November 18, 2014

8:00 PM | To Uber or Not to Uber?
Categories: SkepticismTags: lyftskeptechuberTo Uber, or not to Uber – is that the question? Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer The stench and delays of public transit, Or to put one’s ...(Read more...)
6:00 PM | So about That Shirt…
Categories: FeminismTags: academiaSciencesexismshirtgateshirtstormstemI’ve been looking forward to the Rosetta Landing for quite some time. Sure, not as long as many who have worked on the project, but I had been following the ...(Read more...)
4:35 PM | Congrats to the L’Oréal USA For Women in Science Fellowship Winners!
L’Oréal USA Announced the winners of the Women in Science Fellowship.  Fantastic science including some exciting astrophysics! :)  Congrats to all!  (And this is a yearly thing so look out for the application next year and think about applying!) Sabrina Stierwalt, University of Virginia – Dr. Stierwalt is an astrophysicist leading a multi-university team on […]
3:00 PM | Calm Down. The World Isn’t Running Out of Chocolate
Categories: SkepticismTags: chocolateA couple days ago my Facebook feed blew up with everyone sharing a Chicago Tribune article predicting a bleak future where our tongues will never again taste the dark, nutty ...(Read more...)
1:30 PM | Quickies: Altered Bible verses, softball, and Saartjie Baartman
Categories: QuickiesBible verses where the word “Philistines” has been replaced with “haters” – “His father and mother replied, ‘Isn’t there an acceptable woman among your relatives or among all our people? ...(Read more...)
5:01 AM | “Are You Listening?!” Cold-Shouldering a Partner’s Successes Leaves Relationships On Ice
When something great happens in our personal lives, it’s exciting to share the event with people close to us.  But at one time or another, you’ve probably disclosed some good news that wasn’t met with the degree of excitement or encouragement you had hoped for. It can be disappointing – even irritating – to get a lukewarm response when you expected the other person’s ardent interest. The process of telling others about our successes and getting a […]

November 17, 2014

7:52 PM | Where Can You Speak Out Safely?
The media is full of stories around men behaving inappropriately – or worse – currently. These range from #shirtstorm in the wake of Matt Taylor’s press conference regarding the successful landing of Philae (a sad distraction from the amazingly successful … Continue reading →
2:00 PM | Quickies: Anti-Choice “Experts” Spreading Bad Science, the Scourge of Online Threats, and Why Anonymous Isn’t That Great
Categories: QuickiesThe Truth About Anonymous’s Activism – “As a narrow oral history, the book offers interesting anecdotes and insider information about a little-understood topic. But in arguing that Anonymous is an ...(Read more...)

November 16, 2014

6:15 PM | Skepchick Sundaylies! Just the Facts, Psychoneuroimmunology, MOOCs, and Kim Kardashian
Categories: Meta StuffTags: Bath and Body WorksDBTEscepticafeminismgrounded parentsKim KardashianLena DunhamMOOCsParentingphysicspseudosciencepsychoneuroimmunologyschool of doubtSciencesex abuseskepticismspecial needs childrenteachingTeen SkepchickVeteran's DaySunday Funny: Landing (via xkcd) Teen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 119: Turn Up the Heat After several weeks off, Mindy is back with a brand new Physics Philes! DBT ...(Read more...)
12:06 AM | New Video: Judge Orders Boy Circumcised Against Mother’s Wishes
Categories: Religion SkepticismSupport more videos like this at Sort of transcript: Last week, a judge in Florida decided that a 4-year old boy would be forced to undergo a circumcision against ...(Read more...)

November 15, 2014

9:18 PM | The Twelve Days Of Trolling
Categories: Activism Feminism SkepticismTags: trollingtrollsInspired by the trolling during #shirtstorm, written by yours truly, and first assembled via Storify by @szvan…. The Twelve Days Of Trolling On the first day of Trolling, a dudebro ...(Read more...)
2:00 PM | Global Quickies: Sterilizations in India, Death Rituals in Liberia, and Wikipedia in Russia
Categories: Quickies SkepticismWORLDWIDE Check out these Photos of the Week from In Focus. AFRICA Yes, Doctor, I Took My Anti-HIV Meds (But Really, I Didn’t) – “A study presented at an HIV conference ...(Read more...)

November 14, 2014

9:02 PM | What *not* to wear
We’ve probably all seen the fallout from #shirtstorm and #shirtgate regarding the inappropriate shirt Dr. Matt Taylor wore during the landing of the Rosetta comet lander this week. If you are not familiar with this, though, please check out the following webpages: What the eff is that shirt?, Why I’m furious…, Astro-sexism, and Shirt Uproar, among […]
4:32 PM | New Video: Earthquake Scientists Convicted of Manslaughter Freed
Categories: ScienceSupport more videos like this at! Sort-of Transcript: Back in 2012, Italian courts convicted a group of scientists for manslaughter, a fact that was widely reported as the scientists ...(Read more...)
2:00 PM | Quickies: Sexist sexual imagery, Marines open combat jobs to women, and how little anti-vaxxers have changed since the 19th century
Categories: QuickiesNotes from a pornographer on sexist sexual imagery and behavior – “The idea that sex-positivity and sexual liberation means everybody expressing every sexual thought and acting on every sexual desire, ...(Read more...)

