October 03, 2014

11:09 AM | Getting the Most out of Panel Discussions
When I set out as a young researcher, conferences had a pretty monolithic structure. There were longer talks and there were shorter talks, but that was it. I don’t even think the first conferences I attended had poster sessions. Talks … Continue reading →
4:01 AM | Kids vs. Scantily Clad Women: Which Do New Dads Prefer and Why?
We’ve written previously that fatherhood is associated with decreased levels of testosterone in dads (except for when a testosterone boost might come in handy). For the most part, the general belief has been that the dads’ lower testosterone limits their impulses to mate (presumably not with their baby-momma), thus keeping them invested in their children. Some recent research from Emory University, however, suggests another, or additional, possibility.1 Specifically, the […]

October 02, 2014

7:30 PM | Bad Chart Thursday: Big Cider
Categories: Random Asides SkepticismTags: bad chart thursdayconspiracyhard ciderWhen I first saw the headline “The fastest-growing alcoholic beverage in the US isn’t a beer, wine, or spirit,” I immediately assumed the simplest, most obvious interpretation—that some kind of ...(Read more...)
12:29 PM | Quickies: Inherent misogyny, mansplaining, and nail polish
Categories: SkepticismBlinded by my privilege – From the Women in Astronomy blog, a personal story of how to become aware of one’s privilege. Evolutionary anthropologist: “Misogyny is not an inherent human ...(Read more...)

October 01, 2014

8:17 PM | The Ada Initiative and Ally Skills
Categories: Activism Feminism SkepticismThere is a wonderful organization called the Ada Initiative. Oh what? You aren’t familiar with the Ada Initiative? You should be. They were one of the very few groups who ...(Read more...)
1:00 PM | Quickies: Rumor Tracker, Gabby Giffords Refuses to be Pitied, and the Health Effects of Leaving Religion
Categories: QuickiesFinally, the Useful New Website That Debunks Silly Internet Rumors in Real Time – “The ‘real-time rumor tracker,’ which is part of a journalism research project at Columbia University, launched ...(Read more...)
4:01 AM | Parental Alienation and the Fight for Children’s Hearts and Minds
Parental alienation involves one parent spoiling the relationship between a child and the other parent in the absence of actual abuse or neglect. In both my personal and professional lives, I have seen many parents actively turn their children against the other parent in an effort to “keep them (the child) close,” and to undermine their child’s loving bond with the other parent. Although research has demonstrated that parental alienation has very negative effects on children […]
3:22 AM | Why are men such dicks? (2014)
‘This macho advantage of speed, strength and fierceness can be exaggerated by females’ tastes. As half of a female’s fate is tied up in her sons, she may have evolved to prefer males who are stronger, faster and who have a greater appetite for risk, since they will be more likely to father sons with […]
3:21 AM | Empowering the Next Generation of Latinas in STEM Through Making
Foto / Photo: Luz Rivas, DIY GirlsDuring National Hispanic Heritage Month, Ciencia Puerto Rico and Borinqueña are celebrating the work of organizations inspiring, supporting and empowering Latinas in STEM fields. You can read this profile in Spanish here.   We all have the ability to create. To innovate. To make. The organization DIY (“Do-It-Yourself”) Girls is helping Latina girls embrace their inner […]

September 30, 2014

9:05 PM | That’s Not Atheism, It’s Just Racism
Categories: SkepticismAtheism does not have a stellar history when it comes to Islamophobia, particularly in the realm of holding Muslims or Muslim countries to the same standards that we hold everyone ...(Read more...)
6:28 PM | Stephanie Zvan and A Woman’s Room Online
Categories: Activism Events FeminismTags: A woman's room onlineStephanie ZvanIf you are anywhere near Los Angeles on Tuesday, October 7th, at 7 pm, I encourage you to join the women of LAWAAG and see a talk by Stephanie Zvan. ...(Read more...)
12:30 PM | Quickies: Texas textbooks, privilege, and breasts
Categories: QuickiesIn Texas textbooks, Moses is a founding father – “The Texas State Board of Education is studying how textbook publishers responded to the state’s ideologically driven guidelines for teaching history. ...(Read more...)

