January 06, 2015

1:20 AM | scienceyoucanlove: Maria Montessori (1870-1950) was the first...
scienceyoucanlove: Maria Montessori (1870-1950) was the first woman to receive a medical degree in Italy, from the University of Rome in 1896. At the university, she studied pediatrics and psychiatry, gained experience in clinical medicine and emergency service, eventually becoming an expert in pediatric medicine. In 1900, she was appointed as co-director at the Scuola Magistrale Ortofrenica (Orthophreic School), an institution for training teachers to educate mentally disabled […]

January 05, 2015

10:27 PM | New CSWA Survey on Workforce Climate!
From Christina Richey: The new Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy (CSWA) survey on workplace climate is now online.  All colleagues in the fields of astronomy and planetary science are encouraged to fill out the survey at your earliest convenience.  For more information, please see my blog post on the Women in Astronomy […]
9:03 PM | wefuckinglovescience: Why we need to listen to the real experts...
wefuckinglovescience: Why we need to listen to the real experts in science:
9:02 PM | SHHHHH--
thebrainscoop: what’s that? we’re taking questions for an Ask Emily episode!?
7:42 PM | Is there a way into the animal field
thejunglenook: eruditionanimaladoration: WITHOUT chemistry?? i like animals but hate chem :(  Anonymous seriously??? unfortunately(for you i guess)animals and chemistry go had in hand… but the good news is i have plenty of colleagues that hated chem just like you, i love chem though… But my advise to you is if working with animals is what you want to do then focus on your hardest subjects more(chem in your case)… get tutors ask the teacher for all […]
7:38 PM | thoughtsofablackgirl: Girls&WomenToKnow: The...
thoughtsofablackgirl: Girls&WomenToKnow: The Honorable Shirley Ann Jackson  Dr Jackson is the 18th president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the oldest technological research university in the United States. A theoretical physicist, inventor,as-well as the highest paid college president in the country!! Dr. Jackson has had a distinguished career that includes senior leadership positions in academia, government, industry, and research. Jackson […]
2:00 PM | Quickies: Feminist Boyfriends, the Cause of Cancer, and Preventing Suicide in Trans Community
Categories: QuickiesHow to find a feminist boyfriend – “Few guys will proudly say no when asked if they’re feminists. Instead it’s a wholehearted yes, a lukewarm maybe or Can you define ...(Read more...)
6:01 AM | Stronger Impulses or Less Control? Why Men Succumb to Sexual Temptations
Research suggests that men tend to surrender to sexual temptations, like cheating, more than women. Is this because men have stronger sexual urges, or because they can’t control themselves? Across two studies, participants indicated the strength of their sexual impulses and their ability to control themselves when encountering “forbidden” others (e.g., being attracted to someone already in a relationship). Men acted on inappropriate attraction more than women, and this […]
5:12 AM | Dealing with Female Rivalry in the Workplace
Dealing with Female Rivalry in the Workplace: When I was 17 years old, I bought into the “it’s better to work with men” stereotype. My head was full of misconceptions about career women: They were catty, gossipy, conniving, and shrew (except me, of course!). That’s the thing about stereotypes, isn’t it? We never feel like we’re a part of them. A really brilliant piece by a woman engineer.  I feel a sense of guilty relief that it […]
4:56 AM | hazardass reblogged your link and added: I think, particularly with role models, there comes a...
hazardass reblogged your link and added: I think, particularly with role models, there comes a point when you have to set apart what you’re influenced by and who that person is or was. There is not a single person in existence that has never said or done something problematic - does that mean that we should abandon the concept of role models? Absolutely not. We need people to look up to and learn from. But we can learn that saying, “I admire that Dr. Mayim Bialik is an […]
4:14 AM | yearinreview: New and Notable Blogs of 2014 - Part 2 In no...
yearinreview: New and Notable Blogs of 2014 - Part 2 In no particular order. Remix The Museum Major League Soccer Beyonce Voters Compound Interest Print All Over Me Arrested Development Fan Art Slittens Drake’s Emoji Tattoos Office Snack Hacks The Space Rotten Tomatoes Comic Cartography Elections Night 2014 Griddle Me This University of California Science Today Drag Queens Trying To Use Straws Cats On Synthesizers In Space Reasons My Kid Is Smiling Lady Scientists on Tumblr Without […]
3:23 AM | New Student to Archaeology or Anthropology?
New Student to Archaeology or Anthropology?: allthingsaafs: If you’re wondering what the best literature and textbooks are for these subjects we have a page full of our suggestions that we’ve gathered for you! Here are a few of the most useful textbooks to have: Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice (UK/Europe Link)…
3:22 AM | Science to a Student: What exactly is a student of science?
Science to a Student: What exactly is a student of science?: sweetteascience: sciencetoastudent: Back in May 2013, I started the Tumblr blog Science, to a Student.  My initial thought when I created that title was to symbolize what science is to this particular biology student (myself).  The blog itself was nothing more than a home for all things relating to science, authored by yours truly (and because of that author, there is a strong emphasis on dinosaurs and […]
3:21 AM | sweetteascience: eternalacademic: Great video about one of my...
sweetteascience: eternalacademic: Great video about one of my best friends working on experimental evolution in Rich Lenski’s lab at Michigan State University!  I adore this video and wished that universities would put together videos like this for ALL of their graduate students. What a great way to share research and a unique way to pull back the curtain, as it were, for others to see what life is like for grad students. 

