July 23, 2014

9:01 PM | Tracks Hint at the Social Life of Tyrant Dinosaurs
What’s scarier than a tyrannosaur? Three tyrannosaurs. That’s simple, undeniable math. The question is whether or not the …
3:22 PM | Fundamentalists try to set those godless Unitarian-Universalist heathens straight
In a total and absolute reversal of the golden rule, a group of fundamentalist Christians (they come in other flavors) invaded a UU church, well known to be a “Synagogue of Satan", during a service to "witness" to that congregation of godless heathens that they were all bound for Christian hell (hell comes in other flavors too).  This is sort of sadly amusing.  Amusing because TPP can readily imagine the confusion and bewilderment such an intrusion would make upon a UU […]
2:49 PM | That's one strange Thai temple
TPP has been to Thailand several times, and in the process traveled the country from top to bottom and side to side. Somehow TPP missed (?) this temple, Wat Rong Khun, a contemporary religious study in white with some pretty strange features. It's one of those things that you simply have to say is "interesting".  Another "interesting" modern place is the aptly named Ancient City (now called Ancient Siam) outside of Bangkok, which is a huge (couple of hundred acres) outdoor museum […]
2:44 PM | Computer Viruses… as art
Computer Virus Catalog, provides us with an illustrated history of the worst computer viruses in history. It also has an artistic interpretation of each virus, which look really cool! Below are some of my favorites!  
12:00 PM | Let's Get Loud
Biology concepts – vocalizations, mechanical sounds, sonar, decibels, stridulation Today it seems that truth is more complex than ever. van Goethe was a German statesman and a very successful writer. He wrote novels, scientific treatises, lyric poems, as well as dramas. Born in 1749, one might say that his quote was true for his day; it was a simpler time. But think how simple our time will seem to those who live a hundred years from now – unless we’ve found our way back to […]

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July 22, 2014

6:38 PM | Great mid-summer flowering - bottle-brush buckeye
A native to south-eastern North America, the bottle-brush buckeye (Aesculus parviflora) is hard to beat for summer flowering.  The Phactors have several growing as part of a semi-shady border, and they are a great plant.  The specimen shown is from our university campus where several shrubs (possibly a clone) hides a dirt bank.  Even in closeup the flowering is quite lovely and attracts a big diversity of insects, including, unfortunately Japanese beetles, who last year really […]
6:21 PM | Bad news
Sometimes you don't know whether to laugh or cry after reading or watching the news. There's the middle eastern living laboratory for demonstrating that tit-for-tat (or is it tit-for-TAT?) is always a loosing strategy.  You'd think they'd learn, but for some reason, probably a historical deafness, leaders of nations don't.  Our country doesn't seem to have learned anything about our "big stick" foreign policy since the Vietnam war because people keep listening to old, dead-wrong, […]
3:48 PM | Feeling the stress of an academic career? Think happy thoughts!
A recent study published in the journal Stress & Health surveyed the mental health and coping strategies of 200 postdocs at UT Austin and found that individuals who thought positively were better able to cope with the stress of an academic position. “Thinking positively can do more than bring a transient smile to your face. […]
3:00 PM | Functional Anatomy of Tatooine Megafauna (Hyperspace Transmission Received)
SupraHoloNet Transmission Year 277 ABY, Fourth Imperial Age Hoth System (location classified) From: Dr. Zhonav Diphyryzas, Imperial Corps for Yesterday’s Misplaced Information; Knowledge Harvesters Unit; New Imperial Science Department To: Dr. John of the Freezers, Unaligned World Contact #1314, Terran system Subject: Functional Anatomy of Tatooine Megafauna   Dear Terran Science-Invigilator Dr. Freezers, I write […]
6:02 AM | Israel
There’s plenty of science and religion stuff out there, but I think talking about anything else right now would be to ignore the elephant in the room. There’s a basic moral principle that I subscribe to that goes like this: When your neighbor is relentlessly firing rockets at you in an attempt to kill as…

July 21, 2014

7:30 PM | Museum of Western Colorado Unearths a Jurassic Record-Breaker
Apatosaurus was an enormous dinosaur. That’s something easily said, but can’t be understood without spending time in the …
7:21 PM | Weeds, weeds, weeds!
The Phactors don't want to talk about weeds; it's been a very bad year.  Black nightshade, poke weed, wild lettuce, lambs quarter, and Oxalis (Not sure about the species, probably O. stricta; too busy pulling it to ID it.) have been plentiful, robust, and aggressive, some growing to impressive sizes. In an effort to prevent them from producing more seeds, weeding has been a primary garden activity this year.  But even after weeding one area, you return to an earlier area, and […]
6:43 PM | Turning down an endowed lectureship because their gender ratio is too skewed towards males #WomenInSTEM
Just got this invitation.  I have edited it to remove some of the identifying factors since I think the specific details do not matter.Dear Dr. Eisen: I am writing to invite you to present a lecture in the endowed XXXX Lecture Series at XXXX Univsersity.  The XXXX Lecture is a platform to allow leaders in the areas of XXXX to communicate research advances to a general audience.  Recent speakers include XXXX and XXXX and XXXX.  For your talk, we were hoping you could […]
3:41 PM | Footage of the 8th International Congress in Genetics! (Stockholm, 1948)
While searching for information regarding Åke Gustafsson, a plant breeder who practiced mutagenesis (and cited by Stebbins as providing experimental data for mutation studies), I stumbled upon an amazing video: footage from the 8th International Congress in Genetics held in Stockholm in 1948! Bengt Bengtsson and Anna Tunlid of Lund University digitized and annotated the video (the […]
1:00 PM | SURVEY: How bad was that Science cover and do you care?
The July 11 cover of Sciencegot a lot of press coverage last week. You can read about the variety of responses here, here, here, here or here (to name a few). But if you haven’t heard, Science chose to feature transgender sex workers from Jakarta on the cover of their “Staying a step ahead of […]
8:51 AM | Friends Are Genetically Similar
You and your friends are surprisingly genetically similar, according to a study ...
4:31 AM | Iron Flows and Camera Blows
Guest Bloggers:  Sarah McGrath (’17) and Chloe Wallace (’17), both members of Team Utah 2014   EPHRAIM, UTAH — No longer rookie bloggers Chloe and Sarah here, coming at you from the sweet comfort of our couch in Utah. Before collecting pounds of oncolites and encountering countless kill sites, we were just two inexperienced field […]
4:27 AM | Oncolites and Kill Sites
Guest Bloggers:  Sarah McGrath (’17) and Chloe Wallace (’17), both members of Team Utah 2014   EPHRAIM, UTAH –  Rookie bloggers, Sarah and Chloe, coming at you from beautiful Ephraim, Utah! We’ll admit early on that are blogging skills are not the most proficient, but we’re giving it a shot (mostly because we are being […]

