October 01, 2014

8:00 PM | Ebola Outbreak Reaches Epidemic Proportions in West Africa
The current Ebola crisis in West Africa has already topped charts for all Ebola outbreaks in history. Medical biotechnology science projects let students gets hands-on with projects that parallel real-world research and development.
7:28 PM | Scientists Just Created A New Material- A Spoonful Can Suck Up All the Oxygen In A Room
Scientists from the Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy at the University of Southern Denmark have created oxygen-absorbent crystals that can easily and conveniently store and release oxygen at high concentrations. Although humans require oxygen to survive, the air we breath is only 21% oxygen, the other 79% being comprised almost entirely of nitrogen. However, there are plenty of instances where it’s necessary to have oxygen available in considerably higher concentrations, such […]
4:53 PM | Bacteria Breath
Learn more:Study: Humans emit about 37 million bacteria per hourHuman Occupancy as a Source of Indoor Airborne BacteriaSize-resolved emission rates of airborne bacteria and fungi in an occupied classroom
4:27 PM | Chemistry: Chemical con artists foil drug discovery
Naivety about promiscuous, assay-duping molecules is polluting the literature and wasting resources, warn Jonathan Baell and Michael A. Walters.Mary Williams's insight:Don't you love Roz Chast cartoons? Good article.See it on, via Plant Biology Teaching Resources (Higher Education)
4:06 PM | Online CPD for Teachers
Today marks the end of the free period of access to our online course Quantitative chemistry. We have been pleased to see lots of you making use of the course already and we’ve received some great feedback. To coincide with the end of the free period we are launching a new online area, the ‘My record’ page, where you can see what courses you have subscribed to and track your progress. We have also introduced a certificate to be signed by your head of department, or performance […]
4:00 PM | Walking the Line: The Complexity of Punishment Decisions
One night, Mark withdraws $200 cash from an ATM. He is on his way to meet his family, and intends to treat everyone to a special dinner at his favorite restaurant for his wife’s birthday. Just as he finishes his transaction, Dan rounds the street corner, pulls out a knife, and threatens Mark to hand … Continue reading →

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3:38 PM | Germany Just Scrapped ALL Their Tuition Fees- Can We Can Get A Break Here in the US??
While the average college graduate in the United States is graduating with about $30,000 in student loan debt, Germany has decided that even much lower levels of tuition are simply unacceptable. The state of Lower Saxony, in northwest Germany, was the last of the country’s 16 states to do away with tuition fees. Dorothee Stapelfeldt is a senator in Hamburg, Germany’s second largest city. She is also head of Hamburg’s Department of Science and Research. She spoke to The […]
2:38 PM | Begin again
The semester is 3 days old. The new students have arrived and are progressing through welcome week. 2nd and 3rd years are walking the fine line between enjoying themselves and starting classes. Staff are wrangling teaching materials into shape and … Continue reading →
2:15 PM | When Dog Vomit Smells Delightful
Editor’s note: The Smell Experience Project is one of more than 800 projects on SciStarter. Use our project finder to search and participate in citizen science that interests you! I hate the smell of a mall. Everything reeks of that seemingly incurable lust for stuff—‘buy me, buy me’ is the cry. It’s as if the building is overdosing on […] Find more posts like When Dog Vomit Smells Delightful by Ian Vorster on the SciStarter Blog. Your […]
1:28 PM | How Dream Coordinators at Schools Help Students Reach Goals
Investing in just one staff person to help students identify their aspirations and pave the way for them to reach those goals can have a big effect on a high school. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
11:33 AM | Science haiku to communicate research and more
NOAA is doing it. Even the entire IPCC Report was boiled down to 19 illustrated haiku. Can science-themed haiku be used for education & outreach, or just for fun?
1:55 AM | Time management…
I have grown to appreciate the ability of some people to manage their schedule. As should be obvious from my new posts to this blog in recent months, I have been transitioning into a new phase of life that has presented some significant challenges in managing my time. In my previous existence, I had little […]

