October 22, 2014

6:33 PM | Walk to End Homelessness
Categories: ActivismTags: LAWAAGAs many of you know I recently formed a meetup group in Los Angeles for women who don’t need religion but like hang out with friends and learn stuff and ...(Read more...)
1:00 PM | Quickies: More Gamergate, the Pentagon has a Transgender Ban, and Class Issues
Categories: QuickiesWhy #Gamergaters Piss Me The F*** Off – “Chris Kluwe played in the NFL for eight years, but he’s been a gamer for 26 — and he’s sick and tired ...(Read more...)
4:01 AM | Breaking-Up Bad: Break-Ups, Crime, Drug Use, and Drinking
Break-ups are difficult and can lead a person to engage in a variety of negative behaviors designed to help get over an ex. While coping by avoiding others, eating too much (or too little), or writing a song (we’re looking at you Taylor Swift) might be common, others may turn to more extreme, and even criminal, behaviors following the end of their relationships. 
12:00 AM | Art For Skepticon
Categories: Events ScienceTags: artskepticonMy favorite events are events that include art in the mix. And SkeptiCon in Missouri is doing just that! The planners found an extra room at the hotel where they ...(Read more...)

October 21, 2014

4:36 PM | The Top 10 Reasons to Ban Me from Bay Area Science Festival
Categories: ScienceTwo weeks ago, PZ Myers pointed out that Dr. Eliza Sutton of the University of Washington in Seattle was the source of a rumor that PZ had contracted gonnorhea at ...(Read more...)
12:30 PM | Quickies: First species to copulate, baby DNA, and an update to Jack the Ripper identification
Categories: QuickiesAccording to scientists, sex was invented in Scotland – “A team of scientists in Australia believe that they’ve discovered the the very first species to ever reproduce via copulation—meaning they’ve ...(Read more...)

October 20, 2014

1:00 PM | Quickies: GamerGate and Disco Demolition, Women Coders, and Cosmetic Pseudoscience
Categories: QuickiesOf Gamers, Gates, and Disco Demolition: The Roots of Reactionary Rage – “How are YouTube videos criticizing sexist video games important enough to threaten a school shooting? Read the #GamerGate ...(Read more...)
4:01 AM | How Do Important Relationship Events Impact Our Well-Being?
Perhaps no life events fill us with more joy or sadness than those that involve important relationship partners. Whether we are committing to lifelong partnerships with someone we love, bringing a new addition to the family, leaving a bad relationship, or losing a loved one, relationship events may have different effects on how satisfied and happy we are with our lives.  How do important relationship events impact our well-being over time? In a recent meta-analysis (a research paper […]
1:07 AM | The Science of Cat Food
Categories: ScienceOn a recent episode of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe, we discussed some research that (unsurprisingly) found that adding a whiff of “science” to your advertisement may result in ...(Read more...)

October 19, 2014

5:15 PM | Skepchick Sundaylies: Genetic Smarts, GMOs, and Looney Toons
Categories: Meta StuffTags: Ben and Jerry'scartoonsDBT skillseducationEscepticageneticsgmogrounded parentsKate Tietjemovie reviewPandorumParentingphysicsschool of doubtTeen SkepchickTeen Skepchick The Physics Philes, lesson 118: Heat, Temperature, and the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics Mindy dips her toe into thermodynamics. DBT Skills: Yes You Get To Have Fun Remember ...(Read more...)
7:24 AM | Lifeskills I Wish I Possessed
I have been, briefly, in Brussels observing some ERC panels far from my area of expertise. It’s a very interesting experience, approaching topics one knows nothing about (including not having read the proposals) but watching how proceedings unfold. As a … Continue reading →

October 18, 2014

3:00 PM | Global Quickies: Witchcraft, Gurus, and #BringBackOurGirls
Categories: Feminism Quickies Religion SkepticismNIGERIA Nigeria’s chief of defense announced a ceasefire agreement with Boko Haram and the release of the 200 abducted girls. Not many details have been announced and many Nigerians remain ...(Read more...)
4:01 AM | 15 Bisexual Girl Problems
Warning...This video is slightly NSFW. Check out our article Bisexuality Myths Debunked by Science. See our post on Debunking Myths About Sexual Fluidity.  

October 17, 2014

12:30 PM | Quickies: Gamergate, spiders, and consciousness
Categories: QuickiesMan who sparked gamergate says the movement is “for the best” despite harassment – Sure is easy to say that when you’re not the one being harassed! Brianna Wu on ...(Read more...)
4:01 AM | Diamonds Aren’t Forever: Expensive Rings and Weddings May Lead to Relationship Problems
My husband and I got hitched this past June, which I can honestly say was one of the happiest and most transcendent experiences of my life. However, we both agree that whereas the wedding was awesome, the wedding planning process was decidedly not awesome. Navigating the wedding industry can be quite frustrating, in part because of the relentless pressure to spend fantastic amounts of money on anything and everything wedding-related. As a relationships researcher, I was particularly […]

October 16, 2014

11:51 PM | Bad Chart Thursday: Ebola, or Cyborgs, Will Kill Us All
Categories: Random Asides SkepticismTags: bad chart thursdaycyborgsEbolaEbolanoiaepidemicOutbreakUnited StatesUSWest AfricaI don’t know about you, but the first question I ask when hearing about a tragedy on another continent is WHAT ABOUT ME? So naturally, when I read this Forbes ...(Read more...)
12:30 PM | Quickies: Ebola conspiracy theories, moral panic, and egg freezing
Categories: SkepticismThe anti-vaxxers are spreading Ebola conspiracy theories – According to the conspiracy theorists it’s either biological warfare OR it doesn’t actually exist. From miasma to Ebola: The history of racist ...(Read more...)