November 13, 2014

8:30 PM | Bad Chart Thursday: 60 is the New 65
Categories: Random Asides SkepticismTags: bad chart thursdayclonesmidterm electionsmillennialstime travelvoteAll over the media, people are shaking their virtual fists at kids today for undervoting in the US midterm elections. Clearly, millennials are too busy taking selfies, texting, and playing ...(Read more...)
5:13 PM | Ex-Cop Tony Ryan Threatens to “Make My Trip Memorable” in China Next Week
Categories: Events FeminismAs many of you know, I’ll be traveling to China next week to give one talk in Hong Kong on 20 November and another over on the mainland in Dongguan ...(Read more...)
1:30 PM | Quickies: Ebola’s history, pasteurizing breastmilk via smartphone app, and earthquake scientists’ convictions overturned
Categories: QuickiesHow “The Hot Zone” got it wrong and tales of Ebola’s history – “Ebola is not like how it’s portrayed in the book. People do not dissolve. Their internal organs ...(Read more...)
5:01 AM | Stress & Conflict in Relationships: Relationship Matters Podcast 38

November 12, 2014

11:10 PM | ‘All About That Bass’ gets a chemistry make-over!
Categories: ScienceTags: basebasschemistrySince Meghan Trainor‘s ‘All About That Bass’ first broke, chemistry fans everywhere* have been waiting for this tune to get the Brønsted–Lowry treatment. WAIT NO MORE! ___________ *okay, maybe just me? Featured image ...(Read more...)
4:53 PM | Shirts for when you’ve just landed a spacecraft on a comet
Categories: SkepticismLanding a spacecraft on a comet?! That’s cool! That’s the kind of cool achievement that should be paired with a cool shirt! This is the scientific head of operations for the ...(Read more...)
2:00 PM | Quickies: Megachurch Melt Down, How “The Hot Zone” was Exaggerated, and Consent Explained by a Porn Star
Categories: QuickiesHow a Megachurch Melts Down – “What the dissolution of one of America’s fastest-growing churches means for evangelicalism.” How ‘The Hot Zone’ Got It Wrong And Other Tales Of Ebola’s ...(Read more...)
12:09 PM | What Makes a Breakthrough?
Until a few days ago, I’d never really thought very much about the Breakthrough Prize, a huge collection of prizes created by Mark Zuckerberg and friends. Or, more precisely a smallish collection of huge prizes, the big ones each being … Continue reading →
5:01 AM | Men With Babies: Getting Women’s Phone Numbers is Child’s Play
Are males seen as more attractive if they’re good with babies? To answer this question, a male confederate sat near college-aged women who were alone in public. His “sister” (a female confederate) and her baby then joined him. The male either interacted with the baby by talking, playing, smiling and giving kisses, or ignored the baby. After his sister left, the male struck up a conversation with the female participants, complimented them, and then asked for her digits. When […]

November 11, 2014

1:30 PM | Quickies: The earliest US website, rights of pregnant women, and common misconceptions
Categories: QuickiesStanford Libraries unearths the earliest US website – From Criticaldragon1177. Pregnant, and no civil rights – “With the success of Republicans in the midterm elections and the passage of Tennessee’s ...(Read more...)

November 10, 2014

6:44 PM | badwolfsf: womenrockscience: Women in STEM of WWII - The real “Rosie Riveters” These women did a...
badwolfsf: womenrockscience: Women in STEM of WWII - The real “Rosie Riveters” These women did a lot more than rivet, they designed, built and tested thousands of aircraft in factories across Canada and the US.  Prior to the war, women would have been mostly banned from taking up such jobs. Sources: Library of Congress I wish it said their names Me too! Annoyingly the person keeping the records just referred to them as “girl” or […]
4:21 PM | 6 is the New 10 or No Fatties
Categories: SkepticismDid you know that plus size models are totes no big deal anymore? They’re like…just like other models, you know? Or at least that’s what Elle tells us in a ...(Read more...)
2:16 PM | New List of Awards – Nominate Deserving Scientists!
From Emily Lakdwalla: Before women can be recognized for their contribution to planetary science and astronomy, they have to be nominated. Anecdotal evidence suggests that women may not be getting nominated for prizes very frequently. To encourage people to nominate more women for prizes, I asked Planetary Society web intern and fellow Woman in Planetary Science Tanya Harrison to scrounge […]
2:00 PM | Quickies: Evangelical Warrior Wives, Robotic Penguins, and Tig Notaro’s Legendary Topless Comedy Act
Categories: QuickiesThe Warrior Wives of Evangelical Christianity – “In her book, DeRogatis notes an interesting twist in the relationship between feminism and evangelicalism. ‘Many people, over time, started to notice that ...(Read more...)
11:18 AM | Is masculinity toxic? (2014)
“For every problem, there is a solution which is simple, neat, and wrong.” HL Mencken I’d better get my disclaimer in quick. You will notice that this post is directed at individual members of the same group. But this is not to say that I have a problem with that group as a whole. Yes, […]
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