September 20, 2014

3:00 PM | Global Quickies: ‘Happy’ Dancers Sentenced to Jail, A Boy Gets Justice, and Cyclists Defend ‘Naked’ Uniform
Categories: Feminism Quickies Religion SkepticismIRAN The young men and women who were arrested in May for posting a video of themselves dancing to Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy” have been sentenced to six months in prison ...(Read more...)
4:01 AM | Text With Care: Unsolicited 3rd Party Discovery
  Read more about discovering infidelity here. from
3:40 AM | Music Break! Are Video Games Sexist? Auto-Tune Rebuttal
Categories: Feminism SkepticismTags: Christina Hoff SommersJonathan MannmusicJonathan Mann did an absolutely inspired and glorious rebuttal of Dr Christina Hoff Sommers recent youtube video. And he did it to music. If you do not know Christina Hoff ...(Read more...)

September 19, 2014

11:08 PM | Guest Post: Insight into the Lives of the Intersexed
Categories: Feminism Guest BloggersTags: Complete Androgen Insensitivity Syndromeintersexintersex identityEditor’s Note: You may remember Amy’s last guest post about the Invisible Intersexed Community. Next, she tackles what it feels like to be diagnosed as intersexed (with a female identity).  ...(Read more...)
5:00 PM | “First World Problems” versus Checking Your Blind Spots
Categories: SkepticismTags: first world problemshypocrisylogical fallaciesperspectiveprioritiessocial justiceI’ve written a few posts in recent months for which I received the common logical fallacy response that we at the Skepchick Network not-so-fondly refer to as “Dear Muslima.” It ...(Read more...)
12:30 PM | Quickies: Planetary protection officer, giant squid dissection, and Wonder Woman
Categories: QuickiesMeet NASA’s one and only planetary protection officer – “Her job is to ensure that NASA and other U.S. organizations that journey into space adhere to the regulations put in ...(Read more...)
4:01 AM | Who Falls in Love the Easiest?
Millions of people take to the bars, coffee shops and internet sites of the world looking for love. Finding that love connection isn’t always easy because your new found guy may end up having too many Star Trek figurines or your new found gal may have one too many cats. While there are seemingly a million things that can go wrong, people do fall in love. But is it possible that some people fall easier than others?

September 18, 2014

6:56 PM | SkeptiCon is Coming and a call to ARTISTS!
Categories: Activism Events Religion ScienceTags: artskepticonIt’s that time of year when the Midwest’s largest and only FREE skeptic and atheist conference takes place. That’s right, SkeptiCon is just around the corner and THIS year it’s ...(Read more...)
12:30 PM | Quickies: Sugar substitutes affect gut biome, gaming award show bomb threat, and how hip-hop can help humanism
Categories: QuickiesSugar substitutes linked to obesity – “This is the first work to suggest that sweeteners might be exacerbating metabolic disease, and that this might happen through the gut microbiome, the ...(Read more...)
6:00 AM | Sam Harris Doesn’t Understand Bell Curves
Categories: FeminismTags: bad chart thursdaybell curvesestrogen vibesam harrissexismstatisticsIt’s Thursday and that means it’s time for another round of Bad Chart Thursday. This week, rather than make fun of a bad chart, I was inspired to write a ...(Read more...)

September 17, 2014

3:36 PM | The Science of Identifying Jack the Ripper!
Categories: ScienceMaybe you heard that researchers claimed (in a Daily Mail exclusive) to have discovered the true identity of Jack the Ripper? Well, I decided to ask Skepchick forensic scientists Amanda ...(Read more...)
1:00 PM | Quickies: GamerGate, Heating Pads, and Stink Labs
Categories: Quickies5 Things I Learned as the Internet’s Most Hated Person – “I made the mistake of dating a guy who would later go on to write a several-act manifesto about ...(Read more...)
4:01 AM | For Better or for Worse: Attachment and Relationships Over the Long Haul
Quick—think of someone you know who’s in a relationship (or has been in the past). This person can be a friend, a family member, your own past or current relationship partner, or even yourself. Which one of these statements best describes something that the person you thought of might say? A) I feel comfortable depending on romantic partners. B) My desire to be very close sometimes scares people away. C) I don't feel comfortable opening up to romantic partners. These […]

September 16, 2014

4:50 PM | Dear Innocent People Murdered in Witch Hunts
Categories: FeminismThousands of women, accused of sorcery, tortured and executed in Indian witch hunts July 27, 2014 The killers came for her on Saturday. Two of her sons tried to ...(Read more...)
12:30 PM | Quickies: American hell, a complex majority, and sex slavery in the US
Categories: QuickiesDamnation, American style: How American preachers reinvented hell – “Fire and brimstone survived the Enlightenment and prospered at the dawn of the American republic — but why?” From Criticaldragon1177. A ...(Read more...)

