April 23, 2014

4:01 AM | Divide and Conquer: Having a Different Outlook from Your Partner can be a Good Thing
About a year ago, I made a very silly, and costly, mistake. I forgot my backpack in a cab. My partner James and I were on our way home from the airport. It was late, we were both tired, and I didn’t even realize what I had done until I went to check my email and didn’t have my laptop. “Hmmm”, I said, to no one in particular. “My backpack isn’t here. I think I might have left it in the cab.” James, who is characteristically calm and collected, […]

April 22, 2014

7:58 PM | Happy Earth Day Everyone!
Happy Earth Day Everyone!
6:50 PM | Hacked Off
Can one ever escape the workaday grind, successfully avoid slipping over the edge to descend into the chaos I wrote about a little while ago or even manage merely to keep one’s cool despite provocation? There are so many things … Continue reading →
4:00 PM | Challenge Accepted: Non-Atheistic Explanations for Sacrifice
Categories: Religion SkepticismOver at THE WEEK a few days ago, Damon Linker wrote an article titled “Why atheism doesn’t have the upper hand over religion.” In this article, Linker claims to have dealt a coup de gras to atheism: “The fact is that there are specific human experiences that atheism in any form simply cannot explain or account for. One of those experiences is radical sacrifice—and the feelings it elicits in us.” He goes on to list a few […]
2:00 PM | No, Meb Keflezighi Was Not the First American to Win the Boston Marathon Since 1983
Categories: FeminismTags: MarathonrunningIf you have watched or read any news lately then you know that yesterday at the Boston Marathon Meb Keflezighi was the first American to win since 1983. It’s a momentous occasion and even more meaningful coming after last year’s Boston Marathon bombing. Meb Keflezighi, an Olympic silver medalist in 2004 is almost 39 years old and lost his Nike sponsorship as recently as 2011. Most considered him past his prime and yet he ran an inspired race […]
1:37 PM | Quickies: Misogynist geeks, young feminists, and vampirism
Categories: QuickiesWhat are misogynist geeks so afraid of? – “What’s the worst thing that could happen if women were able to write criticisms of the objectification and marginalization of female characters in comic books and video games, all without being silenced and derailed with a bunch of abuse from Dudes With Serious Issues?” From Criticaldragon1177. Phyllis Schlafly gets schooled by a 12-year-old – In response to Schlafly’s assertion that women should […]
6:43 AM | Man sandwich (2014)
Hey all, There’s no one I’d rather talk about sex with than two lovely, knowledgeable ladies four thousand miles away, and that’s just what happened when the sublime Single Dating Diva and the divine Dirty in Public – aka the Mr & Mrs Romance team – Skyped me for an interview a couple of weeks ago. Our chat is […]
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12:58 AM | biomedicalephemera: Dr. Mary Edwards Walker’s pocket surgical...
biomedicalephemera: Dr. Mary Edwards Walker’s pocket surgical kit Dr. Walker was the first female surgeon in the U.S. Army, serving during the Civil War. She was awarded the Medal of Honor in 1865 by President Johnson, and remains the only woman to have ever won it, to this date. Interestingly, this high honor was awarded to her (and even had a bill passed in order to make her eligible) in order to recognize her service to the country…while making sure that she didn’t […]
12:58 AM | skunkbear: Read or listen to the whole story (from Christopher...
skunkbear: Read or listen to the whole story (from Christopher Joyce). Image Credits: Top two archive photos courtesy of the Museum of the Rockies Middle two: Jason Thompson for NPR Last two: Maggie Starbard/NPR

April 21, 2014

11:26 PM | Guest Post: I am No One’s Good Fatty
Categories: Guest BloggersTags: #notyourgoodfattybad fattyfat acceptancegood fattyhealth at every sizeEditor’s Note: Shaunta is back! And this time she explains why the expectation of being a “good fatty” is hurtful and unproductive. Right on! *** When I first started writing about Health at Every Size (HAES), I spent a lot of time talking about my blood. Nearly every post I wrote included a paragraph listing my “numbers,” like credentials on a resume. My […]
4:38 PM | New Video Series! Episode 1: Rebecca vs. Jon Ronson
Categories: SkepticismThanks to all the kind people supporting me over on Patreon, I’ve been ramping up production on my YouTube videos. As part of this, I’ve started a new series where I interview some of my interesting and talented friends while we play Nintendo. The first episode is now live, in which I square off with Jon Ronson, author of many books including The Men Who Stare at Goats and screenwriter of films such as the upcoming movie Frank, starring Michael Fassbender and […]
1:00 PM | Quickies: Haunted Islands, Happy Little Trees, and Interviews with Porn Stars
Categories: QuickiesHappy Day After Easter! Don’t forget to go out to the store and pick up your half-price egg-shaped candy today, or extra Peeps for peep-jousting! Is It Time For Us To Take Astrology Seriously? – For some reason, the author thinks the answer to this question isn’t “No.” Neil deGrasse Tyson Was Asked Why There Aren’t More Women in Science; His Answer Is Perfect – From Spice. The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie – “On the trail […]
4:01 AM | The Benefits of Being a Matchmaker
Have you ever tried playing matchmaker by setting two people up in the hopes that they form a relationship? Playing matchmaker allows us to use our insight into others’ lives to help others find love. And really, why not? If we’re wrong, the mismatched partners go their separate ways and are likely no worse off than they were before. But, if we’re right about the match, the potential reward for the couple is great…they find love, start an amazing relationship, and live […]
12:51 AM | Stunning images of graduates from the Women’s Medical College of...
Stunning images of graduates from the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania (now Drexel University). The University was founded in 1850 and is one of the first institutions in the world to train women in medicine and offer them an M.D degree. Women came from all over the world to train there. Just right click open in new tab to see full size With thanks to Drexel University for maintaining the archives

