November 19, 2014

2:15 PM | Growing the evolutionary relationship between green algae and salamanders
The presence of  green algae within the developing egg masses of amphibians has been recognized since the early 1900s, but only recently have researchers discovered that the these algae (termed “Oophila”) persist in animal tissues far after leaving the egg. The … Continue reading →
1:00 PM | A Meal More Powerful Than The NFL
Biology concepts – genetic code, neurotransmittersA turkey dinner with all the fixins can lead to a satisfying nap. But the meal usually takes a little longer than this to have an effect. This fellow might be more affected by last night’s activities than today’s meal.Turkeydinner at Thanksgiving brings the family together, celebrates the bountiful harvest, and puts you to sleep just as the NFL games are ready to start. Many people think that if you eat less turkey and fill up […]

Musil, R., Zill, P., Seemüller, F., Bondy, B., Meyer, S., Spellmann, I., Bender, W., Adli, M., Heuser, I., Fisher, R. & Gaebel, W. (2012). Genetics of emergent suicidality during antidepressive treatment—Data from a naturalistic study on a large sample of inpatients with a major depressive episode, European Neuropsychopharmacology, DOI: 10.1016/j.euroneuro.2012.08.009

Russo, E., Scicchitano, F., Citraro, R., Aiello, R., Camastra, C., Mainardi, P., Chimirri, S., Perucca, E., Donato, G. & De Sarro, G. & (2012). Protective activity of α-lactoalbumin (ALAC), a whey protein rich in tryptophan, in rodent models of epileptogenesis, Neuroscience, 226 282-288. DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2012.09.021

12:56 PM | 3-year PostDoc Position on Connecting Forest Models, Data and Diversity Effects in Freiburg
We still seek applicants for a 3-yr PostDoc project that combines process-based forest models, Bayesian parameter estimation and ecologically the question of what processes cause diversity effects in temperate forests. A pdf with details of the call can be downloaded here. The position is available immediately. A first consideration of incoming applications will take place…
9:40 AM | Cyberbullying, internet trolls and their psychopathic profile
The violence among teenagers is extremely widespread in almost every culture, including those from high-developed countries. And, along with the digitization of human communication with the help of the internet and social networks, the adolescent aggressiveness has acquired a new dimension. The bullying and the violence have been transferred into the virtual space and today […] The post Cyberbullying, internet trolls and their psychopathic profile appeared first on Social Ethology.
8:00 AM | Genetics and education policy
Philip Ball has an article in the December issue of Prospect (ungated on his blog) arguing that consideration of the genetic basis to social problems is a distraction from socioeconomic causes. The strawman punchline for the Prospect article is “It’s delusional to believe that everything can be explained by genetics”. The article has drawn a […]
7:57 AM | To Baltimore!
On Thursday I’ll be heading up to Baltimore to give a talk at Johns Hopkins University. I’ll be discussing an old favorite: The Monty Hall Problem! Actually, it’s been about two years since I’ve given a talk on that particular subject, so it will be nice to have an excuse to revisit it. From there…
4:34 AM | ASHG Meeting Report: A guide to the Exome Aggregation Consortium data
With genomic data from hundreds of thousands of people accumulating, geneticists are now able to mine these data for very rare, but very informative genetic variants, including loss-of-function alleles. For example, across the enormous “reference set” of human exomes announced at the 2015 American Society for Human Genetics Meeting, on … Read MoreThe post ASHG Meeting Report: A guide to the Exome Aggregation Consortium data […]
4:03 AM | Michigan Court Abandons Students to Poor Education
I am continually amazed by how low US politics and courts can go. The fact that US Supreme Court decisions can be predicted with great accuracy based on the political party of the justices is simply disgusting. But the Court of Appeals in the State of Michigan has taken this to a whole new low. […]
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