September 23, 2014

12:55 AM | Dating Houses and Reconstructing Climate
The Wooster Geology Climate Change class spent a beautiful fall day in Stony Creek, Ohio coring beams in three structures of historical significance. They will determine the cut dates (calendar dates when the timber for the houses were felled) for the homeowners and then examine the tree-ring data that results to help reconstruct drought for […]
12:05 AM | The green wine bottle challenge
Somehow over the past several decades the Phactors have accumulated 300 or so green wine bottles of the standard type with shoulders. All of them have been cleaned of labels and there are a variety of green hues from dark green to pale green. Now having expended this much energy just recycling these bottles into more glass seems a waste. What the Phactors want is a thing of beauty and a joy forever, something fanciful and perhaps aesthetically pleasing, perhaps whimsical, perhaps […]

September 22, 2014

5:38 PM | Those who do not learn from history.....
Here the USA goes again. You think this country would learn, but noooo-oooh.  Once again Tom Tomorrow nails it.  What can possibly go wrong? 
4:25 PM | 3 Quarks Daily Science Prizes have been announced!
The 3 Quarks Daily Science Prizes have been announced. Top Quark went to the ever-amazing Eric Michael Johnson for his deeply-researched and thought-engaging post on how Promiscuity Is Pragmatic. The second place slot, The Strange Quark, went to… ME! I’m honored to be chosen for this award, judged by none other than the esteemed Frans B. […]The post 3 Quarks Daily Science Prizes have been announced! appeared first on Science Sushi.
11:55 AM | Beyond species: why ecological interaction networks vary through space and time
Poisot, Stouffer, & Gravel. bioRxiv DOI: Beyond species: why ecological interaction networks vary through space and time Welcome back to PEGE! We’ve taken a break over the summer, but we are hopefully back fully revived for the new season. We decided to pre-pick a bunch of papers so that we are not scrabbling for […]
9:00 AM | The evolution of human facial diversity
We all rely on our ability to recognize other people’s faces to get along in the world. Most people don’t think too hard about this, it’s so fundamental to our existence. But it turns out that in order to stand out in the crowd, you need to be, well different. A recent study shows that […]
6:46 AM | From chimps to chickens: how a little DNA can make a lot of difference
I've written before about how epigenetic differences enable very similar genome...
1:42 AM | Creature Feature VIII: Jirds
To take your mind away from all the acerbic debate on my blog recently, here’s my recent piece for the Creature Feature column, about the wonderful Indian Desert Jird. Compared to most people, I’m something of a mammal-skeptic, but it didn’t … Continue reading →
1:30 AM | Episode 68: Book Review of ‘The Man from Mars’
“This series presents information based in part on theory and conjecture. The producer’s purpose is to suggest some possible explanations, but not necessarily the only ones, to the mysteries we will examine.” –official disclaimer, In Search Of That show gave me nightmares.

September 20, 2014

8:17 PM | Notes from 2007 for a blog post I should have written: How many microbial cells in humans?
Well sometimes you just screw up.  In 2007 I attended some planning meetings for the human microbiome project (see for example A human microbiome program? a post I wrote from one of the meetings in 2007).  And at those meetings I kept asking one question.  Where did this "fact" everyone kept citing that there were "10 times as many microbial cells in the human body as there were human cells" come from?  I could not find a citation.  So I started taking some […]
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