December 19, 2014

6:02 PM | Screening vs Diagnostic – Differentiating Difficulties Lead to Tragedies
I’ve been a relatively vocal critic of unregulated over-the-counter and direct-to-consumer screening kits for years, and moreso in the last few, as 23andMe flirted with the DTC genetic screening market. I felt (and still believe) that yanking the 23andMe kits … Continue reading →

December 15, 2014

6:59 PM | I’m so glad we’ve had this time together.
Today the editors of the Scientific American Blog Network are announcing a new vision for the network, one with increased editorial oversight and more editorial curation of the subjects covered by... -- Read more on

December 13, 2014

7:54 PM | Pennywise and pound-foolish: misidentified cells and competitive pressures in scientific knowledge-building.
The overarching project of science is building reliable knowledge about the world, but the way this knowledge-building happens in our world is in the context of competition. For example, scientists... -- Read more on

December 06, 2014

6:17 PM | Twenty-five years later.
Twenty-five years ago today, on December 6, 1989, in Montreal, fourteen women were murdered for being women in what their murderer perceived to be a space that rightly belonged to men: Geneviève... -- Read more on

December 01, 2014

8:07 PM | James Watson’s sense of entitlement, and misunderstandings of science that need to be countered.
James Watson, who shared a Nobel Prize in 1962 for discovering the double helix structure of DNA, is in the news, offering his Nobel Prize medal at auction. As reported by the Telegraph: Mr Watson,... -- Read more on

November 30, 2014

8:43 PM | Giving thanks.
This being the season, I’d like to take the opportunity to pause and give thanks. I’m thankful for parents who encouraged my curiosity and never labeled science as something it was... -- Read more on

November 26, 2014

4:16 PM | Kitchen science: evaluating methods of self-defense against onions.
Background I hate chopping onions. They make me cry within seconds, and those tears both hurt and obscure my view of onions, knife, and fingertips (which can lead to additional injuries). The... -- Read more on

November 24, 2014

4:55 PM | Privilege, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday – 2014 Edition
Last week, I ended up spending a day hiding in an unused office at work. I justified it to the one person who asked by saying I wanted to stay away from everyone’s cooties, because I had a couple of … Continue reading →

November 21, 2014

12:48 AM | Everyone Likes to Fundraise When it Involves Penguins, Right?
As many of you know, Dr. Jacquelyn Gill been the target of some serious online abuse this past week, all for just saying “hey, that shirt’s not cool to wear to a global, history-making science event.” And yet, in addition … Continue reading →
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