October 15, 2014

5:42 PM | Your First Date: Make Sure Your Genes Fit
Getting ready for a first date involves preparations to look and feel good. It might involve a new ‘do,’ a clean shave, or fresh new outfit with a great pair of jeans that fit perfectly. But great-fitting jeans are not the only thing that people are making sure fit before their first date. People can now check that their genes fit. Yep, genes -- as in our DNA -- before going on a first date.  Love Is In the Air Our body smell is an important determining factor of whether […]
1:00 PM | Quickies: Ugly Sexism, Anita Sarkeesian Cancels Talk Due to Terrorist Threats, and Christian Movies
Categories: QuickiesAnita Sarkeesian Cancels Speech Following Terror Threats – From Ms. Sarkeesian’s Twitter, “Forced to cancel my talk at USU after receiving death threats because police wouldn’t take steps to prevent ...(Read more...)

October 14, 2014

10:59 PM | Online Threats Against Women Now Officially Terrorism
Categories: FeminismAnita Sarkeesian is scheduled to speak at Utah State University tomorrow, Wednesday, October 15th. However, The Standard Examiner has confirmed that an act of terrorism has been threatened against the ...(Read more...)
12:30 PM | Quickies: Science jokes, NY Comic Con, and anti-psychic fliers
Categories: QuickiesThe true story of Stronzo Bestiale (and other scientific jokes) – The string of updates make it even better. From Daniela. Comic book world is becoming friendlier to women. Video ...(Read more...)
12:05 AM | Hello Navi: creating solutions, building the future using technology
Hello Navi Team, from left to right: Janessa Leija, Grecia Cano, Caitlin Gonzales, Mrs. Maggie Bolado, Jacqueline Garcia-Torres, Kayleen Gonzalez, Cassandra Baquero — and of course Andres Salas. (Photo provided by Mrs. Maggie Bolado)During National Hispanic Heritage Month, Ciencia Puerto Rico and Borinqueña are celebrating the work of organizations inspiring, supporting and empowering Latinas in […]

October 13, 2014

8:32 PM | Decent Human Beings Owe Our Social Justice Agenda Everything
Categories: SkepticismThe dudebros are at it again, and this time they’re confused. At The Daily Banter, Michael Luciano asks “Did I sleep through some radical redefining of the word ‘atheist’? It’s always ...(Read more...)
2:00 PM | “Richard Dawkins Is a Privileged White Guy:” #Newsfail Authors Talk Atheism, Privilege, and Government Watch Lists
Categories: Activism(Featured Image Photo Credits: Jakub Moser & Kevin Allen Caby) As a long-time fan and subscriber to Citizen Radio, I was psyched to hear that podcast founders and hosts Allison ...(Read more...)
4:01 AM | Debunking Myths About Sexual Fluidity
I’m a huge fan of Slate Magazine (I read it almost daily). But recently they ran a piece that portrayed sexual fluidity in a way that was less than accurate, and perhaps ideologically biased. In the interest of scientific accuracy, I wanted to set the record straight. What is sexual fluidity? The Slate article contained a bold claim that, “there's absolutely no scientific evidence that female sexuality is fluid—at least not in any novel way.” This is […]
1:00 AM | Quickies: Poop Pills, Brain Foods, and the Cool Girl
Categories: QuickiesCure for Type 1 diabetes imminent after Harvard stem-cell breakthrough – “A cure for diabetes could be imminent after scientists discovered how to make huge quantities of insulin-producing cells, in ...(Read more...)

October 12, 2014

9:39 PM | Ivy Deliz: I am Borinqueña and Computer Programmer
Greetings! I had an interesting conversation with Ivy Deliz, a Borinqueña and Computer Programmer who works for NASA building computational platforms used by planners of space missions.   Marvi: When and how did you decide to work in computer science? Ivy: When I finished high school I did not know what to study in college, but I registered in the Program of Natural Sciences at the University of Puerto Rico. […]
6:42 PM | Spreading the Word, Drop by Drop
There are times when I feel as if I’m talked out about gender. I know what the issues are, I’ve written and spoken about them often enough; I’ve dug up and read through some of the relevant papers (though that … Continue reading →
5:30 PM | Skepchick Sundaylies: Resting Bitch Face, Cepheid Stars, The Romance Myth, and Raising Feminist Toddlers
Categories: Meta StuffTags: 50 Shades of GreyAll About That BassartasexualityBaby Gizmoconference behaviorDBT skillsEscepticafeminismgrounded parentsHenrietta Swan Leavitthigher educationhobbiesLGBT representationMad Art LabMartha ChasemusicParentingpseudoscienceQueerekaresting bitch faceschool of doubtstudent financesteachers contractsteachers unionsteachingTeen SkepchickSunday Funny: The Sake of Argument (via xkcd) Teen Skepchick How Best to Be Pleasingly Decorative to Complete Strangers: […]

October 11, 2014

3:00 PM | Global Quickies: Blasphemy, Deadly Rituals, and Calling Out Sexism
Categories: Activism Feminism Quickies Religion SkepticismUK A couple is sentenced for making fake bomb detectors in their garden shed. They sold them for thousands of dollars. These and other “detectors” are still being used in ...(Read more...)
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