September 29, 2014

8:29 PM | The Hidden Cost of “Leaking” Celebrity Nudes: Kim Kardashian
Categories: FeminismSupport more videos like this at! Sort-of-transcript: Another day, another batch of celebrity nudes have been “leaked”, which is a word used to downplay the fact that these were ...(Read more...)
1:00 PM | Quickies: Campus Sexual Assault Revolution, Synthetic Biology, and Sexist Atheists
Categories: QuickiesHow My Chronic Pain Shaped My Views About Abortion – “There’s no correlation between being in favor of reproductive rights and having chronic pain. But these issues have a great ...(Read more...)
4:01 AM | Keeping the Back Burner Warm with Technology
With the pervasiveness of social media and mobile devices comes the potential to communicate with hundreds or thousands of people with just a few taps or clicks. Of course, we are connected to lots of different types of people, including family, friends, coworkers, and random people you have a faint recollection of from high school who friended you on Facebook. We also have very different reasons for communicating with particular people in our social circles. New research1 suggests that one […]

September 28, 2014

7:09 PM | The truth about apple pie spice
Categories: Random Asides SkepticismPeople lost their damn minds when they learned Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) did NOT contain pumpkin.  As it turned out, the key part of the Starbucks PSL is pumpkin spice, which ...(Read more...)
6:00 PM | Skepchick Sundaylies: Numismatic Quilling, Names on Facebook, Atheist Rosh Hashanah, Life Before Disability
Categories: Meta StuffTags: anxietyartatheismbook reviewscollege professorsDBTdisabilityEscepticafacebookfootballgrounded parentsLGBTQMad Art LabMaryam Mirzakhaninamesneil degrasse tysonNFLParentingpersonal storiespseudonamespseudosciencePUAsQueerekaquillingRedefining GirlyReligionRosh Hashanahschool of doubtSkeptabilitysocial skillsteachingTeen SkepchickSunday Funny: Being a woman at an atheist convention. (via Medium) Teen Skepchick The Not So Beautiful Game: In Which Our Intrepid Narrator […]
4:57 PM | Skepchick Book Club: Lost At Sea
Categories: Book ClubTags: jon ronsonlost at seaSylvia BrowneNote: information about next month’s book are at the bottom of this post. ******* Welcome back to the Skepchick Book Club! This month, we read Lost at Sea: The Jon Ronson ...(Read more...)

September 27, 2014

3:00 PM | Global Quickies: Mars on a Budget, Sharia Law, and The Vatican Arrests a Priest
Categories: Feminism Quickies Religion Science SkepticismINDIA India has succeeded, at their first attempt, to send an operational mission to Mars. The Mangalyaan mission was also really cheap, $74 million. That’s less than what making the ...(Read more...)

September 26, 2014

4:05 PM | Quickies: Chemtrails, being a target, and Nanopatch vaccine delivery
Categories: QuickiesActivists will gather this weekend to protest imaginary chemtrails – From Mary. How it feels to be a target – “I am targeted for rape and other types of sexual ...(Read more...)
4:02 AM | Outside Looking In: Taking A Different View of Your Relationship
image source: startribune.comIt can be hard for partners to view their disagreements impartially. In a recent study, 120 married couples were tracked for over a year, during which their marital quality generally decreased.  After that year, half of the couples learned how to reappraise conflict by writing about their relationships from the viewpoint of an uninvolved, neutral third party, while the other half continued in their relationships without receiving any intervention. At the end of […]

September 25, 2014

7:38 PM | Is the Royal Society Treating Women Fairly?
This year’s announcement regarding successful applicants for Royal Society University Research Fellowships (URFs) has been hailed with deep suspicion by many. Out of 43 awards only 2 went to women and there is no getting around the fact that this … Continue reading →
3:30 PM | #GamerGate and Game Journalism’s Ethics Problem
Categories: FeminismSupport more videos like this at Relevant links: Overview of harassment against Zoe Quinn IRC chat logs Duke Nukem PR fail Kotaku on mock reviews EA’s BS A good ...(Read more...)
2:00 PM | Latinas in STEM: Making Bright Futures a Reality
Crédito / Photo: Latinas in STEMDuring National Hispanic Heritage Month, Ciencia Puerto Rico and Borinqueña are celebrating the work of organizations inspiring, supporting and empowering Latinas in STEM fields. You can read this profile in Spanish here.   Latinas have a bright future in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Latina girls love learning how things work. They love building […]
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