November 17, 2014

10:35 PM | A guide for science guys trying to understand the fuss about that shirt.
This is a companion to the last post, focused more specifically on the the question of how men in science who don’t really get what the fuss over Rosetta mission Project Scientist Matt... -- Read more on
10:14 PM | The Rosetta mission #shirtstorm was never just about that shirt.
Last week, the European Space Agency’s Spacecraft Rosetta put a washing machine-sized lander named Philae on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Landing anything on a comet is a pretty amazing... -- Read more on

November 13, 2014

2:43 AM | Aid Organizations Working in Ebola Regions (v2.0)
This is an update of an earlier post. We’re heading in to mid-November, and while the very disturbing logistics/supply chain chart showing that some personal protective equipment stock in countries battling Ebola are at “zero”–and had been for a while–have … Continue reading →

November 12, 2014

5:32 PM | OutbreakChat: A Livetweet of a Movie That Gives People Nightmares,…
…and probably not for the reason you think. Outbreak is one of those movies people seem to either love or hate (or possibly love to hate); almost everyone I know who has anything to do with public health, infectious diseases, … Continue reading →
1:45 AM | Know Your Variants: Kikwit vs Gueckedou
This is an update of an earlier post, Know Your Species: SUDV vs EBOV. When last we discussed the Democratic Republic of Congo outbreak of Ebola, it was presumed that it was actually an outbreak of the genus Ebolavirus, species … Continue reading →

November 03, 2014

2:00 PM | Incorporating false discovery rates into genetic association in autism
This guest post was contributed by Joseph Buxbaum, Mark Daly, Silvia De Rubeis, Bernie Devlin, Kathryn Roeder, and Kaitlin Samocha from the Autism Sequencing Consortium (see affiliations and details at the end of the post). Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a highly heritable condition characterized by deficits in social communication, and by the presence of repetitive behaviors […]

November 01, 2014

2:25 AM | Mentoring new scientists in the space between how things are and how things ought to be.
Scientists mentoring trainees often work very hard to help their trainees grasp what they need to know not only to build new knowledge, but also to succeed in the context of a career landscape where... -- Read more on

October 31, 2014

7:03 PM | Ebola, abundant caution, and sharing a world.
Today a judge in Maine ruled that quarantining nurse Kaci Hickox is not necessary to protect the public from Ebola. Hickox, who had been in Sierra Leone for a month helping to treat people infected... -- Read more on
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