January 04, 2015

6:25 PM | Skepchick Sundaylies! Mary, Queen of the Jurassic, Pinteresting New Years, and Finding a Job in Academia
Categories: Meta StuffTags: #blackedoutpoetryacademiaEthical Societyfeminismgrounded parentsInternet Meme Demolition Derbyjob searchMad Art LabMary AnningPaleontologyParentingphysicsReligionschool of doubtTeen Skepchickwomen in scienceTeen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 125: Timmy Fell Down the Potential Well Mindy tip-toes into the world of molecular energy. Godly Marriage and Other Christian Cruelties Elizabeth explains how ...(Read more...)
6:01 AM | Does Penis Size Matter? (video)
Read our articles about penis size here and here.
5:29 AM | brains-and-bodies replied to your post “I’m so glad you guys are posting again! I missed all...
brains-and-bodies replied to your post “I’m so glad you guys are posting again! I missed all your posts!!!” I had no idea that two of my favorite bloggers were behind scientific-women. This just gets more and more exciting. Well, gosh! :)
5:27 AM | engrprof: brinconvenient: feminist-space: darxx: writingrainb...
engrprof: brinconvenient: feminist-space: darxx: writingrainbow: One of these things is not like the other.  RIP Leelah Alcorn This is so fucked up. This makes me so angry. She dishonors Leelah’s identify and memory even in death, pulls attention to herself as the grieving parent, and clearly still doesn’t get that it is her actions and treatments that pushed Leelah to take that step. RIP Leelah Alcorn. God dammit! OK, listen up, my dear trans babies. I know that […]
5:23 AM | thejunglenook: cacajao: biologysamazingworld: Etymological...
thejunglenook: cacajao: biologysamazingworld: Etymological Maps Of The Brain source What about the Arbor Vitae of the cerebellum?It means “Tree of Life”. Don’t forget your spider-like mother and tender mother!(Arachnoid mater and Pia mater)

January 03, 2015

8:00 PM | Articles About Beer You Should Stop Reading Immediately
Categories: Featured SkepticismTags: beercraft beerfdafood additivesfood safetygmoHFCSveganA list of eight beers “you should stop drinking immediately” went around earlier last year and even ended up in my inbox a few times, but I didn’t imagine something ...(Read more...)
4:00 PM | Global Quickies: Hunting Spiders, Anti-racism Campaigns, and Crop Circles by Drunk Chupacabras
Categories: Anti-Science Feminism Quickies Religion SkepticismMEXICO “Thousands of people have flocked to a Mexican city where crop circles spanning seven-hectares appeared on Christmas Eve.” Because of their terrible-made design, they have been called “crap circles”, ...(Read more...)
8:33 AM | Resolving Your Way out of a Rut
I wonder how many of my readers have already broken their New Year’s resolutions, assuming they even bothered to dream them up in the first place. Daily visits to the gym and a diet excluding chocolate sound all very well … Continue reading →
6:01 AM | The Power of a Text in Long-Distance Relationships
Click here for articles about long distance relationships.

January 01, 2015

9:58 PM | Bad Chart Thursday: New Years Linked to Autism
Categories: Random Asides SkepticismTags: autismbad chart thursdayNew YearRoundupShocking news from the unironically named website The Mind Unleashed: “MIT Researcher’s New Warning: At Today’s Rate, Half Of All U.S. Children Will Be Autistic By 2025.”* Autism: a fate ...(Read more...)
1:30 PM | Quickies: Women in STEM, hopes for the new year, and The Economist ignores women
Categories: QuickiesWelcome to 2015 everyone! I hope it’s off to a good start for you all and that it will only get awesomer. Women in STEM: 2014 in review – From ...(Read more...)

December 31, 2014

9:00 AM | 2014 Editors' Choice Awards: #1 - Making Difficult Dating Decisions
Relationships frequently fall apart due to irreconcilable incompatibilities. Sometimes these incompatibilities are so large that they seem like they should have been obvious from the start (e.g., one person wants children, the other partner doesn’t; one person is deeply religious, the other isn't). Why don’t such dealbreakers prevent relationships from getting off the ground in the first place? Why do people so frequently wind up with incompatible romantic partners? Some […]
7:00 AM | 2014 Editors' Choice Awards: #2 - How I Met Your Mother's Cheerleader Effect
You gotta love when pop culture inspires scientific research. Motivated by one of my favorite TV shows, How I Met Your Mother, the authors of a recent paper published in Psychological Science1 investigated Barney Stinson’s claim that people appear more attractive when surrounded by others in a group relative to when they are viewed by themselves. He calls this the “Cheerleader Effect,” inspired by the stereotype that cheerleader groups seem very attractive because of how […]

December 30, 2014

1:41 PM | Quickies: Living in space, nerd entitlement, and the inaccuracies of Exodus
Categories: Quickies5200 days in space – “An exploration of life aboard the International Space Station, and the surprising reasons the mission is still worthwhile.” On nerd entitlement – “Hi there, shy, ...(Read more...)
10:00 AM | 2014 Editors' Choice Awards: #3 - Feeling Like a Doormat
Forgiveness can be really good for our relationships. To name just a few benefits, forgiving a transgression reduces blood pressure for both victims and their wrongdoing partners,1 and increases the victim’s life satisfaction and positive mood.2 Researchers are also beginning to understand what it takes to forgive; for example, we are more likely to forgive our partners when they apologize (i.e., make amends) for bad behavior. But what happens when we forgive someone who hasn’t […]
7:00 AM | 2014 Editors' Choice Awards: #4 - How Your Attachment Influences Relationship Quality
  Quick—think of someone you know who’s in a relationship (or has been in the past). This person can be a friend, a family member, your own past or current relationship partner, or even yourself. Which one of these statements best describes something that the person you thought of might say? A) I feel comfortable depending on romantic partners. B) My desire to be very close sometimes scares people away. C) I don't feel comfortable opening up to romantic partners. These […]
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