January 28, 2015

7:59 PM | ■ Blizzard cut Massachusetts carbon emissions by 32%
The blizzard that struck the Northeast had an unintended consequence—it lowered the region's carbon emissions.
7:55 AM | An Offensive Strategy for Dealing With Creationist Attacks on Science
I’ve been doing quite a lot of reading about the failures of young earth creationist attempts at doing geology. Many people have come before me, tearing this nonsense down bit-by-bit.... -- Read more on

January 27, 2015

7:22 PM | As Obama Restricts Arctic Drilling, A Look at the Region's Different Faces: From 'Workable' to 'Extreme'
Note: This is a guest post by Gloria Dickie, one of two master's students who joined me in Tromsø, Norway to attend the Arctic Frontiers conference last week. She wrote this post before today's announcement by the White House that it is designating 9.8 million acres in the Arctic waters of  the Beaufort and Chuckchi Seas off Alaska's coast as off-limits to consideration for future oil and gas leasing. This announcement makes her piece particularly newsworthy […]
4:33 AM | The Blockbuster Nor'easter as Seen From Space
As I'm writing this post, it's 11:30 p.m. on the U.S. East Coast and heavy snow has been falling from New York City all the way north to New Hampshire. More than 29 million people are under a blizzard warning. Weather bloggers, journalists, Tweeters, Instagramers, etc., are blanketing this storm with minute-by-minute updates. So I thought I could add some value by featuring some imagery that puts this nor'easter storm in perspective — the very broad perspective of what it […]

January 25, 2015

8:09 PM | Possibly 'Historic' Blockbuster Blizzard Aims at Northeast New York and Boston are in the crosshairs of a blockbuster blizzard forecast for Monday night and Tuesday. In its forecast discussion today, the National Weather Service in New York described it this way: THE INGREDIENTS ARE COMING TOGETHER FOR A POSSIBLE HISTORIC NOR`EASTER Snowfall rates of 2 to 4 inches an hour are possible, with accumulations of one to two feet possible in New York City and similar amounts in Boston, according to the weather service. A

January 24, 2015

11:02 PM | There's No Place Like Home
Pic of the Day After a little over a week in Tromsø, Norway, I'm back home. And it's my birthday. So I celebrated with a run on the backroads near my home town of Niwot, Colorado. Along the way, I shot the iPhone photomosaic above — my Pic of the Day. It shows a mountain wave cloud over the Front Range (toward the left of the image, above the yellow glow). For more photos of mountain wave clouds, and an explanation, see this Pic of the Day post from earlier in January. If you […]

January 23, 2015

3:42 PM | Fieldwork: Here be jaguars
Meanwhile, red team were experiencing difficulties of their own.

January 21, 2015

3:16 PM | Here Comes the Sun, I Say... It's Alright
Pic of the Day Today, the Sun poked up above the horizon in the Arctic city of Tromsø, Norway for the first time since late November. From here on out the daytime will get longer and longer until the third week in May when the sun won't set at all for awhile. I should say for the record that if you check web sites that give you sunrise and sunset times for cities around the world, they'll tell you that the Sun returned to Tromsø last Thursday. That's not what the […]
8:14 AM | It’s National Hug Day! Let’s Hug the Geology of Hug Point!
Hug Point State Park in Oregon could use a hug. Pioneers certainly weren’t very affectionate with it: they blew bits of it up. Millions of years before that, massive amounts of flood basalt... -- Read more on

January 20, 2015

5:30 PM | The View from the North: Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change Appears Increasingly Unlikely
In 2010, representatives of 193 governments agreed to limit global warming to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels. The goal is to avoid 'dangerous interference with the climate system.' Four years later, a widely publicized study concluded that if we are to keep to that goal, all Arctic fossil fuel resources "should be classified as unburnable." Moreover, there can be no increase in production of unconventional oil, including oil shale and tar […]
12:08 AM | In the Arctic, 'Magic Hour' Lasts Far More Than Just an Hour
Pic of the Day After being absent since October, the sun will return to Tromsø, Norway on Wednesday, Jan. 21. And even though I'm visiting here for just a little over a week, and I have therefore not missed the sun for months on end like the residents of this lovely Arctic city, I'm very much looking forward to the moment when it will briefly poke up above the horizon. In the meantime, as a photographer — and just someone who appreciates nature every single […]

