February 04, 2015

2:40 PM | Wordless Wednesday: Heavy Weight
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1:00 PM | An Immovable Moving Part- That’s Just Cilia!
Biological concepts – primary cilia, sterocilia, kinocilium, Usher syndrome, actin, microtubule, signal transduction, sensory receptor, mechanoreceptorThe USS Oriskany (above) was scuttled in 2006 to create an artificial reef off of Pensacola Florida. In 2012, the US government effectively ended its policy of creating artificial reefs this way because of concern for leaking toxins from the ships to the marine life. But is was a good way to find a new job for something broken.Naval vessels […]
8:00 AM | Durant’s The Paleo Manifesto
As someone whose diet broadly (in an 80:20 way) reflects paleo principles, I consume the occasional book on the subject. The latest is John Durant’s The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health, which (thankfully) didn’t just repeat the same information you’ll hear over and over again if you dip your toes into the paleo literature. I won’t offer a […]
12:34 AM | Save the sashimi: rising mercury levels in Hawaiian ahi indicate a global problem
Tuna are some of the most popular fishes on Earth. Globally, more than 4.3 million tonnes of tuna are caught every year, valued at more than $5.5 billion dollars. Yellowfin tuna, the species most commonly labeled as ahi in sushi restaurants nationwide, is the preferred tuna in developed nations like the US and the UK, but the world's favorite sashimi may soon be stricken from the menu, as scientists have found that mercury levels in tuna are rising at a rate of 3.8% or […]
12:03 AM | The Herbal Supplements that Weren’t
I’ve never been a fan of herbal supplements (or a […]

February 03, 2015

8:53 PM | Assessing assessment in higher education
In an article entitled “The walking dead in higher Ed” (whatever that means; it never says) Geoff Irvine tees off on what passes for assessment in higher education, and at the institutional level, it is indeed woeful. So what the ever-loving hell does this guy mean when he says “they [colleges and universities] can’t prove that students are learning”? That is what this faculty member has done for the past 35 years! TPP constantly assesses student […]
2:21 PM | Did Marine Mammals Merge Molecularly? Maybe.
Morphological convergence is one of the most striking patterns in evolution. Just among mammals there are spectacular and bizarre examples of distantly related species that share surprisingly similar adaptations. I bet you’ve heard of saber-toothed cats. But what about marsupial saber-toothed cats? Raccoons are surely familiar, but have you heard of raccoon dogs? Or the earless, eyeless oddity that […]
1:22 PM | Some thoughts on ‘three parent babies’
The UK government votes today on whether to pass legislation allowing mitochondrial replacement – a remarkable new technique (actually 2 techniques) that may combat mitochondrial disease. Both processes involve inserting the affected mother’s nucleus into a new egg, containing healthy mitochondria. The popular … Continue reading →
12:54 PM | Life, death, and DNA methylation
You have a molecular clock ticking inside of you and, if you read it properly, it can predict how much longer you will live. Want to know how to read it? Well, grab your DNA methylation profiler of choice, measure … Continue reading →
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