September 30, 2014

10:33 PM | The World Has Lost HALF of Its Wildlife In the Past 40 Years, According to the WWF
The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) made a truly heartbreaking announcement yesterday: according to a new analysis, the number of wild animals living on our planet has been reduced by half in just the past 40 years. The findings come from extensive research done by scientists at the WWF and the Zoological Society of London. The report states that creatures, both on land and in the water, have been decimated by unsustainable hunting practices. At the same time, industrial […]
8:05 PM | Sauropods: Feats of Engineering
Beginning October 11th, 2014 the NC Museum of Natural Sciences will be opening its special exhibition doors for our new traveling exhibit, The World’s Largest Dinosaurs. The exhibition explores how scientists study fossils and living animals to understand sauropod biology, and what we can learn from these extinct animals about what it means to be […]
7:50 PM | University Of Rochester Researchers Make Cloaking/Invisibility Device (Video)
Scientists at the University of Rochester have discovered a way to cloak large objects from sight, using what they call a “Three-dimensional, Transmitting, Continuously Multidirectional Cloaking Device”. Cloaking is the process by which an object becomes hidden from view, while everything else around the cloaked object appears undisturbed. What is most amazing is that the device can be created using inexpensive and readily available technology. The cloaking device requires four […]
4:00 PM | Caterpillar Spotting Leads to Citizen Science
An unusual caterpillar brings lots of "eeeews!" and one contribution to a citizen science project. Discover how anyone can collaborate on serious scientific research.
3:39 PM | My Summer As an Intern in the VisLab
The following was written by Martha Vorder Bruegge about her time as an intern in the Visual World Investigate Lab. Martha is a sophomore at Agnes Scott College in Georgia majoring in neuroscience. She spent the past summer assisting visitors in the lab, helping with lab projects, and creating a multimedia exhibit focusing on the human […]
1:56 PM | The Philippines Breaks World Record By Planting More Than 3 Million Trees In An Hour
Officials from the Philippines announced on Saturday that the country had broken a world record by planting approximately 3.2 million trees in just one hour. The seedlings were planted on the southern island of Mindanao as part of a national reforestation program. 160,000 Filipinos, including government employees, students and volunteers, took part in the record. Though Guinness still has to confirm the numbers before it gives its official certification, regional environment director Marc […]
12:22 PM | 8 Ways to Prioritize Learning When Using Technology in the Classroom
There's no app for good teaching. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
7:09 AM | The green snot taking over the world’s rivers
A strange green organism has spread around the globe, clogging up the world's riversMary Williams's insight:Fascinating story about Didymosphenia geminata (Didymo) diatoms, aka "rock snot"! They behave in a strange way as they proliferate when soluble phosphate levels are very LOW ( See it on, via Plant Biology Teaching Resources (Higher Education)
2:57 AM | The Physics of Time Travel
Is it real or not? We’ve seen in many movies and novels that characters travel back or forth in time. But can it ever be achieved? Most of you would think that time travel is impossible and only fictional. After all, Newton stated that time travels like an arrow, which never comes back again. However, […]

September 29, 2014

11:15 PM | Why Tens of Thousands of People Are Shutting Down the Streets of Hong Kong in Protest
Though it may seem a bit strange, Hong Kong has only been part of China for the past 17 years. Before that, it spent 156 years as a British colony, from 1839 all the way up until 1997 (other than a 4-year Japanese occupation during WWII). Because of this western connection, Hong Kong has long been the primary source of foreign investment in China, and its financial sector is one of the largest and most lucrative in the world. So it’s
10:54 PM | Hello, MindShift Readers!
Dear MindShift fans, It’s an honor and a privilege to be the new editor of MindShift. I’ve been a fan since the site’s inception and I’m humbled to be entrusted with this community by Tina Barseghian. I’ve spent most of my life serving public radio’s mission in broadcast and digital. I was a digital news […]
8:12 PM | Vote For Who You Think Deserves National Geographic’s $50,000 “Expedition-Granted” Prize! (Video)
The wonderful people at National Geographic are hosting another awesome youth-inspiring contest that will award a $50,000 grant to help fund a winning team’s nature expedition. The contest opened its doors to entries from all over, with the only parameters being that the expedition idea pushes boundaries and forges new territory. Unfortunately the doors have been closed for new entries, but the lucky projects that have been recognized as finalists for this year’s grant include all […]
5:35 PM | Science is all around you: Dimorphism in birds
José: "Greetchen, did you know that there are species of birds that change their physical appearance during their reproductive stage?" Greetchen: "Sure! It is similar to what we do when we are seeking someone else’s attention...  We just put on our best clothes!   José: "Well, this month we have some great photos that show both, male and female Pin-tailed Whydah. This is an introduced bird, […]
5:00 PM | Drag-and-drop Code: Engaging Students with Computer Programming
UC Berkeley Professor Dan Garcia talks about the kind of "drag-and-drop," block-based, snap-together programming environments that are becoming increasingly popular as a way to introduce students of all ages to code.
4:30 PM | What REALLY Happens When Researchers Work with the Press?
Over the past week the Internet was a-buzz following publication of a study in Journalism &...
3:21 PM | This 5-Year-Old Autistic Girl Paints Incredible Masterpieces Reminiscent of Monet
Autism is a neurological disorder characterized by an impaired ability to communicate and engage in social interaction. But on numerous occasions, it has been shown that people with autism are often gifted with incredible talents. These people are often called autistic savants. Iris Grace, a 5-year-old from the UK, is a perfect example. Along with her speech therapy, her parents decided to introduce her to painting. It proved to be a great decision. Her mother, Arabella Carter-Johnson, […]
2:04 PM | Could Bilingual Education Mold Kids’ Brains to Better Resist Distraction?
Studies show learning another language helps people develop cognitive advantages that improve attention. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
12:25 PM | Kids Science on Fox and Friends
I got to show off my new book on Fox News’ weekend show “Fox and Friends” yesterday morning in New York. We made paper bag volcanoes and shot off a film canister rocket! Click here to watch!    
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