a meeting with the cool study you just thought of that THEY NEED TO GET ON RIGHT NOW is even better than doing it to your own lab.
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