August 22, 2014

1:43 PM | Quickies: Monica Lewinsky, street harassment, and hacking traffic lights
Categories: QuickiesMonica Lewinsky on what it’s like to be slut-shamed by the entire world – “I don’t actually know why this whole story became about oral sex. I don’t. It was ...(Read more...)
11:11 AM | Why Athletics Resembles Academia
Today it’s four years exactly since my first blogpost appeared. Four years of having fun writing about different sorts of things: academic life, committee work and membership, the issues facing women and the joys and frustrations of working at disciplinary … Continue reading →
4:01 AM | “Pillow Talk” Speaks A Lot About Your Relationship
We know that the frequency of sexual activity, the quality of communication during sex, and partners’ reasons for having sex can all influence relationship satisfaction. So while it’s good to embrace the throes of passion and be vocal about it, does what you say after sex matter?  Intimate conversations that occur between romantic partners after sexual activity are commonly referred to as “pillow talk.” Pillow talk often involves disclosing positive sentiments […]

August 21, 2014

9:11 PM | 50% off Everything! It’s the Skeptical Robot Moving Sale!
Categories: Meta StuffFor a limited time, take 50% off everything at Skeptical Robot!Use offer code “hellyeah50″ at checkout to save! As some of you may know, I’m planning to move across the ...(Read more...)
3:22 PM | Throwing Cold Water on the Ice Bucket Challenge
Categories: SkepticismL’il Darwin Tee available here! Use code “hellyeah50″ to get 50% off your entire order! Donate to the ALS Association here. Support more videos like this on Patreon. Transcript: The ...(Read more...)
12:30 PM | Quickies: Herd immunity explained with zombies, white men aren’t funny, and slut shaming
Categories: QuickiesVaccinations explained with zombies – From mrmisconception. White male comedians aren’t funny – Oh boy, so many options to fill out that Bingo card with! The anti-feminist internet targets “Depression ...(Read more...)

August 20, 2014

8:20 PM | New Video: Rob Schneider Offers Ignorant, Unwanted Opinion on Robin Williams
Categories: SkepticismSorry about the quiet audio on this one! Next will be better, promise. Support more videos like this on Patreon. Here’s a close-enough transcript: The world lost a great man ...(Read more...)
1:00 PM | Quickies: Teenage Nostalgia, Sexism is Great?, and Domestic Violence
Categories: QuickiesNeural Nostalgia - “Why do we love the music we heard as teenagers?” It’s true–I’m definitely more into the music of my teenagehood now than I was when I was a ...(Read more...)
5:01 AM | Take Your Relationship to the Movies
Could something as simple as watching movies help your relationship? One-hundred-seventy-four engaged or newlywed couples were randomly assigned to one of two intense relationship workshops, or to watch and reflect on relationship movies (e.g., Love Story) featuring relationship behaviors such as stress, forgiveness, support, and conflict, or a no treatment ‘business as usual’ control condition. Couples in the movie condition watched and discussed one movie a week for a month. Three […]

August 19, 2014

3:00 PM | Guest Post: Twitter’s Contraception Problem
Categories: Feminism Guest BloggersTags: birth control advertisingcondomscontraceptionplanned parenthoodsafer sextwitterEditor’s Note: Jenny Splitter, who also blogs on Skepchick’s parenting blog Grounded Parents, wrote this piece to raise awareness on why you never see contraceptives advertised on Twitter.  ****** If ...(Read more...)
1:21 PM | Quickies: Media obsession with female scientists’ appearance, Fark, and lupus research
Categories: QuickiesWhy is the media so obsessed with female scientists’ appearance? – Wouldn’t want anyone to be too scared/intimidated by a woman, so you best be sure to emphasize her feminine ...(Read more...)

August 18, 2014

2:00 PM | A Day in Ferguson, MO
Categories: ActivismTags: Fergusonmike brownpoliceprotestI’m writing this post on Sunday night as chaos has just erupted once again in Ferguson, Missouri. And I’m sick to my stomach because I spent most of Saturday afternoon ...(Read more...)
1:00 PM | Quickies: Racism, Housing Scams, and Fossil-Loving Creationists
Categories: QuickiesWhat I Did After Police Killed My Son – “Ten years later, we in Wisconsin passed the nation’s first law calling for outside reviews.” From Jamie & Eric. The most ...(Read more...)
4:01 AM | The Ethics of OKCupid’s Dating Experiment
So let’s talk about the elephant in the room. You probably have noticed some widespread media coverage about OKCupid’s “experiment” wherein, to look for patterns in dating behavior, they manipulated aspects of the site without informing users (see OKCupid’s announcement here as well as coverage here and here). This revelation comes in the wake of Facebook’s massive experiment, which attracted similar attention and criticism. Commenters have questioned […]

August 17, 2014

5:00 PM | Skepchick Sundaylies: How Not to React to a Suicide, Lunar Influence, Male Circumcision, Safe Sex, and the Politics of the Emergency Room
Categories: Meta StuffTags: artback-to-schoolbook reviewscollegedoctor-patient relationshipEscepticafood allergiesgrounded parentsHIVhospitalsLGBTMad Art Labmale circumcisionMaria AgnesimathParentingphysicspseudoscienceQueerekaquillingReligionRobin Williamssafe sexschool of doubtSciencesex educationsexismSkeptabilitysuicideteachingTeen Skepchickthe moonSunday Funny: The Science Channel (via SMBC) Teen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 110: Ring My Decibel Mindy is all about wave intensity. 5 […]
3:34 PM | Tear gas, CS smoke canisters, and #Ferguson
Categories: Activism ScienceTags: chemistryFergusonSciencesmoketear gasOver the past week, we’ve seen tear gas and CS smoke canisters used on people of Ferguson, Missouri.  On social media – and in the general media – there seems ...(Read more...)

