August 27, 2014

1:00 PM | Quickies: Prayer Meetings, Anti-Vax Mentality, and the Indifference of White America
Categories: QuickiesHow neuroscience is being used to spread quackery in business and education – The origin of the phrase “cargo-cult science” and how charlatans and pseudoscientists are co-opting neuroscience language without ...(Read more...)
7:01 AM | No Means No? Reading Men’s and Women’s Magazines Linked to Sexual Consent
image source: salidalliance.orgMen’s and women’s magazines provide different messages about sex to their respective readers. In a study of over 300 students, exposure to such magazines was related to students’ feelings about obtaining sexual consent. Those who read more men’s magazines reported a lower likelihood of requiring consent before having sex; those who read more women’s magazines reported a greater likelihood to refuse unwanted sex. We can’t infer […]
3:40 AM | Happy Women’s Equality Day! Celebrate By Not Being Drafted Into the Military
Categories: FeminismAugust 25, was Women’s Equality Day. On that day in 1920, women finally won the right to vote in the United States. That’s right – the US has only been ...(Read more...)

August 26, 2014

8:03 PM | Go ahead, drink your Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte!
Categories: Science SkepticismTags: cancerpumpkin spice lattestarbucksPeople love Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. A lot. This beverage has its own twitter account with nearly 78,000 followers. When Starbucks announced they would start selling this seasonal beverage early, people lost their ...(Read more...)
5:00 PM | Moving Social Justice: An Interview With Sikivu Hutchinson
Categories: Activism FeminismAs marginalized and minority voices in the United States seek to bring attention to social justice-oriented causes, one of many groups joining that fight are humanists & atheists. But despite ...(Read more...)
1:20 PM | Quickies: New Tropes vs. Women in video games, Mary Beard, and when good journals go bad
Categories: QuickiesWomen as background decoration, part 2 – Anita Sarkeesian’s latest video is out! The troll slayer – A New Yorker piece on Mary Beard, her work as a classicist, and ...(Read more...)

August 25, 2014

3:00 PM | Cross Post: The Radical Notion that Children are People
Categories: Feminism ParentingTags: childfree insultschildren are people toochildren's rightsEditor’s Note: This cross post from Grounded Parents was written by Cassandra Phoenix. Click through the link at the bottom to read the full post and make comments.  ****** I ...(Read more...)
1:00 PM | Quickies: Bill Nye Fights for Science, Gaming Misogyny, and Comic Book Parents
Categories: QuickiesTuskegee Syphilis Study Recruitment Letter – An example of the letter sent out to some black men in Alabama, in one of the most infamous cases of unethical science. Gaming ...(Read more...)
7:01 AM | The Marriage Proposal Ritual
You have likely seen some variation of this scene before: you’re out in public or watching TV, and you see someone bend down on one knee, pull out a ring, and ask the person they’re with, “Will you marry me?” Odds are you knew what was taking place the moment the person got down on one knee and pulled out the box. This is because proposing marriage is a ritual that has a fairly standard script that people often follow. Of course, there are some variations on the script, […]

August 24, 2014

5:30 PM | Skepchick Sundaylies: PUAs, Genetic Medicine, and 23andMe
Categories: Meta StuffTags: 23andMedisabilityEscepticafeminismFergusongenetic medicineGodel's ontological proofgrounded parentsinflamatory bowel diseasephysicspickup artistpolicePUAsracismReligionScienceSkeptabilityskepticismTeen Skepchickwhite privilegeTeen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 111: The Legend of Kundt’s Tube Mindy applies nodes and anti-notes to longitudinal waves. The Not So Beautiful Game Step 3: In Which Our ...(Read more...)
3:00 PM | Skepchick Book Club: Life Ascending
Categories: Book ClubTags: life ascendingnick laneNote: Information about next month’s book is at the bottom of this post. Welcome back to the Skepchick Book Club! This month we read Life Ascending: The Ten Great Inventions of ...(Read more...)

August 23, 2014

4:30 PM | Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence – Except in Rape Claims?
Categories: SkepticismSupport more videos like this at Patreon! No Gods No Masters tee available on Skeptical Robot (remember to take 50% off with code hellyeah50 at checkout)! Transcript: In a previous ...(Read more...)
3:00 PM | Global Quickies: Ebola, Satan and Strange Protocols
Categories: Anti-Science Feminism Quickies Religion SkepticismBELGIUM The Chief of Protocol for the city of Brussels has been arrested for taking off the full-face veil of a Qatari princess after she asked him for directions. She ...(Read more...)

August 22, 2014

3:00 PM | Christian Attempts to Outlaw Boobies in Ohio
Categories: ReligionSupport more videos like this on Patreon! Keep the Thor in Thursday tee available here (don’t forget to take 50% off with the code “hellyeah50″ for a limited time!)! Transcript: ...(Read more...)
1:43 PM | Quickies: Monica Lewinsky, street harassment, and hacking traffic lights
Categories: QuickiesMonica Lewinsky on what it’s like to be slut-shamed by the entire world – “I don’t actually know why this whole story became about oral sex. I don’t. It was ...(Read more...)
11:11 AM | Why Athletics Resembles Academia
Today it’s four years exactly since my first blogpost appeared. Four years of having fun writing about different sorts of things: academic life, committee work and membership, the issues facing women and the joys and frustrations of working at disciplinary … Continue reading →
4:01 AM | “Pillow Talk” Speaks A Lot About Your Relationship
We know that the frequency of sexual activity, the quality of communication during sex, and partners’ reasons for having sex can all influence relationship satisfaction. So while it’s good to embrace the throes of passion and be vocal about it, does what you say after sex matter?  Intimate conversations that occur between romantic partners after sexual activity are commonly referred to as “pillow talk.” Pillow talk often involves disclosing positive sentiments […]

