September 24, 2014

3:30 AM | New season, more streamflow?
The first of the West Coast’s seasonal storms has blown in on the first day of fall, and Vancouver Islanders may almost be glad to see the clouds touch the ground and feel the rain on their sunburned skin. While there’s been a lot of coverage of the drought in California, wildfires in Oregon and…

September 23, 2014

4:37 PM | The Musk Family Plan for Transforming the World’s Energy
Christopher Mims, writing at the Wall Street Journal about cousins Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, and Lyndon Rive, CEO of SolarCity: Mr. Musk’s Tesla makes cars, but it also—in the not too distant future—will make batteries. Lots of them. Tesla is building a $5 billion “gigafactory” in Nevada for batteries. A factory so large that […]∞
3:25 PM | As World’s Population Booms, Will Its Resources Be Enough for Us?
Dennis Dimick, who led National Geographic’s “7 Billion” series, breaks down what 11 billion people will mean for ecosystems, economies, and society as a whole. ∞∞
3:15 PM | World population could hit 11 billion
After years of everyone growing comfortable with a global population of 9.5 billion, a new study claims we’ll fly right past that. Damian Carrington, reporting for the Guardian: The work overturns 20 years of consensus that global population, and the stresses it brings, will peak by 2050 at about 9bn people. “The previous projections said […]∞

September 22, 2014

3:26 PM | Every Day Wonders: Look Who Came Knocking
In early September, I launched a new semi-regular feature here at ImaGeo, “Every Day Wonders,” with a photo of a blossoming thundercloud over unusually verdant fields here in Colorado. The image above is the second installment. Doing her (or his?) best to imitate a leaf, this katydid was clinging to my front door here in […]The post Every Day Wonders: Look Who Came Knocking appeared first on ImaGeo.

September 21, 2014

10:48 PM | A Rather Important Anniversary
I’m terrible at remembering anniversaries and worse at communication, so this post commemorating an important anniversary is a day late. Lockwood reminded me that yesterday marked our fourth... -- Read more on
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