October 30, 2014

4:53 PM | Two sides to every story?
We all have our biases. Ovation, a data management company, set up a sexy shoeshine stand again this year at the SEG Annual Meeting, a science & technology meeting for subsurface professionals. This cynical and spurious subordination of women by a technology company in our community should be addressed by the immediate adoption of a code of conduct by SEG.     Ovation wants to liven up a boring tradeshow. They hired a small business, owned and run by women, to provide their […]
4:00 AM | Self-Assembly of Layered Membranes
Scientists from Northwestern University working at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Photon Source (APS) used self-assembly under controlled conditions to create a membrane consisting of layers with distinctly different structures.
4:00 AM | ORNL Technology Transfer Continues Strong Upward Trend
New methods are improving connections between private businesses and technology from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, with 101 licenses and options executed during the last three years.
4:00 AM | Toyota to Use Brookhaven Lab's Center for Functional Nanomaterials to Advance Vehicle Battery Tech
Scientists will collaborate with Brookhaven experts and use world-leading electron microscopes to explore the real-time electrochemical reactions in promising new batteries.

October 29, 2014

1:35 PM | Stop the Presses
By The Editors This is the final installment of Today OnEarth, but don’t panic! Today OnEarth—which started as our publication’s daily news digest and has evolved in recent months to feature the most eye-opening story of the day—is giving way to something even better. In a matter of hours, we’ll be launching our new website and its daily newsfeed Earthwire, which takes what we’ve been doing with TOE to the next level. We […]
4:00 AM | Creating the Coldest Cubic Meter in the Universe
A forthcoming neutrino detector will require temperatures approaching absolute zero.
4:00 AM | New Lab Startup Afingen Uses Precision Method to Enhance Plants
Berkeley Lab breakthrough can lead to cheaper biofuels, improved crops, and new products from plants.

October 28, 2014

6:27 PM | Big imaging, little imaging, and telescopes
I caught three lovely talks at the special session yesterday afternoon, Recent Advances and the Road Ahead. Here are my notes... The neglected workhorse If you were to count up all the presentations at this convention on seismic migration, only 6% of them are on time migration. Even though it is the workhorse of seismic data processing, it is the most neglected topic in migration. It's old technology, it's a commodity. Who needs to do research on time migration anymore? Sergey does. Speaking as […]
12:14 PM | Jane Goodall and John Oliver Debate Putting Hats on Chimps
By Susan Cosier We all know biologist Jane Goodall spent years of her youth living with chimpanzees in the forests of Tanzania. But did she ever try to put a monocle and top hat on one of them? Comedian John Oliver—never one to shy away from the tough questions—got to the bottom of wild primate behavior in his interview with one of conservation’s favorite ladies. For over 50 years, Goodall’s chimpanzee research has helped us protect […]
4:00 AM | Fast Company: Cascade Supercomputer Joins Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory
Newest supercomputer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is expected to accelerate advances in biology, climate and chemistry.
4:00 AM | Silicon Shovels for Rare-Earth Solutions
Office of Science scientists use supercomputers to search for innovative answers to rare-earth supply needs.

October 27, 2014

5:35 PM | The most epic geophysics hackathon in the world, ever
Words can't express how awesome the 2014 Geophysics Hackthon was. The spirit embodied by the participants is shared by our generous sponsors... the deliberate practice of creativity and collaboration.  We convened at Thrive, a fantastic coworking space in the hip Lower Downtown district of Denver. Their friendly staff went well beyond their duty in accommodating our group. The abundance of eateries and bars makes it perfect for an event like this, especially when the organization is a […]
12:36 PM | Stop Doodling in Our National Parks!
By Susan Cosier Art has its place, but it’s not in our country’s national parks—unless, of course, we’re talking ancient glyphs, Bob-Ross-style landscapes, photography (whether by Ansel Adams or dear old dad), and other mediums of the “leave only footprints” variety. But that’s not the kind of artistic expression (ahem, vandalism) Casey Nocket allegedly unleashed this summer on our natural treasures. Armed with […]
4:00 AM | Tracking Heat-Driven Decay in Leading Electric Vehicle Batteries
Scientists at Brookhaven Lab reveal reveal the atomic-scale structural and electronic degradations that plague some rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and make them vulnerable during high-temperature operations.
4:00 AM | Boosting Biogasoline Production in Microbes
Joint BioEnergy Institute researchers combine systems biology with genetic engineering to improve production of isopentenol in E. coli.

October 24, 2014

3:06 PM | Texas Power Consumer Complaints On The Rise, Reports TCAP
A recent analysis by the consumer advocacy group Texas Coalition for Affordable Power (TCAP) shows that consumer complaints filed with the state’s Public Utility Commission (PUC) have risen again in 2014, after four years of decline. In 2002, Texas became … Continue reading →
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