August 16, 2014

6:41 PM | On the Email Mountain
August is a quiet month on the email front. Few committee meetings are occurring to clog up the inbox with their multiple attachments of papers. Plus many people are away from their own computers during the school holidays and they … Continue reading →
4:57 PM | AAS/DPS Astronomy Ambassadors Outreach Workshop
Graduate students, postdocs, and early-career faculty and research scientists are invited to apply for an upcoming workshop providing training and resources for effective outreach to K-12 teachers and students, families, and the public. The workshop, based on the popular and successful AAS Astronomy Ambassadors program, will be offered all day Sunday, 9 November, at the 46th […]
3:00 PM | Global Quickies: Taxis, Turf, and Fake Ebola Cures
Categories: SkepticismNIGERIA Nigerian official warns pastors and healers to stop making false Ebola-cure claims. He called on those who wanted to rip off members of the public to desist from such ...(Read more...)
11:44 AM | Marriage vs. The Ph.D.

August 15, 2014

3:00 PM | Party with the Stars
Categories: Events ScienceTags: astronomyatlantadragon*constar partyAnd by stars, I mean the REAL stars. Like those ones full of hydrogen and helium and a little bit of everything else? We’ll be partying with those astronomical bodies ...(Read more...)
12:49 PM | Quickies: PMS, LGBT atheists, girls playing D&D, and maternity leave
Categories: QuickiesAn unproductive story of reproduction and PMS – Cordelia Fine on the theory that PMS evolved to drive away infertile men. LGBT Americans are “significantly less religious” and there’s almost ...(Read more...)
5:01 AM | Staying Friends After a Breakup: Commitment Matters
Being in a committed romantic  relationship involves feelings of intimacy and attachment between partners and desiring that the relationship continues into the future. Those who are committed to their partners manage relationship conflict more constructively, are less likely to cheat, and are more likely to stay together for the long haul. Commitment is clearly important in ongoing romantic relationships; however, it may also influence the how former partners feel about each other after […]

August 14, 2014

11:48 PM | Riot Response From Los Angeles to Ferguson
Categories: ActivismTags: equalityFergusonpoliceracismriotsI really wanted to write something profound about the situation happening in Ferguson, MO. The problem is, I know it’s not my story to tell. My story happened 22 years ...(Read more...)
1:30 PM | Quickies: First woman to win Fields Medal, hemp supercapacitors, and cyberstalking
Categories: QuickiesMaryam Mirzakhani becomes first woman to win Fields Medal – “The professor at Stanford University in California was among four Fields Medal recipients at the International Congress of Mathematicians held ...(Read more...)
2:28 AM | Reporters Arrested and Tear-Gassed in Ferguson, MO
Categories: ActivismAs police forces escalate their paramilitary forces in Ferguson, MO, it has been confirmed that two journalists have been arrested in a McDonald’s. Wesley Lowery (Washington Post) and Ryan Reilly ...(Read more...)

August 13, 2014

2:46 PM | Job Opportunity
This just in! If you are interested, please contact Michele Thornley ASAP. Good luck! The Department of Physics & Astronomy at Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, invites applications for an immediate opening for a one-year Visiting Assistant Professor position for the 2014/2015 academic year. Candidates are expected to have at minimum an ABD in physics, astronomy, or a related field. […]
1:00 PM | Quickies: Women Leaving Engineering, Fergusen, and a Star Trek Writer’s Response to a Homophobe
Categories: QuickiesMany Women Leave Engineering, Blame The Work Culture – “From the aerospace sector to Silicon Valley, engineering has a retention problem: Close to 40 percent of women with engineering degrees ...(Read more...)
4:02 AM | Because I Said So…At Least Until You Say So: Parental Authority Over College-Aged Kids
Parents of college students regularly find themselves in quite a bind – they have to figure out that delicate balance between being an authority figure while simultaneously respecting their kids’ increasing independence. This is because typical college students, as well as other individuals between the ages of 18 and 25, are commonly referred to as emerging adults -- those in this age range do not entirely view themselves as adults nor do they view themselves as kids. As a result, […]

August 12, 2014

8:14 PM | Ask Surly Amy: A Degree in Naturopathy
Categories: SkepticismTags: alternative medicineAsk Surly Amynaturopathy  Dear Surly Amy, I have a problem that I’m not certain how to respond to.  A dear friend and occasional lover has recently been accepted into the Doctorate of ...(Read more...)
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