September 23, 2014

9:42 PM | Real Fiscal Conservatives Fight Climate Change
By Brian Palmer Deep down, a lot of climate change denial has always been about money. That’s why Upton Sinclair’s observation—“It's difficult to get a man to understand something if his salary depends upon his not understanding it”—has by some accounts become the signature quote of the climate debate. Somehow, science and morality seem beside the point for the doubters and do-nothings.Yet the Obama administration is now […]
3:18 PM | Picking parameters
One of the reasons I got interested in programming was to get smarter about broken workflows like this one from a generic seismic interpretation tool (I'm thinking of Poststack-PAL, but does that even exist any more?)... I want to make a coherence volume, which requires me to choose a window length. I use the default on a single line and see how it looks, then try some other values at random. I can't remember what I did so I get systematic: I try 8 ms, 16 ms, 32 ms, and […]
2:23 PM | NYC Cops Arrest Polar Bear!
By Susan Cosier Thousands of protesters flooded Downtown Manhattan yesterday in an effort to hold Wall Street—and the fossil-fuel-based corporations it supports—accountable for exacerbating climate change. The sit-in followed the largest climate march in history, which took place uptown on Sunday, and preceded the international climate talks commencing at United Nations Headquarters today. "Flood Wall Street" is probably the most controversial […]
6:51 AM | 9 billion or 11 billion? The research behind new population projections
IIASA demographers explain why they project the world population to peak this century and UN demographers believe stabilization is unlikely Continue reading →
4:00 AM | Interface Surprises May Motivate Novel Oxide Electronic Devices
Project by researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory leads to an experiment and theory that corroborate two distinct mechanisms in a ferroelectric material.
4:00 AM | Brookhaven Lab's National Synchrotron Light Source II Approved to Start Routine Operations
Milestone marks transition to exciting new chapter.

September 22, 2014

3:40 PM | The Jargonaut: 2,4-D? Come Again?
By Brian Palmer 2,4-D (n.): an herbicide popular in both agriculture and lawn care Farmers and weeds are in an arms race. Soon after a new herbicide emerges, weeds start evolving ways to defeat it. Eventually, the product becomes useless, forcing manufacturers to concoct an even more powerful pesticide. Roundup, the world’s most famous herbicide, hit the U.S. market in 1976. Paired with crops genetically engineered to tolerate it—such as […]
1:51 PM | Hey-Hey! Ho-Ho! Climate Change Has Got to Go!
By Susan Cosier The largest climate protest in history took place yesterday, with 400,000 folks filling four miles of New York City streets (around 600,000 people took part worldwide). Participants in the People’s Climate March, who included notables like U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Bill McKibben, Jane Goodall, Kevin Bacon (note: all marchers are now within one degree of him), and this guy. They marched, waved banners, chanted, and twerked, […]
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