June 30, 2014

3:10 AM | What about skills, tactics and practices of remote workers? Evidence and analyses
What about skills, tactics and practices of remote workers? Evidence and analyses  (Article)[Télétravail et « travail à distance équipé »: Quelles compétences, tactiques et pratiques professionnelles?]Fernandez, V., Guillot, C., Marrauld, L.Telecom ParisTech, FranceView references (38)AbstractWe aim to address the notion of "teleworking", about the most classical meaning (home working) and various realities that it […]
3:04 AM | Multiagent systems as a team member
International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and SocietyVolume 9, Issue 1, 2013, Pages 73-90Multiagent systems as a team member  (Article)Turner, J.R.  Applied Technology and Performance Improvement (ATPI) Program, University of North Texas, United StatesView references (38)AbstractWith the increasing complex business environment that organizations have to operate in today, teams are being utilized to complete complex tasks. Teams are capable of completing complex tasks that no […]
12:33 AM | Visibility and Citation Impact - E-LIS repository
Visibility and Citation Impact Ale Ebrahim, Nader and Salehi, Hadi and Embi, Mohamed Amin and Habibi Tanha, Farid Visibility and Citation Impact.International Education Studies, 2014, vol. 7, n. 4, pp. 120-125.[Journal article (Print/Paginated)] TextVisibility and Citation Impact-33984-120606-1-PB.pdf - Published versionAvailable under License Creative Commons Attribution.Download (225Kb) | Preview Official URL: […]

June 29, 2014

8:35 PM | The Facebook Emotion Study in a Broader Context
Another PNAS paper is inciting some controversy, specifically over whether the experimental manipulation involved was ethical. I think there are some legitimate concerns over the ethics of the study, but I think we have to put this study in context of both experimental manipulations that are happening on the web all the time and the specifics of how this study was conducted. Scientists: “Facebook had flawed IRB review process!” Everyone else: “Of course Facebook covertly […]
1:28 PM | C. A. R. L. Ver Genius’s printer’s quoin
No summary available for this post.
11:00 AM | Tasty Tech Eye Candy Of The Week (Jun 29)
This week, light and movement play a big role in our line up.

June 28, 2014

9:00 PM | Saturday Morning Videos: Data Science and Massive Data Analysis, ESIEE Paris
I attended this meeting two weeks ago and now the videos are out. Thank you Laurent and Guillaume for your work and invitation. All the videos are listed below.  Yann LeCun, Learning hierarchical structures   Nicolas Le Roux, Inside Criteo's Engine: Learning and predicting at scale  Lorenzo Rosasco, Early stopping regularization   Nicolas Usunier, Learning Structure-Preserving Vector Representations of Objects from Open-Domain Relational Data  Emilie […]
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