April 20, 2014

6:40 PM | Meet Mary Sherman Morgan, rocket scientist, munitions and...
Meet Mary Sherman Morgan, rocket scientist, munitions and chemical engineer and one of the most instrumental players in the launch of America’s first satellite, Explorer I (shown above). According to her colleagues she “single-handedly saved America’s space programme”. Mary started out life as a poor farm girl in North Dakota, her parents chose not to educate her by choice so that she could work on the farm. Eventually, she managed to graduate high school and then ran […]
5:45 PM | Skepchick Sundaylies: Nerd Girls, Bisexuality, Creationism, and Raising a Young Skeptic
Categories: Meta StuffTags: ageismBisexualitybooks for kidscreationismfeminismgraduate fundinggrounded parentsLGBTliterature reviewsmath educationnerd cultureParentingQueerekaschool of doubtskepticismteachingTeen Skepchickthe mary suexkcdSunday Funny: xkcd explains free speech Teen Skepchick Suspension of Disbelief: Magic Time Elizabeth reviews the 2002 novel by Barbara Hambly. What It Means to be a Woman in Nerd Culture: The Mary Sue Alice explains what bugs her about the Mary Sue trope. […]
10:50 AM | YES Nicki
YES Nicki

April 19, 2014

9:52 PM | blackchildrensbooksandauthors: African-American Women...
blackchildrensbooksandauthors: African-American Women Chemists Jeannette E. Brown This book profiles the lives of numerous women, ranging from the earliest pioneers up until the late 1960’s when the Civil Rights Acts sparked greater career opportunities. Brown examines each woman’s motivation to pursue chemistry, describes their struggles to obtain an education and their efforts to succeed in a field in which there were few African American men, much less African American women, […]
6:20 PM | “Starting a Family”: Misleading and Damaging
Categories: FeminismIt’s not uncommon for a young couple to mention that they’re looking to “start a family” or for someone who is looking for a spouse to say that part of what they want is to be able to “have a family”. We all know what people mean when they say this: they mean that they want to have kids. As someone who has no interest whatsoever in having children, this phrase implies many things that seem unhelpful and backwards to me. First, it limits […]
2:20 PM | Why Are Babies So Cute?
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April 18, 2014

11:00 PM | Of grice and men (2014)
One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision. Bertrand Russell Between February and April each year, in the sagebrush … Continue reading →
10:05 PM | Meet Barbara Cartland, the record breaking sex and romance novelist who invented the long distance...
Meet Barbara Cartland, the record breaking sex and romance novelist who invented the long distance aeroplane towed glider. Her concept revolutionised the aero industry and was implemented by armies on all sides of WWII. Aerotow gliders had been used in Germany but only to travel short distances and perform tricks – that wasn’t good enough for Barbara. She worked with two RAF soldiers to build her own long distance glider craft and flew it over 200 miles delivering a sack of […]
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1:55 PM | Quickies: Feminist princesses, exoplanets, and free speech
Categories: QuickiesFeminist princesses? Fuck yeah! – Elyse’s awesome husband Brian is blogging at More Than Men! In his first post, he examines the Disney princesses. New exoplanet could be Earth’s cousin – Or not! From Criticaldragon1177. A tale of two mothers – Both in Arizona. From Sarah. xkcd on free speech – There really is an xkcd for everything! Cute Animal Friday! From nowoo, a selection of adorable snail photos.(Read more...)
1:47 PM | tech-girls: Super-Awesome Sylvia interviewed for Girls in ICT...
tech-girls: Super-Awesome Sylvia interviewed for Girls in ICT Day! She says tech is important to her because “you can shape your future, you can shape your world.” Awesome!
4:01 AM | Moving Together: A Sign of Relationship Chemistry
Most relationships start out as a meeting between people who don’t know each other well (if at all). But what determines whether an interaction with a stranger will evolve into a friendship, a marriage, or nothing at all? When thinking about what predicts initial liking toward someone new, concepts like social status, attraction, and perceived similarity often come to mind. But subtle nonverbal behavior can also be important for planting seeds of rapport – seeds that can […]
1:23 AM | equalityforher: Women’s History Month - Margaret Chan Margaret...
equalityforher: Women’s History Month - Margaret Chan Margaret Chan is known throughout the world for her efforts to increase global health. During her 9 years as Director of Health in Hong Kong she implemented new services to combat the spread of disease. Margaret Chan gained recognition for handling many different health issues including the avian influenza outbreak in Hong Kong in 1997 and the SARs outbreak in 2003. Chan is the World Health Organization’s current Director […]

April 17, 2014

10:46 PM | Meet Elsie MacGill, a legend in aircraft design and production...
Meet Elsie MacGill, a legend in aircraft design and production and the first female aircraft designer in the world. In 1938 she became Chief Aeronautical Engineer at Canadian Car and Foundry where she led the production and redesign of several planes including the Hawker Hurricane – the plane responsible for the most British victories in WWII. Most of the employees in the factory were women and by the wars end they had produced 1,400 aircraft, a massive feat. Elsie had forged new […]
8:57 PM | Rocket Girls: A Five day series into legends of aerospace...
Rocket Girls: A Five day series into legends of aerospace engineering
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