October 01, 2014

1:59 PM | Crosspost from microBEnet: Some interesting new papers on functional analysius of metagenomics
Crossposting from microBEnet:Some new papers that may be of interest to people:FOAM (Functional Ontology Assignments for Metagenomes): a Hidden Markov Model (HMM) database with environmental focus. Statistical Methods for Functional Metagenomic Analysis Based on Next-Generation Sequencing Data PhD thesis from Pookhao, Naruekamol Profile Hidden Markov Models for the Detection of Viruses within Metagenomic Sequence DataParallel-META 2.0: Enhanced Metagenomic Data Analysis with […]
1:56 PM | Crosspost from microBEnet: Collection of papers on "The Science of Science Communication"
Crossposting this from microBEnet  Just got pointed to this by Sharon Strauss, the chair of the Evolution and Ecology department here at UC Davis: The Science of Science Communication II Sackler Colloquium.  This is a collection of papers from a colloquium held in Septment 2013.  Slides and videos of the talks are available online. The papers and links (copied from the PNAS site) are listed below.  There are many papers here of relevance to work done at […]
12:59 PM | One Thing Is Just Like The Other – Sort Of
Biology concepts – undulipodia, convergent evolution, parallel evolution, homologous structures, re-emergent evolution, atavism, flagella, eukaryote, prokaryoteThis represents the evolution of cell phones over the last couple of decades. The latest models aren’t there since things are changing so fast. Evolution in biology doesn’t always work this way, one thing leading directly to another, sometimes you have to go back to a rotary phone go forward to an iPhone, and sometimes […]

Lahti, D. C., N. A. Johnson, et al. (2009). Relaxed selection in the wild. , Trends in Ecology and Evolution, , 24 (9) 487-496. Other:

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Wiens JJ (2011). Re-evolution of lost mandibular teeth in frogs after more than 200 million years, and re-evaluating Dollo's law., Evolution; international journal of organic evolution, 65 (5) 1283-96. PMID:

6:09 AM | A Poor Description of the Monty Hall Problem
My latest book project has been coediting the proceedings of the 2013 MOVES Conference held in New York City, which has turned out to be a lot harder than I anticipated. For the last few weeks it’s been all-consuming, and spending so many hours in front of the computer staring at other people’s writing has…
3:22 AM | Why are men such dicks? (2014)
‘This macho advantage of speed, strength and fierceness can be exaggerated by females’ tastes. As half of a female’s fate is tied up in her sons, she may have evolved to prefer males who are stronger, faster and who have a greater appetite for risk, since they will be more likely to father sons with […]

September 30, 2014

9:19 PM | Nothing quite like the feeling of completing your presentation: Day 2 of the International Palaeontological Congress
MENDOZA, ARGENTINA–I promise, the images will be much more interesting in the next post! Today we concentrated on talks. I finally was able to deliver mine in the same session as Leif Tapanila above. It was a crowded little room, but the presentations kept us well entertained and informed. I learned a lesson: without any […]
8:44 PM | Almost, almost a great idea!
Here's a link to a fun article about a brewery in Bruges building a pipeline to the bottling plant to keep hundreds of beer tanker trucks off the roads. Now this is a pretty good time, energy saving idea, but it could have been a great idea.  Why not just cut out the middle step, the bottling, and pipe the fresh beer right into your abode?  Yes, yes, right there with the running water, hot and cold, and fresh draft beer. Just a bit more creativity was all that was […]
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