September 15, 2014

7:15 PM | Quiz-o-Tron Comes to San Francisco for the Bay Area Science Festival!
Categories: ScienceI’m so incredibly excited to announce that Quiz-o-Tron, the World’s Greatest Science/Comedy Panel Quiz Show Hosted by Rebecca Watson, is taking over the beautiful Castro Theatre in San Francisco on ...(Read more...)
3:40 PM | Who Isn’t an Impostor?
Last week I attended the last day of the British Science Association‘s Festival in Birmingham. There was a real buzz about the place and it had clearly been an extremely successful few days. I enjoyed hearing Ineke de Moortel – … Continue reading →
1:00 PM | Quickies: Asteroid Rights, Koch Money, and Misogyny in the Atheist Movement
Categories: QuickiesWill Misogyny Bring Down The Atheist Movement? – “The continuing debate over a murky sexual encounter at a 2008 convention for cheekily anti-establishment skeptics underscores a broader dilemma: How can ...(Read more...)
4:01 AM | Infographic: The 10 Most Interesting Dating Studies of 2014
We’re always looking for fun new ways to share relationship science with our readers. So when the folks at contacted us and asked if we’d be interested in helping them create an infographic that highlights some of the great relationship science about dating that’s come out recently, we were more than happy to oblige. Admittedly, identifying the best empirical studies on relationships is a monumental feat. Simply put, relationship scientists all across the […]

September 14, 2014

7:55 PM | DPS WIPS Lunch 2014! – Register by October 15th
Join us… for an informal meeting and discussion hour over lunch on Tuesday, November 11th from 12:00-1:30.  This year’s topics will revolve around the ideas of powerful communication and how to be an ally to minority community members.  We will have presentation material interspersed with plenty of discussion time.  Please feel free to bring any […]
5:30 PM | Skepchick Sundaylies: Hobbies v. Crafts, Vaccines, Scottish Independence, and the End of the Forced Apology
Categories: Meta StuffTags: coming out storiescraftsDBTElizabeth FriedmanEscepticaforced apologiesgrounded parentshobbiesLucyMad Art LabmathNOVAphysicsplacebo effectpseudoscienceQueerekaReviewsschool of doubtScienceScottish independenceslut-shamingteachingTeen SkepchickvaccinesSunday Funny: SMF (via SMBC) Teen Skepchick DBT Skills: The Calm Yo Tits Edition Olivia provides the keys for interpersonal effectiveness. The Physics Philes, lesson 114: We Got da Beats ...(Read more...)
2:00 PM | Cross-Post: Ask the right question: #whydoesheabuse?
Categories: Featured FeminismTags: #whydoesheabuse#whyileft#whyistayedabusebreak the silencecultureDomestic violencefeminismgender issuesJanay Ricerape cultureRay RiceshameEditor’s Note: This cross-post is written by Steph of Grounded Parents. To read the full post and to leave comments, click through the link at the end.  ****** As the ...(Read more...)

September 13, 2014

6:27 PM | A.W.R.O. Art Opening and Live Feed tonight!
Categories: Activism FeminismTags: A woman's room onlineartlive feedTonight, Saturday the 13th at 7pm the activist art installation entitled A Woman’s Room Online will open its (one) door to the public at CFI-LA! The art installation is an ...(Read more...)
3:00 PM | Global Quickies: Malala, Anti-gay Laws, and Terrible Hashtags
Categories: SkepticismPAKISTAN Ten militants have been taken into custody in connection with the 2012 shooting of Malala Yousafzai. The military said the attackers had been under orders of the leader of ...(Read more...)

September 12, 2014

4:00 PM | Five More Things Richard Dawkins Thinks You Should Be Held Criminally Responsible For When Drunk
Categories: Feminism SkepticismTags: Richard Dawkinsvictim-blamingLast night, Mark Oppenheimer posted an article on Buzzfeed about misogyny in the atheist/skeptic movements, and specifically about how men like Michael Shermer have ruined the movement for women. The ...(Read more...)
12:32 PM | Quickies: Solidarity with Columbia rape survivor, vaccination in LA, and a father’s opinion
Categories: QuickiesStudents show solidarity by helping Columbia rape survivor carry her mattress – Emma Sulkowicz is carrying her dorm mattress around everywhere for as long as her rapist continues to be ...(Read more...)
4:01 AM | Easy Love: Is it Easier for Some People to Love than it is for Others?
The other day, I asked my kids (7 and 8 years old) to sign a birthday card for a relative that they had only met a few times. I expected that their misspelled words and child-like handwriting would be appealing to the card’s recipient. What I didn’t expect was for their messages to be full of love: “I love you,” “xoxox,” and hearts dotting each letter "i". Where were these demonstrative notes for a relatively unknown person coming from?  Should I […]

September 11, 2014

12:30 PM | Quickies: Women penalized for achievements, lying about slavery, and why we’re winning the culture war
Categories: QuickiesIn some jobs, past achievements may work against female workers – “London Business School researchers find that the more competent and accomplished women are, the worse their performance evaluations — ...(Read more...)

September 10, 2014

2:00 PM | So You Want to Understand Bayes’ Theorem and/or Look at Photos of Cats
Categories: SkepticismTags: bayes theoremcatsmathematicsprobabilitystatisticsBack in 2010, researcher Daniel Daryl Bem at Cornell University supposedly proved that psychic precognition exists. He did a variety of tests on college students in which he reversed some common psychological ...(Read more...)
1:00 PM | Quickies: Ray Rice, Science Funding, and Ghosts
Categories: QuickiesWhat the Ray Rice Video Really Shows - The New Yorker sums up the hypocrisy of the reaction about the video where Ray Rice abuses his fiance. (Content warning: domestic violence.) U.S. ...(Read more...)
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