July 20, 2014

10:09 PM | Sunday Chess Problem
My renewed interest in chess has not just extended to tournament play. I am composing chess problems again as well. Here’s one I came up with recently, and which will eventually be published in The Problemist magazine. In the position below, white is looking for selfmate in thirteen moves: Recall that white is always moving…
10:04 PM | How to kill an iZombie
Sometime back TPP commented on iPhone zombies, but a similar affliction can also occur due to ear buds and whatever they are delivering from an iPod, so the result is an iZombie. Like all zombies, you have to know the right way to kill them, but based on recent events that may not be too difficult. You turn an ordinary person, often a student around here, into an iZombie by giving them a smart phone and a set of ear buds either attached to the iphone or an ipod, either or both […]
7:40 PM | Robert Kennedy's Anti-Vaccine Craziness
Robert Kennedy is obsessed with the notion that vaccines cause autism. He’s particularly obsessed with the discredited idea that thimerosal, a preservative used in some vaccines, causes autism. Now Kennedy is about to publish a new book on this topic, and he’s promoting it both in the press and, as described in today’s Washington Post, in the halls of Congress. He’s recently had personal meetings with U.S. Senators Barbara Mikulski and Bernie Sanders to try to convince […]
5:29 PM | Cooperative sperm, killer sperm and the competition for reproductive success
In the closing paragraph of on the origin of species Darwin famously said that nature was a war in which individuals struggle against each other and the environment for survival. […]

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5:10 PM | Creature Feature VI: Bee-eaters
Here is my next piece in the Creature Feature series, on the social lives of bee-eaters. The only thing I have to add is this delightful video of a Rainbow Bee-Eater digging its tunnel nest to the accompaniment of cheerful … Continue reading →
2:35 PM | Excitatory GABA
gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, otherwise more commonly known by its acronym, “GABA,” is a primary neurotransmitter of the central nervous system. While most of us may be more familiar with the concept […]

July 19, 2014

1:41 AM | Church Youth Groups and Apologetics
Over on Facebook, Nancy Pearcey responded to a post about young people and deconversion from churches with a modest proposal: let them read apologetics. Age at which people leave the church — Tell me again why youth groups focus on games and goodies instead of majoring on apologetics? One study found that the age at […]

July 18, 2014

10:45 PM | Barbarians and their enablers
You give a kid a BB gun, and sooner or later he'll shoot it at some windows. It's a given of human nature. You give rebels, terrorists, or even some other type of militia under limited central control some big boom-booms, and sooner or later they'll shoot at something they shouldn't have.  And of course giving an implement of destruction to anybody who is more likely to shoot than to think makes you partly responsible for the outcome. This means you really have to think […]
10:19 PM | Baby Mammoths Yield Hi-Res Details for Paleontologists
There’s only one fossil that ever made me cry. Lyuba, a one month old woolly mammoth, made me …
4:47 PM | Talk to the Animals: BBC series on Animal Communication
The BBC have got a new series on animal communication, so far they’ve covered mongooses, hippopotamuses, vervet monkeys, chimpanzees, dolphins and other animals but I haven’t actually watched it yet. Someone’s uploaded the first episode to youtube here: But of course you can watch it on iPlayer too if you’re in the UK.
4:42 PM | Fraud, Deception And Lies: How Discovery’s Shark Week Became The Greatest Show On Earth
In 1842, the infamous showman P.T. Barnum unveiled a truly bizarre creature. In his autobiography, Barnum described it as “an ugly, dried-up, black-looking, and diminutive specimen… its arms thrown up, giving it the appearance of having died in great agony.” The Feejee mermaid, as the mummified remains were called, possessed the torso of a monkey with […]The post Fraud, Deception And Lies: How Discovery’s Shark Week Became The Greatest Show On Earth appeared […]
3:00 PM | Scientists at work among the Joshua trees
When he’s not dismantling racist pseudoscience, Chris Smith studies the evolutionary ecology of species interactions. Willamette University sent along a videographer on Chris’s last field trip to study Joshua trees and the moths that pollinate them in central Nevada, and the result is now posted on Vimeo. It’s mainly geared toward showcasing how Willamette undergraduate […]
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