September 15, 2014

6:34 AM | China’s Little Europe
Theoretically, any country that harbors a substantial amount of foreign immigrants is going to develop what sociologists call ethnic enclaves, or physical locales in which the ethnic and cultural background […]

September 13, 2014

11:08 PM | Postcard from Norway: the Sky Shimmers With Green Fire Following Two Gargantuan Explosions on the Sun
You may have heard about the massive flares and explosions that erupted from the sun this week. These photos show what happened when the blasts hit Earth: spectacular displays of the aurora borealis, or northern lights. I’ve been traveling in Norway this week, and when I heard about the solar activity and the aurora forecast […]The post Postcard from Norway: the Sky Shimmers With Green Fire Following Two Gargantuan Explosions on the Sun appeared first on ImaGeo.

September 10, 2014

9:05 AM | Finally! The Perfect Book for Geology-Loving Comic Book Fans!
Have you dreamt of a richly-illustrated, geology-themed superhero comic for kids? One that not only gets the science right, but encourages great study habits, turns ordinary encounters into... -- Read more on

September 08, 2014

10:34 PM | Postcard from Norway’s Magical Lofoten Islands — A Biodiversity Hotspot to Rival the Amazon
Greetings from Norway’s spectacular Lofoten Islands, one of the crown jewels of our planet’s biodiversity: an environment above the Arctic Circle where coral reefs actually thrive, seabirds by the millions roost, and Orcas, humpbacks, and sperm wales — not to mention humans — feast on teeming stocks of fish. This biodiversity has been described as an […]The post Postcard from Norway’s Magical Lofoten Islands — A Biodiversity Hotspot to Rival the […]
7:34 PM | In The Dust Of This Planet
Horror, fashion, and the end of the world ... the undercurrents of thought that link nihilists, philosophers, Jay-Z and True Detective.
7:21 PM | Summer vacation is an urban creation
Sam Weber and Saskia De Melker, reporting for PBS Newshour: “The whole idea of an agrarian calendar makes it sound like it was an unthinking decision but the current school year was really a conscious creation,” said Gold, who is the author of “School’s In: The History of Summer Education in American Public Schools.” Urban […]∞

September 04, 2014

3:00 PM | “It was the year 2183…”
Everyone’s favorite infographic climbed the ranks of TIL over at Reddit a couple of weeks ago, and redditor FuturePrimitive penned this alternative future based on it: It was the year 2183. Most of the planet had become uninhabitable. Since the mid 21st century, the world’s populations gradually became refugees of severe climate change, environmental collapse, unprecedented […]∞
2:51 AM | Shinkansen turns 50
Missed this one from Alan Flippen at the New York Times: Fifty years ago this week, Japan conducted the first full-length test run of the Shinkansen, or what became known in English as the bullet train. A 12-car train ran from Tokyo to Osaka and back at an average speed of just over 80 miles […]∞

September 03, 2014

8:42 PM | Naypyidaw and the Global City
“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” – Charles Darwin  We live in an age fascinated with globalization. The […]

September 02, 2014

5:17 PM | A New ImaGeo Feature: Every Day Wonders
Whether it’s an iPhone in my pocket or something more sophisticated hanging around my neck, I’m rarely without a camera. So I find myself shooting photos pretty much daily. The subjects vary, but often they fall into a category I would describe as “every day wonders.” From a monsoon cloud blossoming over the mountains and moving […]The post A New ImaGeo Feature: Every Day Wonders appeared first on ImaGeo.

September 01, 2014

5:25 AM | Cristobal Whirls Toward Iceland
As I’m writing this on Sunday night (Aug. 31), the cyclone formerly known as Hurricane Cristobal is taking dead aim on Iceland. You can see it whirling off Iceland’s coast in the image above, captured by NASA’s Aqua satellite on Saturday. No longer a hurricane, it is, in the parlance of meteorology, an “extra-tropical cyclone” […]The post Cristobal Whirls Toward Iceland appeared first on ImaGeo.

August 30, 2014

5:54 PM | Getting Droned On Greenland’s Ice Sheet
If you’re as fascinated by the science of our planet as I am, you’ve probably seen all sorts of imagery of the world’s frozen places, including dramatic photos of summer meltwater coursing across the surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet. And now, for a new and thoroughly spectacular perspective, check out the video above. Shot […]The post Getting Droned On Greenland’s Ice Sheet appeared first on ImaGeo.

August 25, 2014

7:48 AM | South Napa Earthquake: Which Fault’s at Fault?
What the [insert expletive of choice here] is happening? That’s pretty much the first question that traverses most of our minds when the formerly-solid ground starts rocking and rolling. Those... -- Read more on

August 24, 2014

9:45 PM | How to Stay Safe in an Earthquake – Napa Earthquake Reminds Us to Prepare Now
California residents in the Napa area got a rude awakening early this morning when an earthquake of roughly magnitude 6.0 shook the valley. It jolted folks awake (and jolted the already-awake folks)... -- Read more on

August 22, 2014

5:36 PM | Come Fly With Me, Let’s Fly Let’s Fly Away…
My friend and colleague Andrew Revkin found this wonderful video on the National Weather Service New York Facebook page and posted it to DotEarth, his N.Y. Times blog, this morning. It’s so impossibly cool I just had to share it with you too. As rain showers disperse, there is an outward explosion visible in the […]The post Come Fly With Me, Let’s Fly Let’s Fly Away… appeared first on ImaGeo.
8:22 AM | From Firey Flow to Cool Art
Humans have a long tradition of taking rocks and making pretty things with them. Usually, when you think of sculpture, you think of marble, right? I mean, of course, marble – marble’s a... -- Read more on

August 21, 2014

9:05 PM | Hello
It's tough to make small talk with a stranger—especially when that stranger doesn't speak your language. (And he has a blowhole.)

August 19, 2014

1:03 PM | Time-lapse Satellite Animations Show Birth of Giant Thunderstorms in Glorious Detail
I often find myself transfixed when big, towering thunderheads boil up along Colorado’s Front Range, where I live. Hail-spitting, tornado-spawning supercells are not required. Even a lone cell can have that effect on me. So when the folks at the Satellite Blog of the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies began posting animations of thunderstorms […]The post Time-lapse Satellite Animations Show Birth of Giant Thunderstorms in Glorious Detail appeared first on […]
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