March 25, 2014

1:08 PM | Quickies: Wonder Woman, Ebola outbreaks, and gardening
Categories: QuickiesSexuality & race: One DC comics creator’s take on Wonder Woman – “I think sex is part and parcel of Wonder Woman’s creation. I think she and the Amazons were very much intended to explore all sorts of themes surrounding love and sex, sex and gender, and sex and power. The tragedy, of course, is that over the decades, this aspect of her character has been minimized considerably…” What Hemant wouldn’t print – Stephanie […]

March 24, 2014

4:53 PM | Rule #34: Keep the death cologne handy
Categories: ScienceTags: chemistryzombiesRule #1 for surviving the zombie apocalypse is cardio, but chemistry offers a less strenuous option. For more Eau de Death details, see my post Chemistry for the zombie apocalypse ___________ featured image from Zombielandrules.com(Read more...)
3:00 PM | ICYMI: Biometric Secrurity, Ms. Marvel, Climate Change Denial, and Life as a Gamer
Categories: Meta StuffTags: #banbossybiometricscalorie countingclimate change denialcomicscomprehensive sex educationcosmoscupcakesdietsEscepticaevolutionFirst AmendmentfoodFreedom of Speechgamesgnssgrammargrounded parentsInternational Table Top Daykitchen lablive tweetMad Art Labms. marvelNext Generation Science Standardsphysicsschool of doubtScienceTeen Skepchickuniversity lifeTeen Skepchick Science Sunday: Biometric Security and the Impermanence of Fingerprints Some things, like fingerprints […]
2:00 PM | Queereka Looking for Writers!
Categories: Meta StuffQueereka is looking for more writers! The gig requires with some commitment and provides zero monetary pay, but what it lacks in dollar bills it makes up for with friendship and love! So what are we looking for? At a minimum, applicants should self-identify as queer (by which we mean any non-normative sex, gender, or sexuality) and be knowledgeable about skepticism and feminism. We are particularly interested in writers who identify as trans* and asexual, and are […]
1:00 PM | Quickies: Art on the Moon, a Look at Women’s History Month, and Caffeine
Categories: QuickiesOn March 24, 1993, the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 was discovered. Later in 1994 the comet crashed into Jupiter, providing astronomers with a glimpse of the materials that make up Jupiter’s atmosphere. ‘College of Curiosity’ shares rarities – Check out Jeff Wagg’s latest project! From Jamie. The Sculpture on the Moon – “Scandals and conflicts obscured one of the most extraordinary achievements of the Space Age.” Federal Judge […]
10:58 AM | Letter to my Young Borinqueña
Borinqueña emphasizes the contribution of Puerto Rican and Hispanic women in science and technology and provides a space to discuss topics of interest about the empowerment of women. In ‘What’s up Borinqueña?’ we share a variety of experiences and perspectives from different women and men that are committed to advancing equality for women in science.       To my curious […]
4:01 AM | The Nose Knows: Detecting Sickness by Scent
image source: myteespot.com/images/Images_d/DSCF8661.jpgResearchers injected 8 volunteers with lipopolysaccharide (LPS), a molecule found on bacteria that induces a strong “internal” immune response similar to the one that occurs when people are sick (e.g., increases in body temperature and immune cells). The volunteers wore t-shirts to collect their body odor (and also provided t-shirts worn after saline administration, which served as a control condition). A separate group of […]

March 23, 2014

7:59 PM | Skepchick Book Club: The Poisoner’s Handbook
Categories: Book ClubTags: the poisoner's handbookNote: information for next month’s book is at the end of this post. Also, there’s a super tasty vegan recipe! Welcome back to the Skepchick Book Club! This month, we read The Poisoner’s Handbook: Murder and the Birth of Forensic Medicine in Jazz Age New York. The book was pretty much exactly what the title says, a look back on how the field of forensics was made respectable by the New York City Chief Medical Examiner […]
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