August 21, 2014

9:11 PM | 50% off Everything! It’s the Skeptical Robot Moving Sale!
Categories: Meta StuffFor a limited time, take 50% off everything at Skeptical Robot!Use offer code “hellyeah50″ at checkout to save! As some of you may know, I’m planning to move across the ...(Read more...)
3:22 PM | Throwing Cold Water on the Ice Bucket Challenge
Categories: SkepticismL’il Darwin Tee available here! Use code “hellyeah50″ to get 50% off your entire order! Donate to the ALS Association here. Support more videos like this on Patreon. Transcript: The ...(Read more...)
12:30 PM | Quickies: Herd immunity explained with zombies, white men aren’t funny, and slut shaming
Categories: QuickiesVaccinations explained with zombies – From mrmisconception. White male comedians aren’t funny – Oh boy, so many options to fill out that Bingo card with! The anti-feminist internet targets “Depression ...(Read more...)

August 20, 2014

8:20 PM | New Video: Rob Schneider Offers Ignorant, Unwanted Opinion on Robin Williams
Categories: SkepticismSorry about the quiet audio on this one! Next will be better, promise. Support more videos like this on Patreon. Here’s a close-enough transcript: The world lost a great man ...(Read more...)
1:00 PM | Quickies: Teenage Nostalgia, Sexism is Great?, and Domestic Violence
Categories: QuickiesNeural Nostalgia - “Why do we love the music we heard as teenagers?” It’s true–I’m definitely more into the music of my teenagehood now than I was when I was a ...(Read more...)
5:01 AM | Take Your Relationship to the Movies
Could something as simple as watching movies help your relationship? One-hundred-seventy-four engaged or newlywed couples were randomly assigned to one of two intense relationship workshops, or to watch and reflect on relationship movies (e.g., Love Story) featuring relationship behaviors such as stress, forgiveness, support, and conflict, or a no treatment ‘business as usual’ control condition. Couples in the movie condition watched and discussed one movie a week for a month. Three […]

August 19, 2014

3:00 PM | Guest Post: Twitter’s Contraception Problem
Categories: Feminism Guest BloggersTags: birth control advertisingcondomscontraceptionplanned parenthoodsafer sextwitterEditor’s Note: Jenny Splitter, who also blogs on Skepchick’s parenting blog Grounded Parents, wrote this piece to raise awareness on why you never see contraceptives advertised on Twitter.  ****** If ...(Read more...)
1:21 PM | Quickies: Media obsession with female scientists’ appearance, Fark, and lupus research
Categories: QuickiesWhy is the media so obsessed with female scientists’ appearance? – Wouldn’t want anyone to be too scared/intimidated by a woman, so you best be sure to emphasize her feminine ...(Read more...)

August 18, 2014

2:00 PM | A Day in Ferguson, MO
Categories: ActivismTags: Fergusonmike brownpoliceprotestI’m writing this post on Sunday night as chaos has just erupted once again in Ferguson, Missouri. And I’m sick to my stomach because I spent most of Saturday afternoon ...(Read more...)
1:00 PM | Quickies: Racism, Housing Scams, and Fossil-Loving Creationists
Categories: QuickiesWhat I Did After Police Killed My Son – “Ten years later, we in Wisconsin passed the nation’s first law calling for outside reviews.” From Jamie & Eric. The most ...(Read more...)
4:01 AM | The Ethics of OKCupid’s Dating Experiment
So let’s talk about the elephant in the room. You probably have noticed some widespread media coverage about OKCupid’s “experiment” wherein, to look for patterns in dating behavior, they manipulated aspects of the site without informing users (see OKCupid’s announcement here as well as coverage here and here). This revelation comes in the wake of Facebook’s massive experiment, which attracted similar attention and criticism. Commenters have questioned […]

August 17, 2014

5:00 PM | Skepchick Sundaylies: How Not to React to a Suicide, Lunar Influence, Male Circumcision, Safe Sex, and the Politics of the Emergency Room
Categories: Meta StuffTags: artback-to-schoolbook reviewscollegedoctor-patient relationshipEscepticafood allergiesgrounded parentsHIVhospitalsLGBTMad Art Labmale circumcisionMaria AgnesimathParentingphysicspseudoscienceQueerekaquillingReligionRobin Williamssafe sexschool of doubtSciencesex educationsexismSkeptabilitysuicideteachingTeen Skepchickthe moonSunday Funny: The Science Channel (via SMBC) Teen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 110: Ring My Decibel Mindy is all about wave intensity. 5 […]
3:34 PM | Tear gas, CS smoke canisters, and #Ferguson
Categories: Activism ScienceTags: chemistryFergusonSciencesmoketear gasOver the past week, we’ve seen tear gas and CS smoke canisters used on people of Ferguson, Missouri.  On social media – and in the general media – there seems ...(Read more...)
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