January 19, 2015

12:34 PM | First year postgraduate ‘to-do list’
A list of things I wish someone, probably my supervisor, had told me “It would be really helpful if you checked out X and apply to Y…”. Join any relevant societies. Be it incredibly broad, e.g. Royal Geographical Society (RGS-IBG), or subject area specific, e.g. Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society (RSPSoc), or something more specific […]
9:59 AM | The Shifting Polar Paradox: As the Arctic Meltdown Continues, Will the Arctic Oil Rush Go On?
If I had to come up with one word to describe the gestalt of my first winter visit to Tromsø, Norway, it would be “paradox.” I’m now here for my third winter trip, to attend the Arctic Frontiers conference, where the theme is “climate and energy.” I suspect the same word will apply — but this time for a different reason. Many things have changed since my first visit in 2013, including the price of oil, the recognition of how difficult it is […]

January 18, 2015

8:56 PM | Bridging the communication gap: researchers vs. residents in environmental science
In the far southwestern corner of Alberta, tucked up against the eastern flanks of the Rocky Mountains, is the Star Creek watershed. Seen from the road, its alpine heights blend seamlessly with the rest of the Flathead Range, which extends south down to Montana. Its forested lower elevations are hidden in the folds of the…

January 17, 2015

9:05 AM | Woaah! Not Again... Typhoon Mekkhala Bears Down on the Philippines — As the Pope Visits
With rain coming down on Saturday, Pope Francis offered solace to 150,000 people in Tacloban — the Philippine city devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. And as he spoke, a new typhoon was taking aim on the Philippines. You can see it in the satellite image above. If I'm reading it correctly, the forecast track would take the storm a little north of Tacloban. That said, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center forecasts that the storm will pass closer to the city, at about […]
12:17 AM | Last Year May Have Been the Warmest on Record, But Clues From a Coral Atoll Suggest We Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
It really is official now: 2014 was the warmest year in a record stretching back to 1880. The news came in an unusual joint press conference by both NASA and NOAA. This follows the release of data by the Japan Meteorological Agency earlier this month showing essentially the same thing. Is this the end of a slowdown in the rise of global average temperatures at the surface? It is too soon to tell. But recent research by Diane Thompson of the National Center for […]
12:09 AM | 'Weatherbomb' Storm from 38,000 Feet
Pic of the Day Yesterday, just as a second blast from a powerful "weatherbomb" was about to hit Ireland, I was high above in a Lufthansa 747-400, on my way to Frankfurt, Germany. The sun was rising above the thick soup below, casting an ethereal peach glow on the roiling clouds, so I pulled out my iPhone and grabbed the shot. To make things even better, a bright crescent moon was floating in a stunning deep-blue sky. The storm brought gales, snow, rain and high […]

January 14, 2015

3:30 AM | Guest Pic of the Day: A Solar Flare Photographed by a Plucky NASA Spacecraft
Pic of the Day The sun emitted it's biggest solar flare of the year so far, and NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft was there to capture all of the action. You can see the flare exploding off the right side of the Sun in the image above, acquired by SDO at 11:24 p.m. EST yesterday (January 12th). Here's a brief explanation of solar flares from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center: A solar flare occurs when magnetic energy that has built up in […]
3:02 AM | A Tragic Death — But Also a Lasting Legacy: New Knowledge About Humankind's Impact on the Home Planet
Yesterday, I got the sad news that Alberto Behar, a scientist with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, had died in a plane crash in Pasadena, Calif. Today, we learned anew how much of a contribution he made to understanding of humankind's impact on our planet. Thanks in large measure to the robotic craft and instruments Behar designed, scientists have shown that summertime meltwater rivers atop the Greenland Ice Sheet are contributing directly — and […]

January 13, 2015

6:12 AM | Frosty Day
Pic(s) of the Day Today was — in a word — frosty. I don't mean simply cold, because here along the Front Range of Colorado it wasn't all that bad today. I mean literally frosty. Rime ice frosty, to be more precise. I discovered this during a walk late in the afternoon at the foot of the mountains on the west end of Boulder, Colorado. For much of the day, the slopes just west of town were enveloped in freezing flog. Water droplets in this fog were actually cooled below […]

