September 29, 2014

4:00 AM | Simulations Reveal An Unusual Death for Ancient Stars
Findings made possible with NERSC resources and Berkeley Lab code.
2:56 AM | Killing Fields for Songbirds
By Rocky Kistner A small brown warbler dangles upside down in a grove of acacia trees, its feet and wings stuck to a sticky, lime-soaked branch. The bird had been flying from Europe to northern Africa, when it decided to make a pit stop on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Little did it know that thousands of traps and nets wait there for migrating songbirds.According to the new documentary Emptying the Skies, directed by Douglas Kass, hunters in rural […]

September 26, 2014

12:17 PM | The hackathon is coming
The Geophysics Hackathon is one month away! Signing up is not mandatory — you can show up on the day if you like — but it does help with the planning. It's 100% free, and I guarantee you'll enjoy yourself. You'll also learn tons about geophysics and about building software. Deets: Thrive, Denver, 8 am, 25–26 October. Bring a laptop. Need more? Here's all the info you could ask for. Even more? Ask by email or in the comments.  Send your project ideas The […]
11:35 AM | Cloudy with a Chance of ... Butterflies?
By Susan Cosier Meteorologists spotted a strange blip on the radar last week: a butterfly-shaped cloud hovering over southern Illinois and central Missouri. The reading was peculiar, since at the time there wasn’t an actual cloud in the sky over the region. The flying mass was big, and the meteorologists had a hunch it was something biological, but knew it wasn’t an enormous flock of birds, gaggle of geese, or colony of bats. Well, the mystery […]
4:00 AM | New Imaging Capability Reveals Possible Key to Extending Battery Lifetime and Capacity
A novel X-ray technique used at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Photon Source has revealed surprising dynamics in the nanomechanics of operating batteries and suggests a way to mitigate battery failures by minimizing the generation of elastic energy.
4:00 AM | More Haste, Less Waste
Scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory developed a more efficient way to crunch climate numbers.

September 25, 2014

6:09 PM | So You Want to Be a Rockefeller…
By Brian Palmer Financial reporting seldom affords an opportunity to use the word “irony,” but the business pages were filled with it this week. On Monday, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund committed to divesting from fossil fuels. That’s right—an organization founded by the world’s most famous oil family is renouncing black gold. Not since Baskin-Robbins heir John Robbins went vegan have a tycoon’s progeny so publicly turned […]
6:04 PM | Civil Disobedience
By Brian Palmer Earlier this month, climate change protesters Ken Ward and Jay O’Hara faced two years in prison for blocking a coal delivery to the Brayton Point power plant in Somerset, Massachusetts. In defense of their 2013 “Lobster Boat Blockade,” the pair intended to put climate change itself on trial, calling famous experts like climatologist James Hansen and environmental writer Bill McKibben to the stand.They never got the chance. […]
2:42 PM | There’s a Big Ocean Out There (and We’re About to Protect More of It)
By Susan Cosier The Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument is about to get a lot larger … nearly seven times larger (and FYI, it’s already pretty darn big). With a wave of his pen and help from the Antiquities Act, President Obama is expected to create the earth’s biggest fully-protected marine reserve today, expanding the existing monument in the central Pacific from 87,000 to 490,000 square miles—home to 130 underwater […]
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