March 20, 2014

9:04 PM | Considering the Historical Context
At a talk I gave in Sheffield last week the local MP Meg Munn remarked on the fact that, being a non-scientist, she had learned a lot about how science is done from reading my blog (in particular this one, … Continue reading →
8:18 PM | A Few Thoughts On Skepchick and Mental Illness
Categories: SkepticismAs many of you probably know, we’ve had some serious and sometimes painful discussions recently about people with disabilities and ableism on the Skepchick network. I don’t particularly want to get into the debate of what comments were and weren’t inappropriate or how things should have been handled because I really haven’t been heavily involved. However I have been considering language and how language can or cannot oppress people a great deal […]
6:29 PM | Bad Chart Thursday: Sugar Could Make Us Immortal
Categories: Random Asides SkepticismTags: bad chart thursdaychocolateDeliciousnesshealthimmortalitylongevitySugarI was casually strolling about the Internet the other day, enjoying a hot fudge doughnut M&M sundae, as I am wont to do, when I came across some SHOCKING news about US sugar consumption: By 2606, the US Diet will be 100 Percent Sugar. My first thought was that this would be only a 5 percent increase in my current diet. My second thought was that my sundae needed a little more […]
5:00 PM | The Female Athlete Triad, part 2: The Right Stuff
Categories: SkepticismTags: eating disordersFitnesshealthrunningsportsvegan(Content notice: disordered eating.) My dietician is punching away at a calculator, as I watch her with the trepidation I might feel watching an airline employee attempting to find me a new flight in a snowstorm. “So, you’re not eating enough to begin with, and then a third of your calories are coming from alcohol or chocolate,” she says with more fascination than disapproval. She hands me a sheet […]
3:30 PM | Unveiled: A Look Back on the Hijab
I, along with two other former Muslim women (Marwa Berro of Between a Veil and a Dark Place and Reem Abdel-Razek), recently spoke with Valerie Tarico about our experiences with the hijab. This is a cross-post of my interview with her. Tarico: How long did you wear hijab, and what did it mean to you at the time? Dadabhoy: I wore hijab for a decade (ages 8 to 18). I started wearing it because I was always a people-pleaser; it seemed like the right thing to do to please my […]
12:59 PM | Quickies: Smart isn’t beautiful, Kevin Trudeau’s estate sale, the Alan Turing Institute, and medical conspiracy theories
Smart isn’t beautiful – “We shouldn’t have to reassure girls that smarts won’t make them ugly. It’s an absurd idea, but it also implicitly prioritizes looks over books, as though our advice would be different if, in fact, studying did make girls ugly.” From Daniela. Not a saint: How I bought con man Kevin Trudeau’s belongings – An entertaining article by Carrie Poppy, complete with photos of the very special coffee tumblr she bought. From […]
12:48 PM | sayeauillustration: Starting up a new project, the weekly...
sayeauillustration: Starting up a new project, the weekly Science Stories series! So first up we have Turritopsis nutricula. Stay tuned for more! Don’t underestimate the power of a good scientific illustration.
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