January 12, 2015

8:08 AM | Wallace’s Woeful Wager: How a Founder of Modern Biology Got Suckered by Flat-Earthers
In January of 1870, Alfred Russel Wallace found himself on a collision-course with a group of creationists who fervently believed the earth is flat. The father of biogeography, co-discover of the... -- Read more on

January 11, 2015

7:14 AM | Niwotian Tableau
Pic of the Day Here along the base of Colorado's Front Range, we've been experiencing a kind of schizophrenic freeze-thaw cycle recently. And today we enjoyed the thaw part of the seesaw. I took advantage of the warming temperatures to enjoy a sloppy run on muddy back roads near my home town of Niwot. I'm always on the hunt for a good image for this Pic of the Day feature, so I brought my iPhone — and captured this Niwotian tableau. I thought I'd share it with you.
4:20 AM | California Browning, on Such a Winters' Day
Sorry, but I just couldn't help the reference in the headline to California Dreamin' by the Mamas & the Papas. But it came to mind when I compared satellite images of California acquired just 11 days apart. The images come from NASA's Aqua satellite, and I've made them into the animation above. The first was captured by the Aqua satellite on Dec. 28th, 2014. To my eye, the landscape still shows a fair bit of green brought on by storms earlier in the month. The second […]

January 10, 2015

7:27 PM | Beautiful Badlands and Ogalala Lakota Nation, From Above
Pic of the Day I spent most of the day in meetings yesterday, so I did not have an opportunity to go out and shoot a Pic of the Day photo. As an alternative, I offer this black and white image of the Badlands and part of Pine Ridge in South Dakota. The land in this photo is within the Ogalala Lakota Nation (also known as the Pine Ridge Reservation). Click here for a Google Maps image of the area. I shot the photograph with my iPhone a little over a year ago toward the end of a […]

January 09, 2015

10:26 PM | Radiolab Presents: Invisibilia
The lines between boy and girl can be blurry but NPR's Invisibilia introduces us to someone with a very new idea of how blurry they can be.
12:14 AM | And Now for Something Completely Different
Pic of the Day If you've been following the daily Pic of the Day feature here at ImaGeo, you've probably seen that I've been posting conventional photographs, mostly of natural subjects. (Although yesterday, I went with a nighttime shot of a petroleum drilling rig.) Today, I thought I'd go with something completely different. I'm calling it "Mangling Mangelsen." The image above began life as a photo I shot through the window of Tom Mangelsen's Images of Nature gallery at Denver

January 08, 2015

11:12 PM | U.S. Climate in 2014: One Country, A Tale of Two Regions
The second warmest December on record boosted 2014 to the 34th warmest year in the contiguous United States, according to a report released today by the U.S. National Climatic Data Center.  The record extends back to 1895. This marks the 18th consecutive year that the U.S. temperature exceeded the 20th century average. But it certainly wasn't close to being a record breaker in the United States (although it almost certainly will turn out that way globally for the […]
5:38 PM | El Niño Turns into "El Limbo"
Last month, conditions in the tropical Pacific were looking increasingly El Niñoish. But right now, a better term for what's happening might be "El Limbo." The odds of a full-blown El Niño occurring are now just 50 to 60 percent, down from 65 percent last month, according to the monthly report from the U.S. Climate Prediction Center, released this morning.  What's more, if El Niño does finally emerge in the next few weeks, in all likelihood it won't last long. […]
2:25 PM | A Snippet o’ Subduction Zone Goodness for Ye
If I ever become ridiculously rich, I’m going to open up a geological theme park. Can you imagine the rides? Earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, and more – all very exciting. And... -- Read more on
2:21 AM | Here's Why Gasoline Prices are Plunging
Pic of the Day If you want to understand why gasoline prices have plummeted in recent weeks — and why gasoline futures today plunged to a new low — look no further than the photo above. It's a drilling rig in Weld County, Colorado, out on the high plains north of Denver. I spotted it when I was driving to the airport the other day to pick up my daughter. It was really big and lit up like a Christmas tree. So it was impossible to miss. Both oil and gas […]
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